Saturday, April 19, 2008

Help An Aging Cuban

Anyone who reads this blog by now knows how deeply disappointed and disgusted I've become with what used to be known as the American dream. In fact it is fast becoming our worst nightmare. I went to sleep one night several weeks ago then awoke in a Nazi-like America. If I was in 1930s Germany at least I could flee to the U.S. as did Cubans beginning several decades ago from Castro's communist calamity. Even today Cubans flee the island in record number from Raul's "perfect socialism." I can't decide who sounds the most pompous these days - Raul or George. The two of them will take their rightful places in history and their descendent's will change their name to hide their family ties like the Hitler family.

But I'm tired of talking about Raul and George. To the devil with the two of them. I want to talk about us - about you and me.'re Cubans struggling in Cuba under the yoke of greedy stupidity. Me...I'm living in a nightmare asphalt jungle populated by ignorant savage wolves and sheep without a clue. Our government masters, in each of our cases, puts the squeeze on us for so much of our wealth created with our labor that we are left desperate and wanting. Meanwhile, THEY pursue their delusions of world empire on our backsides. Aren't you tired of it?

Damn if I'm not. Sure I could continue living my life like this because I'm clever, swift of foot for an old guy and wily. I'm always preparing to do so. But wouldn't it be better if we worked together to solve each of our problems?

I'm living in America with most folks here possessing the cognizance of concrete. However, you in Cuba have no delusions about government. It sucks! So you are already open to trying a new governing concept where here these knuckleheads are still trying to make a crooked, rigged system "work." They don't even realize the corruption here where as you know it is the way of life in Cuba. What this means is we have an opportunity for what is known as a synergy.

We can use the knowledge gained from the pains that we have both suffered under and design the new Cuba to eliminate these cancerous policies on society. Here are the steps I recommend for us to transition rapidly to the new Cuba while avoiding the pitfalls that have been pursued by the soon to be collapsing American empire:

1. Recognize what collectivism is and that it ALWAYS FAILS.
The collectivist believes in group right, privileges, responsibilities and punishments as decided by a ruling oligarchy. You must give your time, money and body for use by the group but the oligarchy gets to decide. In collectivist societies democracy eventually ceases to exist as is the present day case with American faux democracy. Collectivism ALWAYS make societies decline providing the opportunistic demogogs with excuses for more collectivist chains on the individual. Today America is a quasi fascist collectivist nation and Cuba a totalitarian communist society. But we are both collectivist nations and you must recognize this or there is no point in going forward.

2. Explain this fact to ten people.
Step number one is a real easy concept to understand especially living in Cuba. So you must use radio bemba and tell ten people about the obvious facts of collectivism. Tell these ten to do likewise. There is no such thing as "perfect socialism" even at the family level - but we do our level best as parents because socialism is the best system to use with raising a family. But it is a fiasco on any higher level.

3. Stop working.
You are being paid nothing so you should not work. Do no more than you absolutely have to until enough Cubans see the light and we reach the critical mass. Talking is more important than working now. Spread the word about the new Cuba blossoming from the brink of the abyss. Your demand for returning to work is complete ownership of your labor, time, body and money.

4. Gain title to your homes but compensate exiles with a bit of land for resettlement
I have no interest in reclaiming the family ranch. I don't want the decrepit building or the land in Havana also stolen from my family by Castro. I already have a lifestyle but it would be nice to transfer it to a free, enlightened Cuba. I'll need less than a 1/4 acre somewhere in Cuba suitable for building a new house with a vegetable garden. You have a million exiles literally dying to do so likewise. Their wish to live in Cuba will bring in billions in investment money to provide construction jobs for hundreds of thousands of Cuban workers. Give the businesses and farms back to the old owners if they still want them. This too will bring in enormous amounts of wealth and create even more jobs.

5. Stabilize a single Cuban currency.
The peso should always be backed by tangible commodities like gold to prevent inflation which secretly robs labor of their just earnings. The international banker cartel should not have any power inside of Cuba and all Cuban national bank holdings liquidated and deposited in the treasury. In real dollar figures this could add up to ten, maybe twenty bucks. But the point is banks should spring up privately in all neighborhoods under a legal framework that punishes fraud including the fraud of inflation. These local banks should be forbidden by law from ever lending out more money than they have on deposit but they each would be free to set their own lending rate.

