Saturday, November 20, 2010

President Tomas Estrada-Palma

No...not that President Tomas Estrada-Palma. This Tomas Estrada-Palma. It's 2016 and America has just elected me President. Why would Americans be desperate enough to elect me leader of our nation? It was because they had become so concerned about what's been going on in our country and finally looked into what I had been warning about and what we should do about it. My suggestions on how to deal with the traitors among us in particular was paramount in my landslide victory into the White House once a majority of Americans realized I was correct about the treason. Now everyone waits to see what will happen.

Immediately as the numbers come in on election night showing I will win, the rats begin to abandon their rotten ship. The traitors will surge out of the country. Perhaps some may already be gone seeing the handwriting on the wall. Naturally, the easiest way to deal with me is to give me a Kennedy intervention and just kill me with my own guards. This president will have none of that. All Secret Service, CIA, FBI and other secret police agencies will stand down immediately. I will appoint the individuals responsible for my security.

My agenda is big and cannot go forward with the traitors in the way. The quickest way to my reforms including replacing the income, sales and property taxes with a single tax based on the location value of land, is to drive right through the heart of the traitors to this goal and others.

I will direct the Attorney general to launch multiple investigations with subpoenas concerning the 9/11 coup de tat all the way back to the CIA hit of JFK. Included in the targets of the investigations will be the top officials in all of the secret police agencies, down the ladder of command to everyone who has been complicit. I assured those at the bottom of the ladder following treasonous orders of their superiors, if you rat out your bosses you will have my protection and promise of leniency.

Also, top media executives will be targets of these investigations and should expect subpoenas to explain why easily established truths have been blacked out over the networks for half a century or more and if they have been complicit and working in collusion with the traitors.

The Federal Reserve Bank of mostly foreign bankers will be under investigation. The reason our nation's economy is in a shambles is we have allowed foreigners to control the supply of our dollars and refuse to account for their actions. They are the financiers of the treason and I will order the Treasury to seize all Fed assets and begin issuing silver, gold and other precious metal coinage. I will put an order to stop all foreclosures and collection of debt that goes to the Federal Reserve.

Finally, many of the congressional leadership has been involved in the treason against America and will be subjects of this investigation of treason. At the very least their is apparent guilt for misprision of treason.

The reason for this lightening political attack, besides eliminating the treasonous enemies of our country, it would remove the main obstacles for true reform of the economy and society. By crushing the old corrupt leadership with their own treason, the path to the sensible reform which I have advocated for years will be wide open. I'll be bringing the troops home so the trillions will be spent in America and not overseas aggravating other nations. They will secure the borders against the foreign bankers' sneak counter attack that we must protect against and be prepared for. Until this has been sorted out Americans must be on a war footing.

Since their is no statute of limitation on murder and treason, my administration will be sending out arrest warrants for the coup plotters of the JFK assassination and his brother too. Martin Luther King's untimely death at the hands of government rogues will also be included in the preliminary round of investigations. Listen to more evidence on Lew Rockwell Show. Besides the patsies framed for these CIA operations,
we the American people also have been the patsies. That will end day one of my administration!

All you have to do is elected me. It might seem a crazy idea now. By 2014? Maybe not so crazy...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Atheist FOX Bimbo Stupido

I was watching FOX's late night news show and one woman on the panel was moaning about the Guantanamo verdicts. She asserted the outcome was the reason why we should not give rights to these detainees.

I've wondered if all FOX talking heads are atheists like this woman? They all have this same notion about giving and taking away rights. However, people who believe in God feel that rights were a gift from God and cannot be taken away without due process of the law if a crime has been committed. Just the fact that only one measly conviction was gleaned from over a hundred charges is even more proof a trial by jury is absolutely necessary for the accused whether they be German Jews or today's Muslim detainees held in limbo in America's Devil's Island.

Start acting like Americans now or expect the same loss of rights for Americans. The class of political gods must go if we expect to be free one day. So when you hear television bimbos and mimbos like O'Reilly say rights can be removed without a trial what they are actually claiming is that they are one of the gods and shall be obeyed.

If you agree then bow before your lords and await further instructions.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Coming Crack-Up Boom

Basically this happens after decades of inflating currency. People go through a severe adjustment in the value of money at some point near the end where the money gains in value suddenly. Prices plunge as a result but so does employment as mal-investments are liquidated. People begin to hoard cash thinking prices will continue to drop but once excess capacity has been liquidated prices begin to rise again reflecting the reduced value of currency due to the surge in the supply of money in an attempt to "fix" the economy. When the public realizes prices are not going to go down but rather, escalate rapidly, then they will liquidate their dollars as fast as they get them which is what Von Mises called the Crack-up phase of this fiat banking cycle.

