Saturday, February 09, 2008

Nancy Pelosi - Dick Chaney's Gal

Why would Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi lean on Denise Kucinich to stop the impeachment of Dick Chaney? When Denise threw them out of his office he became a marked man politically speaking.

Cuba Night

Below is how Cuba appears on a normal night. Like the regime, it is not too bright. However, I was wondering, what would Cuba look like if we asked the Cuban people via radio bemba to turn out their lights on February 24, 2008 at 9 PM if they wanted free elections? It would be really cool if we had real time satellite video imagery because I believe at 9 PM on that night the lights would be going off. What would go off after that I can't say.

Any exiles have connections in the satellite imagery field? Send me an

Friday, February 08, 2008

Double-Cross Cuba's Bankers

Hugo Chavez is getting a taste of the international bank cartel's wrath. Exxon has successfully frozen assets formerly controlled by Hugo Chavez. As many of you know I really dislike the international bankers. Having said that, one has to admit that it is very enjoyable to witness the wolf taking a bite out of the fox's ass. When these type of incidents occur the eventual ramifications in the long run are not always obvious. But a 12 billion dollar chunk out of Hugo's ass really tears his regime a new one. When you cross the bankers they will crush you. This has been the pattern historically at any rate. So Hugo's days are numbered - maybe in days.

Cubans on each side of the Straits of Florida better know this fact. Petroleum products and currency will not be flowing from Venezuela to Cuba...not for free anyway. As this summer approaches the electric will stop flowing in Cuba as well meaning the lights go out at night. This compounded by an angry populace hungry for change will not be good for a regime that is too afraid today to keep a bunch of school kids from reading Alarcon the riot act.

I have told you what would happen so far with respect to the end of the Castro regime and I have been on the mark more than not. I have told you the truth even when you did not want to hear it. Eleven million Cubans who are hungry and tired is unsustainable. I do not know how many of you at the top, especially in the military, want to do the right thing by your countrymen. But I can tell you what that is. Number one I can tell you Fidel has lots of capital hidden away in secret bank accounts. You need to grab the information before the old codger dies and takes the pin numbers and account information with him to his grave. You should be following lil' Fidel, Raul and any other person who Fidel Castro may have entrusted with the bank info.

I'm warning you top guys! Don't let the bank info die with Fidel. The bankers will love that because the gold becomes theirs. These are the same bankers who turn out your lights with the freezing of Hugo's assets. Some of you military Ochoistas should do the right thing by your people and arrest Raul and Fidel and Alarcon and the rest of the crooks and at least try to get Cuba's gold back from the bankers. That wealth can be used to kick start Cuba's economy once again.

However, with only the slightest bit of direction combined with the high tech devices we will bring to Cuba along with plenty of emergency relief, I know the Cuban people will become economic tigers in no time at all. They will be able to easily provide for themselves and the needs of the nation if the best interests of Cubans is taken into account. That means implementing a monetary system based on gold and silver deposits held in vaults of banks forbidden to ever issue phony fiat inflated paper money. It also means never taxing human labor but rather, tax land location value to pay for the needs of the nation which should remain minimal. Also, Cuba should not become slaves to the international bankers and take loans from them. Cuba will stand on its own two feet when Cubans are allowed to freely introduce their labor into a free market then reap all the rewards of that human investment.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Vote McHilliary/McBama

Coming to a victory party near you.

I Hate You, You Hate Me

That's the way the central bankers prefer things. It is important that Muslims hate Jews and whites hate blacks. It is vital that Americans believe that Muslims hate them for outrageous notions like freedom and wealth. Americans must believe that occupation of these Muslim oil rich lands is in their self interest. The powerful can always bank on Muslims believing Westerners all hate them just because they follow Mohammad. The communists despise the capitalist while the top left turns a handsome profit on the people. Capitalists loath commies while promoting more and more statist central control. Finally, it is of paramount importance that all of these people are either dirt poor or fearful of being so. From there it is not a leap to blame one's poverty on those other evil people we hate so much.

However, you are all being suckered. You are not poor because of perceived boogie men. You are poor or struggling to keep from being so because the bank cartel that controls our money supply wants it that way. This cancer on society milks us for human labor output using the money supply and does not create any wealth themselves. If they were to allow the people of earth to keep all of their labor output they would be too busy making wealth to fight and hate one another. So the central bankers keep things stirred up between us so we never get wealthy and enlightened about their cancerous money scheme.

The bank cartel has bagged and tagged you all - whether capitalist or communist. You are free range slaves whether black or white. You are being milked for labor if you are Jew, Christian, Muslim or a believer or non believer in any God. The solution to ending the central cartel's slave operation is to go to locally based banks that may only lend out wealth that they have on deposit. If they had one million in gold deposits then they would not be allowed to lend out more than that. This would be accomplished by repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and returning to a Constitutional monetary system called for by the founding fathers based on gold and silver.

