Saturday, July 14, 2007

Freedom for Cubans but not Arabs?

Freedom for Cubans but not Arabs?

Sorry amigos but freedom is deserved by all. Some may feel Cubans deserve freedom but not those darn Arabs. But I to be moral and consistent must support freedom seekers everywhere or I do not deserve freedom for myself or my loved ones. The fact remains that we prop up emirs, dictators and princes throughout the middle east and the people there are poor and not allowed to vote. They blame us because of the billions we give to these tyrants who brutally uphold their rule in almost every case. Plus we have our troops in over 100 countries often involved in killing innocent civilians and even raping women and children. These are documented facts and right now there is a soldier standing charges for these crimes.

So you can think they hate us for being free then ponder why they don't attack a 500 year old democracy like Switzerland if that were so. Or you can think they hate us because they want to be free too and they see our money and troops getting in the way all the time. Time will tell I'm sure.

Freedom for Cubans but not Arabs?

Thanks Enrique and Clem

Thanks Enrique and Clem

The information that follows was sent to me by Enrique and Clem about the tourist situation in Cuba - which means their economy. It is collapsing. I know you guys in Havana and there abouts are reading this so let me pose these questions to you. Do you think things will turn around with the world now wised up to your bait and switch tourism? The rest of the planet doesn't operate like you guys. You are the only game in town in Cuba but there are plenty of other tourist destination that have reputable histories. You knuckle heads have shaken down your clients and they are not coming back as long as the current collection of collectivists are in charge. If you think things will get better you are completely deluded. Are you going to wait until Cubans explode in anger at your greedy mismanagement of their nation? It wouldn't be the first time rulers miscalculated and wound up dead in the streets. Will you generals order your troops to kill the Cuban people for trying to be free and productive or will you kill Raul and a few key tyrants and become the heroes of the Cuban people? Do all of you guys in charge down there still believe you can create wealth without free people and their untaxed labor? The end time of the experiment draws near. What's it going to be? Will Raul and the top guys split like Batista and let the military take over for a peaceful transition to a free Cuba - or will lots of blood need to be spilled? There are several groups of competing interests in Cuba who will answer these questions in the near term. I hope it's peaceful for everybody.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Quick Reality Check

Quick Reality Check

What is more likely to kill you especially if like me you live or work in a big American city like DC? Like for sure dude...we've got to save like the planet for sure right? Will you die from global warming or from being incinerated in a terrorist nuclear detonation? The fact is this planet will be here and be just fine long after we're gone. For many of you that will be much sooner than you may have imagined. As for global warming...mind the weather but otherwise don't be overly concerned. As for your government poking around militarily in the affairs of over 100 nations around the world propping up dictators, kings and potentates - maybe you ought to give that a bit more of your thinking time?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Myth of Cuban Health Care

Immigrants are Good

are Good

I was watching some BBC footage sent to me by Enrique of the Mariel exodus. Looking back now it is easy to prove that the US is better off as a result of Castro foolishly driving out those Cubans. Today Cuba is far worse than in 1980 and sinking fast. Why? It is because they create very little wealth. The fact is wealth cannot at this point in time be created without human beings. Therefore if you want to make some of the vitally needed stuff necessary for a decent civilized life then the first component that is a must-have is - tah dah! PEOPLE!!! Next it has been proven historically beyond a shadow of a doubt that the freer those humans are the more wealth they will create. Finally, if those people have a fair access to a small piece of earthly location (land or earth space) and are permitted to own all of their labor created wealth that God has given to them and no one else - humans will be able to fend quite nicely for themselves without government "services." Those "services" are what they state sir - vices! The country that I receive the second most hits from is Cuba. So I know you guys are getting this economic and social policy that I keep yammering about. You know it makes sense while that 19th Century backwards failed scheme that you live under is so stupid. Hey guess what? The US government pisses me off about a lot of things as well so we already have something in common. I promise you that if you adopt the social and economic policies which I advocate you will be a wealthy country in no time. Then you'll be able to show Americans a thing of two. The best revenge is to be magnanimous in success.

What are you waiting for people? If all of you resign from your jobs (sort of like a permanent labor strike) then it's over for Raul. Really a military alliance of several of the generals, who I know read this stuff, would be the quickest avenue. With military control during the transition to fair land access capitalism (which even your boy Karl Marx said was the only way capitalism might even work) we could have a peaceful reintroduction of freed labor for vast wealth creation while ensuring all Cubans fair land access. So you military men talk amongst yourselves while Fidel finishes dying. When the moment presents itself strike without warning in the dark of night. Decapitate the heads then give us a call. We only want to help and we can immediately bring in millions of dollars and other aide. Why would you even hesitate to act except for the right time?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tourist Prison Food

Socialism is Death

The Cuba Treatment for Tourist

Che on AT&T

Che on AT&T

Thanks to the Cubanazos site (a pretty cool site) for bringing to our attention the stupid Che promotion by AT&T. This will cause the corporation no benefit but if Cubans act appropriately it should cost them a bundle. There should be NO Cuban who uses AT&T long distance until the Che campaign is abolished, an apology must be issued to the Cuban people and the knucklehead who devised this campaign should be fired! Please sign the petition at Cubanazos.

Look Cubanos...there is so much that is out of our control that we must not ever miss a chance to act when given the opportunity. For example, I like having a cell phone just for emergencies. But I canceled my Virgin cell phone because Virgin Atlantic flies tourists to Cuba to be waited on by the imprisoned slaves on the island. If at least 1000 Cubans don't cancel AT&T long distance by the end of the week I'll be very disappointed! Pass the word around and thanks to Artie at Cubanazos for bringing this to our attention.

Mas Dengue

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dengue Harvest

Dengue Harvest

It's approaching dengue fever season again in Cuba. Castro's government swears that no such thing happens until tenacious Cuban exile bloggers overwhelm that lie with the truth. I ask the Cuban Resistance to not waste this year's opportunity. As the dengue fever patients, that aren't supposed to exist according to the regime, lay in their sick beds see to it that they are bitten with several mosquitoes. Collect those live infected mosquitoes and put them in a match box or other small container. Go to the police station or the government office that has caused the people harm enforcing the revolution but wait until it is later in the day to coincide with your pet's feeding time. Release your pets inside the building after asking some stupid question or reporting the block spy for anti-revolutionary activity. If we are lucky our little friends will bite many apparachiks before being squashed. The junta can't really complain about this resistance tactic since Fidel supposedly eradicated dengue fever from the island a decade ago.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Killing Another Cuban Journalist

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jose & Enrique Radio

Enrique (Abajo Fidel) and Jose will be having talk
show on Tuesday 9:00 P.M.

Finish Off Cuban Slave Economy

Finish Off Cuban
Slave Economy

We must completely crush the Cuban junta's economy. We will have this opportunity of blessings that are now converging, but only for a short time. The U.S. economy is due for a downturn which means the rest of the world too. Now is not the time to send any remittances to Cuba because Raul takes too big a cut. The seesaw oil market is due to swing back to a glut as the world market adapts to higher prices and uses less oil. This will cause Venezuela's economy to implode and they should be of no help to Cuba thereafter. Tourism is on a downward spiral so we have to keep warning those still traveling to Cuba that it is the worst of tourist traps, much more expensive than advertised and dangerous. Plus the natives are hostile and will rob the tourists blind when given any opportunity.

Remember, this crushing of the Cuban economy will have barely any effect on average Cubans. They are already starving, lacking basic health care and a decent place to live. That will continue until Raul and gang can't make any further profit and abdicate the throne.