Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good To Be King Fidel

Fidel Castro

$900 million

Comandante since 1959. We estimate his fortune based on his economic power over a web of state-owned companies including El Palacio de Convenciones, a convention center near Havana; Cimex, retail conglomerate; and Medicuba, which sells vaccines and other pharmaceuticals produced in Cuba. Former Cuban officials living in U.S. assert that he has long skimmed profits. Castro insists his net worth is zero.

*(£484.1M, 40.4B rupees, CA$997.2M, AU$1,167.4M, 706.5M euros)

Photo © AFP/Getty Images

Coming in at number 7 in the top ten list of lucky rulers is Fidel Castro. Now that he's enfeebled and incontinent his brother Raul is grabbing the king's share of Castro Inc.

CDR or Zoning

Some governments like Cuba use gangs known as the "Citizens for the Defense of the revolution. In America the government employs zoning laws. But the government's intent in either case is clear - shut up! The government feels you should just go along with government decisions and stick with the majority even when it tips into the minority when the government still says so. Be a good citizen and never ask questions. There are vital safety concerns with signs. The government in this case is simply trying to protect the public, right?

Ziva Cuba Libre

You know if you want to learn about the real Cuba - the one that the Castro boys keep hidden from the outside world - a great place to go is the blog for Cuba. Ziva, the esteemed author of this great blog, always has eye-opening reports that really put the "Cuban experience" into the correct perspective. For example, today Ziva has a map of Cuba showing the locations of all the Cuban gulags holding desperate human beings who are slowly being exterminated. One gentleman, who's crime was complaining about Castro's misgovernment, started out a man of 180 lbs. But today he has been starved down to almost 70 lbs. What kind of revolution is that? Answer: The same kind Hitler, Stalin and Mao tried to pull off in their death camps. If you have mistakenly supported this regime out of ignorance in the past - I forgive you. If you continue to support this evil regime now that you know - I condemn you!

MSM Ron Paul Smear Campaign On

The usual ploy by the MSM during the electing of simply not covering the non big media, big government candidates has not worked this time around to derail the Ron Paul campaign. So naturally the media hacks have begun to attack Ron Paul. Their tactic is to run a story about a group of investors who comprehend the nature of our government inflating our money into worthlessness so they tried to protect their wealth by minting and saving silver coins. The Franklin mint does this and the FBI never raided their offices nor stole all their precious metals on deposit. Besides the fact that Ron Paul is in no way connected to this legal form of saving wealth, the MSM is making it appear he is doing something wrong with their headlines minus any objective analysis. But the reality is the U.S. Treasury that is printing up all the funny money, which is why so many people are converting their increasingly worthless dollars into precious metals, is the real untold story.

The final act of election piracy will be the big media and ruling elite stealing the election through paperless election systems that leave no paper trail. But that has risks if enough people vote for Ron Paul to expose the fraud. Even so you do as you like. I will vote for Ron Paul every chance I get and I will NEVER vote for one of the slime balls served up by the MSM - the same MSM that has screwed us over Cuba for 50 years!

Friday, November 16, 2007

More Interesting Dialog

First Step - How Much You Got?

We should expose Raul's poverty filled Cuba which still today is wrongly blamed on the embargo. But the feeble at economy hear embargo and never consider that Castro could buy from just about anywhere else in the world. So we should start by making a big announcement that Department Store American is open for business to Cuba. Whenever Raul then asks how much we reply how much you got boy? The demand for cash will in reality stop any additional transactions as long as the Castro gang insists on micromanaging Cuba's economy into the ground for their own personal greedy profit. Right now they have nothing to sell due to the weather destruction so the issue can be addressed as soon as the gang is gone for all intents and purposes. We need to remove this incorrect perception that we want to punish the Cuban people because of Fidel and now Raul. We are not denying them material wealth and in fact are the main economic engine that has kept them afloat in the worst of times. Remittances account for a great deal of the Cuban economy. We must emphasize this while getting the embargo off our backs. We ARE already selling Raul all he can buy with cash. Let's expose the embargo myth. He could not buy more goods even if we offered them because his broke-ass self doesn't have any cash. If he did then he sure would be buying elsewhere and he's not.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chile Question???

Has Castro sent a propaganda team to Chile yet posing as relief workers? I know the junta never misses an opportunity yet to exploit a bad situation for selfish ends.

