Thursday, October 22, 2009

Global Warming Proof!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Have Two Years

That is the plan at any rate. There are a dozen or so elites at the very top of the heap. Of course there are several thousand underlings just below these top vipers who do quite well for themselves. One thing they have in common is they do not believe in God as we have come to know the supreme being. Oh sure you have witnessed a few of them professing their belief in God over their electronic media. But the reality is they are predatory Darwinists. They believe themselves to be superior to the average man or woman. As such they also believe they determine who is worthy to live and who should be exterminated for the good of the planet and the human genetic race.

However, the fact is these arrogant snakes in the grass and their one dimensional thinking have no freaking idea how to measure up people or see the hidden talents of the human species. These know-it-all idiots may very well have killed the very person who might have cure the disease that will snuff out their miserable lives one day.

These very same bipedal reptiles have plans for us in the next two years. This is your warning. These elites are not concerned that I am warning you because they believe that the average person is so stupid that they can be manipulated with television any time they choose. So they will keep the price of oil around $70. They will try to manipulate the stock market to keep it on the rise. This will sooth the masses in America. But by 2012 these predatory Darwinists at the top will have America on its knees economically. Their final solution for you is to make you so poor that you are not able to resist their will. The dollar will be destroyed by this time through hyper-inflation. Finally, while they coward in their snake-hole bunkers, the vipers will spark a war with Iran. This will lead quickly into a worldwide war even worse than WWII. Once half or more of the earth's population has been eliminated they will emerge and rule the world. It's sort of like the Charlie Manson plan but with all the money in the world and most governments under their control. It's Helter Skelter time people.

So what can you do? Prepare, prepare, prepare. Whatever you require to live will need to be provide by you or someone close by. The entire economic system that supplies you with everything presently will be destroyed. So if you fancy things like food, water, clothing and medicine then you need to make provisions NOW! The most important thing that you can do is spread the word about this attack so your fellow Americans are prepared as well. We can defeat these snakes but only if we remain strong and remain together. Work with your friends, neighbors and family to prepare for the final phases of this attack. Start storing silver and gold to use as currency. I'll say it again - grow food.

One final warning for those who attend church or synogog. The Department of Homeland Security has been requesting information about you from your religious leaders for synister purposes. You may have already been given a questionaire to fill out by these church leaders. If this has already happened or happens in the future then let it be a warning to you that what I say is the truth.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Take Out The Trash

Legalize Photography

And while we're at it lets legalize video as well. I never again want to hear about cops confiscating video or pictures especially when they are trying to obstruct justice and place themselves above the law. I say lawmakers must enact strict codes of conduct for police and make it a felony for police to confiscate evidence of their wrong doing.

If this is not done soon then Americans will lose the last vestiges trust they have left for the police. When this trust is gone then the cops become no more than an occupying gang. Then the police themselves become targets of the people's wrath whether they are good cops or not.

All police should fear that cameras are watching them at all times in public and act accordingly. As Judge Andrew Napolitano says, "The camera is the gun of the 21st Century."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frankly - I'd Rather Catch The Flu...