Friday, March 06, 2009

The End Of The Federal Reserve

Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 is an example of what may be the beginning of the end for the Federal Reserve. Even Bernie Sanders is interested after he dressed down the Fed Chairman this week on live TV. No, the banker owned networks will have to cut away from live coverage even when it's not Ron Paul speaking in the future. Soon everyone will be slamming the Federal Reserve Board and rightfully so!

If you spend more than an hour learning about our illegal fiat money conjured up by Bernie and the Fed you will get more and more angry. Lots of Americans are doing just that everyday because they have lost their jobs and are finding out about the real root cause of this economic catastrophe now so poorly hidden by the big banker media. They are the nouveau naked emperors but if it's any condolences to you all amigos these talking heads have lost a bundle too and soon they will lose it all. The biggest words they dare use now are "if" and "hope." These bankster vipers have laid a trap for themselves of which now they cannot escape. They struggle to save the "system" but to no avail. Everyday it becomes more apparent. Watch for the snakes to start heading for the exits if they don't try another false flag attack first in order to crack down, eliminate pesky guys like me who are fond of the truth and re-establish their free range slave operations.

So my advice until the rest of America realizes what you know as a reader of this blog? Use good sanitation and by all means do not take any flu vaccines right now. Don't make it easy for the vipers, amigos...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff

Commodities And Inflation

Investors who leave stocks and move to cash are finding another way to make federal reserve notes. They are trying to predict which commodities are going to be in big demand. For example, you will remember that I told you people were fixing their own cars and using more replacement parts in lieu of buying a new car? Sure enough, the auto parts retail stocks soared.

So you just follow the money as always. Where is all this newly created Federal Reserve loot going to be spent? Certainly, anything to do with energy like gas and electric, which under the Obama plan will also be saddled with carbon taxes. Food prices could soar if Americans don't get busy now with those victory gardens. Those shovel ready projects are going to use quite a bit of wood, steel, glass, wire, pipes, etc. So if you have home improvements do them now and use to soak up the excess capacity of building material that is widely available now. Next year that board will cost you at least double if Obama's plan goes into effect. Invest in these commodities today and provided the economy does not just collapse outright in the short term, you can make a buck or two.

In short, ask yourself what everybody is doing now as a result of the bad economy to figure out where the surges in commodity usage will show up. Be ready for enormous price surges and the eventual collapse of the dollar. If you are holding any investments at that time which are not physically in your possession - you will lose them.

This seems like a kooky way to run an economy. These international bankers lent out gazillions of these artificially created space bucks and they still expect to be paid back. However, if we were to return to a Constitutional form of money based on gold and silver on deposit in banks - do you think those bankers would lend out that gold to just anybody even without proof of employment or income? But instead of having legal gold and silver money the bankers get to use worker credits that go by the name of the "dollar." The more of these credits they whip up the more we workers must earn to buy the same amount of stuff. It's the same type of crappy crackhead currency used by Castro, Chavez and every other collectivist nation on earth no matter how much so they are.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! You are still being swindled no matter where you live!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tim Geithner Today


Where were the regulators? How could Bernie Madoff have gotten away with a 50 billion dollar swindle? We need stronger regulations right?

Please do not let yourselves be so easily fooled, amigos. You must realize by now that large swaths of the federal government are no more that private, privileged, gangs bent on looting, raping and pillaging their way over the American public whom mistakenly believes that these pirates are operating in our interests. Generally, most regulators come from the industry in which they regulate - or they move into these industries they have just finished regulating where cushy jobs await them. Even if the regulators do find wrong doing the punishment is almost always a financial slap on the wrist and the victims don't get the money - the government gets the fines.

So in reality, regulatory agencies, especially centrally planned federal bureaucracies, are gangs that give the public the illusion that everything is being done above board until the perpetrators get caught, at which time the regulators say they can't do a better job regulating without more tax money. Imagine if you screwed up really big at your job then you told your boss that he could expect you to continue screwing up until you received a healthy raise?

Here's the reality. Every federal regulatory agency should be closed yesterday. They are no more than a collection of little princes and princesses who rule over aspects of our private time, body and money. The fact is, if the courts were not being wasted running a drug user war on minorities and the poor to provide slave labor for the prison industry, then they would have ample time to adjudicate damages for those who act inappropriately in the marketplace as well as in their private matters that spill over into the private lives of others. Add to this fact the Internet, which is making it harder to hide criminal activity, both private and government sponsored everyday, and we Americans should have no problem regulating our own lives.

The Internet means we don't have to fight for our rights any longer. The Internet gives you the opportunity to enlighten yourself then act as one to defeat the scoundrels who try to enslave you. After we become enlightened, we purchase as one, boycott as one, move as one and think as one. How do you fight that? Why would you need crooks to be the regulators of your life and property if you decided to become wise instead?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Great Repression

Ideas and information are funny things. They are like virus's when they spread. I started using the expression "Great Repression" several years ago to describe the economics we face today. I just heard someone on CNBC use my term "Repression" to describe our current marketplace. Pretty cool!

Adam Smith Was Correct

Just because Americans do not understand basic economic principle does not mean they don't exist. Adam Smith aptly explained how prices are decided upon in the marketplace as the "invisible hand." Basically, Mr. Smith said that no matter how cruelly or insanely the rulers attempt to manipulate the price of goods or services, eventually the price always moves to actual value which is based on supply and demand - period. It's the law. So what you might say?

Well Adam Smith's explanation means that even though the banks and the government want Real Estate and stocks to go back to the price levels of two years ago, this is not economically possible right now. With the drastic decline in the currency supply, less money means what the remaining money can do is buy more stuff. Supply and demand has to do with the money as well. Put simply, there is half as much money available in the economy now than two years ago but it will buy twice as much stuff. Gasoline, stocks, Real Estate and many other human needs are half of what they costs just two years ago. The food price bubble is scheduled to pop next as Americans fire up their gardens to be able to eat now that they are unemployed or at least under employed. I think this is a stupid system but it is what the international bankers and your representatives have forced down your throats - a fiat expandable/contactable currency.

But won't Obama's stimulus scheme of simply printing up trillions of additional Federal Reserve note fix the problem then? During the enormous expansion of the fiat currency in the past decades the market was given false signals. The extra money constantly being created and added to the economy fooled businessmen and women the world over into investing in the wrong area or in over producing. So for example, too many replacement windows were produced for the actual number of consumers available to buy them now. I'm buying up top quality windows for pennies on the dollar. The replacement window market will not rebound until all of the over production of windows has been liquidated. So Obama and the Pips at the Fed can whip up as many space bucks as they like but these supply and demand realities will remain realities. However, the new currency will cause further malinvestment and temporary price distortion probably in building materials and health care costs.

So all the stimulus will do is confuse the pricing structure of our marketplace and delay the inevitable. Prices will be what prices will be no matter what Obama and the Pips say.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Explain This Shill!!!

Those of you who read this blog probably have read some comments buy a shill sent here by my own government to confuse and manipulate your opinion. Well you big mouth shill!!! Have you contacted CBS yet for the following coverage on the growing movement of Americans that know 9/11 was an inside job committed by a rogue element within our own government? Shill have some comments about CBS? Is the shill's foot lodged in shill's big fat pie hole?

Remember amigos...I never lied to you.