Saturday, July 14, 2012

Deprogramming Open Treason Conditioning

The manner in which we have all been television programmed to accept and even think of out in the open treason as completely normal has been brilliant! I have to admit it. My even discussing this topic has the vast majority of you programming recipients immediately labeling me a conspiracy theorist or truther or some other preconditioning verbiage. Admit it and you have a good chance of living in honesty one day.

Conspiracies to grab power and wealth have unfortunately always existed in history right up to this very second. Admit it so that your mind may be opened further to the truth. I have done so and what I have learned is shocking beyond belief. What that means is the behavior engaged in by the people in power over us is so bad that a normal person simply cannot believe it to be true. That is why the powerful continue to get away with their disgusting acts.

Like understanding a car engine, I've always been good at seeing the big picture and the individual components that make the whole system operate. In addition, I have a talent for putting things into understandable terms so that regular folks can grasp the topic - if they choose to do so. The big picture for America is this. From what I've gathered there is a gang of the 13 richest people on the planet who in essence have formed a secret club. I'm pretty sure Rothschild and Rockefeller are among the 13 but from there I don't have a clue. I believe people like Soros are down the rung on the ladder with respect to this operation. This gang has effective control over agencies like the FBI, CIA, MI6, DHS, etc. This is not to say that every person working in these places is a corrupt traitor. Most are well meaning Americans compartmentalized and duped by their superiors into doing their part to implement the big picture strategy. But what is that strategy?

Basically, the gang leaders have their minions of scum traitors operating all over the globe believing that they are a special group of people.That means the remaining 6 billion or so of us are a bit subhuman and disgusting to the gang. They are tired of us taking up space on their planet and plan our murders which they do now as it is virtually every day across the planet. They plan to accelerate that homicide rate very soon if you don't wake up and stop them. The gang of 13 and their perhaps 10,000 or so minions have great bomb shelters. Whether nukes, germs or things we cannot even imagine, these inbred nuts hope to instigate our nations into an enormous worldwide conflict that results in our demise leaving a billion or so people remaining mostly with that fair complexion that the gang leaders so prefer. The gang leaders and their blackmailed minions who have sold out their souls think that after the carnage they will emerge from their bomb shelters and rule over the entire globe.

But with all their high and mighty talk, the truth of the matter for the gang of 13 is the fiat Rothschild invented money scheme always goes through a boom bust cycle of the gangs making. In simple terms, what goes up must come down. The banking bunko operation perpetrated by these 13 counterfeiters consists of them slowly devaluing the currencies meaning you need more and more of their little pieces of paper to buy less and less. To avoid shopping bags of money being necessary to buy a loaf of bread these banksters would periodically freeze the availability of credit and therefore shrink the money supply causing recessions and depressions along with distracting wars. Not being too bright these 13 gang members never saw the modern information age coming until it was probable too late depending on what the rest of you do now. The gang of 13 realized that with the computer/Internet revolution it would not be too long before the workings of their banking crime operation would be fully understood by the public at large. In addition they and their traitorous minions in various governments worldwide knew that their vile acts like the JFK assassination would be exposed. So unless the gang of 13 can get us to kill ourselves in conflicts instigated by them, we will soon rise up and eliminate them first.

Where are we now in the big picture? The gang of 13 is trying their best to use the Syrian situation which the gang is responsible for in the first place to kick off world war three. In the mix is germs and false flag nukes in America which they hope to break up into a more manageable population. Perhaps let Russia rule over parts of America and China other regions. The last thing the gang of 13 wants now is a nation of American rabble waking up again to their scam. If that were to happen this time we're going to finish the job on this banking gang. If you have not yet realized these things are going on you are a sitting duck and worthless as an asset to your fellow man.