Naturally the bank cartel television networks will never tell you this and even chastise the idea of demanding that our money be worth something other than our debt to the central bankers. But as you feel the pain in the coming months and years of losing your 401ks, your stock holdings, your jobs and family security please remember - it is the central bankers fault. It is not the fault of those other poor folks in the boat bailing for dear life. It is the controllers of the honey of our economic hive - the money supply - by the banker bees. If you want to see why it is hard to make ends meet, follow the money and not the other mugging victims.

Cubanology Bi-Weekly - - - No. 3

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stop 'Em Over There?

We had to stop them over there because if we failed they would come over here. That's what the television said. So naturally we believed this conclusion. So we armed our young people, train them to kill and sent them overseas to stop them over there. We notice that the television said that, even though they admitted that several G.I.s were dieing everyday it seemed, an enormous number of the enemy were also being killed. So we feel that, while it is a shame young Americans are dieing at all, at least we are killing more of them. So we must be winning the war at least. Right?

But going on a decade the war continued until it was apparent that it would continue as long as we wanted to have our young people fight and die. So we gave up, turned tail and ran home. Over fifty thousand young men and women died to stop them from coming over here. The strange thing was, they never came here. Apparently the television lied to us. These people, who John McCain once referred to as "gooks" as he was professing his hatred for these Asian people, stopped killing us altogether. Before long they were trading with us and booking vacations for U.S. tourists.

That war was the Vietnam War. That theory was the Domino Theory. That television is the same one that is lying to us again. It is just the box that George Orwell warned us of using a technique Goebbels smugly noted - "If you tell a big enough lie often enough it becomes the truth."

I understand why my mother believes this terrorist war crap. Her only link to the outside world for the most part are the networks. So she's completely programmed. However, if you are reading this and believe the terror war crap about them coming here if we don't occupy their land over there and fight 'em then you should be ashamed of yourself! You have the Internet here that could give you all the proof of what I say but you choose to over simplify and blindly believe the television liars. These are the same Domino Theory liars that killed off over fifty thousand young Americans stopping a boogie man who never came. This is serious business. Young Americans are dieing unnecessarily again today. They are saying they don't want to be in the middle east by giving more money to Ron Paul than ALL the other candidates combined. We are enraging people in the countries in which our military occupies. This occupation propping up tin horn dictators, potentates and royalty we pay for using inflated fiat money lent out by the central bankers. It is bankrupting our nation, while enriching the banker cartel and it is the real reason our economy is taking a dive right now.

SNAP OUT OF YOU STUPOR!!! Turn off that lying machine altogether if you still believe the terrorist are coming here because you are so free and rich. You are not so much of either these days and that downward trend will continue until we can get a slight majority of you to WISE UP! SO WISE UP!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How To Watch Television

The idiot box, boob tube, life support system, what ever you call the television in your house, it is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. My father taught me how to watch TV 50 years ago. The main thing to remember is to never watch the commercials. These are purely one sided propaganda generated by those who would soon part you from your money. The second one came on my father would jump up, walk across the room to the old black and white TV and turn down the sound. He'd return to his seat until the show resumed, then he'd jump up, walk back to the TV and put the sound back on. When remote controls became available dad thought them the most marvelous invention ever created by man.

Next, avoid watching any network news. These programs are really commercials for the ruling elite. Of course this is obvious to all in places like Castro's Cuba. The ruling clans in this country however are much more savvy in their self-promoting television commercials called "news." At the end of the day, we humans are still little more than troops of primates who normally crave communal interaction with one another. We are curious about the anthropoids down the block and around the corner. Our temple money handlers here in America and elsewhere know this and use our human nature to manipulate and steer our perceptions with "news" programs. They are programming us to get their way. Current information is important and if there is breaking news that is not another OJ police chase followed by a chopper over the city skies, then sure - take a look at the real time pictures offered by the news cameras to protect yourself. But for everything else it is better to use the Internet. The more I use it the better I get at it. The cool thing about the Internet is you can tailor your information demands. Which is to say YOU get to decide what information is important and which is mindless garbage to be ignored.

I can watch network news and read national newspapers however to mine information. I know how to ignore "what" the networks are telling me while concentrating on "why" they want me to think the way they are attempting to program my thinking. Also, going on the Internet you find out very important information that is not even mentioned in the main stream media like election fraud and the Bush family purchase of almost 100,000 acres in Paraguay. Sorry, but I find this Real Estate venture a bit odd and no MSM coverage tells me something really smells.

During the election you are under intense propaganda from the networks. The money owners herd voters into choosing one of their preselected, financially backed candidates. The networks broadcast only these candidates and minimize, demonize, fan rumors of questionable behavior or worst of all, broadcast absolutely nothing at all about other candidates not backed by the money owners. So totally ignore what the MSM says about politics. They are owned by the money clans who are enslaving us.

