Saturday, October 15, 2011

TSA Satire Soon To Be Illegal

Making fun of the TSA may soon be illegal in a bill before Congress. Are these guys full of themselves or what? Any congressman who supported this unamerican nonsense has to go. Check this out.

Whoever, except with the written permission of the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Security (or the Director of the Federal Air Marshal Service for issues involving the Federal Air Marshal Service), knowingly uses the words ‘Transportation Security Administration’, ‘United States Transportation Security Administration’, ‘Federal Air Marshal Service’, ‘United States Federal Air Marshal Service’, ‘Federal Air Marshals’, the initials ‘T.S.A.’, ‘F.A.M.S.’, ‘F.A.M.’, or any colorable imitation of such words or initials, or the likeness of a Transportation Security Administration or Federal Air Marshal Service badge, logo, or insignia on any item of apparel, in connection with any advertisement, circular, book, pamphlet, software, or other publication, or with any play, motion picture, broadcast, telecast, or other production, in a matter that is reasonably calculated to convey the impression that the wearer of the item of apparel is acting pursuant to the legal authority of the Transportation Security Administration or Federal Air Marshal Service, or to convey the impression that such advertisement, circular, book, pamphlet, software, or other publication, or such play, motion picture, broadcast, telecast, or other production, is approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Transportation Security Administration or Federal Air Marshal Service .

Friday, October 14, 2011

Motivations For The Iranian War

If you want to know why we are headed into another war I'll give you some realities to think about besides the nonsense put out claiming Iran is murdering ambassadors in the U.S.

The most pressing issue is "Operation Fast and Furious." Holder and Obama need a diversion from that treason and they need it badly. The bankers and the weapons manufacturers need to sell bonds and bombs. In order to save the current establishment hierarchy, austerity will be necessary. That's simple math. The establishment requires a scapegoat for this and that would be Iran. The dollar and euro will continue to sink in value unless the just mentioned western oligarchy can make a grab for the Iranian oil to power the economy up with cheap stolen oil. The Saudis need a reason to murder the Shiite population in the east of the country currently rebelling. The Israeli government must get the millions of Israelis protesting in the street about the incompetence and corruption of said government, unified against a common foe. Finally, the top western elites don't care if this turns out to be WWIII because they have great bomb shelters and lots of supplies.

You can count on a least several million people being killed if these globalist minded idiots in DC, London, Tel Aviv, etc. get to go ahead with their hare brained scheme. Gasoline, if you can find it, will cost as much as ten bucks a gallon. The wobbly top that is our economy will be kicked over on its side. And the worst...? Lets just say you'd better head for the nearest mountain range and start digging. Bring lots of food and water for a long underground camping trip.

The entire affair is so unnecessary as well. If the majority of Americans would pull their heads out of that dark place and just have a look at the truth not aired over the enemy television networks then they would easily see that the jokers holding the levers of power are psychopaths, criminals and serial killers who really enjoy their work. They'd kill for the job. Most of them have already done so and they plan on doing so very soon in a big way if we let them get away with it. It's time people stopped the manipulated OWS nonsense and Occupy Reality Now. The elites have a plan for those young people in the streets and it's called Conscription. Why do you think they made you register for the draft? It's good that you are living in tents in New York. That will be your home in the army for as long as you live, which for many will not be long if we go to war with Iran and God knows who else.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing Monopoly With Herman Cain

Do you like playing this game? Everybody does from time to time. Still, though this can be a fun game to play at the beach on a rainy afternoon, it damn sure isn't a fair or effective way to run an economy.

Like the name implies, the idea is to gain a monopoly over the other players. This is accomplished by buying properties, improving that area then charging exorbitant rent to the other players unlucky enough to move onto your land. Once a block of properties is owned and monopolized by one player, that player puts hotels on them and effectively changes the value of the money. How is that?

Once those little plastic houses go up then so does the fee for anyone else to exist on these properties. The result is one must pay more of their monopoly money to exist while the flow of money being earned in the game may not match this increase. This is certainly the case for the poorest players in the game who are soon eliminated. Yes Monopoly certainly is a lot like life.

Though life and Monopoly have the same outcomes, the strategy is different in each case. Monopoly, as just stated, changes the value of money by increasing the rent costs to exist on a particular property in a certain region of the board monopolizes by a player. Life, on the other hand, changes the value of the money itself causing the prices for everything to increase or decrease. For Americans, this game has been going on for almost 100 years. Not monopoly - life under the Federal Reserve System. Since 1913, this private bank that has a monopoly over the issuing of all of our dollars, has increased then decreased the supply of dollars in the economy. That has caused price bubbles and busts that culminate in what is commonly referred to as the business cycle.

The average person just wanting to live life has secretly been thrown into a game of monopoly money. He hasn't a clue as to which way the supply of money is heading. People like Herman Cain are privy to that information. Just knowing if the supply of currency is rising or falling gives insiders in the game of life a distinct advantage. But life for Herman Cain is even better because they can create more monopoly money and lend it out whenever and to whomever they want with no strings attached. Former Federal Reserve Kansas City Director Herman Cain can be quid pro quo anointed with many financial opportunities that the public will never learn of as the dealing of the Fed are secret even from Congress.