6. Distribute firearms to able bodied Cuban men and women from the arsenal
This is of vital importance to keep the peace and to defend the nation from external threat. I know Cubans have always been told the U.S. would attack them but they have just been pawns in the bigger game. Cuba and Fidel have been convenient boogie men for the international banker cartel. They were never really going to attack Cuba because Fidel served the bankers' needs in the bigger picture. However, a truly free Cuba under the policy advocated here would become rich very fast, with the highest living standard in the world by far. Our honest money system and individualistic approach would expose the international bankers' fraudulent fiat money scheme for what it is and cause investors worldwide to move into the Cuban peso to protect their wealth from this greedy banker cartel. And therein lies the reason we must be armed. The Cuban citizen army should form volunteer brigades and train regularly though not at the dictates from any central government.

7. Start neighborhood private schools.
The government should always be banned from having contact with the schools. Government should be considered political pedophiles and banned from the school grounds. Parents should be free to choose the course of their children's education. However, I would strongly recommend that after the three R's children should be taught the lessons of the communist fiasco so they will never be repeated again. Also the history of how American collectivism led to fascism and decline.

8. Anyone should be able to start a business.
Business is none of the government's business beyond safety and fraud prevention. However, society needs more jobs than people to assure a rising wage and personal benefits because this will make work more sensible than crime.

9. Seize all foreign owned ventures under Castro capitalism
Wherever possible it will make most sense to simply turn over ownership to the Cuban workers being exploited by the occupiers colluding with the Castro boys. Workers would form a corporate ownership structure to share the responsibilities and the profit from their new privately owned company.

10. Fund the local, provincial & national governments mostly with the land value tax.
The tax is based on the value of the location of privately held land. In the new Cuba the site fee should be zero because that is about the value currently of everything in Cuba and as they say...nothing from nothing is nothing. However, as soon as a piece of land is sold that establishes the market value of that property and the yearly fee paid to the three levels of government would be a percentage of that value as set by the elected legislature. That means the lion's share of tax will be paid by corporations investing in Cuba. Cubans who stayed on their current property could accumulate wealth by expanding and renovating their homes though still not paying the land tax until the property was sold establishing the taxable land value.

These ten steps are just the beginning. You can see that they make sense. The only people who will get exploited under this economic system are the ones who have always been exploited - the parents by their children. But we love them and we wouldn't have it any other way. So spread the word that there is this aging Cuban friend of yours named Tomas. He's a bit freaked out by the barbaric living conditions in America and he needs a place to crash - for the rest of his life. Tell them I'm willing to come to Cuba to help rebuild our country but only under a sensible social framework like I have described. Explain that removing their current masters from power will mean that thousands of exiles will descend bringing millions in the first weeks alone as well as every personal product imaginable. Everyone will be working in a job within one month making pretty decent dough and they get to keep all the money too. Within a year every Cuban household will have a computer with a connection to the Internet. Within five years the island will be completely transformed with brand new infrastructure everywhere.

We can make this thing happen and you would be really helping a fellow Cuban out. Plus, I'm only human. I'd love to rub the New Cuba in the poor declining U.S.'s face. I'd bet you would too? But we would also be the beacon and the model to be adopted by the rest of the world's enslaved people. Wouldn't that be cool? The people of planet earth adopting the Cuban model...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Stop Bickering Please

This is not a productive use of your time amigos. You know my feelings about the Bush/Chaney murder of 3000 innocent Americans in 2001. Because I have spoken the truth I have been attacked personally by some exiles who have not actually sought out the truth themselves. They gather confidence jeering me because they have already been told how to think.

Why should I or anyone respond to these attacks? It gives them an air of credibility if I should do so. One of the reasons I'm back is because so many nice people have been contacting me in the past few weeks telling me that they know the ugly truth as well about our rogue government. They have pleaded with me not to be silent and to keep on blogging and Blogtalking. Incidentally, several have specifically asked that I continue because besides agreeing with what I say, they appreciate the lack of vulgarity. Gentlemen, you can make your point of view known much more effectively using polite reasoned logic rather than vulgar blustering. You know who you are so I won't mention any names because my motive is not to embarrass or demean. My motive is to make you more effective.

I suppose the reason I feel it unnecessary to respond to attacks on my beliefs is I've been promoting these ideas for decades. I was speaking out against collectivist concepts when most people didn't have a clue about such things. As a result I was completely ignored. Believe me... that's frustrating. So now that I'm being attacked I find it rather refreshing and stimulating. It means we are in the second of three stages - being ignored being the first stage. This second stage where folks feel they must attack me personally is a sign that I have broken through beyond their skulls and am now poking some brains with uncomfortable ideas. My information virus has infected their thinking so I have already won - because I am right. Not about everything that's for sure. But I am about most things I say. And where I am wrong it is out of ignorance and never deceit covered up by vanity. When I find I am wrong I step up to the plate and admit it which I have done a number of times here in cyberspace. It's easier to eat crow fresh I have found.

