Thursday, April 03, 2008

See You Later

I've done all I can to help you. Now I must concentrate on saving my family. You are on your own.

Good luck amigos!

Tomas Estrada-Palma

A 100 years ago, it was harder to manipulate public perception. But nonetheless using newspapers the real rulers did their level best. But it took much more time. Today we have "real-time manipulation" of our view of reality using television, radio and other media that all agree with one another. All of this media still comprises 99% of what people today, across the globe in the so-called free world, view each day all at the same time. As long as we believe what this sinister network is showing us, including what they are not showing us, we will continue to be manipulated to our own detriment. However, as soon as the biggest network lie of all is exposed, the people will realize they have always been manipulated and the network will cease to exist.

Too Much Evidence

There is so much evidence coming out now like this story about the guy who wrote the 911 Commission Report and his White House connections that it is clear one faction is taking the Bush faction down. So we must beware who will replace Bush because it looks more and more like he's going down as the fall guy. Watch who the next guy is and asks lots of questions. Only settle for an Ernest guy...

Just Coincidence?

How many coincidences does it take before it become conspiracy, amigos? You can look at the video below or read this story about another scapegoat exonerated in Court - or perhaps you should do both...

Hey Bush Murder Supporters

Watch your back... Already a large majority of Americans know the official government story of 911 is bullshitski. Once they realize the fact is Bush was head of a rogue element in our own government that killed 3000 innocent human beings on 911, he and the other conspirators will not be the only ones who will receive justice. Every single one of you who EVER said anything positive about these snakes who stabbed us in the back will find yourselves investigated. Your lives will be put under the microscope. So choose your words wisely. You may have to eat them and that could leave an awful taste in your mouth. Better yet just shut up now!

Take a peek to your right topside at the link to "Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth." Keep your lips tightly pressed together until it is finished playing about an hour and a half later. Afterwards, if you EVER said anything positive about George Bush or any of the other conspirators, I believe you will think it wise to retract you statement forcefully.

Taking Responsibility For 911

There are thousands of Americans now getting involved trying to get the truth out about George Bush heading the rogue part of the American government that murdered 3000 of us on September 11th. We are taking on this responsibility, not because we were some of the pompous asses who elected Bush to office out of sheer ignorance two times! You Bush supporters are the ones who should be taking on this enormous responsibility of exposing your candidate for the lying murderer that he IS!!! But most of you still sit on your asses and jeer people like me and the Presbyterians calling us kooks because we looked at the evidence.

Cuban exiles are not guilty of anything except refusing to accept their responsibility for electing this tyrant murderer to be president. That means those who voted for this bastard to be their president who have not at least investigated to see the evidence are irresponsible cowards. You are so fearful you could have made the biggest mistake of you life that you keep your fat heads in the sand like some kind of Cuban ostriches. You embarrass me!


I have permanently place the link to the Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth to the right at the top of my blog under the site meter in the event that some of you cowards gather the courage to look. The ladies, children and old people should NOT watch this video because it is too disturbing. But if YOU Cuban men want to begin acting like men, take responsibility for your actions and the future of your adopted country and your family you will look at this video. Here is just one of the facts you will see:

Molten steel flowed for weeks after Bush had the towers blown up. What causes that was the thermate explosives that burn over 4000 degrees. I know just the sound of the word jet fuel makes you think it is real hot stuff which is just what Bush and the other lying murderers were counting on from us ignorant Americans. The Bush spokesman says simply there was no molten steel even though the firemen and everybody else saw it. Incidentally I'll never forget that liars face and he will go to the gallows as well! Anyone who willfully told a lie about this cover up IS a co-conspirator and must be executed for their heinous crime.

LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! Only then can you be in a position to challenge what I say. But so far you've only heard the murderer's lies about 911 and you ignoramuses refuse to even hear what these brave engineers and architects are saying about the science of demolition of the towers. They have risked their lives to inform us. Go ahead and feel smug that you already know all you need to know about 911 cause Bush told you. The next time these vipers think some Americans need to be killed to scare the rest of us into compliance - it could be your wife and kids. How are you going to live with that amigos?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Surviving The Bush Coup

By now it is getting to the point where the only people who do not admit that Bush was the head of a rogue government sector that murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11 are morons and traitors. So until we can wise up the morons and send the guilty to the gallows we must exist with this despicable situation. So what do we do in the mean time?

