Friday, April 16, 2010


I believe when you do good things then good things will return to you. Life takes from the taker and gives to the giver. I also believe that it does not matter if you consciously realize that you are doing something bad or good. When you are bad you have secured a debt on your soul that must be repaid by that evil returning to you.

Most Americans who might stumble on these thoughts probably will disagree but I don't really give a damn. The fact is America has been responsible for millions of brutal murders committed by the rogues who are in effective control of this government. The majority of Americans don't realize this but their ignorance will not shelter their souls. When I tell my fellow Americans about the evil perpetrated in our name by these hidden usurpers I am usually slandered for my efforts as if I have somehow smeared the name of the creator himself. I am also shunned for my kindness of trying to alert the good people about the bad things that they do out of ignorance.

I won't be going to anymore Tea Parties. The one the other night in Annapolis was my first and last. I don't see much point to it. They were nice cows and sheep forming up into another herd configuration talking about liberty. How wonderful because maybe one day they or their descendants might come to understand the concept. Today however most at the party were perfectly fine about collectivist schemes like Social Security that pits the old against the young for reward and punishment. Worse yet they all were bought into the Global War On Terrorism psychological operation and the hunt for the boogie man Bin Laden. The "leaders" with the microphones were steering the crowd about the dangers of birthers who don't believe Obama is American born. No one but me in the crowd thought it odd that we have not yet seen his raised seal Hawaiian birth certificate. I'm sure those "leaders" for the most part were Republican party hacks.

So this Tea Party is a herd talking about their notions of liberty while they gallop faster and faster towards their ultimate reward. One different aspect of this reward is many Americans will understand as they are receiving their punishment that people like me were correct about scoundrels controlling the country secretly at this very minute. But like Jews waiting for a shower provided by the legal German government, it will be too late for you then.

For me, I grow tired of wasting my breath warning a nation of rabble. It is becoming a waste of my time. But the good thing about the Internet is time will prove who is a liar and who tells the truth. I can say with confidence that grows stronger everyday that the future will vindicate me and my beliefs. I also hope the future will be more kind to me than it will be to most people because I have repented and tried to undo the damage caused in our names. I have failed in my goal to save Americans certainly, but perhaps I may have mitigated the damage to me and my loved ones. However, for the majority, I now realize that you must be punished for the evil perpetrated in your name by the usurpers even though you were unaware of the entire affair out of ignorance. Out of the pain that you are about to suffer will come the growth and understanding - at least for the survivors.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bank/Wall Street Regulation? Too Big To Fail?

Please don't be too stupid to go for all this swill spewing from our enemy networks. The notion that our troubles are rooted and can be cured and prevented by new regulations is utter nonsense. These are just enemy talking points used to steer your perceptions America so you will remained bankster duped.

Here is what is really going on. Our government is under the effective control of the international bankers like Rothschild, Rockefeller and Oppenheimer. They own all of our money and can make up more currency-crack any time they need some. With this money, besides buying all of our politicians and secret police, they purchased all of the television networks and national newspapers that their victims (us) have come to depend on to make all of our decisions like who to vote for.

What these banksters want is to continue operating their fiat money swindle, keep the people of the world in the dark about this crime against the ignorant and make life and death decisions over literally millions and perhaps billions of people to acquire more wealth and power. They are supremacists and decide who lives and who dies.

Our secret police on the other hand are another story. I'm not talking about the rank and file FBI agent or most CIA operatives. When I use the term secret police it means the leadership in all of our national security agencies. They are treasonous scoundrels and have done the most heinous acts against our country and many others. However, they are in big trouble too because of the international banksters. These agencies have been committing capital crimes going back to their inception in collusion with the bankers. Now if they don't do as the bankers demand they too will be outed over the enemy networks. Once you do work for the gang you are in the gang for life because the gang has the goods on you. You must even sacrifice your country making yourself the most despicable trash on the planet. But to do otherwise is not a choice because of all your past crimes against your country.

