Saturday, June 19, 2010

Squaw Killers

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ocean On Fire

Some of the emissions from the BP disaster consist of bubbling flammable gasses. So the ocean in the Gulf could catch fire and burn for a long time...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More CNBC Double Talk

CNBC was at it again yesterday. They had this bald headed shill running cover for the Federal Reserve Board. They were having a discussion about whether or not Ron Paul was acting unethical because he buys gold and at the same time as he is always introducing legislation to bring us back to the gold standard.

Everybody agreed that Dr. Paul had broken no ethics laws including Mr. Baldy. But his reason was that the gold standard would never come back so it made no difference that Congressman Paul buys gold and silver. Then he injected some classic double talk to confuse the viewers. He points out how well stocks did over a specific time period as compared to gold.

Really? So as usual I began screaming at the TV. HOW MUCH BREAD CAN YOU BUY WITH STOCKS? They were talking about paper money being replaced by gold and silver money. Whether real money like gold and silver are used or paper money it has nothing to do with stocks or other investments. Investments are investment and money is money. Money is something you use to transact with in the economy so that we don't have to resort to barter. Money is not an investment especially if it paper. Paper money has constantly lost purchasing power since 1913 when it was introduced to a naive American public.

If the bald shill was honest he would be comparing paper with hard money like gold and silver. But he is just another crook who earns a great living lying to us. Money made of paper constantly losses value because the Federal Reserve is always printing too much of it. So paper money is a liability. You get some of it and you better spend it on something quick before it loses more value. Gold and silver money maintains a stable value so you could stick it under your mattress for ten years and still purchase the same amount of goods or services as ten years earlier.

In 1986 I earned $8,000 is green paper money. What could I buy today with that amount of money? Gas was about a dollar a gallon. Today it hovers around three dollars a gallon. So if I'd have put that eight grand under my mattress I'd have only been able to buy 1/3 as much gasoline as I could in 1986. If I'd have been paid in gold I be able to buy approximately the same amount of gas as in 1986.

To sum up an investment is where you place some of your wealth into some endeavor that will earn you some interest for your wealth because your invested wealth is being used in the economy to create even more wealth. Money on the other hand is a device that we use to transact within an economy and is not an investment. Gold will not appreciate in value compared to many investments I'll admit. However, gold will maintain its value until you are ready to buy something with it. Paper money has constantly lost purchasing power. Most people mistakenly believe that gold is constantly increasing in value. In reality gold is valued about where it has always been. Sadly, we are forced to buy it with devalued paper money that constantly loses purchasing power so you need more and more paper money to buy the same amount of gold. If you want to know where your purchasing power went it was stolen by the Fed bankers through inflating the currency in circulation. It only takes a tiny faction of that stolen wealth to pay shills to help swindle you.

I can say without hesitation that soon the greenback will possess the same value of toilet paper - perhaps even less. At least toilet paper is soft enough to put to good use.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Easier Defending Liberty These Days

Explaining why it is always better to adopt individual liberty over government oversight and control is getting incredibly easy these days to accomplish. Now I have so many real world failed examples of how these statist nincompoops in government have completely ruined things.

Take jobs for example. How many "jobs" programs and training and reeducation schemes do the central planners have to foist upon us before we're all out of work? Government doesn't create jobs. Not even one. Every seized tax dollar spent paying for a bureaucrat is exactly one dollar not spent paying for a private employee. So there has never been any net job creation by government. However, government can dictate the individuals who will get a job. But that decision is always based on the political rather than the practical. You don't need a census to figure that out. So if government doesn't make the jobs what are they good for and where do jobs come from?

Well I'm glad I asked. Jobs come from individuals mixing their labor freely with the earth to aid in the creation of wealth. Before going further you must have a keen understanding that wealth is anything and everything that humans either need or want to live a civilized modern life...period. So we need no further debate on the make up of wealth. It's anything an individual is willing to pay for. Government should be more like an umpire in the baseball game of life. When something goes wrong in society as complained by the individual or perhaps a group, a government should be the one calling the balls and strikes then deciding who's the one out in a Court of Law that strictly adheres to the Constitution. If you want to see an ugly game then have the government calling the game while running the bases too like we have today.