First we must analyze the signs given by the main murder suspect who is also our most dangerous enemy - George Bush. Right off the bat we know he has secretly bought a hundred thousand acre ranch in Paraguay which is important information. This is telling us that Bush is by no means secure in his conspiracy and has an exit plan in place. This and the nervousness of his demeanor suggest that he is very worried. The reason is he has foes that are both good and bad. All his foes want Bush taken out but some have pure motives while others who would like to replace Bush could be as bad or worse than Bush. So we must be wary of this during any transition. Bush may be Hitler but we don't want Stalin to replace him.

Next, you must take a whole new series of protective measures. Remember, the government that is acting like they are using your tax dollars to protect you can turn at any moment that suits their greedy whims and kill you. They murdered 3000 on September 11, 2001 and they are sure to continue to do so if given enough time and opportunity.

Take note that anytime you spend in the cities concentrated with other people you have a much higher risk of being killed by the government. So if you must go to the city to work make your stay as brief as possible.

Use the stairs and not the elevators whenever possible. It will be good exercise, keep you in shape and keep you from being stuck there during the next government attack on Americans.

Be wary if any internal work that is being done on your workplace building like elevator repair. If the government is going to blow up more people in a building this is how they will do it - from the inside. That was how Bush had the Towers loaded up with the explosives before he remotely had the planes rammed into them.

If you work in mass media be wary if they are starting to do stories about the Bush murders because your office is likely to be destroyed by the murderers.

Do not spend any of your time otherwise in the cities club hopping or any other cultural activity. You are always in greater danger in the cities from government attack than in the countryside. The traitors can get more bang for the buck in the crowded urban areas. Relax in the country but always remain on guard in the cities. Avoid traps like tall buildings and dead ends.

Never take public transportation. Remember, Bush has small pox, anthrax, Ebola and God knows what else. This is one of the places where you will be infected when they attack us with the bio's and chemicals. If you must use subway or bus transportation always wear a surgical mask.

Remove your children from public schools. Any government that would murder 3000 of us will not have any problem killing our kids at school with bio-weapons or God knows what else.

Never get into an airliner. These can still be remotely controlled by the traitors any time they get the urge though they are less likely to at this time because we are watching for it. But they will do this again if given long enough so do not take the chance. DON'T FLY! If God would have wanted us to fly now he would not have allowed murderers to get control of the planes.

Never watch network news or mainstream media for information. Get all your news on the internet because the networks are information spam. Let people like me watch the networks for you and figure out why they want us to believe this or that is happening. They are there to confuse you.

Keep lots of food stored and fresh water. Have several months worth at the very least. These vital necessities would be excellent things to buy with your stimulus money.

Have an exit plan that lets you retreat further away from the cities the next time the government attacks us. I have three possibilities already available.

Think about buying a shotgun. It will come in handy for many situations.

If you require medication get it now as well as any dental or medical procedures.

Don't buy any frivolous things like cloths or shoes unless absolutely necessary then think thrift store.

Don't eat out at restaurants and try to grow as much food as you possibly can get into any patch of ground.

Repair your car and do not go into debt financing a new one.

Always be wary of your surroundings and the people nearby. Remember, anyone now can be your enemy including and especially the government.

Take care amigos and hopefully we'll get through this disturbing nightmare together.

Network Spam

In the battle to regain our liberty the networks and other mainstream media are spam. Delete them from the in-box of your lives while you still have your life

Booed At The Baseball Game

How did it feel to get booed at the Nationals' opening game the other day George? Those are the people in the crowd who know you murdered 3000 Americans. Those are the people in the crowd who despise you and are reviled by your presents in the White House. You are now trapped in your ivory towers. You cannot go to any more public venues because there are always Americans in the crowd who now realize that you are a murderer.

