Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cuba Number Four

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Cubans are making a grab for freedom these days. The number of hits from Cuba has been steadily increasing and now they have pulled into forth place behind the U.S., Canada and Great Britain. In addition I know that many of the "Unknown" hits are actually from Cuba as well.

So good morning Cubans. This blog has an economic model which you should adopt to achieve the standard of living that you deserve. What I offer is clearly not the American model - at least not the modern perverted version of the U.S. Sadly America, like Cuba, has a corrupt government that has been in power too long. Americans actually believe they have a say in how they are governed. They do not. I'd really like to help build the new Cuba but first Raul and the other fossils have to go. Then we'll be on the way to you with money and ideas - two things our oppressors are running low on these days.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Inflation Did What?

The government just released a statement that inflation has moderated a bit recently. I found this incredible from my purchases and dug deeper to see how this could be possible. The government claims that since gasoline increased in cost but at less than they had expected they consider it a drop. Now with the government's math you see why the economy is in shambles. However, I didn't see the other 300 million Americans rioting in the streets when this poppycock was spewed forth by our rulers. That tells me that most of you still do not have a clue about what inflation really is. You still think it is high prices don't you?

Let me give you an analogy I just read in Ron Paul's new book "Revolution - A Manifesto" that will permit you to easily understand inflation. You baseball fans know how valuable Mickie Mantel baseball cards are. Suppose I found an unknown stash of 1 million Mickie Mantel baseball cards. So I get on Ebay and announce that I have 1 million authentic Mickie Mantel baseball cards for sale. Do you think this would drive up the value of that Mickie Mantel baseball card in your collection or make it worth less? Naturally the demand for Mickie Mantel Baseball cards has remained the same but the supply of cards has increased by 1 million. So each card everywhere is now less valuable. In fact, at some point, inject enough Mickie Mantel cards into the marketplace and they would become worthless. Money is the same. Print up enough, cram it into the economy and watch it's value drop until it is worthless. That is happening to the dollar right now and from historical experience a currency can collapse virtually overnight if it is hyper inflated like the Federal Reserve is doing now. The truth is the government is giving our money a mickey.

The government claims inflation is easing by concentrating on the price of commodities they wish to measure and in peculiar ways where an increase in gas prices is called a decline. However, inflation is simply printing up too much money - period! So these official government liars know exactly how much money they flood into our economy everyday. Besides not telling us this figure these liars don't even want you silly Americans to comprehend what inflation really is. The mass media shills do their damnest to confuse the issue as well.

But you knuckleheads keep believing these liars, scoundrels and thieves. I will keep telling the truth hoping one day I might break through the MSM BS.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tomas' Vote No Secret

This election will be no different for me than those of the past. Only non-collectivists will receive my endorsement and my vote. Therefore I pretty much know how I will vote in November, even if they don't bother counting it again. Apparently election officials have many technical snafus whenever individuals don't vote straight party line collectivism.

Be that as it may, I WILL vote for Ron Paul if there is any possible way to effectively do that. One very effective way is to write in his name on the ballot thereby circumventing all the restrictions placed there by your masters' employees to pick your "leaders" for you.

However, there is a storm brewing politically speaking. I'm talking about a perfect political storm where multiple events converge to overtake a government powerless to see it coming or to stop it. It makes no difference how many soothing words the main stream media shills think up if you've lost your job, your house, your car or your profit margin. Our economy is like a wobbly top as it slows. Another nudge in confidence here or there and it will fall over. Add to this the wars. Anytime you are at war you are exposed to catastrophe. The Tet Offensive in Vietnam was a political attack on the American perception of the war. Militarily it was a failure but politically it was a smashing success. So the possibility of devastating setbacks loom on the horizon in our self created war zones. The dynamics are the same as in Vietnam, however. The people there want us the hell out of their country and they are willing to die for it to make a point. As a traditional American this is an attitude I understand and respect. In addition mother nature appears to be making things rough for many of us recently. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc. are all costing us billions and killing and maiming increasing numbers of people. Finally, who knows what else lies in store for us. Will the evil rogues perpetrate another false flag operation to cling to power? Could some other unforeseen danger arise?

What could occur in the coming months is a growing number of Americans awake from their television induced stupor, angry as hell at what has been done to them while they were not paying attention. These millions might just spend the fifteen or twenty minutes necessary to enlighten themselves to the causes our collectivist nightmare and rise up as one and put Ron Paul's name on the ballot. This storm would rob McCain legally of the Republican nomination and no matter how badly our masters' shills in the MSM crowed they could not stop it from happening.