And for the American people? The vast majority remain Sarah-Palin-clueless about the treason and successful conquest of America by the international bankers. They blissfully go about their days watching the enemy networks bombing them with idiotic notions foisted upon them by these same conquers. I know this just by listening to the chit chat at the Tea Party the other night in Annapolis, MD. A thousand really nice Americans with patriotism in their hearts but bankster enemy network crap filling their heads. Most there think FOX news is okay. They don't realize FOX is designed to steer this crowd and is also international banker controlled. FOX is instrumental in making all of us enemies of each other so we fight one another rather than unite against the conquers and their secret police allies. They work in unison with the so-called left networks like MSNBC and CNN giving the right talking points to argue with the left talking points. This causes the people to talk around problems so the real causes and solutions are never on the table for discussion.

Where we are at now is most people still don't have a clue but millions of us are wising up. We are all over the Internet like a hive of swarming Paul Revere bees sounding the alarm. The secret police, enemy networks and the international bankers are doing an amazing job counteracting our efforts and my hat's off to them. You are good at what you do. Still, we have them all spooked and they are becoming increasingly desperate. With the Internet, every day thousands and thousands of people the world around become enlightened to this worldwide crime spree. It is only a matter of time before a critical mass is achieved and all the conspiring players know it. So they search for ways to regain control of their operation but really the only hope for them is another world war and the death of perhaps several billion pesky people. But even this will not stop the inevitable. Doing this will only make them the biggest criminal scum in history if they are not already technically so.

If the above simple truths were widely known very quickly then the enemy would not have time to react. We would overwhelm them with our numbers and they would run for their holes in the ground to try and live out their days. So if you want to help email this link around until it goes viral. It will really make these liars sick.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Courts Corrupted

According to this former Department of Justice official the L.A. judges are totally corrupt. How so? The County government pays the judges bribes, tells the judges the verdict the County wants and the legislature grants all the scoundrels immunity for this criminality that continues till this day.

Naturally, our enemy networks have totally blacked out the story.

Go here and have a look.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Annapolis Tea Party

Blacked out of course by the enemy networks. The opposition grows more worrisome to the oligarchy every day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Texas Stadium Imploded

The old Texas Stadium was imploded. I read where they used dynamite to do the job but this was such a waste. According to the latest science kerosene jet fuel would be the best choice for bringing down buildings fast, efficiently and for the least amount of money. Apparently, all you have to do is light up a couple hundred gallons of kerosene at any old place in a building and after burning an hour or so the building will collapse directly on its own footprint as fast or even faster than a rock free falls.

The only problem with using kerosene is, like CIA Building number 7 on 9/11, there is a chance that nearby buildings could collapse too from the destructive force of kerosene. The strange thing is any American can still buy kerosene anywhere including even children.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Economics For A Tea Party

If I may offer a few words of economic advice to all the individuals forming up the Tea Party movement. What I mean is I have noticed that this movement consists of Americans who on the one hand believe government spends and taxes them way too much but on the other hand almost everyone of them, except for a small core of libertarian constitutionalists in the crowd, are perfectly fine with lots of government spending especially on the military empire.

I hate to pop your bubbles but this is a classic childish "have your cake and eat it too" scenario. Grow up because it is impossible to have it both ways. For those of you in the party who call yourselves conservatives and who think we must spend trillions to defend our nation, there is a fundamental error in your thinking. This kind of spending for anything will bankrupt the nation possibly destroying it even more quickly than any overseas foe. You are advocating spending our nation to death.