Please let me explain how we get out of this mess fellow Americans so you don't panic when it happens. It is just like back in 1776. The political and military leaders who worked for King George revolted because he was such a mad tyrant like today's George the tyrant who thinks it fine to murder 3000 innocent Americans. They turned on him and the people followed their military and civilian leaders to 200 years of freedom. So I plead with the decent men and women in the military to do your duty. The commander and chief has committed mass murder of 3000 innocent Americans. I know that, you have known that for quite a bit longer than me and apparently by the baseball game a growing number of Americans realize this absolute fact. Our only hope is another General Washington. Being commander and chief makes George a member of the military and subject to military justice. Any member of the military who murdered 3000 Americans could be arrested by a junior officer and brought up on charges. So pick your opportunity wisely men. In a lighting strike you must arrest the traitors and clap them in irons. Immediately storm the offices of the complicit media and order these possible traitors to announce the imposition of marshal law, that the conspirators who murdered the 3000 are under arrest, give the names and descriptions of the remaining traitors to be arrested and for people to go about their normal affairs and remain calm. The state and local police stations all across the nation would be receiving visits from military officers loyal to America and advised that until the emergency was over they would be taking orders from the military unless they had a problem with that. In that case they would go on vacation and someone who would follow orders installed. Elections would go forth and civil rule reestablished once the traitors had been swiftly tried, convicted and punished by a public military tribunal. In November the new president would be elected then take office in the new year.

Naturally, we will have to rebuild not only our ruined economy but all of our political leadership. It is clear that the vast majority in the Congress should not hold their jobs if they are not condemning these murderers right now. In addition, the old forms of media like newspapers and television networks will become extinct because of their incompetence at the lease or complicity at worst at exposing this treason against America.

I know this is a delicate operation men and women of the military. If you fail in this task then it will mean the end of America as we know it. So choose your strategy wisely. Choose the most opportune moment to strike and when you do so give everything you have because your nation is counting on you to save us one more time.

Thank you!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Largest US Church says Bush behind 9/11

Bush Keeps Convicting Himself

In this next YouTube video for the people's counter coup you can see Bush is lying on the fly. He is making up a whopper of a story that he is caught in. The other conspirators are going to have to do something with George if he keeps on flapping at the mouth telling stories out of schools that could not possibly have occurred. Watch your back George...

CFR - An American Gestapo

George Carlin On 911

You got to love this guy. He like the 21st Century Mark Twain... Thank you George!

YouTube Counter Coup

Hey George! Just a little update on the YouTube counter coup to bring you to justice. You never saw it coming when you and Dickie boy and the other conspirators hatched your little plot to take over America. You figured that if you either bought out the mainstream media or threatened them, then you could get away with mass murder because they would just keep quiet. Fortunately, we no longer need your media shills because we realize that they only hide the truth.

We have the Internet now. The great news about this is 100 % of the people that I show the evidence to about your conspiracy become converts. My cousin Bobby has just crossed over to my side and I'm waiting to hear from my brother Pat. When an American like me learns about something so despicable like the murder of 3000 innocents by the very people whom they trusted to protect them, we know what we have to do. You see George, we are not afraid to die. We are afraid to die and leave our children and grand children in a world run by you murderous, treasonous, dogs. So all we do now is inform our fellow Americans about the coup. Trying to tell them all at once proved impossible. But taking them aside one by one and showing them the overwhelming wealth of evidence that you left behind in your sloppy operation is as easy as hitting the plunger to set off explosives in a high rise. Now with all the leaks coming out of Washington and elsewhere from Americans disgusted by your plot and I can see that your days are numbered. I showed my buddy Ricky this past weekend. I watch his face turn an angry red as he watch your evil plot on my computer. Well needless to say he has joined the crusade and is shopping for a computer. You're dog meat George when roofers like my buddy Ricky are getting online to fight you. In fact, he told all his co-workers and most already knew or had no trouble believing it. Wait till they see the evidence too!

I know you don't see the benefit of it George but I like the truth. The truth is 30% of Americans know about the basic plot and want you, Dickie boy and the other conspirators impeached right now. Those numbers increase by tens of thousands everyday who learn the truth. Soon we reach critical mass. Soon there will be so many of us that your media shills will fear us more than you. Which of your main stream media shills do you think will break with the pack first, George? I'm betting with the Bush/Chaney dollar imploding economy it will be one of the national newspapers desperate for dollars who crack first. And George you know how those dam breaks go? Once you get a crack in the dam it is not long before it breaks. When it breaks, if you are not already in Paraguay on your new ranch, there will be no escape from the mob of Americans that will converge surrounding the White House. In fact, there will be so many millions of Americans descending on Washington, DC that there numbers will even swell out to encompass the escape tunnels like in Rock Creek. You will be trapped like a rat - just like Hitler in the bunker surrounded by the Russians.

