Sunday, October 07, 2012

I'm Still Telling The Truth

First I told the truth but most looked at me like I was crazy. Madison Avenue had already devised names for me before I'd even learned of the truth to demonize and marginalize me. However, when the truth is so horrible that it's unbelievable that does not change the truth.

So I continued telling the truth even as friends and family ridiculed me. At first I also was the target of taxpayer funded (
spyops) that consisted of harassing threatening contacts if I didn't shut up about the truth of what was plainly treason.

I continued telling the truth but noticed the threats subsided most likely because the number of honest people had grown too large to intimidate with a few paid traitors. In addition, the dupes almost all grew more quite as more and more of them were swindled out of homes, employment and opportunities for a bright future. They were moved to China like GM using TARP money and now the idea that these were traitors I'd been warning about didn't seem such a far fetched notion.

Soon everyone will know I've been telling the truth the whole time. It will be obvious from inside the FEMA camps or watching the treason trials of the millennium depending on how things go from here forward with you remaining dupes. Sure there are still plenty of collaborators and defense industry/police state welfare queens in denial who really want to believe they are fighting boogie men to keep America safe and free. However, you will NEVER be safe and free. You can be free and decide what is safe for yourself or your can be enslaved with the promise of safety that will never materialize.

If the future brings trials for treason and not FEMA camp exterminations of the dupes and the enlightened, then collaborators and defense industry/police state welfare queens alike will surely take it in the butt for their ignorance and greed - rightly or not.

Come over to the side of truth now while you still can.