Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lost American Empire

You see folks if you study history you see the same knuckle headed mistakes being made over and over again. Proceeding the collapse of the Ottoman empire the Turks also inflated their money to delay losing their empire. The Ottomans, like the modern day American empire in the region now known as Iraq, also pitted the minority Sunni against the majority Shiite. So did Saddam. See if what the Ottomans did by increasing the amount of their currency and the end of their empire sound familiar.

Have you heard of the new "Amero" proposed as a Mexican/American/Canadian currency by the neocons" Oh yeah these neocons flunked history for certain!

Nation Building?

Ron Paul

NH Ballots To Be Recounted

Cuban Exile Ron Paul Smear

No, Cuban exiles did not start the Ron Paul smear campaign. That was the neocon's MSM. But after being smeared by Castro for all these years exiles should have recognized a smear when they saw one. For shame... But their kangaroo court, I see, has already reached a conviction with but one piece of evidence that Ron Paul did not even write. They ignore a lifetime of good this man has done and the preponderance of evidence to the contrary. Sure sounds like one of Castro's kangaroo courts. You reap what you sew. I am proud to call Ron Paul, a man I've known personally for 30 years, my friend. Funny thing is if you are my friend I will defend you to the end when you are innocent. I've defended many Cuban exiles against misconceptions and smears created by Castro. I will continue to do so. This includes those who are participating in this smear campaign. However, now when someone attacks them with the truth of their participation in this smear I have no defense for them except they have been duped and to please forgive them.

These misguided exiles are not bad people. They have been easily manipulated by the neocon MSM in this smear campaign. So I forgive them too. They don't understand what they are doing or see how they have been manipulated. One told me we could not be friends any longer because of this. That is true. I do not let anyone spread lies about my friends and family in my presence. The most I could be with people like this is an acquaintance who is working for a common goal - a free Cuba. This was a shock and a real disappointment because I thought I knew them better. But I was mistaken about their character. We now could be nothing more than polite acquaintances. This does not mean we could not be friends in the future. There is always a chance that these otherwise intelligent people will realize they have been used by the MSM in this smear campaign. All they would need to do is say they were sorry about spreading lies and half truths about my friend and mean it. I'm not a person to hold a grudge. But I'm not a person who tolerates lies about my friends and family spoken in my presence so I cannot interact with these exiles who smear my friend with the castro-like lies. That is how I deal with the pain that their hurtful lies cause. I have gone cold towards them. I feel no emotions towards them any longer which means their opinions don't exist to me either. They do not exist in my world. I can't go to their blogs anymore because they spread MSM neocon lies on their pages about my friend and that makes me feel badly. I don't have to read them and since these exiles are not in my circle of friends any longer I won't be seeing them anymore either so I don't have to hear the lies either.

So that people do not think I am painting all exiles with the same broad brush, many exiles do support Ron Paul. These exiles are still my good friends. One in particular is an example of a good friend. He has done exactly the same amount of research on Ron Paul as the other exiles who smear Ron Paul - little or none. But when I told Don Royce Roy that Ron Paul was my friend and a good person that was good enough for him. Thanks for being a good friend Don. Good friends are important to me and harder to find than I thought. I appreciate you in times like this.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Paul Wins 80 % In Another Straw Poll

Ron Paul Racist

Pleeeese! As a libertarian he can't be. We'd kick him out of the liberty movement. Does this look like a racist?

FOX Paul Electability Question

Here a link to the transcript of the debate, and below is Dr. Paul’s full answer to the electability question:

PAUL: Well, we’ve only had two little primaries so far. So it’s pretty premature to decide which one is going to be the candidate. But, you know, when you think about it, if you measured everything I’ve ever said, every vote I’ve ever taken against the Constitution, you know, I’m a strict constitutionalist.

Are you suggesting the Republicans should write me off because I’m a strict constitutionalist? I’m the most conservative member here. I have voted, you know, against more spending and waste in government than anybody else.


So you’re suggesting that I’m not electable and the Republicans don’t want me because I’m a strict fiscal conservative, because I believe in civil liberties? Why should we not be defending civil liberties and why should we not be talking about foreign policy that used to be the part of the Republican Party?

PAUL: Mr. Republican Robert Taft didn’t even want us to be in NATO and you’re saying now that we have to continue to borrow money from China to finance this empire that we can’t afford?

Let me see if I get this right. We need to borrow $10 billion from China, and then we give it to Musharraf, who is a military dictator, who overthrew an elected government. And then we go to war, we lose all these lives promoting democracy in Iraq. I mean, what’s going on here?


