Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Manipulated Slaves

I marvel at how compliant the vast majority of you slaves are here in America. Slaves all across the globe are rioting and demanding to be treated like human beings but here in the states we raise our hands only to beg our masters for more cheese and dough. Well what do you think they're feeding you for "free?"

Look! These snakes are the most evil entities ever to slither over the planet and they actually enjoy murdering even little children. But how do I get that fact across to a nation of cackling chickens who laugh at me because they're still getting free feed?

You're being fed crap meant to debilitate you then send you off to an early grave. You laugh at the idea that you are a slave. Keep lining up to be groped. Continue to permit government spies and their contractors to let your bedrooms be their peep shows. Let our rulers hide the technologies that would revolutionize the lives of the average slaves. What do you think NSA spying is for? You slaves actually think the spying is to keep you safe from terrorists. NSA IS the terrorists! The spying is to keep that info quiet from you slaves. They snoop to immediately know when new technology is invented so they can make the inventor an offer he better not refuse. These dirt bags spy to identify the good cops, politicians and people in general to undermine them and minimize their credibility in the minds of you slaves. Speaking of minds, you slaves laugh at the notion that your minds and body are systematically being poisoned while you're slurping up your potions of death.

When the big attack happens, perhaps very soon, you sheep will herd as you have been pre-programmed. The owners know this and that their only hope is to cull most of you before you wise up. You slaves would be so pissed off if you found out.