Saturday, December 08, 2007


Congratulations Major Eusebio M. Galloso Zaldívar! You are now a wanted man. You are on the list. You have been targeted. If you know what is good for you, you will cease your criminal activities. Your crimes have been documented on Babalu and this will be used to prosecute you to the fullest. Tell the rest of the gang to mind their ways. We are always watching you now and recording your bad behavior for your trials and punishment.

Seizing Spanish Hotels

The best part about seizing the Spanish hotels in Cuba as slave reparations is everyone in the world will understand and agree with this policy - except the Spanish hoteliers of course. Cubans have been forced to work for 50 cents a day at the end of Raul Castro's guns for the greedy capitalist Spanish hoteliers or starve to death. These neo-capitalist dogs miscalculated and thought the Castro regime was so brutal that the slaves would be forced to work for their Spanish masters forever. However, nothing remains the same forever and everything changes eventually.

Therefore, I propose that the simplest method for slavery reparations will be to immediately seize ALL foreign assets upon the collapse of the Raul regime and give 100% ownership divided equally amongst the former slaves who toiled there. In addition, I propose that all places of work in government offices and facilities, including all equipment, buildings, etc. become 100% owned by the former government workers. They would be free to dispense with or utilize the property in any manner they see fit. Also as I have suggested previously, all Cubans untainted with blood on their hands should be given immediate title to their residences to do as they like. To sum up, we need to decentralize property ownership in Cuba into the hands of as many Cubans as possible. The reason is, rather than have everything owned by one dumb ass (Raul), property and the decisions on how best to use it will be in the hands of millions of individual Cubans right there on the scene. This will means that Raul makes millions less but it will assure that the Cuban people earn BILLIONS more for themselves and their families.

Finally, I want to say this about several responses to some of my economic proposals that I have read on other blogs. These are obvious Cuban spies and if you don't believe me ask yourself "What is the Platt Amendment?" If you don't know you are not alone - most non Cubans have no idea what it means. But this amendment by the U.S. government in 1901 spelling out the conditions for withdrawal of military forces from Cuba has nothing to do with me. My great grandfather did not pass it. It's American Teddy rough rider era legislation. Plus they say my great grand dad's Constitution let the US do as they like in Cuba. But the reality is the U.S. military is what allows the U.S. to do what it wants and my great grandfather did as best he could to maintain independence. Remember places like the Philippines did not get their independence from America until more than a half century later. But what the hell do either of these things have to do with my economic proposals. If you said absolutely nothing then you get a gold star! This is why I know these complaints about my economic proposals are Raul Castro spy-written. The spy accuses my proposal of allowing exiles to grab up all of Cuba and make slaves of the Cuban people. But this is what the Castro boys have done - not us. Hopefully, serious thinkers will actually read my economic proposals for themselves and ignore the Cuban government's definition of me. Remember, they are notorious liars. All of my proposals turn homes and their land footprint immediately over to their occupants - provide they are not criminals responsible for 50 years of murder and thievery. I speak with many exiles regularly and not even one will put a Cuban in the street! They all want to help get the huge and growing number of Cuban homeless and under housed people off the streets and into decent housing.

Please do not let Raul Castro define us. If something is not clear then ask US exiles - rather than read one of Raul Castro's spies telling lies. The truth is the Cuban people, whether here in the U.S. or struggling desperately to survive in Cuba, are really sweet, compassionate people who would give you the shirt off of their backs. We will always patiently explain our intentions so never be afraid to ask. We will tell you politely why the Castro boys' hero Che is a bit upsetting for Cubans when they see you sporting it on your T-shirt. He murdered thousand of innocent Cubans. So it is how a Jew would feel upon seeing a person wearing a Hitler shirt. But that's the Castro boy's big revolutionary hero so that should tell you a thing or two about them.

You wouldn't wear this guy on a T-shirt but many would wear Che. This guy got other people to do his killing for him while Che like killing people himself. Both were blood thirsty killers.

Friday, December 07, 2007

He's Hope For America

The Real Reason They Hate Us

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Raul Shoots His Foot - Again

Raul is so simple...he just doesn't get it. He rounds up children and jails them for wearing little bracelets that say "cambio" or change translated into English. He sends his street goons to a doctor's house to tell the good doctor that he will be murdered if he protests. He sends state security agents into a church to teargas and beat the congregation which included many women and children. Then he says to tourists, "Come to Cuba and soak up the Cuban experience." Raul! Should you pull your fat head out of your equally fat ass you will see a world of people who are shocked by your barbaric behavior. Didn't you realize that travelers wishing to vacation anywhere will not go to a place that treats people this way if for no other reason than they fear it could happen to them as well?

