Saturday, December 03, 2011

Does Your Rice Glow At Night

Ron Paul Targeted By Obama For Assassination

It is surprising that the traitors aligned with Obama have not yet murdered Ron Paul. Apparently Obama told the Japanese Prime Minister he had targeted Ron Paul for assassination. It alarmed the Prime Minister so much it cause him to tell Putin who let the cat out of the bad.



Friday, December 02, 2011

What Are We Fighting For?

One two three what are we fighting for?
Ask me 'cause I give a damn.
Get the hell out of Afghanistan!
And it's five six seven or more genocides.
Lindsey Graham doesn't give a damn...he's unamerican man!

Now come on traitor congressmen
We just love your domestic detention plan.
Now you want us to attack Iran.
So get your bomb shelters ready man.
World War Three is gonna be grand.
Well that's the globalist plan.

And it's one two three what are we fighting for?
Ask me 'cause I give a damn. Get the hell out of Afghanistan!
And it's five six seven or more genocides.
John McCain's got to be insane.
Arizona should be ashamed.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

Now the latest cute trick by the federal traitors is to labeled non believers of the official Oklahoma Bombing story as terrorists. This even includes some of the victims who survived and saw some fishy things going on that day.

Ask yourself this question. Why would the federal government go to such lengths to demonize even terrorist victims as terrorists? THEY ARE GUILTY! That's the reason amigos.

Let me sum things up my friends. The traitorous scum at the top have done such evil, vile acts to remain in power and cover previous dastardly behavior that they must do even more of the same. The trouble is these filthy dogs thought they were so smart that they would be much farther along in their plans by now. So they did a really miserable job hiding these crimes because they were certain by now they would have complete control of the American population and it wouldn't really matter. What that means is the evidence of the high crimes and treason is sitting there waiting for anyone with enough sense to have a look. Look at the Red Dirt Report for some examples. Everyday thousands of Americans discover that evidence. You can't un-discover these facts so the numbers of aware individuals continues to grow. I believe we are at the tipping point for that awareness and the filth at the top are scared.

If the traitors don't perpetrate another heinous act soon they are toast. They must do something stupid to get us into a war with Iran because it will cause such chaos that the final FEMA solution for us can be green-lighted. Basically, a war with Iran will shatter the U.S. economy completely, disrupting the supply chain for food and other basic human needs. That will get millions of hungry dupes heading for the FEMA camps for some chow. Remember, the government just claimed it's legal for them to just kill terrorists if they say you're a terrorist. From my point of view that means anyone who doesn't follow federal orders or believe their lies. Hell that's half of America at this point and most of the rest of the world.

Something bad is going to happen that's for certain. If the traitors get away with it this time then America is finished. So please good men and women working honestly inside the federal government. Consider yourself on high alert because your bosses' boss is about to attack America. If you see something say something. Please rat out the disgusting traitors before they can act. You can be anonymous for now but once the scum are tucked safely behind bars you may want to take credit for being the hero's who save America.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stealing Oil

Congress and other traitors throw their hands up in the air and wail about our dependence on foreign oil. What can be done? What to do?

Well the reason we are supposedly hooked on foreign oil is the enormous quantities of oil located on American soil are publicly owned meaning whoever pumps American crude out of U.S. wells must pay royalties back to the American people. The Rockefeller's, the Rothschild's, and other globalist scum figured out quite some time ago that they could reap far more profits by hijacking our government then deploying our military to just steal foreign oil. Then these bankster snakes sell the stolen oil back to American suckers who are too busy shouting "USA, USA" to notice the globalist swine have then bent over doing the Sandusky to them.

Now that Americans are awakening to the treason of our sell-out government the Congress thinks they can sic the U.S. military on the American people. Do the inbred monopoly maggots know who they are screwing with? The American people when angered collectively will make the mobs of the French Revolution look like nerds on the debating team.

It would be best if you banking scum and the traitorous minions of sell outs in the U.S. government to find another planet to live on. You will not be safe on this one for very much longer!