Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish President Dead

I suppose as long as the Polish government doesn't reverse course on the devaluation of their currency, recently agreed upon by both the Polish president and the head of the central bank, then perhaps this was just a tragedy.

However, if the Polish central bank mysteriously decides not to devalue their currency I'd be a bit suspicious of the origin of the crash. Either way I'm not flying again while the traitors remain in charge of aviation.

The Strange Case Of Lloyd Woodson

He's the guy local New Jersey authorities nabbed with guns, a grenade launcher, maps of a military base and other odd things like Arab head garb. According to this article he is just being charged with attempted armed robbery and illegal weapons crimes.

His lawyer James Wronko said he is applying to the Office of the Public Defender to pay for a psychiatric evaluation of Woodson. So he wants to prove his client is crazy. Meanwhile the prosecutors are maneuvering to impeach whatever Woodson claims by filing various motions relating to several past crimes he has committed. His lawyer is trying to say he's crazy, the state is most worried about his testimony and Woodson is pleading not guilty as well as playing hardball about cutting a deal.

All these fancy spanking new anti terrorism laws on the books and the government doesn't even bring up the subject. That's because it is quite common for armed robbers to use military maps, Arab head grab and rocker launchers to commit these sorts of armed robbery crimes - NOT!!!

Don't you think it strange that big media (the enemy networks meaning in reality not so strange at all) has played up this Hutaree militia story about grown men playing army in the woods but being charged with conspiracy while totally ignoring the Woodson story? Can you figure out what is going on?

Here is what it looks like to me. This Woodson cat is a loser...just the kind of desperate dupe the federal usurpers love to give the old Lee Harvey Oswald treatment to. So don't be at all surprised if Woodson also ends up dead while in custody because dead men don't tell tales. He was probably hired by our secret police, whether or not he realized who they were, to shoot up the mapped out military base. He of course most likely would be killed by his handlers in the process with all the blame falling on this one lone individual who no doubt would have been connected to other groups the traitors to America fear. But he is just the fall guy who probably can't shoot straight. There would have been other secret police shooters on the scene doing the most killing during Mr. Woodson's spree. Fortunately the local cops stumbled onto the loser interrupting this next false flag attack by our own secret police.

So in the interim this guy is being held incognito, there is a national news black out about this story and the only guy he's talking to, the lawyer, thinks he's crazy. The secret police have to keep him on ice for a year or two then it will no longer matter. He will either be assassinated by a fellow inmate long after he has been forgotten by the attention deficit public or the next big false flag attack will occur unleashing the "tools" in the secret police toolbox on people like me who are curious about these sort of odd events. Maybe curiosity will kill this cat.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Controlling Content And The Network Info-Sluts

What you get is why the Internet will replace the traditional networks. What I mean is with the networks, some guys in suits decide what we're going to see and hear today. That's was fine but that was then and this is now. For me the replacement of the networks has already occurred. Why?

With the Internet I get exactly what I want which means the truth. With the networks I get exactly what they want which means excluding the truth. What the networks wants is to feed me nonsense as news intermingled with commercial admen screaming the high heavens at me to buy what ever snake oil they're hawking. I'm no longer buying what either is selling and if I even have the tube on at all I grab for the mute button as soon as they start yelling at me to buy this or that. Before I know it an hour or two has gone by without the sound being on while I'm getting my news over the Net.

Piled on top of this network swill are their TV dramas. They contrive all sorts of dramatic boogieman scenarios perpetuating the notions that the news shows spawn. If you are not scared by the news terrorists then the made for TV movie terrorists are just waiting for you to flip the channel. The sad thing is this altering of reality still goes on with most Americans. The networks still have them but only just so. Apparently, this majority of network dependent info-fodder victims uses the Internet to surf for porn and shop as they are being turned into serfs. For news they depend on TV dramas to advise them. The masses still haven't realized that these productions are actually manipudramas designed to manipulate their perception of reality.

Because the networks have had absolute control of information for so long they have become absolutely corrupt. When I realized the networks were controlled by the same treasonous snakes who seized power a number of decades ago, as far as I was concerned they were dog meat! They had been like that girlfriend who you trusted only to find out she'd been running around with every Tom, Dick and Harry and you were the last to find out about it. Fortunately for me with respect to the cheating networks, this time around I'm not the last guy to find out they are corrupt info-sluts.

Please don't be the last dupe to be played the fool by the info-sluts.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Obama Is Kenyan

Sell NOW Before The Crash

Get out of the stock market fast! The international banksters have spent plenty of their fiat funny money artificially manipulating the market up. The plan was to have the DOW and the like soaring until they hit us again with another false flag attack. Then the markets will take a dive. The banksters over the enemy networks like CNBC, CNN and MSNBC will cry about how the terrorist attack crashed the market. I suppose they could use HAARP as well to wreak what would appear to be natural events like all these quakes we have been experiencing.

