Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Is The Lame Stream Using Actors In Sandy Hook?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

TV Butt Sniffer Gregory Caught In Stupid Gun Law

NBC's David Gregory has been caught in one of the stupid gun laws that he supports. NBC contacted the DC Police to see if it would be okay to use an illegal gun object on their show to tar and feather the Second Amendment. However the law is the law and the cops responded:

"NBC contacted the Metropolitan Police Dept. inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for this segment. NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and the request was denied."

So NBC not only broke the law they defied the police. Has there been any customary tasering of suspect Gregory for failure to obey a lawful order? Has he at least been night-sticked? WHAT!!!
Turns out he has not even been arrested for breaking a gun law but he is insisting more gun laws be created that we MUST obey or go to jail. It's the same thinking as Jon Corzine stealing over a billion bucks and not getting charged with a crime while we'd be sent to prison for nabbing a pack of chewing gum from the Seven Eleven on the corner.

You have to face facts amigos. There are two standards of legal conduct permitted in America. The people must comply with every law or face fines and prison time but the ruling elites can do any damn thing they like and fear no punishment whatsoever. As Leona Helmsley once aptly noted, "Taxes are paid by the little people." That's you and me, my fellow chumps.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rag Obama Rag

Drag Obama drag, I can't believe it's true  
Drag Obama drag, what did you do? 
When I awoke I was really pissed
Never wanted to be a socialist

  Gag Obama gag now, shove your fiscal cliff 
Nag Obama nag, I'm putting on your gag  
Gonna see your ruse like an old caboose  
Got your tale, I need a pail
I ask about your girdle 
And you ask about a feather  
The amber waves aren't fertile 
Your administration seems like forever
And we can't pay for one grocery bag  
But all you want to do for me, Obama 
Is a brag Obama brag, you know where there's blow 
Brag Obama brag, your bankers stole all the dough
Brag Obama brag, we hear you moan
Brag Obama brag, take your skinny little body back home 
Well now we eat dog and we eat cat 
You brag Obama brag that we're on the right track
HAARP stones beatin' on the roof  
Sandy Hoof another false flag goof
Hear you and me on the telephone   
All your spying is quite well known
You don't need to sit and brag 
All you gotta do is  
Nag Obama nag, Obama nag  
Nag Obama rag, go back home 
Nag Obama nag, leave our guns and money alone


Monday, December 24, 2012

BBC Admits 9/11 An Inside Job

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Sandy Hook False Flag

One of the hallmarks of the false flag attack is evidence of prior knowledge of the attack. A red flag should always go up when the media just seems to know too damn much too damn fast. Then once they provide this narrative sometimes there is no way they could have known these things without someone telling them who had prior knowledge of the attack, which is always blamed on patsies like Lee Harvey Oswald. A good example is the BBC talking head claiming the CIA's Building Number 7 had collapsed while it stood in the background. Finally after a hour or so as she's claiming the building fell it actually did right behind her.

Niall Bradley at Veteran's Today makes many interesting points investigating this angle of the false flag attack - basically officials and media knowing a bit too much a bit too soon.

Once a person is awake and realizes we are captured by traitors then the childish approach they use to pull off their crimes is easily seen. As I've stated before government is always guilty of the crimes they are suspected of committing until they prove themselves innocent. After all, they have no Constitutional rights like individuals because they are a group of paid servants and groups have NO RIGHTS! They do as they are told by the American people and if they don't like that they can take a hike!

I've charged the government with committing the crimes in Sandy Hook and it is their responsibility to prove their innocence. How? Release that school video showing this Lanza kid allegedly all alone in the hallways doing the shooting. If you can't do this then you ARE GUILTY!

Upon establishing that the government can provide no credible alibi, as was the case with their 9/11 attack as well, the suspected individuals with foreknowledge of the crimes should be formally charged and brought to trial with full Constitutional rights as an individual.

That's the way I see things because I love my friends and family and I hate the filthy traitors running this republic into the ground who have so many of you suckered. The fact is if you don't know about the treason going on all around you then certainly you and your family and most of your friends are scheduled to be murdered at some point in the future by these criminals aiding the foreigners attacking this republic. That's why they shot all those kids - to guilt trip you into surrendering your guns.

UPDATE: Last Sunday's Simpsons had Fat Tony introducing his sister in this repeat from earlier in the season before the Sandy Hook False Flag. He said his sister was, "Attending the Sandy Hook School of Italian Design."