Well the last thing America needs is the Federal Reserve Board monopoly money and Herman Cain for president. This bank is majority foreign owned meaning Cain is as well. Well I'm starting the Cain Mutiny! To hell with Herman and his Federal Reserve Board monopoly money!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Underwear Bomber & Kurt Haskell

If you haven't heard of Kurt Haskell then you are probably up in years and still getting all of your information from the old guard corrupt media like the television networks and national newspapers.

Mr. Haskell explained what he witnessed regarding the underwear bomber to authorities and the media. These corrupt pillars of a dieing empire have done everything in their power to hide what Kurt Haskell saw before boarding the plane. He saw the bomber being aided onto the plane by a well dressed man with an American accent even though he didn't have a passport. The government has admitted they allowed the bomber onto the plane with what was apparently a fake bomb meant to give the excuse for the airport naked scanners and sexual molestations currently all the rage with the psychopaths desperately clinging to power.

When Mr. Haskell complained to a reporter that his words were twisted around by this reporter on the previous article to leave out important facts, this "journalist" promised to quote him correctly. Then in the article the lamestream writer simply wrote that Kurt Haskell would testify for the defense with a "wild story."

On the one hand this certainly is a wild story. It's a story of murder, deceit, treason, blackmail and all the deadly sins. This tale about a once noble republic of free people who were conquered by the foreign bankers and their lackeys in the various U.S. and other secret police organizations.

In this wild story still being written, the presstitutes in the mainstream media use the blackout as their first line of defense. When this line is breached, as with the underwear bomber case and Kurt Haskell's eyewitness accounts, then the second line of defense is deployed by the old guard dinosaur media. The presstitutes lie, omit key facts and use ridicule to make the truth seem too crazy to have really happened.

Usually these strategies have been sufficient to fool the American public into cooperating with the bankquistadors and their lackeys. But Kurt Haskell is a lawyer and an articulate man who will not be easily diminished or dismissed. The judge in this trial already seems to get what has been going on with the government entrapment of the dupe with firecrackers in his nickers. He will have Kurt Haskell as the only witness for the defense.

This case and the Fast and Furious ATF gun running case each have the potential to cause the whole house of government corruption to crumble. Eric Holder is defiant using a threatening tone in response to Rep. Issa's questions. I believe Holder is saying he will go after the 9/11 traitors in the previous administration for the mass murder they committed. But because Holder has not prosecuted the 9/11 treason he is guilty of misprision of treason himself at the very least. So all Eric will be doing is helping to pull the whole nest of vipers down with him.

To hell with them all as they are traitors to this republic! But to Kurt Haskell my highest commendations and best of luck to him in this struggle. If we had a few thousand more Kurt Haskell's in this nation we'd have already kicked the invading bankers out and routed the traitors from government. Follow Kurt Haskell here on his blog.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan

These three nations have much in common. Mostly though what they have are natural resources and/or strategic locations.

All three have been at the business end of the U.S. led western war machine due to complete lies. First the U.S. network media in collusion with the CIA aired a tail wags the dog fabrication about our destroyer being fired upon in the Gulf of Tomkin. Over 50,000 dead GI's and several decades later the conspirators admitted they faked the whole thing. Nobody went to jail or was even reprimanded for that one.

Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We're still in Iraq even though nobody but the most feeble believe the WMDs nonsense.

Afghanistan has the misfortune of sitting on a fortune in lithium, gold, silver and other valuable minerals as well as possessing strategic location. Therefore the most outrageous false flag deception ever conceived was undertaken by filthy un-American rogues within the CIA and other secret police agencies on September 11th. American troops still to this day occupy Afghanistan based on a monstrous lie. Not one single culpable individual has been tried, prosecuted or punished for the biggest crime ever. In fact many people have been murdered since 9/11 to cover up this crime of the millennium while the guilty and incompetent were rewarded and commended.

The only task left to do is for Americans to elect honest leaders who will use the abundance of damning evidence to prosecute the guilty. The mass murderers have remain free and dangerous. They would just as soon rip this nation apart now rather than pay for their crimes. In fact, that is what they plan on doing to save their yellow asses. Of course the foreign bankers love this as a divided America is part of their strategic maneuvering towards a world fiat currency controlled by them. The trouble is the people of this republic are figuring out the scheme ahead of schedule and are beginning to take counter measures.

So the bankers and traitors will have to stage something before next election or they are doomed. The guardians of the Constitution and the law, Congress, will be routed from office. With fresh leaders, untainted by 9/11, the crimes will finally be properly investigated. The rogues can't have that so expect an even bigger staged event than diesel fuel melting three buildings. It will be much tougher to pull off this time as so many former compartmentalized officials are wise to the term "false flag attack" and are watching for it - if for no other reason than they don't wish to die. They are outside the box and difficult to predict.

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Sunday, October 09, 2011


When a crowd of protesters gather, there are always some that do not wish to have their behavior recorded. Naturally some of these people are just timid as well as fearful of government surveillance. However, others who seem to be giving direction to the crowd, become indignant if someone trains a video camera on them. What do they have to be afraid of?

Also there are masked people who sometimes commit acts of violence and property destruction. They obviously don't wish to be identified. Some are actual criminals but many are provocateurs on the payroll of the secret police. Protests make the government look bad. So the state employs provocateurs to make the other protesters appear bad by association as well as to give police reasons to crack down and break up the protests.

The fauxtesters have always been there. It's just that it's getting more difficult for them to do their work and slither away unnoticed with phone cameras, the internet and whatnot.

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