Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama Economic Czar Nominee

Pundits expect swift confirmation
despite the Darla incident.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Price Bubble Heads

Here is how the Federal Reserve causes price bubbles. First the Federal Reserve offers fake money in the form of Federal Reserve notes that they will lend out to, for example, home purchasers. But there are only so many homes for purchase. Borrowing this funny money at very low interest rate is only possible due to Fed policy - period. More and more potential home buyers bid against one another to buy the same houses which drives up the cost for buying a home. The prices are driven ever higher because the Federal Reserve Board will print up as much of the counterfeit currency as needed to lend out. In reality, these homes are no more valuable from one day to the next. The reason the homes cost more and more is as the Federal Reserve increases the money supply it reduces the buying power of each dollar new and old.

Once the banksters have ample suckers locked into mortgages for homes at these inflated price bubble levels the Federal Reserve Board cuts the supply of money in the economy. This causes the price of homes to plummet reflecting the increased value of the remaining dollars in the economy. However, because the supply of money has been willfully reduced by the Fed, the price shock downward causes the weakest companies and individuals to essentially be put out of business. They lose these businesses, all their jobs then their homes. Naturally, the banksters are sitting on piles of cash so they can pick and choose which fire sale properties they get to snap up from the victims for a song.

The Federal Reserve Board has been doing this swindle since 1913. This time they screwed up big time. They got too greedy and I believe have killed the goose that was laying their golden eggs. These private bankers, many foreign, are desperate to fix their system so they can go back to milking us like cows again. But their piracy this go around is so vast that they have actually made millions of Americans start to look into the Federal Reserve Board. That will be the end of these vipers. Once enough Americans understand this swindle they will revolt, replace all of the political scum in collusion with these foreigners banksters then readopt gold and silver based money. It appears both of my Senators in Maryland are in collusion with the foreign attackers crushing our economy. They and most of the others need to be replaced. They are unAmerican scum!

Federal Reserve Caused The Bubbles

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freedom Watch

To Regulate Or Not To Regulate

This isn't the question but banksters want you to think it is. Simply put, the Federal Reserve Board wants you to forget about all the fiat currency they lent out over and over again using the same dollars at incredibly low rates. NOoooo... The problem with the economy is too many people borrowed too much money lent out by mortgage companies that used poor judgment and now they will not get paid back.

What the vipers at the Federal Reserve Board don't want to talk about is that by flooding the economy with cheap money then shutting off the flow of this money it caused wild price surges like for gasoline then the prices collapsed leaving many businesses and individuals wondering what hit them. Why is their home worth half as much? Why is their 401K cut in half? Why are they unemployed because the price swings for commodities put their bosses out of business?

So Obama's answer is let the Federal Reserve have economic oversight and more power. But they should be audited which should lead to prosecutions and jail terms.

Senate Banking Committee - Fed Shills

Certainly, every single member of this committee is a corrupt disgrace to their office. I can't even say they were lobbing softball questions at Geithner. They were t-balling him. Not one of these foreign banker owned traitors asked even one logical question like whether we should audit the Federal Reserve Board to see if they are crooks before we make them economy overlords.

Fortunately, Tomas never voted for any of these traitors to their nation. If you did then you can still repent and become a patriot again. Please do not vote for these scoundrels again.

Obama's Idiot

Amigos, this is the idiot that broke the economy with his counterfeit fiat dollars. A large majority of the Congress has cosponsored Ron Paul's HR 1207 to audit his Federal Reserve Board. Therefore, Obama responds by suggesting that we actually put this boob in charge over more of the economy - billions and perhaps trillions worth. You still think Obama is your friend? Still think he's for the little guy? Hey maybe Obama will stand up for black people and put these white elite men in their places? In the case of the above nincompoop his place will be master of our money and overseer of the economy.
You wanted change America? Well you shall have it. But you can kiss the dollar and your asses goodbye for free range slavery and 21st Century serfdom.

Paul Krugman - Economic Shill

Whenever this guy comes on the tube the BS starts flowing. This cat is now claiming he predicted the housing bubble. However some smart honest people are going back over his writing to check that assertion out. Turns out he was saying we need to have easy credit and low interest rates and he was hunky dory about the prospect for our economy only a few years ago.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Freedom Watch

Don't Smear Me Bro'

Sure I take issue with the rulers here not comprehending the plainly written English in the Constitution. Of course I don't believe a word of what the big network media and government statistical data claim to shove my thinking into a place of their choosing. Naturally I know that the private Federal Reserve Board bankers are swindlers who are attacking our economy and watering down our sovereignty for foreign interests.

But that doesn't make me a terrorist as many big mouth media mouthpieces claim recently. I am not advocating any sort of violence especially from the rulers. So stop saying I'm a skin head, terrorist harboring, sympathizer with the devil who needs to be exterminated sort of a guy.

I prefer the Jesus, Gandhi type of approach to defeating my adversaries. We just keep on talking until the enemy says "Jesus enough already! We'll do what ever you want but shut up!" Today we're still in the stage of the enemy attacking us of course. But that's way better than in days past when they and you ignored us. All we believers in individual liberty must do is get the enemy to keep attacking us until you realize we are right. Then the power of an idea whose time has come will become apparent.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shepard Smith - FOX Shill

The Shepard Boy

Are You A Low-Level Terrorist?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 PM Tonight