Friday, June 05, 2009

Shill Wants To Comment

She's back...the shill working for the invaders of our country. I knew her handlers would not like the drawing of the top rapist of children for the Bush Administration. Because Mudd oversaw and approved of raping Arab women and children "detainees" he is a defacto rapist himself. Now Obama wants to hire this pervert.

The shill's paymasters have most Americans duped into thinking torturing Arabs will make us more secure. They also know if word ever gets out about these rapes for freedom then even duped cowardly American sheep may become upset and even ask why.

This is why the rapes and other crimes by our government go unreported by the lying big media. So if this shill, who's bosses already totally control the networks, thinks I will ever allow the traitor to again comment on my blog then the shill is even stupider than a rock.

As for you so called Americans who approve of this disgusting behavior by our government, you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you do not protest these crimes then you are accomplices.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Philip Mudd- Child Molester

Dirty Little Collectivist Secret

In all collectivist nations, like America in the 21st Century, the rulers crawl their way to the top of the power structure by making promises of comfort and security. Today, the federal government has promised everyone guarantees. Do what they say, follow the rules, be a good Joe and you qualify for all sorts of protections and safety nets. Just getting old permits one to qualify for all sorts of money, discounts and subsidies for doing absolutely nothing but to keep getting older. The fact is millions of Americans are now somewhat to completely dependent on the kindness of strangers in federal bureaucracies. The timing could not be worse for them.

You see amigos, governments the world around have promised cash and prizes just for being somebody - as long as you played ball. Now, however that's not going to be good enough anymore financially speaking. Your federal overlords don't have the kind of cash to help you struggling Americans and in fact are thinking up new ways to put the mafia squeeze on what's left of our wealth. In addition they are implementing plans to cull the herd a bit. So you need to become as independent as possible. If you are not a drain on the federal budget you may be passed over by the federal angel of death.

Here's what I have done. I'm growing lots of food. Many Americans are already heading for an early exit at the hands of their killer - they themselves. If you are what you eat then you had better know what you are eating right? Make sure your water is safe. I worry more each day about city water because it, like the food chain, is controlled by the collectivist leadership who have made promises they can't fill. I don't travel anywhere by airplane any longer. The promisers have control of all flight paths and I'm certain I will not be happy with some final destinations. I basically work, work at home saving and supplying my needs and nothing much else. Who has time for more when you are busy being self-reliant? Millions of Americans are already doing this lifestyle with millions more to follow. We are on the Net, craigslist freemarketers who are going to survive the population deflation. We are saving now and stocking up. Naturally, this is not regular free range slave behavior and the promisers don't much profit by our new lifestyles. But you reap what you sow I guess.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jim Morrison

Rulers' Bomb Shelter

The reason Clinton, Bush and others provide North Korea with vital technology to aid in nuclear bomb creation is they aren't too worried. The top ruling elite, both seen and unseen, have dynamite bomb shelters. They have plenty of food, water and other supplies that you paid for.

What the rulers have always needed since they took over decades ago are boogie men...crazies that might do anything. Castro is a great example. The rulers created Castro using their media to fan the flames of ignorant idolatry to the masses looking for a hero to save them from the greedy corporations. The masses are just beginning to wake up to the reality that Castro Inc. is just another corporation working with the ruling elite throughout the world robbing the people.

Americans long ago stopped being scared of Castro. Naturally, the rulers must keep coming up with even scarier boogie men to keep the herd in line. Bin Laden supposedly made some remarks but he has been dead for several years. So the owners use a voice double to release these silly messages. Unfortunately their modus operandi is to then either false-flag attack us or foil a plot by some retarded dupes set up by the authorities.

So the Bin Laden thing is getting old and Americans could get wise to the scam. Enter Kim Jong Il playing with nukes but perhaps not with a full deck of cards so to speak. At least that is the way he is portrayed and that may very well be true. But he is just a North Korean top oligarchy member and the military would not commit suicide by attacking the west.

Of course they don't actually have to and I would hope they realize this fact. Our rulers can make it look like they attacked us any time they like and we'd believe it hook line and sinker. The same goes for Iran. One dangerous aspect is California is in terrible financial/social shape and also within the supposed range of the North Korean missles. I darn sure wouldn't live there in these times.

Naturally, to avoid being blamed for the next false flag attack, I would highly recommend North Korea and Iran swear off nukes forever. You are both being set-up. However, this lets Castro off the boogie man hook and assures more misery for the Cuban people for the time being.