There is greater detail here:

What is a "Crack-Up Boom?" Von Mises explains (with thanks to Ty Andros for reminding us):

"'This first stage of the inflationary process may last for many years. While it lasts, the prices of many goods and services are not yet adjusted to the altered money relation. There are still people in the country who have not yet become aware of the fact that they are confronted with a price revolution which will finally result in a considerable rise of all prices, although the extent of this rise will not be the same in the various commodities and services. These people still believe that prices one day will drop. Waiting for this day, they restrict their purchases and concomitantly increase their cash holdings. As long as such ideas are still held by public opinion, it is not yet too late for the government to abandon its inflationary policy.'
"But then, finally, the masses wake up. They become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly. A breakdown occurs. The crack-up boom appears. Everybody is anxious to swap his money against 'real' goods, no matter whether he needs them or not, no matter how much money he has to pay for them. Within a very short time, within a few weeks or even days, the things which were used as money are no longer used as media of exchange. They become scrap paper. Nobody wants to give away anything against them....

Enough Is Enough!!!

FOX News Foisting TSA Propaganda

I'll tell you what really angers me. It is during the FOX news broadcasts about the TSA sexual assaults that always include the network's little dig, "We've heard from the 9/11 families and they say something must be done to make flying safe."

I can forgive the news bimbos and mimbos for asserting such disgusting propaganda. It is easy to see that these candy asses are just enemy network stooges duped into forwarding the agenda of the invading bankers. I'm sure that they even believe the nonsense they repeat over and over about the 9/11 families.

Here's my beef. These 9/11 families that you FOXes are so concerned about...why don't you show the growing number of victims' family members and friend who are suspicious that rogues within our own government committed this horrendous crime? BUT NO! You FOXes continue to show the dwindling 9/11 victims' relatives who are still duped into thinking a band of super cave Arabs managed to shut down our trillion dollars military empire for 3 or 4 hours in order to successfully attack us. These Arabs, the government says, caused fires to collapse 3 skyscrapers onto their own footprint at a speed of a free fall as if all the supporting steel super structure had been blown away simultaneously by explosives.

Bob McIlvaine lost his son on 9/11. Mr. McIlvaine wants answers to questions that the majority of Americans have not even thought about to ask yet. That's because the enemy networks continue to pretend that these questions don't exists. FOX did allow Geraldo to finally air Bob McIlvaine. However, by this network continuing to mostly air nonsense to defend the TSA sexual assaulters, I am forced to conclude the reason for finally allowing Bob McIlvaine to air his suspicions is the enemy now concludes that they have gotten away with the murders after these nine years have passed and even if Americans did see Bob McIlvaine's plea they have been conditioned by almost a decade of enemy network broadcasts to automatically dismiss him.

Here is the truth of the matter. These rogues who have commandeered my country may yet kill or maim one of my family members or my friends. However they mostly have greater chance of survival against an attack because I've finally gotten through to them about this conspiracy. The average reader of this blog who may stumble upon these words of warning can easily dismiss me. My friends and family on the other hand are with me every day. Like the average American, they mostly ignored my warnings but I was persistent. Now they see the truth because I would not stop pointing it out. Now they send me links confirming the ugly truth - I am correct about the traitors among us. That treason has been brought to you by one of the enemy networks like FOX and MSNBC.

As for the majority of Americans you remain sitting ducks. You and your family and friends and coworkers remain vulnerable to the next false flag attack especially when you gather in large crowds in the urban centers and transportation systems. The traitorous snakes will most certainly kill some more of you to set as an example to the rest of us what happens to people who question government surveillance and control. Once they are dead then you will look into what I've been warning you about and discover to late that I've been correct all along.

Wouldn't be a good idea to find out now just in case I'm right? You could start out by checking out these 1360 building architects and engineers who swear that only timed explosives could bring down the three towers so fast and perfectly onto their own footprints.

The truth is the truth even if no television network will broadcast it. The networks' deceptions, omissions and distractions are still lies no matter how cleverly they are produced and directed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Reality Report

In this edition, Gary delves into the history of American and Israeli false flags as discovered from recently released Senate Investigations. So many things are coming out now that I speculate if the attacking bankers are ratting out our traitors in high places as the method to sow chaos in America.

