Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Pledge Of Obedience

I pledge obedience
to the neo-cons
who are the United States government

and to their empire
for which I pay.

One nation - deep in debt

With slavery and poverty
as we fall...

Don't Count On Us

This is a little message to the neo-con hacks in the Republican party. You have obstructed us and shunned us during the Primary season. You have acted like the unAmerican scum that you are. Therefore, do not expect us to vote for your presumptuous nominee McCain in November. It ain't going to happen.

Here is what IS going to happen. Either the Republican delegates will nominate Ron Paul, who will win by a landslide in November, or the party hacks will succeed in winning the battle to get McCain nominated, then lose miserably to Obama in November. The delegates still have a choice fortunately. I hope they realize that choosing McCain is a vote to elect president Obama.

But no one should underestimate the revolutionary zeal that we feel for liberty or how serious we are about getting it back for ourselves and those too dumb yet to realize it's gone.

Spread The Word

Using techniques employed by the Castro regime, so many exiles have spread the vile innuendos of the bankster main stream media. Those who have done so need to feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Revolt

I believe the neo-cons in the Democrat and Republican parties have completely corrupted the federal government including the election process. Their secret computer counters guarantee victory for the neo-cons for the foreseeable future. What are individual Americans to do?

Quite simply - revolt! This can be done on the state level completely bypassing Congress and the national federal government. The vehicle is called a Constitutional Convention. First 2/3 of the state legislatures must call for a Constitutional Convention. The states' representatives convene and any amendment to the Constitution may be implemented by agreement of 3/4 of the delegates. This has never been tried but it is the ace in the hole left to us by the founding fathers. With it we can legally pull the rug right out from under the illegal, tyrannical neo-con national government.

Once the convention convenes the Constitution would be amended to dissolve Congress then send the Congressmen and Senators home because they are useless. Next the delegates should dismiss the President after having elected his replacement. The Federal Reserve Board would be outlawed as well as all fiat money schemes. The debt run up by the scoundrels would be liquidated by seizing all of the Boards' assets and selling them. A new free market banking system backed by gold and silver would be implemented by the delegates. All the Supreme Court Justices would be immediately fired. Congressional duties would be given to each state legislature under the same proportioning representation we use now but using state delegates and state senators instead. Henceforth, all national government decisions would be made by the legislatures using modern teleconferencing technology to meet and debate. There would be no need to have representatives sent to Washington to be tempted by special interests. New Supreme Court Justices would be appointed but their number reduced to just five. The judges should serve only eight years then retire. Finally, the President should be elected in the future under the current Constitutional rules to administer the national wishes of the states.

The problem we face amigos in centralized power in Washington that threatens YOUR future and that of your family and friends. But you don't have to take it! Contact you state rep' and tell them this must be done now to save the republic.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Tried To Warn You

Yes I did amigos. For almost two years I've warned you that this economy was on the way. But some of you called me a kook. Some of you attempted to sway my thinking with simplistic bankster terms like equilibrium to massage my fears. Many of you did not want to understand what collectivism IS, realize that you actually favor collectivist concepts and in fact ARE collectivists yourselves. Some got mad at me for pointing out their collectivist ways.

But that's okay. You all are not my enemy and in fact have been duped by the real enemy. The real enemy actually has many of you going beyond being just duped. You have crossed over to being shills for our enemy although not out of evil intent but of ignorance. So I cannot waste precious time fighting you even when you insult and attack me. Again you are not my enemy - the bankster gang is.

Who is in the bankster gang? That would include the globalists who's names are found on the membership docket of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Rothschild's, Rockefeller's and other multi-nation bankers are top bankster members. Their employees like the U.S. President and most of the Congress and Senate are gang members but without as much global power as their bankster bosses. The sneakiest part of the bankster gang is the main stream media. They are members of the bankster gang, you do not realize this and therefore you believe every word they say unless it is about Cuba. But liars can lie about anything and should be ignored.

I tried to explain to you all that the Federal Reserves' fiat money scam was a vital aspect in the bankster's free range slave operation but I was ignored or attacked. I tried to warn you about the criminals that infect our government like a deadly cancer but still more attacks. I tried to explain to you that there was an honest man who was also warning you that was running for president. Then some of you actually have the ignorance to tell me that my friend Ron Paul was a "complete fascist" even as you cuddled up to the real fascists within our once great nation.

But again that's okay. You have been duped, amigos. So I ask that you join our revolution once again. What do you have to lose now that your wealth has vanished? Oh yeah...the rest of your freedom and right to live.

Jose & Ziva