So where are we? Our enemy, which most people do not really have a clue who they are, looks down on our encampment and smiles. They see a demoralized bickering army with no unity. Many within these ranks actually believe other soldiers are the enemy and attack one another in the manner of which I have just written. Others think the enemy is abstract like global warming today or death from Halley's comet dust back in the 1800's. The enemy manipulates your perception of reality to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves. So what are we to do?

First you must recognize what the enemy to the individual is - COLLECTIVISM! If you tolerate any form of collectivism you have joined the enemy whether you admit it or not. Collectivism is groups rights and punishments. It is anti U.S. Constitution whether or not some collectivist dogs on the Supreme Court overrule English to aid our enemy. Next, stop wasting time attacking other individuals in the army even if they attack you first...or they attack you last. As our ship of state sinks faster and faster you will come to agree with me and lose all faith in our current crop of politicians or ANYTHING the MSM says or fails to say. The normal cycle when this happens is the enemy uses the chaos within our ranks to rout us out. However, this time around if we hang together as individuals who know who our enemy is then we can win final victory and regain our freedom. But victory can only be achieved by unifying ideas like individual liberty and not insults.

If you have read this your mind has now been infected with these ideas. What will be a more productive use of you time? Will you attack me personally because these ideas make your view of the world less comfy? Or will you use your limited time on earth to look into the pros and cons of these ideas? To start with I assert that collectivism ALWAYS makes things worse giving the enemy reason to initiate more collectivism. If you prove me right rather than prove insulting or vulgar by simply investigating rationally then you will have recognized the big picture about the enemy. Then you become a dangerous fighting machine. Time is the biggest enemy we face. There is not much left before the enemy does terrible things to millions of people the world around. We must get literally millions of individuals enlightened and ready to do battle against the enemy. It may prove to be too large a task and we will fall backwards into another dark age. Millions of us have already been culled from our ranks and millions more will die because our greedy enemy believes that the "problem" is just too many darn people (us and not they and theirs of course) and not enough resources. Poppycock!

If you already agree with me however, spread these ideas far and fast. Time IS of the essence and we need more troops who are in intellectual fighting shape. Please don't take insult amigos but many of you are a bit intellectually flabby. But I want you all to know that I believe you do have the capacity to win this fight once you recognize the enemy.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blind Castro Hatred

The majority of Cuban exiles hate Castro so much that it blinds their cognitive abilities and makes them easy targets for manipulation. Be careful who you pick to be your allies amigos. Remember, the one who claims to be a friend backing your cause is in the best position to stab you in the back. We all agree that Castro is a menace. It doesn't matter if you live in Cuba or abroad unless you are one of the top guys for Castro.

Interestingly, a majority of Cuban exiles still love Bush while the Cubans on the island hate and fear him. Remember, back in the early sixties the Cuban exile leadership just loved Kennedy - until he stabbed them in the back. So you Cuban exiles have a history of desperately picking the wrong people for friends in the fight against Castro. Not surprisingly, you have met with little success. Perhaps your friends don't really want to actually get rid of Castro.

Even worse, in my estimation, is you are pawns in a much larger scheme. If America were one big High School you'd be the cheer leading squad. You get your routine over the television network which skillfully manipulates your perception so you willing jump through their hoops. I was telling you in early 2007 that this economy was on the way. I warned you about the food situation, inflation and the drop in the market. But most of you listened to your trainers who assured you everything would be fine. They claim the same even today as tent cities spring up across the land.

Cubans everywhere are proud people. We don't think of ourselves as better than everybody else. But we think we're just as good as anybody. Therefore we feel we have a right to live, work hard and prosper. But the evil manipulators of this emerging global governance think of us as bugs to be squashed at their convenience. They let us die on the beaches of the Bay of Pigs and now you think they are our friends. You have been duped again amigos.

Cubans in Cuba know the media is crap as is the government there. Here, exiles hold these institutions in the highest esteem despite what they claim about the main stream media. Exiles think the MSM is all wrong about Cuba but correct on everything else especially if aired on FOX. So I'm back again because somebody has to try to talk some sense into you. Yeah, it still makes me nervous doing this task while working three blocks from the White House with you-know-who still residing there. My garden is growing well, I've got a rain barrel, I'm looking into solar panel deals and keeping my head up for the signs that the manipulators always give to smooth the way for their evil plans for plunder and mass murder. I don't believe the plan to nuke one of our under performing cities will go through because I think the top generals blocked it. But all these guys are not above scaring you with Iran just like they did with paper tiger Saddam in order to get more tax money for the complex. So go ahead and listen to the MSM's boogie man du jour. Then you can begin practicing your routines for your masters. But it's the same old routine, I'm afraid and it requires lots of bending over...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On The Fly

If God would have wanted man to fly he would not have permitted murderers to be in charge of airplanes...