Friday, December 11, 2009

Hurray Norway!!!

Actually, there is a growing understanding about the logic and beauty of individual liberty in Norway. The people of this Nordic nation, besides being very attractive, have an independent streak in them. So forget about the global warming kooks in Oslo. These Norwegians understand that individual liberty must defeat the new world order of creepy banksters and global warming is a result of the sun - not humans.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gold Finger Ben Bernanke Responds To Congress

Gold Finger Ben Bernanke responding to Congressional questions about the counterfeit gold plated tungsten bars originating from Fort Knox. Read this disturbing story blacked out by the big manipulation bankster media.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Neocons Painted Into A Corner

The prevailing ignorance in the West is Afghanistan cannot be allowed to become the base for international terrorism. This of course is nonsense. Just the notion that terrorists have to have a permanent base is ridiculous! Add to this failed thinking the woman's rights issue in Afghanistan and the traitors to America have actually pulled in some supporters from the left like Code Pink. Where can this all lead?

I'm happy to report that my side of the real conflict between the forces of liberty and the just mentioned vipers is going quite nicely. Sure, the real reason for the Afghanistan invasion is to exploit the resources and people of the region. But this has been a trap which these traitors cannot escape from. Supposedly, as long as Afghanistan is occupied by our invading troops we are safe from terrorist attacks here. If we are attacked then the "leaders" in the west have some explaining to do. So do not worry about Islamic radicalism raising its head in America. The U.S. intelligence agencies and that of our "allies" likewise cannot attack us again then blame it on super cave Arabs in Afghanistan. In addition there appears to be little support in the rest of the world to go to war with Iran and it's going to be hard to pin the terrorist tail on the Iranian donkey. So we will bleed our troops to death slowly in the Afghanistan civil war - which is what is really happening. The neocon traitors are trapped like rats and will lose the support of the American people. There is no way out for them except one disturbing plan.

The neocons will need to switch boogie men fast to a domestic version. Then the police state can swing into action to neutralize their real enemy - people like me and forces of liberty and human decency. My guess is the way the manipulation media has been framing every person opposed to Obama's policies as a racist, leads me to believe that this will be the traitor's next avenue of attack. Obama should wise up to this possibility too because his life may depend on it - literally. I have placed my thinking into the enemy's camp and this scenario is a distinct possibility. The oligarchy may very well give Obama a "Kennedy Intervention." The snakes have already laid the foundation using this notion that Americans who oppose socialism are really anti Obama racists who can't deal with having a black president. Even failed president Jimmy Carter says so. All the traitors need to do now is find the right patsy, bump off Obama themselves and convince the duped American public that white supremacist Republicans, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists and other supporters of liberty are directly involved or at least okay with it. Rioting would break out that would have to be crushed but not before Obama supporter had their Crystal Night killing and maiming anyone perceived to be involved or supportive.

Tomas does not want to see anyone killed and that includes Obama. Sure - I don't like his collectivist ways either. But the oligarchy would use this plan to sow chaos and neutralize the opposition probably before next year's elections where the make up of the Congress will change dramatically if nothing is done by the traitors. So hopefully this advisory from me will reach Obama's desk. Watch your back Barack.