Friday, March 05, 2010

Smearing The Truth

Boy oh boy are the banksters and the traitors in the halls of the federal government and secret police running scared. Now, every time someone so much as jaywalks they blame it on the "9/11 truthers." Apparently, this is an insulting term being called a truther. The traitors and the ones still duped by them prefer lies.

Oh by the way. Just look at all these insiders coming forward to tell the truth about the 9/11 failed coup. As I have said most people are good and that is true inside the halls of power. All of this bombshell whistle blower info will not appear in the enemy network media for obvious reasons. And by the way...there is so much evidence that I am absolutely correct about these traitorous snakes that I will put these truths up on my blog every time the vile network media scum try to smear Americans for telling the truth then feebly trying to connect them with racists, nuts and criminals.

Doesn't anyone else think the government is acting suspicious?

Quake Machine Very Active

I had a feeling we'd have more earthquakes. My ears are really ringing from the HAARP. The Chinese have one of these these tectonic weapons as well. Perhaps this is a warning to Taiwan?

Ignorance or Stupidity

The drawing on the left is the actual World Trade Tower architectural drawings which were leaked to the public in response to the drawing on the right. This drawing on the right has been doctored to make the towers appear flimsy. It is the drawing I recall seeing on television which caused me to ignorantly think, "Gee, those towers were lucky to stay standing on a windy day."

Once I saw the real plans I realized that my government would only issue fake drawings over the networks for one purpose - to hide the real reasons for the collapse. Presto! I was no longer ignorant of the truth in this matter of grave national security.

Sadly, many people who will look at this brief exercise in logic will not reach the intelligent conclusion about why the government would issue fake tower drawings. These people are stupid.

Well are you stupid or have you just been ignorant? Look here and then you decide.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Time For A Change

The Republican Party members are good but the party leadership sucks! Save your party from these democrats in drag pretending to be Republican. The neocons must be neogones!

Bernanke Explains Monetary Policy

Coffee Party An Obama Front Group

Here is a breakdown of another bankster/mafiamedia controlled group to be used to splinter and divide the American people. The coffee party is the left leaning wedge to pry liberals from the Tea Party. It is so obvious that I can't believe every American doesn't see how they have been manipulated for years.

Lets get to the truth. There are in reality two sides to the battle. There are the vast majority of people who are set upon one another and made to believe that we are the enemy. Then there is the enemy - the international bankers who own all the network media. This enemy uses their networks like bombs to destroy their enemy - we the people. They divide and conquer us.

However, if the people ever see through this ruse we will defeat our enemy virtually overnight and start the age of peace and prosperity.

CNN Schiff Snub


The enemy is too obvious these days. CNN actually did an infotainment political propaganda piece this morning about the Connecticut Senate Race and never even mentioned Peter Schiff's name once. Therefore, the only candidate to even consider for this race IS Peter Schiff!

CNN cut back and forth between the other two bankster preferred Republican candidates - a CIA guy/ex Congressman with solid New World Order credentials and a Wrestling promoter. If this were ancient Rome these two choices would be between an owner of gladiators and a member of the Stick A Shiv in Caesar Club. Neither of these lesser awfuls has a clue about the bankster caused economic collapse. They will however follow the bankster's orders which is why CNN whips up such fluffy propaganda pieces over them while blacking out Peter Schiff's name. Peter Schiff completely understands the bankster swindle which is why he was predicting we'd be in this pickle several years ago when the perpitrators like Bernanke were busily assuring everyone all was just fine and dandy over networks like CNN.

Lets hope the folks in Connecticut aren't dupes like the Texans that actually voted for New World Order Rick Perry for governor in the primary yesterday. They have followed FOX network orders and nominated a fox to guard their hen house.

We'll just have to wait and CNN if the people will continue following enemy network orders...

The Anthrax Smear

I was watching CNN this morning. They were smearing the biologist who supposedly killed himself out of stress over the whole affair. His name isn't important as he of course didn't commit this act of treason against his own country and countrymen. He is just the guy the FBI is framing now that they couldn't get away with framing the first guy. It's funny how dozens of U.S. microbiologist have committed "suicide" here over the past few years. Not ha ha funny but odd.

Lets go directly to the truth. On 9/11 the fourth plane was heading for the Capitol where the Congress was actually in session that morning until around noon - when the entire planned attack was already over. The Senate was not in session. Isn't that convenient? Naturally, the Capitol was already laden with hidden explosives ready to go off once the traitors remotely flew the airliner to the target. The fly in the ointment for the coup was several generals out of the loop agreed to have the plane shot down over Pennsylvania.

