Friday, March 20, 2009

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is a man I admire and respect. He is honest and extremely intelligent especially on economic matters. He was exactly correct about this bad economy over two years ago when the know-it-alls in government, the Federal Reserve and the big mouth corporate media were swearing the economy was fundamentally sound. Even today the bald headed shill on CNBC was saying Peter was and is wrong even though the facts keep getting in the way of that delusion. But the shill's thinking is a naked as his head. Lets hope baldy loses every currency crack Federal Reserve note he once had. Perhaps then he may listen to Peter Shiff.

Thanks for you sage advice Peter. You are a great American!

Quantitative Easing

Sounds real scientific doesn't it amigos? You hear it all the time now but what the devil does it mean? Well lets dissect the term.

quantitative: an attribute that exists in a range of magnitudes

easing: relaxing, reducing normal restrictions

Quantitative Easing is a term thought up by the currency crack dealers at the Federal Reserve Board. In simple terms it means the currency crack pushers of fiat Reserve currency crack will now create as much currency as they feel like without the usual restrictions on how much new money is created. The money supply is being hyper-inflated to attempt to drive Real Estate prices back up to where they were before the collapse began. The greedy banksters believe then they won't lose their shirts when they have to foreclose. But they live in fantasy land. Real Estate and stocks will continue to nosedive. Stocks will continue the fall because more older investors want to cash out while the young believe you would have to be mad to put your hard earned money into these various Ponsi schemes. Real Estate will go down because there are still way more properties available for purchase than interested purchasers.

Finally, the currency crack head shill that comes to my blog every day now using several different personnas will surely want to put her two cents in to try to undo the damage already done by this lame spy from the U.S. government. She is desperate now to sort out some way to discredit my predictions but reality keeps getting in her way. But go back amigoes and see what gets this spy's panties in a wad. It is always when I warn you about our government's criminal behavior and never about Castro except now recently that I pointed this out to the shill. Now the shill claims to be with some previously unknown anti-Castro group but their battle front consists of attacking me on my blog and nothing else. Doesn't that appear odd to you amigos? The shill IS a spy from the U.S. who trolls the Net manipulating your opinions.

Lets hear what the shill has to say about this.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Christopher Dodd

Almost Two More Years

That how much longer you have before you can replace all but a couple of our current Congressmen and certainly every Senator up for reelection. Naturally that assumes that Americans will still possess the right to do so. That is not a given. But here is what's likely to be the future.

We are diving into a severe deflation. To correct this, the very outfit that caused this economic disaster, the Federal Reserve Board, will create out of thin air trillions of new notes and flood the marketplace with them. The first lucky ones who receive this dough will be buying into a deflated marketplace and really doing nicely. But the millions who have already lost their jobs and those to follow will not have money to take advantage of the low priced goods and services. By next year unemployment may be as high as fifteen or twenty percent - perhaps higher. Because the pricing structure of the entire economy has been disabled by the Federal Reserve's illegal currency crack, by election 2010 shortages should really start to kick in along with soaring inflation for many goods. Among those things will not be Real Estate, the stock market and I might add the political outlook for the several hundred politicos in Washington who let this mess happen on their watch. But the truth is the disaster we call our economy had the seeds planted almost 100 years ago. But these current batch of politicos, with the exception of Ron Paul and any other Congressmen that Ron Paul believes is worthy of keeping, will have to go.

Believe me you'll be ready to fire them too - if it's still legal. In the meantime store as many provisions as you can. Family is going to be important until we can sort this mess out next year. Even after we fire the bums why stop loving your family, caring about your neighbors or being concerned about your nation?