But barring that I will vote for Bob Barr should he win the Libertarian Party nomination. Also there is a Ron Paul Republican running for Congress in my district who will get my vote. As always, I am fully prepared to accept whomever you slaves choose, should you pick collectivist slavery candidates again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scandalous Cover-up

Cuba Tourists Alert

One cool thing about writing a blog is we have software that counts how many people come to view our blogs, where they are located and if they used a search engine like Google what criteria they were using to search that landed them on my blog.

Because of this I am always learning things about those who read my blog. In the past few months I have had a surge in hits from Cuba, for example. This tells me that Cubans are feeling secure enough and have the means to find my blog and read it. Also recently I've seen a real increase in those searching for information about becoming ill while on vacation in Cuba. Usually the search criteria has words like "stomach cramps" or "diarrhea" or "dengue fever."

The thing that many tourists do not understand is Cuba is an extremely poor country. They produce barely any wealth as a nation. The old line of thinking is it's because of the "embargo." But that's nonsense and I wish the U.S. would lift it today and say to the Castro regime, "What'll ya have today?" That's because the reply would be "nada." Cuba has no money because at the end of the day money is a reflection of the wealth in society. Now I realize that some of you more liberal tourists feel that "wealth" is a dirty word even as you enjoy the fruits of the wealth that YOU created. Wealth, my dear travelers, is but the result of human labor mixed with the land to produce something that other humans find useful, vital or enjoyable. Things like toilet paper are items of wealth. Now you can go back and live in the woods if you can get by without things like toilet papers. But the Cuban people and I rather like modern living.

Since Cuba is one of the more collectivist nations, the people's hands are tied by the rulers who decide everything - the people nothing. Under this system the rulers tell you where to work and get all the output from your labor. Then they give you fifty cents per day for your efforts. Naturally, after almost fifty years of the promise of prosperity as well as all of the stolen stuff having been used up, the Cuban people produce very little wealth. Why produce wealth for the Castro boys?

So, to sum up, poverty breeds filth and disease. It means that normally food is scarce and now that the banker cartel has vastly increased the quantity of money across the globe the price structure we depend on to bring food to the marketplace has been disrupted. It means Canadians, Europeans and U.S. citizens must pay more for less food. In Cuba it means doing without - unless you can steal the tourists' food and give the travelers something else - like dysentery.

Associated Press Still Lying

Here is their latest fib:

Inflation Pressures ease, despite food price jump

Associated Press / Online

By Martin Crutsinger

WASHINGTON - Inflation pressures eased a bit in April despite the biggest jump in food prices in 18 years.

The Labor Department reported Wednesday that consumer prices edged up 0.2 percent last month, compared to a 0.3 percent rise in March.

The lower inflation reflected a flat reading for energy. That helped offset a 0.9 percent jump in food costs as the prices of many basic items, from bread and milk to coffee and fresh fruits, all increased.

Well you can imagine how happy I was to learn that energy costs have only gone up 0.2 percent last month according to AP. I suppose the Labor Department does not consider gasoline for my car to be energy. Also the power company already has tripled my electric rate in the past year so that did not have to go up - it was already there.

But you guys keep listening to these idiots telling you how wonderful the economy is then see if that makes your paycheck go a bit farther. Everyday I wake up to the government and mass media asserting nonsense that makes me look good and they like the pack of lying jackcals that they are.

But you folks can continue believing them if you gain some comfort in that ostrich hole. Let me know if it fills your tank up or your stomach.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fed' Chairman Says Things Stabilizing

You might see or hear this propaganda from Bernake about markets returning to normal as a result of the Federal Reserve manipulations. I guess it all depends on your perspective. If you are one of these financial institutions that gets bailed out by the extra money that the Federal Reserve prints up out of nowhere then perhaps you are feeling good right about now.

J.P. Morgan Chase lent themselves oodles of Federal Reserve notes printed fresh up to buy Bear Stearns at pennies on the dollar. For them the economy has turned the corner. However, for the other 300 million of us wage earners whose dollars will decline in value as a result of this sweetheart deal, we're going to see continued price increases.

So has YOUR economy turned around? Has YOUR 401K started to increase in value again? Has YOUR Real Estate started to increase in value? Has YOUR salary kept pace with the increase in prices of ALL the things that you have to buy like electric, gasoline, food, housing and oh yes - taxes?