And you’re saying that this isn’t appealing to Republicans? Where did this come about? I think this is the Republican message. I defend the platform. It used to say we’d (inaudible) the Department of Education. It doesn’t say that now.

We, as Republicans, went and doubled the size of the Department of Education, so where have we gone? I think we’ve lost our way. And then the insinuation that I am less Republican because of that?

Attention Canadians & Brits

You will please notice that I take a consistent, principled, honest approach in what I advocate. I'm against the war in Iraq and the ruling class neocons ruining things here. Therefore when I warn you about the dangers and the raw deals holidaying in Cuba you SHOULD take heed. As always, I am telling you the truth...

And Then There's Hilliary - Neocon On The Left

Hilliary paid these guys to commit censorship and look darn stupid doing it. She'll make a great president to protect Your rights, aye? Somebody maybe wants to show this to the O'bama campaign...

Al Qaeda McCain

This Senator wants to be your next president. But he's too forgetful for the job. For example he accused Ron Paul, a man who has NEVER voted even one penny of the taxpayer's money for foreign aid bribes, of somehow supporting Al Qaeda. Silly was YOU that has a long record of giving away the taxpayer's money to terrorists when they were our "friends," dictators and royal families. Do you want this guy holding the launch codes for our nuclear arsenal? Get real people!

He has already said my as yet unborn great great grand children will be fighting in Iraq for the next hundred years. Fortunately for them, the neocons' empire building will soon bankrupt the nation making this no longer feasible. Hey Al Qaeda Mac...if the GIs in Iraq love nation building in the desert so much why do they give money to Ron Paul and not you? Because it's money that talks and your bullshit that walks...

Ron Paul Crushes Neocons In Debate

Well if you saw the debate last night you see why the neocon MSM establishment candidates just detest having Ron Paul on the same stage with them. Every time they tried to attack Dr. Paul it backfired on the particular neocon and Dr. Paul looked more like the next president. The highlight was when McCain, who looks kookier every time I see him, tried to smear Ron Paul by insinuating that the good congressman wanted to aid Al Quada. Ron Paul responded to Mac that the senator did in fact do just that - given money to Bin Laden and arms when the neocons supported him during the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Dr Paul pointed out to the ignorant senator all the tin-horn dictators, potentates and royalty Mac had voted to prop up so far during his tenure in the Senate. McCain looked like a deer in the headlight right before the Ron Paul Revolution ran him over.

When a debate "moderator" to marginalize the good doctor asked Ron Paul the question if he should be running when his views were so different from the "main stream" (neocon) candidates Ron Paul delivered a debate death blow and listed all the ways in which he is the standard bearer of conservative Republican principles. All the while the others stood there in stunned silence as he listed all the bad things the neocons have done in the past eight years like double the size of the Education Department, explode the budget, nation build with American troops, etc.

I believe this was a moment in history as great as the Lincoln Douglas debates. I see why these kids are so crazy for Ron Paul. The only way the neocons can keep Ron Paul out of the White House is rig more diebold election victories like in New Hampshire. I have a hard time believing the people of the granite state could vote for the kook McCain. Voters need to check by the Ron Paul table at each poll and say they voted for Ron Paul and get a contact with the campaign to raise hell if the diebold vote totals don't match our vote totals. The neocons are probably already stuck and cannot reprogram the rigged voting machines at this late date. So we may already have them trapped committing election fraud. Remember, these neocons are liars, scoundrels and thieves. They will say or do anything they can get away with to seize power. Don't let them get away with it. Below in this Youtube are some young energetic Ron Paul revolutionaries. They will be watching you neocons every step of the way.

Ron Paul Gets Accidental Endorsement

This is funny!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bush Family Big Nazi Supporters

We The People Choose Ron Paul

Appears Paul Won NH Primary


Don't let them get away with it. This is America dammit!

Stealing Elections Electronically

Here is a simple explanation of how elections are stolen:

Neocons - Liberals Commit NH Election Fraud

It looks like the ruling elite did it again. In fact in some counties in New Hampshire like Sutton County Ron Paul received zero votes. There are already people who will swear they voted for Ron Paul but zero votes were tallied. Also the difference between hand counted totals were much higher for Ron Paul and Obama but when the machines counted them Hilliary, McCain and Romney got much higher final totals then their hand counted ballots. They can't even steal well. How do you support these unAmerican thieves?