Somebody's Lying

Either President George Bush or Sir Issac Newton is lying. George Bush says a tall building like the Twin Towers can crush through itself and fall to the ground in less than ten seconds. But Sir Issac Newton's laws of motion state unequivocally that an object falling to the ground that fast is free falling to earth with no building supporting it or resisting its collapse to the ground. Somebody is lying here. I think it's Bush. Sadly, the majority of you still think it is Sir Issac Newton who is lying. Well that's public education for you. Fortunately, those numbers are changing fast everyday in favor of Sir Issac.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Treason Grand Jury

Meet Bob Dole's Chief of Staff

Who Did It?

Look What Else The MSM Doesn't Tell You

Shut Up!

I've known many smart people during my life. In not even one case has any of them ever learned anything while they were talking. You can only learn while your lips aren't flapping and your eyes are open, your ears are listening so that your brain can start working.

Now many of you geniuses out there have listened to the political scientists for almost seven years explaining how Sir Issac Newton's laws of motion were legally suspended on September 11. I can't condemn you for that. So did I. But something didn't seem right. Then a few weeks ago I stumbled onto this video from ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS FOR 911 TRUTH. These guys are ACTUAL scientists familiar with the laws which government these sort of absolute truths in the universe. They understand things like how fast objects can fall allegedly pancaking through themselves - and how fast objects can free fall with nothing under them. The two cannot be equal yet they saw that on 911 this is what happened - the towers fell in less than ten seconds. These real scientists immediately recognized this free fall could only be accomplished if the steel support beams were exploded out of the way and the concrete core section was explosively pulverized into a giant cloud of dust. So they looked for evidence of this like all good scientists and low and behold they found just that.

But most of you self anointed geniuses out there still flapping at your pie hole won't look at the above video because you're already too damn smart, right? The government has told you already exactly what you need to know and the MSM has sworn to it. Remember the MSM says Cuba has free health care too. I was fooled for almost seven year about this evil plot. But just to be safe, because I have four children I love and a wife and family and friends as well as a nation I love, I thought I'd just be safe and hear what these scientists had to offer. Well, you already know my opinion now. We were the victims of an attempted coup on 911 by a rogue element in our government. Everyday more people learn about this treason. Cuban exiles have been huge supporters of this White House. Unless I can convince you to look at the above video you all will go down with this evil plot and be tarred by the same brush.

I know you can't believe this but what if I'm correct? You get angry at me as it is now just for suggesting this could happen. What if it did? Well it did and I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of the bad news. It would be easy for me to just stay quite and let you guys go down with Dick and George. Most of you probably will - in the near future. There is an explosion of anger just over the horizon. Soon a critical mass of Americans will become aware of the failed coup plot even if you continue to look away. When that happens you do not want to have any ties to the traitors.

My friend Steve Mudd can sure tell you that. His great grandfather was Dr. Samuel Mudd, the doctor who set John Wilkes Booth's broken ankle in the middle of the night down here in southern Maryland. For just unknowingly setting the murderer's leg Dr. Mudd was sent to prison. He has never been pardoned though his sentence was eventually commuted and he was released early. But Steve keeps trying. As for you amigos, the Lincoln assassination will be like jaywalking compared to the rage this evil failed coup will stir up all across this nation - in the near term. Save yourselves now and get on the side of reason and righteousness before your name is Mudd.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tonight I'll Expose The Coup

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth experts demand questions answered

Below is a chart of a financial investment device whereby if the stock goes down the investor makes money. No...sorry to say these were not Muslims who bet the two now famous airline stocks would plummet. These investors made a killing that day in New more ways than one.

I am obsessed with getting the Cuban exiles to see that they have been duped and that they support the traitors of America. This is vital because I believe we can be the catalyst to drive the tyrants from power. If I fail to persuade you then we all will be dragged down with these treasonous dogs in the near future once the truth is known. Tune in and ask questions.

God bless the U.S. military. You do not know it yet but they saved us on 911 from our own government. They stand there still, outraged by our rogue government's murder of 3000 innocent people. These great men and women can't move against the evil ones yet because you all don't know the score and would misunderstand. Fortunately, the evil doers in the White House, CIA and elsewhere have been put on notice. DON'T DARE ATTACK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AGAIN OR MILITARY JUSTICE WILL BE SWIFT! You'll never make to you ranch in Paraguay, George...