Friday, August 21, 2009

Who Will Bring Us Water?

That was one of the arguments forwarded by one of my wife's friends a couple decades ago when we were debating the role of government. She questioned, "Who will bring us water? How will we get cooking gas and electric?" I replied to her that in America private companies delivered these needs. She felt that water was some kind of a right which only government could fairly provide.

However, what she was really talking about was not getting any water bill no matter how much she used. In fact much of our debate concerned a proposal at the time to meter water in England so the users could be charged according to how much they consumed. The lady in opposition to me as I stated felt that water was some kind of a right and to even speak of charging for it was blasphemous crazy talk. The reality is she and millions of other Brits didn't want to fix their toilets that were running and the faucets that were dripping wasting millions of gallons of clean fresh drinking water every year. Why? It was because they had the right to be irresponsible with water while forcing others to pay for their waste.

Therein lies the fraud of confusing rights with needs. A serf, slave or other dupe is led to believe that certain things in life are too important to leave to private initiative to secure. Rather they are assured, it is vital to have the benevolent hand of government provide these vital human needs. The pitfalls of the water example extends to all forms of faux rights bestowed upon mankind by our god-like governments. Make health care free and we are all free to consume too much alcohol, tobacco, narcotics and the biggest killer of them all - food and a sedentary lifestyle. A right to electricity is certain to result in the lights being left on 24/7. Free natural gas means never having to yell at the kids for heating the front yard ever again.

But amigos, all this cosmic nonsense is really about being a leech and making others pay so you can be carefree and irresponsible. Sadly, what people don't realize is with their wasteful behavior comes a loss of freedom and control over one's life. What happens to the leech when there is no one around to latch onto?

It's time to get off your asses, get to work and take back your liberty. All the freebies, comps and other goodies provided to you by the government through the forced kindness of others must go! If you work hard you can get everything you need and quite a bit of what you want as well. Going forward, that will not be the case the longer we hold our hand out to government and demand our rights to other people's labor output. The longer this nonsense continues the more the masses will come to believe that they never have to shut off their taps. This is the situation in Cuba today. The government is responsible for everything and the vast majority of Cubans have nothing. All they have now is their right to a "revolution" that celebrates the totality of this ridiculous thinking.

This is where you are headed America - the Cuban model. Some duped free range slaves will actually cheer this prospect. However, the Cuban people are not amused by collectivism's promises any longer. They are just one spark away from burning the entire notion of a socialist society down to the ground. In fact I would not be surprised to soon find Cuba and Cubans to be the center of free market thinking and individualism while the U.S. sinks into the chaos of collectivism.

Should this be the future, would the Cuban people take in an American like me with Cuban roots? I'd like to live out the rest of my days in a free country. Neither Cuba nor the U.S. can be considered free at the moment. Mind you...I'm not talking about getting free stuff from others. I'm talking about owning my time, body and labor output and being free from do-gooders who would have the government rob me so they and their constituents might be free to be irresponsible.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

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