Repealing The Embargo

That's the regime's last card. We are already selling them all they can afford to buy using only cash even as they weep like women that we have them "blockaded." That cash on the barrel financial policy should remain at all costs because whether you want to believe it or not Raul's Cuba is broke. They are desperately searching for suckers to sell them stuff on easy terms but they'll never pay them back anyway. However, all items bought from the Cuban government will have a 100 % tariff to begin compensating the entities for their seized property as well as satisfying Court damages against the regime. Any individual Cubans would be exempt from paying this tariff provided they do not appear on the list of criminals and killers. In addition any Cuban American who wanted to travel to Cuba to visit relatives could do so any time they wish but would not be allowed to stay in the tourists hotels. They would be required to stay with their relatives.

The reality is Raul and gang will nix this proposal but we turn them into the skunk at the picnic for a welcomed change. This negative response from Raul should really piss off some desperate Cubans who are looking for a break. They just might take to the streets over Raul's refusal to let us in to see relatives under these terms and expose him for the greedy profiteer that he is. Lets do something like this before something unpleasant is shoved down our throats. The time is now amigos. Let's expose this fraud!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For Jesse

Jesse you called my economic thinking erroneous but many Americans seem to think otherwise and are willing to put THEIR money where THEIR mouth is. Read this article describing a part of the counter offensive against the fiat money system that you and the socialists and the communists all insist we must have in modern societies. You know Cuba Castro can double salaries any time he likes. But there is still nothing on the shelves of the stores where you can only use Castro's money. Castro's money can't be spent in any other store in the world because it doesn't have the actual value of toilet paper or fire kindling. Wealth is human labor mixed with the land. Cuba has nice land. Cuba has plenty of clever laborers. The problem is Castro keeps getting in the way of the two so no wealth is created but Castro backs it up with that paper money you are so fond of. Then the knuckleheads of economy the world 'round sigh, "That damn embargo..."

Interesting Dialog

Here is some interesting dialog regarding Cuba's revolution from observations of some apartheid tourists. They all agree that the revolution and socialism have been miserable failures for the Cuban people. However, most have a feeble, childlike comprehension of economics. They do not understand wealth creation or monetary systems. They are in the flat-earth stage of economic thinking and do not yet possess the knowledge necessary to develop rational economic value judgments. At least they see the lie of socialism and if they ever find out about the Castro dungeons of starvation and cruelty, the thousands murdered by Castro and Che and the brutal methods of control approved by Castro, they will rightfully hang their collective heads in shame for ever applauding this genocide.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Song To Chavez: Why Don't You Shut Up!

Cheap Labor Imports

Remember all that talk of exploiting cheap foreign labor? Well guess what? Now that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury have greatly expanded the supply of dollars in the economy, thereby reducing the value of our cash, we Americans ARE the cheap foreign labor. That's because as the dollar loses value our exports become cheaper to buy using other more valuable, stable currencies. My suggestion: Have a yen for selling to China. I see where many foreigners are sapping up U.S. properties too. I guess that's good. Then they are less likely to want to annihilate us. Oil prices are falling back, deflating as the depressed world economy uses much less energy. So that's good as long as you're still working. We still have indoor plumbing and good sanitation. So ignore all that jabbering overseas about how those Asians, Europeans and others are exploiting the poor American worker. Euro K with me as long as you have cash.

History Of The Death of Big Media

The mainstream media are the shills for big government, big bankers and the big multi-national corporations. Today, with the economy going south again, people are looking for answers just like back in the chaotic 1970's. However, during that economic bust we got through it but most never knew the real reasons why it happened. By the early 1980's I had sought out and interacted with enough people in-the-know about economic matters, that I had a grasp of what had happen to us and why. Believing, naively, that the big electronic and national print media were benevolent and altruistic entities I began contacting them to get this story out to the people. With shock and disappointment I discovered that the big media, rather than informing the people and enlightening them, were actually distracting and even covering up vital truths which the people had to know about to make rational decisions. I realized that I was muzzled and I was frustrated. But I knew back then in the early Reagan administration that the bankers and big government would screw up again one day and pump too much money into the economy because that is what the greedy do. So I raised my family and honed my skills explaining how the Federal Reserve fiat money system robbed the middle class and poor of their justly earned wealth by printing up too much money.

Then like a bolt out of the blue came the Internet. Suddenly, you could be on the same footing as the big media reaching millions of people. But things were rolling along in a relatively good economy so the media kept feeding the people a steady diet of distracting titillation at the trough of sleaze and they were content - ignorant as rocks but content. Then 9/11 hit and I was pretty sure this would be when the government and bankers would make the big money grab because they could blame it on the terrorists. Sure enough I watch the bankers flooding the economy with enormous quantities of borrowed cash so families could buy homes at the greatly inflated prices caused by the swelling of the money supply. Also, I saw the stories of trunks filled with hundred dollar bills vanishing in Iraq and just the cost of the war itself. I knew the bubble had to pop leaving the working class saddled with enormous debt in housing and elsewhere that really was not worth what they were going to be forced to pay back. This "correction" would leave millions angry and searching for answers. But this time they WILL find the answers right here on the Internet. The Main Stream Media is worthless during this economic crisis as always because they are part of the profiteers under the Federal Reserve scam.

