Friday, June 04, 2010


The main trouble with the world is the small minority of the rich and powerful are relatively united while the people in disunity out of ignorance. However, the elite's power is also their biggest weakness. Why?

Because they are big time collectivist central planners pretending to be some kind of capitalist. Their centralized, mostly monopolized or marketed shared spoils of the powerful is a sitting duck to collective organized action. How's that?

Well do most people really need a cell phone? How about the lowest hanging fruit for the plucking? Go after the cable companies and form a consumer union. No not me you. I'm too busy but I'll tell you how to do it. Organize your cable user consumer union over the net, sign members up for free and when your numbers are strong enough tell the cable company how it's going to be. If they don't agree go on strike in unison and demand the cable be shut off all members household, It would crush the cable companies very quickly or they would have to acquiesce to the union demands.

Then after freshly handling the cable monopolies go after insurance. Remember...whatever economic tactic you choose to do must be done in unison by all union members.

So go ahead kids and form up some consumer unions on the net and free the planet.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Truth Catch 22

Here's the thing. On the one hand what I warn about IS the truth. But on the other, who am I? Why should I be believed? This is especially so considering my beliefs are contrary to the conventional wisdom spewed by politicians, reporters and the so-call scientific community. Nonetheless I am correct. The ruling elites know people like me are correct as well. We make them nervous. We are constantly warning the rest of the herd about these selfish wolves dressed in compassionate robes. They wish they could just eliminate us but that is a tricky maneuver.

These wolves know that if they show their teeth too soon before they have the herd corralled in their control grid then the herd will stampede and kill them. Still, if the elites don't do anything then the awareness of their evil grows larger every day. Most people on the planet today absolutely hate and distrust their leaders. They have finally become suspicious of their political class. When the people find out the truth then these snakes days are numbered.

This means America and the other western countries are swelling with individuals who have become aware of the contempt in which the leaders have for us all. We know their basic plans. They have to sow chaos and use the disorder to eliminate people like me who think too much. I am suspicious of everything these days that could cause chaos. Take for example the ship sinking being blamed on North Korea. Because our media is blaming North Korea I suspect they had nothing to do with the incident. Same for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The media says is was a tragic accident. So I suspect sabotage. In fact America and the other western countries are under a secret attack by the globalists bent on ruling the world. So expect lots more of the same coming from a multi-dimensional approach. The elites will continue manipulating the money supply to cause price shocks and economic chaos. Just like during the 1930s they will use immigration as a divisive lever to pit one segment of society against the other in a job starved economy.

Expect more false flag attacks. Of course false flag attacks are becoming more difficult these days now that the truth of the 9/11 treason is more widely known. Even so the criminals are still in charge of the prosecutor's office and not likely to bring themselves up on charges of mass murder and treason. Likewise, the networks who know they have been lying through their teeth for years, damn sure can't stop lying now. Can you imagine? They can't even claim ignorance. That is almost as bad as being complicit as the top honchos in the mainstream media surely are. But the media claiming that they didn't know what really happened on 9/11 would be like your doctor saying he was sorry for telling you that you had a sprained ankle when actually you had cancer. Surely, you would find another doctor. That is why the media MUST continue to lie to us. To admit the truth is the end of their existence. Even if I could believe that the big media heads were not complicit in this ongoing treason, something that I believe is an impossibility, the fact that they could be dupe makes their "news" services totally worthless. For me this has already occurred. Not only am I suspicious of big network news, I don't even trust their commercial sponsors. Just by sponsoring a network news show makes me far less likely to use that sponsor's goods or services.

So what's next? Just mind what the media and politicos are warning you about. They always prepare the herd for what's coming. Lately they have really been pushing the racism angle and how everybody opposed to Obama's collectivist policies must be a racist. So assassination could be in the cards. Remember though, as with Kennedy, it will be someone in his entourage who actually does the murder. In addition, there are millions of ignorant dupes around the world who can easily be manipulated into committing terrorist acts. Lately, in case anyone hasn't noticed, most of the so-called domestic terrorists are funded by the FBI. Most times the FBI rushes in and arrests the perpetrators with the bombs provided to the dupes by the FBI. Sometimes the FBI lets the terrorists complete their mission as with the Oklahoma bombing. McVeigh was working for military intelligence and was part of a much broader government conspiracy to demonize the growing patriot movement. Either he is a dead executed dupe or he is living comfortably under an alias after plastic surgery and a fake execution. In a job starved economy immigration will be used again to pit Hispanics against non-Hispanics. Expect some atrocity committed by either group against the other but funded by the FBI and orchestrated as well.

I am correct about the future but few people will learn the truth from me. So even though what I write about worries the oligarchy they don't dare shut me up. That could cause millions to start looking at this blog by them calling attention to me. So I'll keep sounding the alarm for as long as I can - for all the good it will do.