Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Free Range Slave Happy New Year!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Tim Rattler

Failure Is Good

Believe it or not this is true. Failure is a feedback mechanism. On the journey through life it is a dead end. Failure is telling you to turn around and try another path. At this point in our national failure we can turn around and choose another path or continue on this way and die as a republic of free people. Today most people don't understand what is happening but everybody realizes to one degree or another that this path is a road to hell...everybody.

That includes the enforcement elite...the cops, spies, TSA agents and whatnot. You are only tools who have been hired because you will follow orders to do unsavory things that you would not stand for if it were happening to you mother or sister. Perhaps that use of legal power over other individuals gives you a thrill. I would like you to know that to the top individuals in the ruling oligarchy you enforcers are looked upon as sub par humanity just like most of the rest of us. In fact, knowing how these elite powerful individuals think, I and my family should be allowed to live and even breed. My family we can trace at least to the 12th century and it is just chocked full of good breeding including two president in two different countries. So the ruling oligarchy currently operating still in the shadows may think me to be a pain in the ass for telling the truth about their activities. But they do appreciate good breeding because to them it's all about the genes. Despite being an annoying pain in the ass the elites would suffer my genetic material being passed down because that's the way they think. So if you enforcers think the elites appreciate your genes then you will remain easy to deal with. The fact is you were not hired because the elites want you to pass on your genes. The rulers feel like they are surrounded by a gene pool of slack jawed rabble who should be prevented from continuing to breed and for many to even live on the same planet with them. The elites feel the same anti-love for the police as well. When it suits their needs they always turn on their enforcers. Just look at how many cops are being fired locally and on the state level. At the same time the federal government is hiring cops. This is a plan that is designed to kill millions of people or at least prevent them from breeding too much. The easiest segment of the population for the elites to implement many of their disgusting ideas would be on individuals closest to them - their police, military and other enforcement elites.

You are police and military personnel precisely because you will follow orders. Those orders include getting vaccines and exposures to toxins that lead to most of you dying an early and painful death usually from horrible cancers and such. You do the dirty work brutally enforcing the plans of the elites while you are young and strong. You take liberty away from your fellow man and steal their things all for a declining style of life yourselves. You and your offspring are constantly poisoned under orders and you comply because your superiors tell you it's good for you. You believe them even though you know the things they order you to do to others is evil. But look around your barracks and station houses. Haven't you noticed all your buddies dying in their fifties and maybe sixties from nasty cancers or horrible diseases? How many of your kids have health problems? The reason is the rulers look at you and your kids as sub humans dumb asses as well and unworthy for reproduction rights. Plus, once you get to be my age you are not worth spit to be enforcers. So if they don't kill you off at 50 then you'd be around for decades wanting those retirement goodies the elites promised but never intended to deliver to you.

It doesn't have to be this way. The father up the chain of command the bigger the criminal in this government. Your police chiefs and military leader have been hand picked for you by traitors to you country and countrymen. They are working for foreigners who want to recolonize America. Please stop helping them abuse and kill the both of us.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Manipulating The Manipulators

The information warriors have done it again. Apparently WikiLeaks now plans on releasing information about Israel. Why? It is because our Internet freedom fighters pointed out how queer it was that no bad news had been released yet about Israel. That called into question where the leaked information was coming from and what was the real purpose of the leaks.

By the freedom fighters pointing out the Israel omissions as well as Assange claiming 9/11 was not an inside job, this forced the hand of the Agency. They had to give WikiLeaks something about Israel or the omission would have become too suspicious. So information about Israel will be released and it may very well show how ruthless the Mossad can be. However, the perception from the release will be that, though ruthless, the Israelis needed to act this way in dealing with Hamas and Iran. In other words the cruel acts by Israel will be deployed like the TV show "24." Even though this fascist production shows US intelligence agents committing horrendous crimes it is all for the good cause of stopping that nuke from being detonated by the terrorists. It is not that Islamic nuclear terrorism is a real concept mind you. But by showing just how abusive the agents are in these dramatic numb skull productions it conveys the notion that we could be vaporized at any moment. The truth be told any one of us in American cities could be killed in a nuclear attack but it won't be Iran, Hamas or any Islamic terrorist organization doing the detonation. The nuke will be U.S. manufactured, deployed by filthy traitors to America at the demands of the foreign invaders.

