Wednesday, February 23, 2011

People To People Commerse

At the end of the day people around the world must remove the corrupt middle money men from our commercial transactions. The Internet permit just such economic freedom.

Currently, the ruling oligarchy plans on introducing new electronic international currency and Chinese style command economic rule for Americans. They are trying to foist new rulers on the Arabs after sowing chaos in the middle east.

The people of the world should just declare independence from these banksters. Develop local commercial industries and restart the human wealth machines minus the taxes such as income and inflation. New precious metal based money must replace fiat paper currency in every country. America should develop its domestic oil reserves hidden from the public so this mercantile system can't exploit us. All debt to the central banks should be wiped clean from the slate and people given a start fresh.

If people everywhere grow there own food and create their own things they become independent especially freed from the burden of paying rent to the foreign banksters for currency and housing. Individuals around the world freed from the national government's exploitation will develop products and services not yet imagines. These will be advertised to the world over the Internet. E-commerce will allow people on the other side of the world to buy and sell things directly to individuals using each others real money based on precious metal. So I can buy Egyptian sheets directly from the manufacturer in Egypt rather than go through middle men who now grab the lion's share of the profit. This means I can get great sheets for less money and the Egyptian manufacturer can get more money per sheet as well. Each week the bundled packages of individual sheet orders are crated up for delivery to the U.S. Once here the individual bundles would be UPS delivered to the customers.

Americans, freed of income tax and bankster inflation would very quickly re-industrialize and re-energize with our own domestic gas and oil reserves that are easy to reach unlike drilling in the middle of the ocean. Another one of the blacked out media facts is the huge amounts of oil we actually have especially out west under the Rockies. Initially after the impending crash, once the ruling banking/corporate/military industrial elites have been deposed and punished most Americans should just concentrate on survival needs such as growing food and sowing cloths, etc. As these needs are secured each individual will gravitate into his own industry of providing some goods or services to the world using the Internet.

This is how globalization should operate - between individual people of the world and not the corrupt elites. People everywhere are clever and industrious if just left free to secure their own future without the burdens placed upon them by the global elites. It's time for the individual people of the world to make a killing economically instead of the banksters killing off a lot of us again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Math

Fiat money multiplied X times = Y price increases

Y price increases = less pay

Less pay = fewer purchases

Fewer purchases = fewer Jobs

Fewer Jobs = angry population

Angry populations = desperate governments

Desperate governments = Too many people minus money

Too many people minus money = revolution

Revolution = new government

New government = new fiat money

New fiat money multiplied X times = the next business cycle as described above....

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Revolutions

Here's the plan. Bankers understand the dynamics of hyper inflating money. It causes dramatic increases in commodity prices while wages remain stagnant and even drop. This is a recipe for revolution when kids are hungry.

These banker families as usual for at least three hundred years cause the problem which is blamed on the political leaders who are deposed by the people leaving a power vacuum which these bankers take advantage of by sowing violence and other chaos and promote the next bankster leaders to take over minus millions of hungry mouths who are dead as a result of this instigated conflict.

So it's real simple to see where things will go. The banksters own all the media so all of the choices foisted over the air on the people as their saviors are sure to be compromised. Instead of trying to pick national leaders right now it's better to concentrate on the local matters.

You can tell the people have won the struggle when the House of Rothschild falls along with their minions. It's just that simple...