Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carl Rove Is A Traitor

First of all Rove is a member of the 9/11 gang of traitors. He and the other gang members are terrified because their asses are hanging out from all of the lose ends they left from the big crime. Most worrisome to this vile cabal is Ron Paul becoming president. An honest man like Ron Paul would waste no time routing these vipers out the day he takes office.

That's why Rove is claiming Dr. Paul is an anti Semite. Why? Because he wishes to eliminate foreign aid to all countries including Israel. It is pure nonsense!

But it is not new. In 2008 the traitors were actually claiming Ron Paul was a racists and a fascist if you can believe it. Well some of you do because you were assuring me he was because you had succumb to the enemy network smear campaign against Dr. Paul. Fortunately, the more closely anyone looks at Ron Paul the more ridiculous these wild claims appear.

So you and FOX news give it your best smear attempt this go around Carl. Go ahead and mix old videos with new character assassinations like last week's CPAC Bill Hemmer video fraud. But your last smear didn't even fool my O'Reilly factoring mom. It cause her to begin questioning FOX and the gang.

To sum up - we've got your number swinging you filthy traitors! Maggots like Carl Rove will be very high in the Wanted deck of cards - at least a Queen of Clubs. least I've heard he's some kind of Queen in clubs. Here is something else for all of you traitors right up to Bush, Clinton and Dick the Cheney to ponder. The places where you can run to hide are shrinking every day. The fact is the list of nations just waiting for you to enter their territory so they can prosecute you for war crimes is growing larger.

Your days are numbered, filthy traitors.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting Seeds

Allow me to plant some additional your mind. We are in the middle of a financial attack on our national sovereignty. The foreign bankers directing the attack use manipulation of our dollar to change the value of things we need to buy and sell.

Part of the attack is energy. This foreign cabal includes the oil companies and electric providers. These monopolists are our only providers for transportation fuel and to heat our homes and businesses. They have already jacked up their prices and we are sure to see more of that. To counteract this tactic all we can do for the most part is to conserve. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace like me then burning wood is a great way to cut down on heating costs. It also keeps the wealth used to pay for your heat in the local area because firewood is generally provided by guys with trucks, chainsaws and a local craigslist ad. They can use the money more than the sneaky bankers can so keep buying locally for heat whenever you can. If you use fuel oil form a consumer's union of fellow users of burner fuel. If you and a hundred neighbors contact each provider of oil and bargain as one then you will get a better price than if each negotiates individually. With electric the trouble is with kids. They leave the lights on. But my house is darker than most because I ruthlessly shut off everything not in use.

The other main prong of this attack is on our food. The price of food is going to go to the moon unless we all get up off our ass and plant something. You might even be able to turn food into money depending on how high it gets at the stores. My sons work for a supermarket chain and the supply of food for them to even sell is drastically declining. The ideal situation would be for the globalists suppliers of food being unable to sell the food to the grocery chains because it was too expensive for people to buy. Instead, what would be better is for local food growers right down to the home gardeners supplying the grocers with fresh produce. But in the meantime if I have a bumper crop of tomatoes I'll put up a craigslist ad and barter them for something that I don't have rather than buy it at the store with dollars. If everyone grew a garden then we could crush this prong of the attack. This strategy alone might cause all of the other incursions by the bankers to tumble like a house of cards. It's easy too.

Find the place in your property that gets the most sunlight. Takes some newspapers and lay them down forming rows the width of the newspapers so you can have space to walk between them. Buy, borrow or beg some soil and throw it on top of the newspapers about six inches high. Plant your seedlings spaced appropriately then water, weed and whack all pests that are sure to show up for a bite. I guarantee you will harvest something if you keep at it. Keep adding to your operation by composting your garbage and put a permanent border around your garden with stone, brick, wood other than pressure treated toxic boards or anything that does the trick to corral in the garden dirt and helps keep the weeds out. The initial newspaper bed is to kill the weeds there originally by smothering them. Then the newspapers turns to dirt for your veggies. At our 1/8 acre lot I've turned just about every part of the yard into a food producer. I've even trellised my grape vines to hang over my driveway giving me shade in the hot weather and delicious free fruit. Do a bit of research on the net to see what grows best in your area. Here where I live I must be in the lettuce belt. Apparently, the only way you can kill lettuce here in Edgewater is to pull it up and eat it.

The more we grow the more our stomachs will be full of delicious food and the less dependent we will be on the globalists trying to bring us to our knees so they can sell us on their global fiat electric money.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revolt Against The Bankers

Many Americans still have no idea that we have been conquered by foreign bankers. We are all slaves who now rent our homes, businesses and money from these snakes. Much of the rest of the world is in the very same boat.