As these blogs and websites become more organized, especially with respect to single issues like Cuba, they will become the dominant media in the near future because they bring the truth unfiltered into your living room. The blogs for Cuba are an excellent example of an emerging Internet Network that is incredibly effective at getting the truth out about the Cuban genocide perpetrated by the Castro boys. We share information and everyday mortally wound the regime with the truth. If we had to wait for the big media to tell the truth about Cuba we might have another 50 year of socialist stupidity. But now it is not just angry Cubans who are exchanging ideas. Regular folks all across America are asking questions but the big media is only interested in bringing us more underwareless Brittney Spears stories. But that has accelerated their demise because if that's your bag you can look at racier photos of her right on the Internet.

This electronic bee hive buzzes 24 hours a day and is sponsored by millions of individuals with converging interests. The emerging information networks are not brought to the people by folks trying to sell soap, cars or Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks. They are run by dedicated people trying to get the truth out. Each time the Internet exposes a truth not covered or worse, covered up by the big media, the blogs and websites gain more credibility and of course viewership at the expense of the old big media hacks.

So there's good news and bad news. The bad news is we will go through a bad economic period and maybe even catastrophic times if the neocons' and liberal loonies keep having their way. But the good news is if you're smart and informed you will survive it with a people who will finally comprehend what has been done to them by the government and the bankers.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Or watch a Youtube! The American people finally understand how they have been swindled by the big bankers and big government then lie to by big media. A second American revolution has begun and a new enlightenment has taken hold.

Vamos Acabar Con La Revolucion Ya

Tango Cake - Porno Para Ricardo

What kind of government is scared of kids playing music? A government that must go!

Mi Balsa - Porno Para Ricardo

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Nation Of Sheep

Ron Paul

Beware The Invisible Hand!

Yes...beware! You can't stop it. No one can. Many have tried to but always they have failed. What the hell am I talking about? Well, Adam Smith wrote about this hand that no one can see. This hand determines the cost of all transactions. The hand knows how much of virtually everything is available for sale, how many people are looking to buy everything and how much cash is floating around in the economy to accomplish these transactions. The price of all things can be distorted for a short while but the invisible hand always eventually corrects fraudulently priced goods and services, like it or lump it.

What I am getting at, is the bankers have implemented a money scheme that allows these lucky fellows to squirt oodles of extra money into the economy for their benefit along with their accomplices - the U.S. government disparate for revenue to run an empire. However, while these banker fat cats and lucky bureaucrats are raking in a fortune printing up funny money, the invisible hand quickly knows that too much cash has been crammed into the economy and soon increases the price of one thing after another.

Here is how the invisible hand does this miracle. Everything that surrounds you now in your home or office or the streets that you drive down in your car is made from raw materials. Economists call these raw materials "commodities." Commodities are bought and sold in the "commodity pits" where huge quantities trade hands. But the price is determined the same way as in an auction. One buyer bids over the other buyer until the highest bidder determines the final selling price. Gold, pork bellies, timber, etc. are all traded in this fashion. So if the bankers flood the economy with dollars these dollars will be used in competition with one another in the commodity pit auctions to drive up raw material prices. Think about it. If you and everybody else in an auction had more cash on your persons would not the group tend to pay more for the items for sale? It's supply and demand. The same amount of stuff for sale in a marketplace flooded with dollars will drive up the price of that stuff.

So the manufacturers and wholesalers convert and sell these products made from the higher priced commodities to the retailers - who of course raise the retail price to make a profit. Then you walk into the store or drive into the gas station and become shocked at the price increase! Finally you mistakenly believe inflation is high prices. It is a sign of inflation. Inflation is those bankers printing up too much money because they can - legally. But the middle class find themselves on a fixed income that lags behind the inflated prices for the things they buy. Gas has not increased in value. It just takes more dollars to buy the same amount of gas because the dollar is worth less. If we keep electing leaders who allow the bankers to keep this up then the invisible hand will soon make the dollar for all intents and purposes - worthless. This is the sneakiest tax of them all that hurts the middle class but crushes the hopes of the poor. It was designed and implemented by the robber barons in the early 20th Century including J.P. Morgan himself.

We're the Government and You're Not