It will be the same rogues that use to steer and manipulate the public with the television networks. Now that everybody realizes the networks are worthless the Agency is deploying WikiLeaks. I'm not saying Assange is necessarily on the inside. More than likely he is another patsy whether he knows it or not. He, like the rest of us, is merely a tool with which the oligarchy uses to get what they want.

The Internet has opened up new ways for the traitors to manipulate the public as well as new methods for actual red blooded Americans to fight back. We are in the in-between period now where fewer people watch or believe the networks while getting more and more news and information from the Internet. Still most folks remain manipulated by networks like NBC which is owned by General Electric and their war manufacturing business. Is it any wonder their news promotes perpetual war against unseen foes who we can never actually defeat? But now the new breed of reporter is replacing these info-sellouts from the networks. These 21st Century reporters like Drudge and Prison Planet are turning up the heat by telling the unvarnished truth. Even so the majority of Americans don't know about these sites providing honest news and information. But you better believe the secret police monitor these sites and even have tax funded trolls commenting on the chats to manipulate and deceive.

Therefore I was certain WikiLeaks would release something about Israel. Why? The reason is because I and others had already pointed out that WikiLeaks had been mighty quiet about Israel and that looked suspicious. So before the majority of Americans have had a chance to realize this reality pointed out by myself and others over this new Internet news machine, the Agency sent a few Israeli documents WikiLeaks' way. But these releases and the rest have one thing in common - they never damage the rogues within Agency or the foreigners they collude with to crush America and consolidate their power and control over us.

The Founding Fathers feared centralized power and believed they had established a constitutional republic that would block this type of consolidation of government. One of the main reasons for the separation of powers was to prevent a foreign take-over of the American government. Sadly, today foreigners control our money supply and our secret police using rogues within the Agency and military intelligence. Just these levers of control over the American population give the foreigners recolonizing America ample weapons to accomplish this goals. Even so they want more control so the foreign invaders secretly attacking the American public just got Congress to pass a bill that will crush the family farm, farmers' markets and even our home gardens. So foreigners control the networks, the secret police, the food, transportation centers, the money supply, much of the water supply and much more to one degree or another. It looks like 2011 is the year the invaders go for broke while the American public is still a rabble of duped victims worried about 2012 and the Mayan prophecies nonsense. Whether the traitors nuke us or "mandemic" us the purpose will be to sow chaos to allow total control over the frightened population. An emergency so great must be created that the Internet will be pulled as we know it so the population can be driven back into the information dark ages.

Since the traitors read my blog everyday I would kindly ask that you take this message to the foreigners planning another numb skull false flag attack this year. It will backfire. What you want is to drive Americans into the urban centers where we can be more easily corralled and controlled. But a nuke or mandemic will have just the opposite effect. Even now everybody wants to get out of the city except a few fools who want to party hearty like it's 1999 in the city bars and discos. It won't make a damn bit of difference whether people know the truth about the attackers or are deceived and think Islamic bogey men or mother nature did it. Americans survivors will grab their guns and head for the hills. The engines of our economy, the cities, will become abandoned ghost towns. At the same time the surviving American people will rediscover their American roots living in the countryside while becoming totally uncontrollable by centralized powers.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blacked Out On Network TV

Mitt Romney

Tax eBay?

Who is more stupid? Is it the apparatchiks in government who thought up this idea of taxing eBay or is it the people subject to the tax?

