Friday, January 29, 2010

Bin Laden Global Warming Warning!!!

This image is almost as ridiculous as the FBI attempting to dupe people into thinking he's alive.

Pirates Of The Potomac

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"We Determined It Wasn't A Terrorism Thing..."

Is that so? The dickens you say? That's some mighty fine quick police work those boys down at the FBI were doing.

I suppose the FBI was right and wrong. No, this guy probably has no connection whatsoever with any Muslim terrorist groups and therefore in the defining eyes of the FBI is not a terrorist. However, it is obvious he wished to cause terror. The question is why?

Mr. Woodson does possess all of the traits of an intelligence stooge/patsy. Was he hired to do a false flag operation? We just might find out this time if he is not eliminated first. If it was a false flag operation it sure did not go as planned. Woodson doesn't appear to be a rocket scientists so I suspect he was not meant to survive the operation. If this is the case then he would be outfitted with fake evidence to connect him to some terrorist group. Maybe some of this fake evidence will surface during the local police investigation. One thing for sure, if this is a false flag operation then the big network media will bury the story with lies and omission.

The local police who have this guy must refuse to turn him over to the feds at all costs. He has some explaining to do. How has he been supporting himself? Where has he been living? Where did he acquire the weapons? The feds might explain the criteria that they used to determine that this cat wasn't a "terrorist." The FBI has gone out of their way to float this conclusion. Me thinks they protest too much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Traitor's Club

I've known about the Skull and Crossbones group of Yale students who are powerful and hungry for more. But these 4 short videos consist of an interview with a gentleman who researched this secret organization. Cuban exiles should pay particular attention to video 4 that discusses Cuban troops defending Gulf Oil fields in Marxist Angola and the ramifications of this fact.

If you watch them you will see:

  • 1. Exactly how they operate by causing chaos which they fix.
  • 2. Exactly how ruthless these men are while achieving their objectives.
  • 3. Exactly how minuscule you are in their eyes on their way to power and glory.
  • 4. Exactly who they are and how they take up two opposite sides of conflicts to get what they want.
  • Exactly where we're headed if we continue to act like numb skull with respect to the Skull and Crossbones. They are the Traitors Club. They have stabbed America in the back too many times already.
Shouldn't you turn around and have a look before they put the shiv in you again?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Osama Say What?

People please! Are you really going to believe these liars and their fake Bin Laden tape? The rulers are pirates. Pirates always say, "dead men don't tell tales." Not only is Bin Laden dead, the fool who did the fake voice over is as good as dead as well. Whoever you are the only way you'll live is if you confess your complicity in public. Tell what you know so there is no longer a need to kill you...if you were not murdered already just after completing your fake tape.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Do Not Watch List

There are a number of big media mouthpieces working for the bankster television networks that should be avoided at all times. For me this is easy because I find them all so disingenuous, smarmy, traitorous and just plain old ignorant. I have listed them numerically below. However, the number one idiot changes from one day to the next as they struggle to see which one can utter the stupidest things that their viewers will still believe.

1. Chris Mathews

2. Bill O'Reilly

Keith Olbermann

4. Ed Shultz

5. Sean Hannity

Watching any of these individuals will damage your ability to understand not just the correct answers - but the important questions which they never ask.