Friday, September 04, 2009

Fiat Currency Swindle

Just because you don't understand how you are being swindled does NOT prevent you from being swindled. In fact ignorance makes you an easier target. Gold is real money. Federal Reserve notes are a real swindle.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Arrogant Bastard Alert

Congressman Pete Stark
How could even one American voter pick this maggot? Check out the video below and see how condescending he is when asked simple questions. He tried to say the more we go into debt as a nation the richer we are. Shame on you if you voted for this unAmerican son of a bitch.

The Enemy

I know many, if not most of you, don't like hearing me say bad things about the government. You have been trained to think of this as unpatriotic so I understand. Besides, just the thought of the possibility that I might be right is too stressful to even contemplate. So it is more comforting to attack Tomas than to think about what you are being warned about. This is especially so with Cuban exiles. Exiles battling the Castro oligarchy have always depended on the U.S. government as an ally. It is the main reason Cuba remains locked in the position it is in today. The U.S. oligarchy prefers it that way. To allow change to occur without that change being controlled and exploited by the bankers does not interest those bankers.

Do you really want to free Cuba? Those of you who not only say they do but really mean it had better take a closer look at your main ally. The ally is your enemy. The ally treats all of us like childish farm animals to be milked for money and constantly sheared of our human freedoms. The enemy probes us and corrals us more everyday. The enemy gets more obvious too yet exiles cling to the notion that it is those darn Democrats that are ruining things and if only the Republicans were in charge things would be different. No they would not. The leadership of both parties has been hijacked by the enemy and is an extension of our enemy. Amigos, the longer you refuse to see this the longer you will wait to step onto free Cuban soil.

I'm thankful that many of you who initially condemned me have now seen the light. Shine that light in the direction of the other exiles because our time is running short. The enemy has some bad plans in store for us. The enemy cannot afford to have one unifying issue like the economy, which they have devastated, to unify the people. So they require another cataclysmic event to blame for the crash of the economy. Don't be out FOXed amigos by the television. The enemy owns it all. They use it to play the cows against the sheep. They are MSNBC messing with your mind.

So if you want a free Cuba forget about Castro and the other enemies in front of you. Before you can deal with them you have to get that enemy out of your rear!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Government Can

This video is a riot amigos. Give it a listen. It's sung to the tune "The Candy Man."

Pawns In Global Chess

That is how the average guy or gal in the street is thought of and treated by the various ruling oligarchies of the world. The fact is we all possess varying degrees of intelligence and talents. The rulers prey on the intellectually weak members of society and use modern communications to fool most of the smarter folks as well.

A pawn is picked up by a player and forced to move in a direction preferred by that player. Besides the pawn, the fruits of the pawn's labor are moved and used as well to counteract the moves of the other players in the game. Real chess is two dimensional. Global chess is multidimensional with many player of differing motivations, alliances and strengths. However, behind all the needs and dreams of these players are the countless millions of pawns struggling to just get by after their personal wealth has been stolen from them. The struggle foisted upon them has the additional benefit to the players in that it forces the pawn to use up vast quantities of his time to overcome his losses. This leaves little time to enlighten himself about the game he is forced to play.

The longer the game continues the more labor that must be stolen from the pawns to confront the other players in the game doing likewise. In the end the pawns always revolt once the weight of the demands of the players become too great. Sadly though, after the violence stop a new game is immediately started, often by the very same players in past games.

The solution is to stop these games played by the snobs in power. We pawns in the game must refuse to play these games any longer and develop fundamental moral codes with one another to protect our interests for a change - a real change! Right off the bat that requires adopting the non-aggression principle. Basically it means I won't attack you or your property and you agree to not attack me or my property. If none of us pawns initiate an attack on any of the other pawns then we can spend our time just getting richer especially if we all stop playing games with the oligarchies that have been gaming us all.

You want to build a nicer world? Well you are not going to be led there by any of the leaders currently gaming us. So stop this nonsense that either the Republican or Democrat leadership is going to do anything good for us. We pawns must bind ourselves in a pact to protect each other from the global gamers and agree to never hurt or steal from other pawns. Once this occurs we will no longer be pawns. We will be free men and women.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Congressman Stark Is A Moron

Just listen to Congressman Pete Stark in this interview. He is rude, arrogant, vulgar and totally ignorant on anything concerning economics. In short he is a typical Congressman who acts more like royalty. You won't see this interview on the big media but I'm sure you will find it enlightening nonetheless.