So if high paying jobs with sweet benefits are a good thing where can we get some more of them? Again, I'm glad I asked. Only one social condition has ever forced these twin pillars of the well compensated employee broadly across the entire economic landscape. You must have more jobs than people to fill them. It seems simple enough but most folks don't realize it. It is supply and demand. I've seen it happen with my own eyes during the 1990's and the computer revolution. Suddenly, because of the PC, millions of new jobs were created. Pay and benefits climbed as a result until the government figured out way to strangle the new techno baby in the cradle with tax and regulation.

It's a moot point to debate whether federal regulation was necessary or not in the past. It is a totally unnecessary job killer now. That's because with coops and consumer unions organized over the Internet working in partnership with state and local Courts, the individual would receive far better justice than currently with our Soviet centrally planned federal model. These Keystone Commissars have just about strangled the economy to death and must be swept aside very soon. I suggest next November.

With more jobs than enough people to fill the positions, the salaries and benefits must go up as employers compete against one another for workers. Wouldn't that be better than all of us fighting each other for not enough position to fill?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tipping Point Nears

Ruling the world is a difficult, as yet never accomplished feat. Today's ruling oligarchy is not immune from this historical reality. Plus our oligarchy rules in secret. So they have an advantage the Romans never had. A couple thousand years ago everybody knew the Roman elites controlled the known civilized world. If you had a beef with how things were being done you knew who to fight - Rome.

Today things are not that cut and dry. Our ruling oligarchy plays the strings of our federal government to a tune that suits their needs in every case. Once they grabbed up all of the network media and national newspapers like the Washington Post the oligarchy thought they had control of the world in the palm of their hands. Why?

Simply put, by controlling all of our media for decades these foreign usurpers could effectively decide who our choices would be for our government representation. It would be in all cases a televised choice between an oligarchy vetted left candidate and a right candidate each spewing simplistic notions of reality based on this false political paradyne. The oligarchy revels in their ability to get us to pick leaders they have chosen for us long before the election. Getting a majority of Americans to elect a socialist born in Kenya was their shining moment of manipulation and they have had a good laugh. Yes it was a masterpiece.

However, the whole mess is falling apart even though the vast majority of people in the western world still don't realize we are under oligarchy rule. What the oligarchy is discovering is ruling a complex organism like a human population and an every changing physical landscape dominated by nature and shifting circumstances is an impossible task. This is especially so the closer the oligarchy get to total control of the population. There are just too many variables to account for to steer a course from the offices of the central planners. Society is like an amoeba. It is a blob oozing along in time ultimately going where it's going to go. The oligarchs have positioned themselves in the way.

Once the masses understand that we have all been the fools of this hidden oligarchy then the people will swallow up the oligarchs. How? Just watch that amoeba grabbing a bite to eat and you'll get the idea.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lame Washington Post Ron Paul Smear

I had to laugh as was monitoring CNBC this morning. They were discussing a Washington Post articles that admitted Ron Paul broke no ethics regulations but nonetheless might being doing something funny.

If I were in the Congressman's position and had U.S. currency in excess to my needs to maintain our family I'd put it into gold too and be part of the laughing! But that's not funny that's just a smart thing to do if you understand the concept of inflation and how printing up too much money can destroy a currency. His crime is being on a committee in charge of monetary policy and trying to get the rest of us to go back on the gold standard as well so we will not be swindled any longer by the Federal Reserve bankers.

I started reading the Post back in the 60's though rarely ever now. They apparently don't have a clue about sound economics and think money is like magical, political fairy dust and can be conjured up right out of thin air to spend on all the things they deem necessary for a progressive society.

No...not really. The Washington Post still thinks you are dumb enough to believe this nonsense.