The fact remains that these invaders used our own military and secret police to attack us on 9/11 to whip Americans into a rage against targets of the bankers in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition this vile sneak attack has been used to tighten the noose around our liberties and so far most Americans have passively accepted this loss of our God given rights. This has been the most disgraceful time in our nation's history and it leaves one wondering what should be done.

Here is the way I see it. We are supposed to be a nation of law. The national government in collusion with foreign and domestic bankers conspired and attacked us on 9/11 in a brazen false flag attack. This was supposed to be the final power grab but things did not go exactly as the conspirators had planned. So we have been left with a chance to save ourselves if only a majority of Americans awaken from their television programming.

We need to revolt against these invaders using the truth to unite us as we seek justice. The treason goes right through the Federal Reserve Bank and therefore the central bank is a criminal organization. As such they do not have clean hands and will not be able to legally enforce any contract in an American Court. That means any and all money owed to this private, foreign owned bank does not have to be repaid. What this means is Americans only need to pay back their lenders for the reserve capital they put up to secure the Federal Reserve fractional portion of their loan. If your local bank or finance company is not legally required to pay the Federal Reserve there is no need for any American to pay this loan portion back either. So most loan payments would drop by 90%. If a bank is also involved in criminal activity and treason then all debt owed to it will be null and void as well. This means all homes and businesses which paid Mortgages to these banks would immediately become fully owned by the borrower.

To sum up, we will rip these foreign vipers out of our nation and take back our country. No American should be responsible to pay even one penny to these criminals. In the short term the Treasury should issue greenbacks like Lincoln did to fund the Civil War. In the long run we need to decentralize and legalize alternative currencies that are based on real things like precious metals. If you spread the word until these truths become self evident then Americans will revolt against the foreign invading bankers and traitors among us. Once we have seized ownership of our country and money then it will be no time at all before we are building a rich and powerful nation.

You have to admit we're going to hell in a hand basket following these televised traitors.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Decides? Stop Being FOX'S Bitch!

This is especially pertinent to those of you who believe networks like MSNBC are a pack of liars but FOX lets you decide and is always fair and balanced. They are ALL of pack of liars!!!

Sadly, FOX has been caught red-handed doctoring your news broadcast, once again, to manipulate your perception of reality. How?

By now you've seen on the news how Ron Paul was booed after winning the CPAC straw poll. However, it never happened - at least not in 2011. What your fair and balanced FOXES did was play the 2010 video of Ron Paul winning the straw poll - not the actual footage of Ron winning the poll this year. Why? In 2010 many Americans were still believing the propaganda spewed by the networks smear of Ron Paul. So in 2010 when he won the poll many in the crowd booed. However, by 2011 most Americans have come to know Ron Paul as an honest decent man of conviction and fidelity to the Constitution and his oath of office, unlike the bulk of the other traitors in media and public office.

So this year at CPAC when Ron won again the crowd went wild and cheered. However, unless you see the actual footage over the Internet which clearly shows the crowd going crazy in support of Ron Paul you'd never know it. Fortunately, the real video is just below if you want to truly be informed. You have a choice alright. You can ignore this truth and continue to be FOX'S bitch who will lay down for them and believe anything these shills air or you can watch the three minute video below to see a perfect example of how one of the enemy networks lies in order to manipulate your perception of reality.

Of course many of you like to be punked by the media in this manner.


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where's Osama?

All these people revolutions and not a peep from Bin Ladin. Strange aye? Of course now that I mentioned it perhaps he will belatedly interject his opinions about these operations.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Life As A Debt Slave

This little video is how most Americans think and how they are being swindled. But it's all fine according to the government. Public schools teach nonsense then colleges take it from there for an astronomically high price that must be financed.

In short most of you have become debt slaves. Don't get me wrong...we're all slaves. I'm different in that the banking master class has not profited off of this slave. I'm a cash and carry kind of guy. I kept my children out of school as much as I could get away with so I could see that they were educated more than indoctrinated. Also, I'm a do-it-yourself person. Every time I fix my own car or do something myself like grow my own food I am going around the banking class leeches.

In short, you have been indoctrinated to believe that without banks you would die. But if one day we all pulled together we could drive the international bankers out of business. I say we are Americans and we are the owners of the country. I say you own your house or business right now and that any and all money owed to the central bank is null and void. All anyone owes is any reserves that your local bank or finance company may have put up to secure the bulk of the loan from the illegal Federal Reserve to get the fractional portion of your mortgage. So the most any American owes for their mortgage is no more than ten percent of the current loan amount or even less. That's because the criminal gang operating the Federal Reserve will be in jail so your payments can't go to the Fed any longer. They will be closed.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ron Paul's CPAC Speech

How could you consider ever voting for globalist stooges like Obama, Romney and the others when you can have a Ron Paul? But soon you won't have to worry about making choices if you are dumb enough to install the next globalist puppet instead of an American like Ron Paul.

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