The market cannot go up forever. This is news to many people. The banksters have been rigging markets and money for several hundred years now, getting away with it and turning a tidy profit. The reason they manipulate is because they can know when to sell while the duped masses are financial sitting ducks. That's why back on 9/11 millions of dollars were made by, for example, betting that two airline stocks would drop drastically on that morning. Yes the banksters always provide cover for themselves to scapegoat and deflect notice of their manipulation. No need to look at Wall Street or central London for villains when we can just hate some cave Arabs in Afghanistan for popping our 401k.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Personal Secession

I haven't recognized the federal government as a legal authority for a number of years now. Of course I realize they are still a dangerous gang of occupation. They are very similar to the Nazis in that they believe themselves superior to the rest of us and feel it is their right to parent us while forcing us to pay for their privilege. Many of them believe a lot of us should be exterminated for the good of the planet. Rather than ovens these killers prefer to use neglect like with Katrina care.

The only way they have accomplished this feat, where Hitler failed, is by secretly controlling all network information. Hitler was in charge, he was implementing his vision of the future and everybody knew it. Hitler never tried to hide this. He was on the scene for a couple of decades until the rest of the world ended his rule.

But the American federal government with their secret police agencies like the FBI and CIA have been far more cleaver than Hitler and the Nazis. Those Germans thought themselves genetically superior to the rest of the world and therefore entitled to rule the planet. To prove it they used brute military force confirming their superiority at least for a while. However, what the Nazis did not realize was you can't militarily beat all the people all the time. There are too many of us.

The U.S. federal usurpers on the contrary understand the dynamics of conquest. Both they and the Nazis understood the concept of divide and conquer. The difference is the Nazis tried to conquer the world militarily while the American federal government is giving it a try using information as the main weapon in their arsenal. Oh sure they still depend heavily of military battles. Yet these traitors to my country fully understand how to use information with a velvet glove to divide and conquer. That conquest begins at home.

These vipers use all of our fears to control us. There are two forms of attacks that they employ normally to scare and divide us. For example, as with white supremacist Hal Turner, the FBI pays him to say provocative things against black people to put them in fear. Either this or the federal government attacks us themselves outright as with the 9/11 treason, the Oklahoma attack and when they got the Israeli military to attack the USS Liberty which they hoped to blame on Egypt. The JFK assassination also was a coup by these same snakes in the grass because Kennedy was not going along with their delusions of conquest. Sometimes, as with the Gulf of Tomkin incident which was the reason we went to war with Vietnam, the attack never happened at all. It was a wag the dog network television production for the duped.

These are the main reasons I no longer recognize the authority of the federal government and the state and local governments are on thin ice as well. So they better shape up too and in a hurry! The federal usurpers don't bother me because they know I'm right, they know most Americans don't know about their treason and they don't want to call attention to me because that's the kind of Nazi behavior that would alert the herd possibly causing them to stampede. These guys are arrogant elitists alright - but they damn sure aren't stupid.

I too have no delusions that this reality of which I write could sink into the consciousness of the American people because of my efforts. I'm just hoping that after the collapse caused by these superior geniuses in the federal government that one day enlightened people will look back and say Tomas was exactly right.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Real Racism

The past few weeks there has been much contrived racism to push a stupid agenda. The entire pile of nonsense is being use for nothing more than to divide the American people along racial/political lines of demarcation. The government and their co-conspirators in the enemy television networks are not trying to prevent violent racist behavior. They are doing their darn tooting best to kick off a race war. These traitors and their enforcement elite thugs, who of course are smarter than the rest of us and therefore better too, are the provocateurs. Just by looking at a crowd of demonstrators Keith Olbermann can tell they are a pack of racists. But that hypocrite doesn't give a damn about black people being treated worse than Michael Vick's dogs.

If he did he might say a word or two about how Castro treats black people in Cuba for the crime of thinking freely and daring to speak publicly about it. Just look here. Check out as well. Would dogs in America be treated like Castro treats Cubans especially black Cubans in Cuba? The dogs of America are safe because Castro knows the American television networks are a pack of racists like Keith Olbermann who will NEVER cover real racism happening every day in Cuba. Keith is busily inventing racist staged events to help foment race war here in America.

He is disgusting, unAmerican scum. I wouldn't trust him to walk the dog.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Al-Qaeda Loves American Sports

Did you ever notice Al-Qaeda never strikes at we the infidel dogs of America during sporting events? Oh sure the movie moguls have spawned all sorts of boogieman scenario terrorist attacks of sporting events in the movies and on TV. But Al-Qaeda has never attacked us during any commercial rich sporting production.

It seems a no-brainer to me. Those sneaky cave Arabs know how many billions the networks, advertisers and sports franchises invest to stage one of these top sports venues like a Super Bowl. An attack of any kind diverting the TV coverage away from delivering the sports we love and the commercial revenue the powerful love so the networks could provide adequate coverage of the heinous terrorist attack would wreak financial and social havoc. Yet those old sneaky cave Arabs are too dumb to realize this and only attack us during times when there are no major sporting events. They allow the mighty here in America to profit every time with their rich commercial productions. Seems kooky to me.

Maybe those sneaky cave Arabs won't go to the happy hunting ground if they attack us during a sporting event? Either way enjoy the NCAA finals. You will be safe from terrorist attack - until after the final gun.