On the other side of the coin there are many who are just fine with domestic spending especially by the federal government on all sorts of social programs like Medicare. However, this spending especially now is also deadly to our nation as well as totally unnecessary. If we get our economic and social house in order around the concept of more personal and economic freedom and less foreign and domestic intervention by the federal do-gooders and profiteers we can turn this mess around in a year or two. Within five to ten years we would again be the wealthiest nation by far. Here is how:

1. Completely scrap all taxes on labor, sales, production and ownership - except for the ownership of land. Why so? We need more wealth right? Wouldn't that make everything better if we all just had more wealth? However, wealth doesn't grow on trees unless someone picks it and brings it to market. So wealth is land resources plus human labor mixing together and it results in the stuff humans either want or need to live a modern civilized existence. Our trouble for five thousand years or more is the governments and kingdoms have always taxed the labor and capital (saved up labor) part of wealth creation while mostly ignoring the land part. By taxing just the value of the location that individuals, groups and corporations owned it could easily bring in trillions. Mind you the buildings and other land improvements would be tax free. We should only tax the value of the location. The main beneficial effect of this shift in economic thinking is it makes urban land hording unprofitable for speculation. Owners of those slum properties, boarded up buildings and under used urban tracks of land would be paying the same tax as the owner next door with a nice building who now pays ten times more in tax for this privilege. The effect of this simple change in our approach to taxation would cause an enormous explosion in building and improvements which means jobs, jobs and more jobs. This tax can't be evaded period so everybody who owns land that has location value pays the tax. People owning land in the out lying areas would pay little tax and farmers would pay zero tax. Food would become more plentiful and cheaper at the same time.

2. But this is only the revenue side of our problems. The spending side must be address as well or all this new efficiently collected cash will just be squandered especially on this empire nonsense to make us safe. This is the same idea as you equipping your home with the most advanced electronics to guard against thieves, build a moat around your property, have laser beam weapons on the ready but have no money left to pay the mortgage or buy food. How stupid would that be? But this is exactly what our current batch of politicos do to supposedly make us safe. Tell me how safe people feel when they and their children live in the streets like millions of Americans do today. It's a disgrace and must end or the nation will end. So the philosophy of war spending until our nation's ending must stop! Bringing the troops home will end the trillion dollar subsidy to foreign nation - many of whom now despise us. That wealth will stay in America and peculate around in our economy. An additional trillion dollars a year into our economy is just the medicine we need right about now.

3. On the domestic side of the spending question we must stop spending billion each year restricting liberty. In just about every case the government has sold you these restrictions as necessary for your safety when the reality is these laws are for the safety of the profits of the powerful. Take hemp for example. Hemp and its cousin marijuana are illegal to protect big multinational corporations from being wiped out by their inability to compete in a free market. By the way we have no free market. We have corporate crony capitalism based on the elite having legal privilege and monopoly and the people - not. Therefore, the vast majority of Tea Party folks rail at the cost of gasoline yet are not up in arms about legalizing hemp which might cut the cost of gas in half. Hemp would cheaply replace petrochemical fertilizers and can even be made efficiently into fuel compared to corn. The homegrown fibers of the plant would revitalize the America garment industry. It's cousin marijuana has too many medicinal values to name here but I will mention one. The pharmaceutical industry would be decimated by legal pot because it would replace many of their toxic pharmadopes that are literally killing the patients today.

Just these three proposals would radically change America for the better and virtually overnight. The changes in the tax law, the millions of troops spending and living at home and the savings reaped by not banning positive things like hemp and marijuana would create tens of millions of jobs immediately many in the local government. These new areas of economic activity would need to be made "regular" in the vernacular of the early Americans meaning honest and responsible. It did not mean government being busy bodies minding every aspect of our personal business. So it is true lots of people will lose jobs in say, the petrochemical industry and the oil tanker jobs will wain. But these jobs will be replaced with ten times more higher paying jobs - at home.

Just because you may not understand economic law will not suspend the effects of economic law. You just won't know why the economy is screwed up and you will demand childish things as a result that will only make matters worse as children often do. Plus you have no unifying principle to fuse into a viable political movement without the above changes. Many Tea Party folks are willing to sacrifice tomorrow for some pleasure today. Stop acting like junkies and children and be more responsible and grown up. You know the current system is broken and we are sinking fast. Have the courage to change now or the Tea Party will eventually collapse in chaos along with the nation.