Therefore America, do not act like Tomas Estrada-Palma the first month I realized treason had occurred on 9/11. Approach this situation calmly and deliberately without reacting angrily. Seek out the truth so that the victims can be justly honored and the guilty righteously punished under the law. There is no need for street justice and always remember, though we have traitors among us, it is the foreign bankers who directed their treason from abroad.

Building What?

Bob McIlvaine lost his son on 9/11. If God granted me one wish it would be to bring back Mr. McIlvaine's son and at the same time, in his place I would ask God to take a loved one from every single person that has shouted down honorable Americans who only seek the truth and justice.

By the way, I've met Geraldo before and was even on his show. He was doing that show on prostitution and had me on as a guest because I was Chairman of the Maryland Libertarian Party and naturally felt that prostitution, while certainly regulated and taxed, should not be outright illegal. But Geraldo seemed more interested once the show began with talking to my wife. He delved into my visiting one of the ladies of the night when I was a younger, braver and more fool hearty man. Of course the whole show blew up into a scream fest, not with my wife and I since we are calm civilized people but the hookers and the neighborhood ladies bent on ending the oldest profession on their block. So this show was a microcosm of America. The ruling elite back both side of numerous social issues, stoke the fires of rage between the two side then use the conflict to grab more power from everybody.

But aside from this fact I know people. I know Geraldo. I did not spend much time with him that day in New York. I didn't have to in order to size him up. Here is what I established about Geraldo. He is a well intentioned individual. He tries to be an honest person. So when I saw him disparage honest Americans who were demanding the truth about 9/11 I was sure he did so out of ignorance as opposed to complicity with the traitors to my nation.

Naturally, I was very pleased to see the video below confirming my assessment about Geraldo because he is seeking the truth and showing evidence of the treason on 9/11. Geraldo, like me, was merely ignorant of all the facts which till this very day have been blacked out by the enemy networks.

This is why I call them the enemy networks. If they cannot broadcast the truth about the scientific evidence that proves beyond a shadow of all doubt that bombs were deployed to bring down the Twin Towers and CIA Building Number Seven on 9/11 then they have to be in league with the enemy. An individual like Geraldo and Tomas here can claim ignorance for a while. However, if two regular guys like Tomas and Geraldo can see there is something fishy at this point why aren't these networks investigating the STINK?

It is because the top rats in the enemy networks are filthy traitors too and they've managed to keep Geraldo, Tomas and a majority of Americans compartmentalized duped about the physics of that evil morning of the traitors. We aren't scientists who recognized immediately something was wrong on 9/11 then got out the slide rulers to confirm these suspicions. Geraldo and I are average folks but we can understand basic physical science when it is pointed out to us by scientists in the fields that encompass the designs and the destruction of skyscrapers. Once it was pointed out to us that a building fire cannot make a building fall to the ground at the same free fall speed as when expertly placed and timed explosives are deployed we knew something was not right.

The fact remains that only controlled demolition can explain why those three towers collapsed so fast exactly onto their own footprint. As for the other facts concerning why and who did this I think it so very obvious that the higher up the chain of command in government and in the networks the more these top guys look like filthy traitors.

But I must thank Geraldo for trying to speak the truth. If you continue to do so I must warn you it will cost you your job. Until FOX investigates the 9/11 treason I must put this network in the enemy camp of traitors among us. I'm calling you out Rupert Murdoch. Air the truth about 9/11 or go down with the other treasonous dogs!

Bush & Castro - Birds Of A Feather

I was watching this video of Bush on his book tour. Fortunately, there were some really brave Americans present who called Bush out for his treason on 9/11. That did not last very long before the goon squad pounced on the hecklers, roughed them up and hauled them out of the event.

This is exactly like Castro. People in Cuba are not allowed to speak the truth about their corrupt government and are forbidden to say any disparaging words against the Castro boys. The same holds true for Bush and now Obama.

Most Americans know why Castro in Cuba silences dissent. It is because the dissenters are speaking the truth about life in Cuba. The government does not want the Cuban people to learn the truth because it would mean the end of their corrupt rule. Likewise, Bush and now Obama fear the American people will realize that our federal government has been populated by traitorous rogues like George Bush. So they too have anyone speaking the truth about official American government treason roughed up and dragged away. The sad part is the mobs who had come to listen to the traitor George Bush actually cheered when the dissenters were dragged away - just like Castro's mobs of the ignorant do with the Ladies in White.