Starting with those silly people, again they show their lack of principles and knowledge. On principle why should anyone be forced to give a cut of the proceeds to government for selling something they have held and maintained by themselves? In this case, apparently the government will simply add the total selling price to their yearly income and one will be taxed accordingly. I've heard no mention of deducting any costs for maintaining or originally purchasing the item itself. That Barbe Doll and G.I. Joe did after all cost something originally. So what? The taxman wants a cut of the whole selling price and the actual owners of the property can eat the costs. This is not done with regular storefront businesses because that has been done already and it kills the business. Look at Cuba for example. The same thing will happen to eBay. Everybody will head to and new sites not even dreamed of yet.

As for the government they do not care if this emerging market is crushed as long as what's left they still get a cut of. In fact, for us little people, the government is just dieing to take away the keys to the Internet. The Net was supposed to be a way for the elite to profit more efficiently as well as consolidate their control. Who could have dreamed of all the application for commerce and counter attacks by the people struggling to free themselves from the bonds of the elite rulers? So for the people the government wants us to go back to shopping in stores or if online then comply with the controls that will permit taxation.

Naturally, the thieves in government are starting small. You have to earn over 20 grand a year or sell over two hundred items a year. That excludes most eBuyers and sellers from the tax - for now. It's the classic camel's nose under the tent. But tell that to Ann who I used to work with. She sells books on eBay and generally sell 20 or 30 a month. Guess what? She is going to sell over 200 books per year and will receive a 1099 now. This woman is barely making it as it is. Right off the bat she was snared in the monetary scam run by the Federal Reserve Board. She bought a rather run down home for her family to live in at the height dollar bubble when the Fed bankers were hyper-inflating the dollar. Now that house isn't worth half of what she is under a Mortgage contract to pay for it. This fiat Fed money scam is simple to pull off right under the nose of most people but that's another matter. What matters to Ann is she is barely keeping it together now as it is. She has medical problems and her husband is pretty much disabled and unable to work. Those books she was selling were making the difference in her existence. The government adding 20 grand or so to her official income then taking a cut will no doubt finish off the woman and her family. The same fate awaits many other desperate families just getting by.

Even though I don't like eBay and consider them part of the elite new world order, taxing them and is an outrage especially now. Why do we have to give a cut of everything we own and every transaction we engage in to this politburo royalty? This royal den of thieves is not even American now but rather a cabal of foreign bankers and industrialists. As it is these pirates already own all of the natural resources and best location on the entire planet. They own currencies like the dollar, euro and pound then rent it out to us for a percentage by over printing devaluation. In other words, whenever they make us up a batch of money they always make a little extra for their own use. When not officially sanctioned by government it is known as counterfeiting. But this is not enough if you are driven by greed and a thirst for power.

So the royal bureaucrats will in effect tax our electronic yards sales taking their third to half of the profits for doing nothing. Why do the elites do this and why do the people let them? The people accept the thievery because they either have been deceived into thinking stealing can be moral at times or they just don't understand the scam which rob them blissfully blind. As for the elites they do these, what would seem like counterproductive things, because they are in competition with other world players at the top. The Chinese, Russian, Western European/US/Japan/Australian oligarchies for examples are constantly struggling for dominance but on the backs of their people. The people in all of these nations and others are played for suckers, cowered into sheep and milked for labor like cows so that the elites can play their games for power.

However, while the Internet is still functioning as it does now the people of the world have a chance to rebel and cast off the chains placed upon them by the ruling elites. Their operation is completely worthless without compliant people especially in the military. So we the people of the world workers' union have very basic demands.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reading The Constitution Is Fundamental

Monday, December 27, 2010

Here Is How The Internet Works

Let me tell you. First, I assumed that the TSA was lying about what they were claiming about their airport scanners - especially that the scannees couldn't be identified on the screen.

