Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rigged Elections

The presidential elections are rigged that's for sure. First the elites used television for decades to simply tell American voters who to vote for and it always worked until recently. Now that Americans are wise to that scam the establishment will flat out cheat.

The media will still do their darn tooting best to slant things so the globalist candidates like Rick Perry or Mitt Romney will win like in last night's so-called debate. However, they don't actually have to get the most votes to become president. The globalists have ample election districts like mine where there are no paper ballots. So any candidate the globalists choose will win and not the one the people choose. There is no way to establish if there has been an error or more likely election fraud. If that won't suffice then the globalists can count on control the county election boards to assure that only the globalist preferred candidate's votes get counted. The secret vote has become a secret counting of the vote.

At the end of the day this government does NOT have the consent of the governed. It is one reason I do not recognize the federal government as a legal authority. They are actually a gang like the mafia. As such I only am wary of the gang's power to kill, maim and destroy our property as they seek to control us. So I will use the truth to undermine this government as much as possible. The United States government is the most dangerous, underhanded gang of all the gangs operating on the earth today. This gang will be destroyed soon or America will be destroyed by them.

What should Democrat voters do? Well you could sit on your asses and accept your choices of either globalist candidate Rick Perry or globalist candidate Barrack Obama. Or Democrats could en mass re-register as Republicans so they can vote for the one candidate that the globalist corporate/banking elites detest and fear the most - Ron Paul. I switched from Libertarian to Republican to do just that. I feel the Libertarian Party leadership has also been infiltrated by the globalists but perhaps not so severely as the Republican and Democrat leadership. Democrats have no choice but Obama if they remain registered Democrat. That is what the globalists are counting on.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Lone Wolf?

I was looking at this site that has a compilation of the top news headlines. They all originate from one source of course - globalist bankers. What they appear to be foisting I would surmise is a lone wolf is about to use a small plane and the toxin ricin to stage a terror event. The groundwork has already been laid for the wolf to be connected to the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, gun owners and other individual Americans that the government has deemed to be enemies. I can't say whether government agents will stage the attack themselves and blame a patsy or if they'll have a patsy do the job himself.

Of course this could only be a diversionary tactic meant to have us watching in all the wrong places. Who knows for sure? However, if I were a pilot of a small plane and had any contracts with the government or other relationships I'd be wary. You could commit suicide with a plane full of ricin and never know about it.


Sunday, September 04, 2011

Eric "Pancho Villa" Holder