Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Me And World War Three

Okay here's my futile attempt at stopping WWIII. By now everybody knows that the Obama/Kerry backed Al Qaeda rebels were the ones responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Syria just like the previous ones. Jiffy John Kerry says it doesn't even make a difference who did the war crime and he will launch an attack on Syria to punish them for being the target.

Next comes the cruise missiles which will cause a response from Syria, Iran, Russia, China - take your pick. It will result in one of our ships and all of the sailors at the bottom of the Mediterranean. Then these snakes in charge are betting on American outrage and the counter attack to whomever fired back at us. Before long nukes are being exchanged leaving you, me and our kids as sudden additions to the earth's atmosphere while the snakes lie in their bomb shelter den of vipers until the smoke clears. Then they can lay rightful claim to the earth.

What can you or I do about it? NOTHING! It's come down to this. When the psychopath King George was bringing ruin on the Colonies he was removed from office here by the continental military. That's our last hope I'm afraid. Obama and his cronies must be relieved from command by the military before attacking a sovereign nation without Congressional approval and now without even the U.N.'s approval.

Pray there is a George Washington in the military who will do the right thing. The traitors would be removed from office during this emergency military takeover. However this military takeover would not see citizens being rounded up for FEMA camp extermination. Instead the Congress, President, Cabinet, judges, etc. would be arrested by the military in a counter coup taking back America from the foreign bankers. All would be given fair trials and surely most would be convicted. The evidence of massive treason and high crimes is only questioned by fluoride damaged individuals, those earning a good living not to ask questions and the traitors themselves. New elections would be held, perhaps even a Constitutional Convention. Finally the military would relinquish power back to the civilian government.

Yes I know this is a long shot in the dark that will never get heard except for the NSA/CIA employees who will, as usual, be my first readers here and sometimes my only readers. So I'm appealing to you as well. How good is your bomb shelter amigo? Picture your children and grand children vaporized. It's why I don't fear you and write these warnings. It's the nuclear war that troubles me.