When America was a wise country before the bankers had poisoned our food, water and medicine in order to lower American IQs to make it easier to reconquer our nation, the people here would demand answers. If a man in a crowd asserted something they were much less likely to be told to shut up and if government officials were to attempt to drag someone away for speech then real Americans demanded answers. That's because the wisdom of Americans in the past gave them the courage to ask questions even if the answers were too horrible to contemplate.

But not current Americans. The majority of Americans are ignorant cowards. This I find particularly offensive when it comes to Cuban Americans. Cuban Americans know damn well how Castro operates and righteously condemn his behavior. But when it comes to a filthy traitor like George Bush, Cuban Americans hop right on the bandwagon of the ignorant mob shouting down protesters and cheer as the goon squad drags them away.

SHAME ON YOU! Any Cuban who behaves this way is a Castro lover whether they realize it or not. What should Cuban Americans do when confronted by a protester. I suggest you listen to their beef then ask questions. I'm a protester. I say George Bush and the rest of his gang of neocon traitors pulled off nine eleven. I've been saying this since 2006 when I learned the truth and have never wavered even in the face of condemnations and insults from the Cuban community and the well paid government shills employed to fool Americans. I will be glad to provide evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Twin Towers and CIA Building Number 7 were demolished by high explosives planted by experts BEFORE 9/11.

I realize most Americans have been chemically rendered too ignorant to understand the ramifications of high security government buildings being laden with explosives then imploded onto their own footprint at the speed of a gravity free fall. So the mob howls at the protesters to be dragged away by the goons rather than simply ask why we say such things. The reason we say such things is they are true. The reason the mob acts like a mob is they can no longer reason.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The True American History

I thought it would be a good idea this morning to give Americans an idea of our actual history because the version we were taught in school and over the enemy television networks is complete crap!

From the very beginning of our nation the European bankers and royal families have been trying to get their hooks back into America. President Andrew Jackson was the last guy to throw the banker vipers out. Say what you will about President Jackson. He was controversial. But no one can say he was not motivated by his love for America. So even though the bankers twice attempted to have him assassinated he survived to kick these underhanded greedy banker pirates the hell out of our country.

These bankers never give up though. The European bankers were instrumental in the South breaking from the North and provided the confederates assistance. Lincoln would not play ball with the bankers and just ordered the Treasury to make our own dollars. So they were involved clandestinely to assassinate Lincoln.

President James A. Garfield said: "Whoever controls the money in any country is absolute master of industry [legislation] and commerce". He was assassinated by a guy who was a bit nutty but obviously the bankers were not displeased.

Next on the hit list was President McKinley. Again, because he was a big supporter of high import tariffs and the gold standard, the fiat paper money European bankers were delighted by his early demise.

These European bankers had been exploiting war ravaged nations since Napoleon's day when they realized they could lend to both sides of the conflict and make a killing. Using newspapers, books and dramatic productions, these bankers would sway public opinion as well as bribe, blackmail and assassinate to get their way. Early 20 Century Americans were sitting ducks for the propaganda these bankers could churn out to get us to go to war.

In 1913 the European bankers got what they paid for and the Federal Reserve Bank was created by the corrupt President Wilson signing the bill. However, it was not that long ago that these bankers were kicked out of America by President Jackson. So they knew they had to be cool this time. Before the European bankers could consolidate control over their American property again they had to control more of our government than just a president like the sell out Wilson.

So in 1947 the European bankers finally got the tool they needed to complete there recolonization of America - the CIA. The CIA was sold to a war weary America as a way for us to keep tabs on our foreign enemies. In reality, this European banker controlled American secret police agency would be used to control things on Capital Hill using bribery, blackmail and assassination. Along side the enemy networks, also controlled by the European bankers, this two pronged attack effectively could steer Americans politically. The enemy networks till this days almost absolutely control the nomination process for all of our highest political offices. The enemy networks can make or break you politically by covering the candidate glowingly, smearing them or the worst thing the networks can do - blackout the candidate to political hell and pretend they do not exist. The last election this enemy network tactic did not appear as effective which gives me hope Americans are wising up.