Trail By Errors

I hear a couple of valid complaints from exiles about the Castro regime all the time. The first is when Castro took over he did not even give victims a proper trial. He just had his goons scream at the accused a range of charges, denied the accused the right to present evidence to defend themselves because Castro already knew they were guilty then had them taken out and shot or imprisoned. Well how much more righteous are exiles who use innuendo, lies and half truths to condemn an honest man?

For example, Ron Paul has written and spoken hundreds of thousands of words on a range of topics. But one paragraph of these words has been used to convict him of plotting to outlaw birthright citizenship and throwing immigrant parented babies over the border. This paragraph was for legislation to "rethink" the 14th Amendment. In this paragraph it never said to "repeal" the 14th. It calls for rethinking because millions of immigrants stream to our country each year to find a socialist nation whose government gives other Americans' money away for free. Because this and the fiat money system that will soon bankrupt this nation (sooner than most will cruelly learn) are destroying our economy he wanted to have Congress have a chat about it. The way you do this is to introduce legislation. If you try to chat on the floor of Congress without legislation you will be ruled out of order.

So I've had exiles who I've respected tell me that this one misinterpreted paragraph is all they need for a conviction despite the library of evidence to the contrary. Sounds kind of castro to me. These judges and juries have reached their convictions without need for further evidence. Sound like a kangaroo court technique from days gone by. They have even gotten mad and indignant with me for pointing out their unfairness. But I HAVE read thousands of Ron Paul's words and listen to him speak. The judge and jury has convicted with just one paragraph - an innocent man.

If somebody got murdered and the murder weapon was found in your yard, should that one bit of evidence and no more convict? Of course not.

The second Castro complaint I regularly hear is he doesn't follow the Cuban Constitution. Then these exiles turn right around and condemn Ron Paul for never violating his oath of office to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution. All the while they demand of their current American rulers that they tear the Constitution into shreds. They have never actually read much less contemplated its meaning. They conveniently let black robed tyrants "interpret" our governing documents. They are written in English and need no interpretation.

I must be honest and fair all the time - not just when it suits my needs.

Cuban Health Care - PLEASE!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Very Well Then

It appears many of you do not want to hear what I say. You shall get your wish.

Election Fraud?

Neocons Will Lose The Election.

The neocons think they have a winning formula for keeping the White House but they are sadly mistaken. Republicans will win the White House with Ron Paul as their nominee or they will lose. Here is why:

The young Ron Paul Republicans that have joined the GOP because of Ron Paul's constitutional campaign are only there because of Ron Paul. Once he is removed as a possible nominee we will en mass instantly defect to the Libertarian Party nominee on election day removing 10% from the votes the neocons were expecting leading to the election of President Hilliary. This is not a decision for Ron Paul to make either. We are a from the bottom up organization and not from the top down like the other campaigns. We individuals come together to do what each of us see fit to do according to our individual conscience.

This is better than electing a neocon because it will change government and keep the new HRC administration busy investigating the neocon war profiteers. Best of all these millions of Ron Paul Republicans who have been shunned by the neocon wing of the party and their media hacks won't be wasting their votes on a stinking neocon. Instead their votes will go to the Libertarian party by the millions giving it solid ballot access for the midterm Congressional elections and beyond. I repeat - YOU CANNOT WIN WITHOUT THE RON PAUL REPUBLICANS. WE WILL NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN WITHOUT RON PAUL. Deal with it. You need us to take the White House but we don't need you to forward liberty and a return to Constitutional government.

The Idea Cowards

I saw it happen on a cold November night back in 1988. That was the first time I supported Ron Paul for president but then it was when he ran as a Libertarian. We were at the election party breathlessly awaiting the results when the MSM finally made the announcement over the television. According to them we did not vote. That's because the MSM lied and said the Democrat got X percentage (I don't recall exactly) and the Republican Y percentage. When we did the math it added up to 100 % of the vote. I stood their in stunned silence. I felt choked up as someone in the crowd screamed, "I voted Libertarian." Soon we all were shouting this in shock. It was a couple days later when we found out the truth. There were over 400,000 of us who had voted for Ron Paul. However aside from us the other millions of Americans had no idea Ron Paul had even run for office, since we received zero coverage during the election and now on election night they would not even announce our percentage. They took half our votes and gave them to the Republican and half to the Democrat. We did not exist. The ONLY coverage we got at all during the campaign from the Washington Post for example was a story about Morton Downey Jr. and his scream fest talk show which quoted him when he had Ron Paul on his show. "If I had scum like you in the White House I'd puke!" That was all the coverage we received.

