Thursday, April 01, 2010

Smear, Smear, Smear

Unlike the Washington Post, Alex Jones receives zero dollars of federal advertising revenue. The Washington Post receives millions in federal ad money and strangely enough doesn't cover any of the facts that Alex Jones covers on his website and radio show.

Yet the enemy networks smear Mr. Jones as promoting violence.

Smear, Smear, Smear

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shout Out To The Navy Network Information Center

The boys down at the NNIC came by the blog today. Thanks for dropping by. Did you see any of the treason evidence I have compiled here? If so please use it to draw up appropriate charges and arrest these official traitors nursing at the teet of the taxpayers.

You swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

Please do your duty. I'll back you up.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April 15 National Strike!

This April 15 help save your country. Hit the invaders where it hurts the most - in their wallets. Please go on strike from April 15 through April 18. Don't go to work. Don't travel anywhere outside of your local area. Buy absolutely NOTHING from any international corporation. If you need anything get it from a local American supplier.

The reason the traitors have continued committing treason is it pays. Lets tell these dogs that we American people will be giving the new world orders from now on.

Let the tyrants know that we free range slaves will no longer pay for our own enslavement!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kooky Tomas Has Company

Hey amigos...remember when old kooky Tomas tried to warn you that our government is corrupt to the core and that the attack on 9/11 was really an attempted coup by rogues within our own top leadership? Rather than look into the mountains of evidence that proves conclusively that I am correct, most of you preferred to listen to what your TVs were not tell you and assume old Tomas had just gone crazy.

Fortunately, these Americans had a look see at the evidence and very easily grasped what was going on here - treason! They held a little march that never made it onto the television - just like the truth about the 9/11 treason. Look at all these kooky people who agree with me.

There is no shame in being duped. They had me for six years after the attack. Then I saw the evidence proving conclusively that bombs were deployed ahead of time to bring the three towers down and my whole world changed.

I began to backtrack and have a second look at the recent history I was taught over my television by the television networks. All of the important things were obvious lies going back to the Kennedy assassination and before. Kennedy was murdered by his secret service driver and 3000 Americans were murdered by American bombs. In both cases only individuals with the highest security clearances would be in a position to pull off such an inside job. Their IS treason at the highest levels of our government and you'd have to be a fool if you think these scoundrels are not running scared. They are desperate and sure to attack us again to attempt to regain control of the situation which is spinning out of their control. They will use another false flag attack because that is all they know and so far it has worked to get them what they want - money and power.

I'd be very wary starting the beginning of April. The traitors have a number of false flag scenarios which they have already laid the foundation for over the enemy television networks and national newspaper. These range from bombs like in Oklahoma and the towers to biological attacks and the snakes have been playing the race cards regularly. So assassination or a fake one would do the scoundrels nicely in getting Americans to attack one another again. Then during the chaos many people like me would disappear.

Please don't be the last duped American to find out the truth amigos. Just search "Building Seven" and watch it drop faster than a rock supposedly from a few fires. Then if you still believe the government's kooky conspiracy theory may God have mercy on your souls.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The list of people I trust grows shorter everyday. At the top of the list of untrustworthy individuals is just about the entire federal government. They are under the direct control of the international bankers. I don't trust anything they do or say any longer. I only speculate on what their real motives might be.

The medical/pharmaceutical industry is next on my veracity challenged list. Certainly there are still many good doctors but the top industry officials are money grubbing scum. If they are not hyping some phantom disease of the day that they will cure for a fee they are actually causing the disease. The swine flu could fall into either of these categories. That's the problem. You can no longer trust the medical scoundrels. They have become a medicine show. Who can tell what is safe and what is snake oil? It is best to just try and stay healthy without them.

The television networks are no more than deceit factories. It is more obvious everyday that all the networks are under unified control. Have you noticed the expression, "going forward" or "moving forward" is used all the time for every situation on absolutely every channel? I even hear the expression during NFL football games. These corrupt networks want to convey the illusion that everything is normal, fine and moving forward so the people don't stampede like the herd of cows they have become.

These information cartel march in unison and always tow the same line of propaganda. One rarely challenges the other so they don't upset their apple cart of lies. So I've come to distrust them all. What does that mean? Well for example you won't find Tomas taking ANY inoculations in the foreseeable future. I'll take my chances with the diseases. As for television, especially the news, most times the sound is muted if the tube is on at all. I verify all of my news now over the internet from sources I trust. However, when the traffic report or weather comes on I will sometimes listen to the sound if I plan on going out. Going out is something I do less and less of because of my lack of trust in the government. The higher up the ladder of leadership in government you are the less I trust you. So while I may give the postman some credibility or my local state delegate, if you are president, most members of Congress or the Senate, one of the top people in any of the secret police agencies, etc. I don't believe a word you say and I worry about everything you do.

This is what you have bought with your lies. So I stay at home as much as possible and I'd advise all Americans to do exactly the same thing. Just don't go out. Stay home with your families. Don't allow these liars chances to victimize you. Don't spend your dwindling resources going out because these liars will get their cut of that cash if you do. If we all stay home as much as possible, even for one month, it would starve them of they money that they require to keep their scheme afloat. Don't fly, go out to dinner, go on vacation, see a movie or do any unnecessary to earn a living.

This new form of 21st Century boycott would take a month to crush these liars if everybody in America did it all at once. But these liars are not too worried yet. Most Americans base all of their decisions and beliefs on what these liars tell them. It is why Americans believe in silly notions like there being a worldwide boogieman group named Al qaeda who's goal is to destroy us because we are so dang free and rich. We are neither free nor rich. Those are two more lies the liars are spreading.