Big Media Blackouts

The big media, which in reality is one entity under the total control of our ruling oligarchy, has for years uniformly not covered a number of stories. Everyday they do not cover more and more news. The result for most Americans has been the news that is not covered did not happen as far as they know. Even if they may have heard rumor of this story or that they will refuse to believe it if the news is not on the news.

However, this situation is changing mostly due to the Internet. That is why another story not covered by the media is very important. At this very moment a cowardly Congress conspires to seize control of the Internet using the excuse of national security. Where have we heard that excuse before? Now there is even a website that documents all the biggest stories blacked out by the big media. Even so, I believe the Congress is shutting a gate after the livestock has already escaped.

News happens even if the big media ignores it to promote an agenda. Naturally, for the individuals that witness a story the situation is very real. We are a species of story tellers. We have for eons told each other what we witnessed and it has served out purposes to aid our survival. Knowledge is power. So when witnesses see with their own eyes a police officer telling them that we are no longer in America they get upset and feel they must tell fellow Americans. In the old days that meant a few friends and family while the big media was distracting the vast majority of Americans with other steering stories. With the revolution in information technology the truth now is getting out. Today virtually for free, individuals can capture this story on high quality video then upload it to Youtube for the world to see. The result is this shocking story not covered by the big media.

The first time a big story is not covered and an individual learns the truth despite the blackout, that individual never again holds the big media in the same light. Further undermining the big media's credibility is that individual begins from there forward looking elsewhere for more reliable information.

The end result is citizen media. This is what I watch to get my news. In fact I am one of the millions of citizen journalists replacing the old big media deceivers. The timing for the big media couldn't be worse. They are still trying to sell us BS when all the while the truth is available for free over the Internet. So they have not noticed as they yammer on about the stories they mean to distract us with that we are no longer paying attention to them. This is especially true the younger you are. Most young people have never even seen one news program. They are already well versed in getting the news over the Internet. Everyday older people join them when they see the truth on the web while the big media pretends it didn't happen. Imagine how shocked millions of law abiding citizens were to learn they had been labeled as possible domestic terrorists by homeland security? Then contemplate how shocked they became when this story was blackout out and remains blacked out by the big media for the most part?

So keep lying fools. All you ever had to sell depended on your credibility. Today if you are not lying to us directly or hiding the truth through omission, then one of your sponsors is boring us to death with one of their lying commercials. The big media has become cave paintings in the modern world. They tell us how it use to be.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Con Job News

All the networks are doing it. They've been doing it since the beginning. Most of the mouth pieces actually believe what they assert because they are well heeled dupes who can speak correctly. Conning people depends on gaining their confidence. The networks haven't even realized yet that they have lost the people's confidence and we are only in the beginning of the collapse of the old system. The more they green shoot themselves in the foot the more their credibility will suffer. Now they are claiming underwear sales demonstrate the economy is going to be fine.

Naturally what these shills want you to believe is everything will work out. They are eating up time until the economy reprices itself after drastic swings in the amount of currency in circulation. However, this time around the central bankers at the Federal Reserve Board really screwed up. The boom/bust manner in which they normally game us for banksters' fun and profit went too far this time. The cool thing is this swindle has gone so wrong that the more the politicos and pundits claim everything is fine right down to your underwear makes them all look like little naked emperors. They strut across our television screens with all their grandeur proclaiming the finery of the new economy. Politicians hear ye hear ye about green jobs being sewn together for the jobless millions.

Everyday this old paradyne is closer to its demise. Instead of hearing the anger of desperate and concerned Americans protesting at Tea Parties, the media and politicians insult them. Now 57% want to replace the entire Congress. Well just wait by next election day. If we are allowed to vote that number should be in the high nineties. Sadly, those kindly politicians who are swearing their stimulus snake oil has saved the day are in reality building huge concentration camps around the country. They are going to give us the internment treatment because they are scared of the American people.

So it is vital, no matter how angry you become about your situation economically, to remain calm and nonviolent. That is what the ruling elite hopes for so they can crack down. Defy them by remaining peaceful. Concentrate on acquiring and storing food. Rally together as families and live together until we can ride out this bankster currency calamity. Just doing this will keep you very busy so you'll have little time for violence. Barter for your needs. is a great resource to trade your items and skills to fill your needs. The politicians and networks just hate this site so you know must be doing something right.

Try to survive amigos. I think time and God are on our side.