In addition, corporations depend on good public relations and are very sensitive to public perception. You have to stop thinking that it is 1959 and that you can line up anyone against a wall, murder them and nobody is the wiser. Siglo XXI is here Raul. The truth can no longer be covered up. There is always someone watching, many with digital cameras and videos rolling. I peek down at Cuba from space with Google Earth any time I choose to tell the world about how communism has polluted and left the pearl of the Antilles barren and desperate. As more and more commercial interests and tourists turn away from dealing with your criminal government the more damaging to your economy. We have you hemmed in from all sides. Whatever you do to keep your strangle hold on power we will show to the world. Then more and more of the world will be repulsed by your evil behavior and refuse to bargain with you.

The icing on the cake is even though you've had your way for half a century, for the rest of eternity you will be remembered for the scum that you are. Surely, Raul, you must realize that now? Good Lord, do you live with that?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Sixth Column

International conglomerates like Sherritt International sure long for the good old days. Scheming with criminal governments, they raped and pillaged foreign lands with impunity and most of the entire world was completely oblivious to this bad corporate behavior. Any fifth column, refering to any clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation's solidarity, was easily rooted out and crushed by the most ruthless governments like that of Fidel Castro. Anytime fifth columns opened up to expose the evil they showed themselves in doing so and were killed or imprisoned in Cuba. So companies like Sherritt International made a deal with the devil Castro which means they pay Castro, for example, $3,000 per month for every Cuban geologist they employ in their Cuban mining operation. Then Castro pays those geologists $30 per month, everybody blames the resulting poverty (not for the Castro's of course) on the embargo and nobody is the wiser. But that was yesterday and this is today.

The Sixth Column has emerged. The Sixth Column is the Internet and can be used for good or evil. Fortunately, most people are nice reasonable people whether living in Havana or Washington, DC. They just want to go to work, provide for their family and come home. These are the members of the Sixth Column. They are the world cyber militia clicking away seeking out the truth. Each day thousands join the Sixth Column. We find the evil that is ruining the world and making everybody's life miserable and we expose it. We shine the light of truth on the lies that in the past were so easily hidden. Expo facto has no bearing either. Just because the type of slave labor deals just mentioned have not been exposed in the past will not stop the Sixth Column from tar and feathering Sherritt International forever on the Internet - because the Internet IS forever. The Sixth Column cannot be stopped now. There are no leaders to be routed out and crushed. The Sixth Column is a hive of hornets who individually could easily be destroyed by the bear. The bear against the swarm of hornets is no match. People like the Castro's and Sherritt's Executive Chairman Ian Dalaney act stupid and pretend this situation will change. They are in denial. Just the Cuba libre blogs and sites number around 300 now with their number growing daily. Here is a blog cataloging many of them.

The smart corporate executive will get out in front of the information tidal wave caused by the Sixth Column and try to ride it out. That means the faster they recognize the writing on the Internet wall, stop doing the evil they are doing, pony up some reparations as well as apologize for their bad behavior, the less it will cost in the long run. The first corporations who realize the jig is up will get off lightly by placing reparations in escrow for the future democratically elected Cuban government and by ceasing and desisting collusion with the criminal Castro government. The corporations that wait until Cuba has a democratically elected government will pay ten times that amount. Many simply will not survive at all but all still have time to do the right thing. That time, however, is running out...

Free The Havana Five

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Too Bad Manny!

By now the big muckity mucks at Thomas Cook are really getting worried. They thought Castro and gang had the Cuban people totally enslave for their tourists for as long as they liked. But the regime is crumbling fast and the Cuban people are just about ready the give Raul, his half-wit brother Fidel and the rest of the junta the bum's rush right off the island.

But let's get this straight! If you big muckity mucks at Thomas Cook think you're going to get off the hook by having
Manny Fontenla-Novoa fall on his sword you are deluded. Because you have not place that 1 million in escrow in an account for the free Cuban people, stopped booking tourists to be waited on by Cuban slaves and not apologized to the Cuban people for your disgusting corporate behavior your bill has increased. Put 2 million in an escrow account for the Cuban people and cease and desist your bad corporate behavior or lose everything in the very near future! You've been warned again. Don't get me wrong. Firing Manny would be great! But that won't put bread on your Cuban slaves' table. The longer you wait the higher the penalty. Pay your reparations now...

December 10th - No To Apartheid!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hugo Loses!

Ron Paul