So I searched the Internet and copied the government's own examples of what the scanner output looks like. Sure enough I came to a picture of an attractive woman's scan that the government did a crappy job blurring her face and naughty bits. I brought the image into Photoshop and used this software to return the image to close to the very clear picture that the screeners see. Naturally I posted what the true output really looks like.

Since then I've had thousands of views of that post and lots of downloading of this picture of the naked scan victim. I wondered what was being done with these downloads.

Well here are some examples where other sites have downloaded my airport scan lady victim to use on their web pages:,r:5,s:309&biw=960&bih=503

Pretty incredible how the Internet works. I discover one little bit of information that shows the government is obviously lying - again! I put it on my blog and things go viral. All these sites above used this information and image. Surely, other sites will link off of those web pages and so on and so forth.

This is why unAmerican traitors like Joe Lieberman want to control the Internet. These political cats and their bed mates the network media want things to go back to the way they were when they could lie about whatever they wanted to and we just had to believe it.

But that ain't gonna happen.

Joe Lieberman Terrorist Hunting

Everything's Illegal

The situation today reminds me of when Washington, DC decided to go right turns being legal on a red light. Turning right on red became legal except where it was posted with a sign not to do so. The problem was most intersections downtown it was still illegal to make that right turn on red based on the millions of dollars the DC government spent on the signs warning that it was illegal. Financially, it would have made more sense just to buy a few signs stating where it was legal to make a right turn on red rather than purchase signs to mark the majority of intersections where it remained outlawed.

What this is like is the law in general now. Today, there are so many things that are illegal that we are coming to the point in American history where it might be cheaper and less complicated if the government simply stated what is still legal in the land of the free. Everything else will be assumed to be illegal. As it is now every American breaks the law everyday though most never realize it. Who gets prosecuted when everybody is technically a criminal under the law has everything to do with politics and connection to power.

It's just like in royal times. In fact the powerful hand down their power very often to their offspring just like the kings and queens of old Europe. The powerful elites don't break the law - they make the law that we serfs must obey or face punishment. Even so most serfs look up to the elites while the elites look down their noses in disgust at us. We are nothing more than ignorant rabble to the elites who can barely stand occupying the same planet as us. As long as we remain dutiful slaves to the royals while staying out of their way and their view we have a better chance of remaining alive.

But here is my feeling about people. I've known a tremendous number of people from all walks of life and economic/political strata. I've seen eye to eye with them even when we disagree. What I mean is as long as they were good, honest people with a kind heart they were my equals. It never made a damn bit of difference where they came from, how much money they had or who their parents were. It only mattered who and what they were. The only people inferior to me are many of the disgusting elites like the Rothschild clan, the Kennedy's, Rockefeller, etc.

People like these cats are sub-human. They feel it is perfectly fine for them to murder millions of us through the years like they are our dog catchers but for human instead. Of course these elites are not stupid but merely cruel and inhuman as a result of generations of inbreeding. This inter-family intercourse over a hundred years ago when Darwin was first formulating his theories was thought to be a wise thing to do genetically speaking. The rich and powerful for hundreds of years have been marrying cousins and whatnot to pass on what they believed was their superior breeding and keep out the traits of the riffraff. Of course today we now realize that this approach instead causes the genetic flaws to be passed on rather than the good traits. This is why mongrel dogs are generally smarter, better dogs than pure breeds.

The elites have a great deal of criminal, psychopathic and other negative personality traits which they have as a result of screwing around with their own family. Think of them as Ted Bundy or Charles Manson with money. In 2011 they will do very bad things but they will do their best to hide their culpability. They are not stupid - just cruelly cunning. They know if regular folks, who would not even dream of behaving so horribly, ever found out what the royals were doing to the rest of us then surely it would be off with their heads and not our asses again.

Science Doesn't Lie

Who are you going to believe? You go ahead and believe Keith Olbermann or Bill O'Reilly if you choose to about science. I'll stick with the scientists. The scientist say the 9/11 attack was a controlled demolition.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

General Petraeus