John F. Kennedy was the last president that attempted to challenge the European bankers. So they had the CIA assassinate him, blame the patsy Oswald and broadcast the lie over the enemy networks till this very day. Every president since that day follows orders from the CIA.

When the bankers finally collapsed the USSR America had no more boogieman to fear and the bankers knew with no big wars their profit margins would decline. So they have worked tirelessly promoting the Islamic radical boogieman over the enemy networks. They took a bold gamble on 9/11 and imploded three tower, two of them filled with doomed Americans and spewed over the enemy networks till this very day that it was Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda who done it. But this was meant to be the final coup including the destruction of the Congress. It failed and now more and more Americans are waking up to the truth. They are angry. The bankers know this and fear for their very lives and their fortunes.

So they still must neutralize us before Americans reach a critical mass of awareness, revolt and give the foreign bankers the Andrew Jackson treatment again. We're in a race against time. The bankers must take America down before a majority of us wake up and take these vipers out along with their secret police stooges as well.

This portion of our history is summed up nicely at this site.

The European bankers have to attack soon or it is they that will be doomed. All I can do is sound the alarm and try to get the enemy to show themselves and make the wrong move.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Washington Post False Flag Attack

One reason that I am happy to no longer work for the Washington Post is the possibility that I could be killed or maimed while working there in a false flag attack. Once I became aware of the Post's Operation Mockingbird connections I became nervous especially earlier in my shift when I felt an attack would be more likely because more Post employees and passerby's would be victims than later in the evening.

Add to this the fact that the Washington Post just had elevator renovations. That federal building in Oklahoma, the Twin Towers and the like seem to always need some elevator mending right before they explode and collapse. The Post is only a couple blocks from the White House and Obama sure could use a good old demonizing of the Tea Partiers. The Post still has a bloated payroll and a shrinking number of subscribers. They print the paper in Alexandria, Virginia and have two locations outside of Washington where the paper could still be produced should something "happen" to the main L Street location where the highly paid employees work. They run drills with a shadow staff of employees at these sites. So even if the DC office is knocked out the paper will continue their Mockingbird newsprint operations.

Still, I worry for the friends that I have still working there.

Bush Describes Next False Flag Attack

I just saw a bit of Bush on CNN. He aptly described the old gang and what they would do next. Basically he warned of chemical and biological attacks.

Both are possibilities. The more likely attack is the biological attack. The reason is it can be blamed on nature but provide the outcome desired by the invaders that control our dollars and secret police. But God knows what they could slip into the municipal water systems to kill us off by the millions?

So during these pre-attack times I'd suggest avoiding the city tap water and injections unless your life depended on it for sure. Until we finish this war against us by the banker vipers you are better off risking the flu than what they might do.

By the way, this attack is brilliant. Basically, the international bankers bought-out our secret police sell outs decades ago. I'm talking the top intelligence oligarchs here - not most agents whom I hope will wise up and revolt from the inside. These same banking families have been behind the murders of millions of people around the world going back several hundred years. Their past tactic of financing one nation's army against another nation's army to do the killing is not being deployed against America. America will be sneak attacked by these banksters using our own poisons paid for with our own taxes. Like Jim Jones on a thirsty morning in Jones Town, the bankers will get Americans to willingly drink the poison Kool-Aid.

Of course millions of us are now onto this attack and are much less likely to be killed or maimed by the banksters in their last ditch efforts to save their empire. But if millions of American dupes do fall victim to the next treasonous attack it would cause so much chaos that the traitors instrumental in committing it could round up people and do absolutely anything including roasting us in the ovens.

To sum up, always remember these bankers were the same bankers who financed Nazi Germany and profited from Jewish slave labor. They believe their next victory will include lots more American slave labor profits because we are such productive yet compliant slaves. Well...a majority of you are at any rate. I'm what the mastered used to call, "uppity."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Can't Try 9/11 Mastermind?

I told you last year there would be no trial. A trial really is an excellent way to get at the truth especially if the Court is presided over by an honest judge interested in an honest verdict. If a trial were ever to go forward even a layman such as myself could use the discovery process to easily show the truth to a jury. A good lawyer would make the government prosecutor of the current 9/11 scapegoat look like a fool and the government itself what it is - populated by a group of rogues who committed treason against their own country and countrymen on 9/11.