Please Boycott Missouri

Until the Missouri outrage is rectified please boycott these Missouri created products and services:

Missouri Wines
Russel Stover Candies and Chocolate
Banta Foods
Burger's Smoke House
Missouri Pecan Growers
Monterey Mushrooms
Rio Syrup
Honey Heaven
Greenies Smart Treats
Mighty Mo Munchies Soy Nuts
Zarda Bar-B-Q Sauce
Hallmark Cards
Creative Candles
Schlafly Beer
Walnut Timber
Pine Straw
Harley Davidson
Zenith Aircraft
Third Degree Glassblowing
H&R Block
PressurePro Systems
Ambush Fishing Lures
Fitz's Root Beer
eThemes Resource

The scumbag leaders of that disgusting excuse for a state have label me and millions of other law abiding Americans as terrorist. Too bad for these businesses. They should contact the Missouri state legislators and explain that the government's actions will cost them lots of customers and millions of tax dollars for the state. I wonder how they will fare in this bad economy. Those responsible should be fired before we call off the boycott.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Edward Liddy

Tomas Labeled A Terrorist

Believe it or not millions of regular Americans as well as Tomas Estrada-Palma have been label as terrorist in a recently leaked manual meant only for law enforcement's eyes in the state of Missouri. We believe that this initiative was pushed by the Department of Homeland Security. Why? Well why did Hitler equate Jews with Rats? It's because people must be demonized and dehumanize as well as to be made the "enemy." Then it's much easier to round us up and eliminate us. After all, who worries about rats being killed.

What have I done to deserve this terrorist label? I support Ron Paul. I favor a return to gold money now that the currency crack fiat fake money has ruined the economy. I am a firm supporter of the U.S. Constitution and I favor a peaceful foreign policy.

Even if you do not support these traditional American ideas do you think millions of peaceful Americans should be done over this way by their own government? If you think it fine then don't be surprised after they eliminate us that they come for you and your children. Personally, I am going to explore the possibility of a class action lawsuit for malicious defamation of character for whole classes of Americans.

Remember, these snakes in the grass sucking off the tit of the taxpayer who label me a terrorist are the same maggots who send their shill to comment on my blog daily. Ask yourselves why.
Here is what the campaign for liberty has to say.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Start A Revolution!!!

Did you think we would go away? We have the youth and their energy just raring to go for this fight on our side while you are stuck with old farts like currency crack collectivist Allen Greenspan. The youth know about the Federal Reserve's fiat currency crack too. They actually understand the Constitution rather than accept what our masters assert the document now means. I like this Aimee Allen. Here is her song for the revolution:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 Tonight

Tune in tonight and we'll discuss the shill sent here by my own government to spy, manipulate and also issue death threats and other "warnings" to me. Sometimes the shill pretends to be a Cuban exile freedom fighter who for example, tries to say bad things about Fantomas to drive a wedge between Cubans. Other times the shill pretends to be a white racist using vulgar racists language as he rails about sending exiles back to Cuba. He has several different personalities but they all seem to agree with one another. I've asked the coward to call in but I suppose that would "out" his real intentions. What are those intentions? He is hoping to manipulate Cuban exiles' perception so they never believe that his bosses were the real terrorists on 9/11 and that the operation is paid for with the fiat currency crack issued by his crack den at the Federal Reserve.

The recent rantings by the shill suggest the shill is concerned about Cuba but that is because I recently pointed out to the idiot that he only comments on my posts about 9/11 and the fake money printed by the Federal Reserve currency crack dealers he works for. Go back and check out where the fool comments and ask yourselves this amigos. What are the topics that seem to motivate shill? Once you see that shill seems mostly concerned with manipulating your opinions about the 9/11 inside job blacked out by the lamestream media and the currency crack scam you should ask yourselves, why? Now after I pointed out shill's flawed approach shill begins to comment on Cuba. It's too late shill. You have been hung by your own words exposing your real intention. You are a U.S. government shill and a domestic brown shirt. One day when you die it will be as a traitor to your country and your countrymen. How does a low life piece of scum like you sleep at night? I suppose pretty well as dogs do not have a conscience.

Your handlers can do as they like shill but if I were your boss at the agency I'd fire your ass for being this incompetent. You've been too helpful to me.