Until you can train yourself to use the MSM information herders self-serving propaganda for your own constructive purposes, just avoid it. Pay the money for a Premium Network like Stars Network or HBO and enjoy a movie. TIVO/DVR is a must and well worth the money. Naturally I like watching football but it is an example of something on TV that has become just too commercial. Use that remote and TIVO to experience football sans commercials. Whatever programs you enjoy avoid commercials with these modern devices. Of course this tactic and the current central bank driven economic bust will kill the networks but I'm not going to lose any sleep over that. The dinosaurs are not here today because they could not adapt - or maybe some are here because they did adapt but look nothing like their former massive ugly appearance. This undoubtedly will be the fate of commercial networks. The pay networks on the other hand will deliver more of what subscribers demand and that will include a heaping helping of the truth. For example, while the commercial networks pretend that we have the fairest democracy in the world, HBO aired a documentary about the crooked diebold voting machines.

Lincoln basically said you can't bull shit all the people all the time. But there wasn't television in those days. With television you CAN bull shit the vast majority of people, as long as there isn't an Internet around to make networks obsolete dinosaurs.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Latin Libertarians

Warning Amigos!

Big changes are on the horizon. The neocon controlled American government has laid the foundation for governing during an emergency, as defined by the president. Now all they need is an emergency and we shall all see the power wielded by this new imperial presidency. What could happen?

First of all, the maneuvers by the government and Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy are purely a ruse. The Federal Reserve dramatically lowered the prime rate but at the same time tighten credit requirements. This means money is cheap to borrow but you can't afford to with your credit rating. Besides, the biggest hunk of borrowed fiat money that Americans need, the mortgage, is not needed right now as long as the home prices keep dropping. The bankers know this. It is part of the money cycle. The bank cartel swells up the economy with dollars for a while causing them to lose value. Then they reduce the number of dollars causing them to regain value. Because the central bankers control the timing of this cycle they always profit while the dumbest and weakest lose it all.

This fiat money fraud perpetrated by these foreign and domestic central bankers is an easy shake down to comprehend for most folks if they take a bit of time to study. That is why I feel we are living in a dangerous time. The banking system we had foisted upon us in 1913 is a royal shaft and that is beyond a doubt or logical argument - but it depends on widespread ignorance. The Internet has allow a growing number of regular people to learn about the Federal Reserve fiat paper money scam. We are fast reaching a critical mass of enlightenment about this vital aspect of our lives - the money. Once most of us know what is going on we will change it and damn fast. The banker cartel cannot afford to let that happen - literally.

So a combination of limitless presidential power, a sever central bank caused economic decline, possible terrorist destruction resulting from our military interventions over the entire planet, pandemics, etc., do not give me hope for peace and prosperity on the near horizon. It makes more sense for the bankers if lots of us meet our unfortunate end. But the faster more of you become enlightened about these truths, make your new found awareness known to government leaders and the media shills alike, the less likely the bankers will be able to do us in. Plus, if enough of us become aware we can switch to a local bank, precious metal deposit based system that allows the American people to become wealthy while removing all power from the international banking cartel.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ron Paul All The Way To The Convention

Life is too short that we should waste a great deal of time asking unnecessary questions. That is why I'm explaining some aspects of American politics that some do not seem to realize because they continue to ask if Ron Paul is going to pull out of the race.

My answer is still hell no! Why should he? He's got more dough than all the other Republicans except millionaire Flip Romney. No one is going to the convention this time around with enough delegates to win. After that first ballot decides nothing but which of the tail enders are removed, the delegates are free to vote their conscience on the ensuing ballots. Ron Paul, as it stands now will walk in with the third or fourth highest amount of delegates on the first ballot. That could change as circumstance may choose our future more that the elite in this election. Every slight by the media causes thousands of us to collectively donate millions to Ron Paul's growing campaign coffers. We love being part of the revolution and not getting shot at either. To sum up and remind future questioners about wasted time - if your horse has just gotten out of the starting gate in the race with eleven total thoroughbreds and now before the first bend is in fourth place neck and neck with number three, plus if he finishes the race the judges (who we call convention delegate in politics) can call him the winner no matter how he ran in the race, would you pull out? If you would and are a betting man give me a call. I'd wager we could try our luck.

Curious World

Cuba Exposed

9 PM Tonight!

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Media Rigs The Process

It is so obvious how the media is trying to steer the election. They may still get all of you to blindly vote for one of their four presidential choices. However, for a few million of us, every time they slight Ron Paul by not calling on him or blocking him from the debates altogether we get pissed off. Besides sending angry messages to the media creeps like Anderson CIA Cooper, we send money to Ron Paul. I can't wait until next payday. I'm going to send him another hundred.

So the media can stop asking the stupid question about how far Ron Paul will go in this election. We will NEVER STOP. We want our country back. So we ask the media to please do some more unfair things to Dr. Paul. It enrages us sure but it also energizes us and causes us to send more money to Ron Paul. Here's the scoop news hounds. When the talking heads wonder how Ron Paul can raise so much money they can stop wondering and take a bow. Every time Anderson CIA Cooper or other media shills open their mouths we send money to Ron Paul.