Please comment and let me know. Does your economy suck? Are the media shills in their ivory towers partying with the other gang members in the government, military industrial and financial complexes singing "Happy Days Are Here Again" while you are singing "Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?" Do you not see that they are intellectually naked little emperors terrified that you might notice one day soon that they are without cover for their lies?

I guess what I really want to know is: How much longer are you ALL going to believe these greedy little jesters and tyrants?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Masters' Pain

Believe me I've felt it. Sure you've heard me railing against the banker cartel, their political servants in government and their corporate benefactors who are raking in the dough usually. However, don't think it is easy herding a few billion sheep around the planet who have the capacity for deeper learning but usually just graze the surface.

My three year stint as president of my home owner association was an eye opener. The association was pretty much broke, the neighborhood was run down and things looked glum. I was elected the first year after a bloodless lightening coup (it took about six months of constant pressure on my part using the whole box of tricks) to remove the old corrupt board and implement "change." That I did. I fired everybody except the garbage company that had been giving the association a good deal for the money. I fired the landscaping company, bought a tractor and a few volunteers and I cut the 10 acres. I organized the kids in the neighborhood, paid them cash around one quarter of what I would have paid "professionals" then spruced up the neighborhood. I painted and constructed and willed the neighborhood into shape. With all the money I saved we were able to fix the roads and the new street lights actually paid for themselves because they were much more efficient.

Needless to say the following two years President Tomas Estrada-Palma was reelected two times...unanimously. My hope was to give the homeowners the tools and direction to show how we could save a bundle by organizing our own efforts to run the neighborhood. In the forty or so year history of the association there was only three years that the association dues did not go up. It was during my terms. I blocked every effort even when other board members wanted me to raise it and blame it on the old board members. Sound like a familiar tactic?

Sadly, what I discovered was the "people" didn't want to take charge of their neighborhood. They wanted someone to do it for them. Plus they didn't want to pay much for the service. With prices escalating from fiat monetary inflation that meant that to stop taxing higher like everybody else I and several volunteers did just about everything while the good citizens sat on their butts. They were mostly just like children. They did not want to know any details beyond that everything was being handled, they were not paying more, the neighborhood was improving and they didn't have to do anything. They wanted to play because they already had to work for a living. Sure the hour or so per week each of them could have volunteered to care just for their little area would have cut into their play time. They would much rather let me and a couple other volunteers do it ALL while they played.

After three years I said I would not run again. So they elected my wife for a couple more years. Then she refuse to be president again. So they got her to agree to be vice president. The association members would have been crazy not to have reelected one of us REAL public servants. So my wife and I have moved on. Today, they are surely paying hundreds to have done for them, what an hour per week from each might have meant paying fifty bucks a month for. So they have to devote perhaps a day or two worth of pay after taxes to get the same service as they were content to receive free for three years from me and my volunteers. But we were not crazy. We thought we could show people a way to do it ourselves and save a bundle of money. But children do want to know about these details. Children don't care if a bit of work now saves them from doing a lot more work later. They want to play NOW! They can't wait to have more candy later if they can have just a bit of it this very instant.

So I understand a thing or two of the dilemma our banker masters face trying to be your shepherds. It ain't easy. They treat you like the children that most of you are and try to keep the system running. But children are so very unpredictable and these masters in the banker cartel are not so kindly as Tomas and his volunteers. I honestly wanted to help. They are helping themselves. Soon you kids will discover that you are orphans abandoned by your banker parents to fend for yourselves. You will have to grow up. But people would rather die than grow up - in actuality most do.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

War with Venezuela

UPDATE: Sorry about vanishing near the end of the show last night. No...the neocons didn't get me. We have electrical wires for power and they are not too reliable. The power flashed out and knocked me off the airwaves. By the time it returned the show was over. I can't wait to get off the grid one day. They triple our rates then the power goes out.

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Call in tonight at 9 PM at (646) 915-9664! We'll talk about the impending war with Venezuela. Will the U.S. invade directly or just back Columbia. Either way the banker cartel desperately needs more oil in the pipeline to mask the effects of inflating all of the major world currencies. The military adventure in Iran appears to be off the table for the moment which is bad news for Hugo. Of course he doesn't know it yet because he is dumber than a rock about such things.

The shills of our banker masters are already all over their airways laying the groundwork for the war. What does it mean for Cuba? Tune in amigos.