So to get the bombs out of the Capitol the coup plotters sent their anthrax scare packages out killing several more Americans. In the process the building was evacuated, sealed off and supposedly clean of anthrax. During this time the secret police removed the bombs - probably incendiary devices meant to cause the Capitol and all those pesky Democrat Congressmen and one Texas Republican to go up in flames.

Remember, everyone including the federal government agrees the anthrax came from our own government laboratory in Maryland and that the current dead guy they are trying to smear was not at the location where the letters were mailed. How much more evident do the American people need to see this treason for what it is?

Until the duped masses become aware of these facts, they will continue to be the victims of future attacks by these traitors. Wise up sheep because you are about to get a very close false flag trim - again.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

High HAARP Activity Tonight

As you can see from the chart above, the HAARP activity is really high this evening and growing. Maybe folks along the fault lines might want to camp out tonight...

Chile Earthquake, HAARP and the Bankers

Who knows if this HAARP gizmo really can cause earthquakes. However, I find it curious that only days before the quake there was a dispute between the government of Chile and the Central Bankers described in this article.

So because the foreign bankers control our military, if this quake machine worked they'd use it for sure. Plus they'd get their way and that appears likely according to the article above. The courts have blocked the president in favor of the banksters.

So now I have to figure out who the bankers are pissed off at to figure out who the next earthquake victims will be. California owes them a big hunk of change. Come to think of it so does Greece. Both places are earthquake country so it could always be passed off as "natural." That being said, if Spain, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal or other nations beholding to the banksters suddenly start having earthquakes too then I'd find this a curious oddity. No?

To sum up, I'd say there IS an earthquake machine if these countries which owe money to the banksters keep having seismic troubles. Let's keep alert for this because if it were to prove true then we could be held responsible for acts of war against a huge number of countries that would be real angry about it.

Here are the top countries unlikely to be able to pay back the international bankers. The bad news is we're number one which means if the above conspiracy theory were to prove true then places like the West Coast, Missouri on the New Madrid fault line and even Wyoming with the Yellowstone caldera volcano are in heap big trouble. Certainly, if you see those colorful aurora borealis like skies then beware. You are being ionosphere bombed by the bankers.

Contessa Brewer

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Senator Lieberman

Fire Everybody

Here is some advice for the new American Revolutionaries. When I was elected president of my neighborhood association, with a couple of exceptions like the trash service doing a great job for the community, I fired everybody. I fired the secretary. I fired the landscaping company. I fired the copy service, bookkeeper and lawyer. I routed everyone out. The neighborhood needed a fresh start because we were just about flat damn broke and things needed fixing. I didn't have time to fool around.

You rank and file Americans have the easiest revolutionary assignments. You must stop taking orders from enemy television broadcasts and begin thinking rationally. Only elect patriot candidates or be prepared to live as serfs on your own lands, subjugated by the foreign banker class. If you're not sure about a candidate just ask. I can size up a representative in a minute. Historically though, if the enemy television broadcasts are saying nice things about a candidate that is a very bad sign for your future should that candidate get elected. That might change however so we have to remain smart about enemy broadcasts.

The new political leaders to survive to implement real positive change must take my advice. Fire everybody! Don't waste time. Immediately, if you know what's good for you, fire all of the secret police. Your lives aren't worth squat otherwise. Many, perhaps most will find immediate employment in law enforcement elsewhere. However, for the scum at the top, the new political leadership must go right for the jugular. Subpoenas should be drafted before you take office so you can hit the ground running. This will be a fight to regain our sovereignty and the traitors and their foreign backers will not go softly into the night. But from my experience taking over in a people's coup in my old neighborhood, the more ruthless and unyielding one becomes in defense of the people's interests the more the old guard tends to just head for the exits rather than fight.

Since in this case you new leaders will be investigating high crimes and treason you better play for keeps. Immediately your security must become issue number one. You cannot rely on any federal police organization because they are corrupted by traitorous infiltrators. So you must find other means of protection. The good cops will separate quickly from the corrupt ones and join us with oodles of inside incriminating information about the traitors. At that point the scum will run rather than fight. This is what the goal should be for the patriot movement - get your enemies on the run fast!

First you must turn off the enemy television broadcasts.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Dred Pirate Rangel

Jobless Recovery?

What's that mean? Is it sort of like an intoxicated sobriety? Maybe a genitalia-less sexuality? It's a hairless mullet!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pelosi's Age Questioned?