You see amigos, I'm not psychic. I keep knowing the future because I know who my real enemies are and I waste no time with other nonsense. It's why I keep warning you about another false flag attack. It is the only trick in their bag of treason. Since so many Americans now know about the truth of 9/11 the traitors must be cautious. The next false flag must be made to appear natural or really convincing if they will blame scapegoats again. Naturally, the recent printer toner CIA planted bombs are false flags that are caught and designed to both instill fear but make the traitors appear competent.

Pennsylvania's Secret Governor

Pennsylvania citizens! I must call you out for being ignorant, compliant fools. Why? It is because as soon as Obama declares an emergency you lose your governor and Maryland's governor, O'Malley, will be installed as your new governor. He will also be the regional governor for all of the North Eastern states.

There is no logistical reasoning for this usurpation of your Constitutional right to a governor that a majority of Pennsylvania voters elected. Even if there were a real emergency and not another federal government false flag Reichtagging, what if O'Malley and all top officials in Maryland were killed? Then who's in charge? Isn't it much better to have the executive currently in charge that you elected be the one to manage any local emergency needs? In fact the only reason that I can see for a stooge, pipsqueak like O'Malley to be installed as your emergency governor is he is a willing dupe who will follow the orders the the filthy federal traitors who should all immediately be brought up on charges and clapped into irons!

But that ain't going to happen. Why? It's a combination of ignorance and cowardice. It's obvious that most Pennsylvanians possess these traits to ever permit this intolerable usurpation of their rights. Many of them have already been branded possible domestic terrorists and spied on by homeland security but still they do nothing.

However I have a hope that Pennsylvanians are mostly ignorant rather than a state filled with cowards. I can't do a thing if Pennsylvanians are chicken. But if you folks to the north, who always seemed like nice sensible people, turn out to merely be ignorant and unaware of this unAmerican usurpation of your God given rights by these disgusting, godless federal traitors, then I must get this message to just one of you. Then the truth would spread like a raging wildfire into every home of every Pennsylvanian. If it turns out that Pennsylvanians have courage then these federal traitors are going to be in big trouble.

Your Governor Martin and me are waiting and see what you're made of Pennsylvania.

Inflating You To A Higher Tax Bracket

Ah yes...the liberal progressives are so stupid about economics and money. They will always cry about fairness of the tax code because the income tax will always be unfair. Why? It is because the tax code is a shifting economic landscape. The ignorance of the liberal about what a dollar is worth now and what it will be worth in the future leads them to constantly cry for tax reform. They have not realized yet that the private Federal Reserve Board manipulates the value of the dollar by increasing or decreasing the amount of dollars in circulation.

What this means normally is the Fed banksters are constantly adding more and more money into the economy which has the effect of constantly driving prices up. Naturally, the last thing that gets raised is our income after the cost of everything goes up. What awaits all of us as we move into higher income brackets is higher taxes as well. However, just because our income has increased does not mean our purchasing power has likewise increased.

The inflation income tax scam is theft by deception. Today, the do good liberal demands higher taxes on the "rich" as a way to be fair. Then after a few years of Federal Reserve counterfeiting adds a few more trillion dollars into the economy, under the tax code, the poor and middle class have become rich moving into a high tax bracket. Unfortunately, a family in 1970 with a household income of 50K per year was doing quite nicely while that same income 40 years later will not buy even half of what that amount of dough would buy when I was a teenager.

My advice to well meaning liberals is to quit being so stupid and demanding that the government tax the poor in the future like they were Donald Trump today. I am hopeful that liberals might be the group that will see the folly and unfairness of the income tax. The conservatives for the most part are okay with this form of thievery as long as the tax is not too high. What is needed is an actual fair revenue source and it should be based on land sharing and never income sharing. Income should always be tax free. No individual should ever be forced to share they labor with anyone against their will. The earth is another matter altogether. We must either share the earth or fight over it.

For at least the 5000 year known history of civilization, people have been fighting over the earth. Wouldn't it be better to begin sharing the planet instead? All we have to do is demand rent from the land owners for the value of their location - but not the buildings or other improvements to the land which should be tax exempt. The richest have the most expensive land holdings and as such will pay the highest rent. The poor own the worst locations or none at all and therefore would pay little or no land rent. This tax system is stable and the rich can't just move their earnings outside America to avoid taxes. That's the beauty of the land location tax rather than the income tax.

Income is earned by individuals and must always be under their control. But no individual created the earth yet we all must share it. Isn't it time we stopped fighting over the earth and a share of other people's income? It would be so much easier to simply share the earth and leave everyone's income, house, business and other personal property alone.