These are Castro people. No I don't mean they are affiliated with the bearded one. But they use this type of manipulation on an ignorant American public along with smears and innuendo to get want they want. It was a shock to me, as until then I'd held the media in high regard. After this I knew who they were and that they could never be trusted again.

But our army of 400,000 evidently did not go away quietly. We began educating people. Fast forward to 2008. Suddenly all of these college students have materialized seemly out of nowhere. They not only understand what Ron Paul is saying they have donated their time, money and efforts to spread these ideas. Now 10 % of the voters in the Republican party vote for these same ideas that we voted for in 1988. The youth are energized. Our original army of 400,000 that was ignored and hidden by the MSM has now grown to millions. They are even more dedicated than we were and that is saying something brother. The neocons and the liberals do not stand a chance now to finish off America. We have already won the battle of ideas with the idea cowards. I watch these young people jump the cowardly Sean Hannity the other night and chase him into a building because they were so angry at FOX for the same exclusion and manipulation as we suffered in 1988. Today we have the Internet and millions of us are now joined in friendship and dedication to bringing an end to this evil mess and righting the ship America. Sure we may not win the White House this year. But the days of the evil doers are numbered now and that day of a return to liberty will come in my lifetime. Today even non supporters of liberty see the manipulation by the MSM during this election and it bothers them. Now there are too many of us to hide. Sadly many of you who know full well the MSM manipulates perceptions on Cuba and Castro do not have a clue that the same thing is being done to you with respect to our elections. But America is due for a hard lesson driven by this ignorance and manipulation. We've been warning you since Ron Paul's first run for office and before. Most of you have never bothered to take a look at our Constitution or studied the economics of a return to the gold standard and away from inflatable fiat dollars that can be printed up anytime the politicians or bankers need a little extra cash. That ignorance will cause you all acute pain in your lives in the very near future. But pain is good. It is a feedback mechanism that will show you where the problem lies. It is nothing we supporters of liberty have done. It's with lying politicians and their MSM "me too" hacks. You will come to know that we have been telling the truth for decades and warning you these days were coming. Many today condemn Ron Paul or people like me for supported him - out of shear ignorance. Very soon you will be thanking us.


Oh By The Way

So there is no mistake about it, if Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination the Republican Party WILL NOT get my vote. I'll do like I have done in every election since the 70's and vote Libertarian. I will advise the millions of Ron Paul Republicans to do likewise rather than waste a vote on one of the neocon destroyers of the Constitution. Sure that will mean you will probably get President Hilliary but I don't give a damn if America is destroyed from the left or the right - I ain't voting for it. Get it?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Doubling My Ron Paul Donation

Well I was going to give Ron Paul $25 on payday but the MSM manipulators have gone and pissed me off. So I'll double it with more to come depending on how stupid the MSM acts in the future. I'd advise all honest Americans who wish to return to a legal constitutional government do likewise. I hate it when the MSM tries to manipulate me and I hate it even more when they are successful manipulating you...

MSM Delays N.H. Primary Votes

I thought Ron Paul did not do well in the first votes of the nation. No votes were reported for him but 1 for Rudy in Dixville Notch. But after the polls were closed tonight they admitted that Ron Paul actually came in 3rd with 4 votes. But the MSM hid this until after the polls closed tonight. Now they are reporting no votes yet from the college towns where Ron Paul is very popular. The MSM will report it later when everyone has gone to bed. They will hope you do not take notice tomorrow how well Ron Paul actually did. The Washington Post refused to announce any numbers for Ron Paul simply reporting after Rudy's 9 %, 12 % "other." The MSM are pieces of shit! Vote for any of their anointed candidates and you get what you deserve. You are being manipulated...

Rudy Behind Ron Paul In N.H.?

Yes Cuba - That's Me

To the inquirer from Cuba doing the Google search, yes that's me....the U.S. independence guerrilla. For you and everyone I fight for the independence of the individual.

Ron Paul On Colbert Report

Ron Paul - Incredible American!

Ron Paul's Response To McCain 100 Year War

McCain Will Occupy Iraq For 100 Years

Well he said U.S. boys will be there dying if he has his way. He doesn't care if we are there 100 years in occupation. But he forgot to tell you all something. We will be bankrupt as a nation soon trying to defend the empire of McCain and the other war profiteering Neocons.

So many Americans are hypocrites. They would be up in arms if other nations tried to occupy America, had military bases in our land and shot and blew up Americans. Yet perhaps slightly less that half think this is fine treatment for the rest of the world. You have no morals. You have no principles. You elect McCain and you will get your just deserves. You will get your 100 years war. You will get a bankrupt nation. As for me I don't deserve this treatment but at least I know it's coming if you put just one more neocon in the White House. Luckily I'm living on a farm and plan on growing lots of food. I'd suggest all of you do likewise regardless of who you vote for if it's not Ron Paul. See if you can eat McCain's rhetoric. The neocons have enough toys in their toolbox to keep the economy floating until after the election. But after that it is going to be chaotic and the new neocon president will have to crack down on all those hungry Americans.

Shame On The Cuban Military!

You call yourselves men? Don't make me laugh! You don't have the courage of little girls even. The world does not realize it yet. The MSM won't acknowledge it yet. However, I know along with you top military pukes supposedly possessing y chromosomes that the Cuban people are starving to death right now. You and I know Cubans are dying. Yet you sit on you fat military asses and do nothing! GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES NOW AND PUT A GODDAMN BULLET IN RAUL'S BRAIN! We have to stop pussyfooting around get the Cuban people some food. Raul is in the way. Kill him please - right now. We will be on the way with boat loads of food to end this humanitarian crisis. Aren't you supposed to defend the Cuban people? How can you let them starve like this?

Kucinich Endorses Paul

Monday, January 07, 2008

Ron Paul Wins!

How Media Steers Elections

Goldwater Sets Record Straight

All the Republicans are claiming to be Barry Goldwater conservatives depending on the crowd d'jour . Let's hear what Barry Goldwater Jr. has to say about it.

Dr. Paul Here On CNN - Leno Tonight

Some Real Angry Republicans

Holy bejesus! Look at this video of Sean Hannity being chased down by angry Ron Paul FOX News haters. They are mad as hell and I can't believe how many of them there are. Sean scurries away into a building eventually to escape the mob. It looked like a modern tea party revolt - I kid you not! Just take a look and make sure to watch the Victor Gold video after this post especially those who believe themselves so truly conservatives. Barry Goldwater was a true conservative.

Goldwater Disciple Victor Gold

Some think themselves genuine conservatives. Well...take a look at this interview with a real American conservative Victor Gold then ask yourself the question. Am I really a conservative? Thanks much to CorgiGuy for sending me this link!

Stone Stupid

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cuba Exposed Exposes The Embargo

EMERGENCY!!! I have conformation that things have gotten to the point never before seen in Cuba. People are even fighting over water. The ration books are useless because those stores are completely empty. Only what we bring to them or buy for them when we visit is keeping them alive now. WE MUST EMPHASIZE THAT THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Call me at 9 pm tonight. I think I have a better way to deal with the Castro boys than the apartheid tourist feeding embargo model. I could be wrong. I just wish someone would give me a reason to make me rethink my position. To be honest I have not heard one bit of logic that would persuade me otherwise. Some of the approaches that embargo supporters have used have been:

1. Export Tariffs are unconstitutional (This objection makes me very happy because it makes me realize that Cubans are taking a look at our U.S. Constitution again. It's a brilliant document but only in its entirety. Being written by legal minds it is never redundant. So you must read it all then discuss amongst yourselves to be certain of its meaning.)

2. Castro would just go elsewhere to buy cheaper stuff if we did place high tariffs on American goods sold to Castro. (To which my answer is "So?")

3. We should just tighten the embargo. (This will not happen in the near term with the Congress that we have but a switch to sensible tariffs if exiles were on board would be possible politically. But continuing the embargo models aids apartheid tourism and not the Cuban people.)

4. We don't give a damn what the world thinks about us because we are right and Castro is wrong. (This is real poor marketing of our motivations and cedes the perceived moral high ground to Castro.)

5. Castro would cheat. (Of course he would. But in the modern electronic, satellite tracking world cheating is getting harder and harder to do. Ask some of the bureaucrats who have been fired in recent years for not being where they were suppose to be - caught and convicted by tracking devices. Whenever we catch him cheating it costs Castro a fine. You know the routine.)

6. Then we'll have to give him credit guaranteed by the U.S. taxpayer. (To which I respond: Who the hell in their right mind gives a crook credit? This is a ridiculous assertion.)

I think there were some other objections but to be honest with you all those were pretty lame and I forgotten them. But feel free to call me tonight at (646) 915-9664 if you have some logical objections that I have not mentioned. Maybe you can change my mind?