Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Secret War

There has been a war going on for several hundred years now. The trouble is most people around the world are clueless about it. Sadly this means being easily defeated by the enemy.

In the distant past war was all about lining up armies and having at each other until one side or the other cut and ran from the battlefield. Not so today. As with wars throughout history, the leaders wish to control resources and people. The difference in the modern world is the leaders can instantly control all mass media information in order to control the perceptions of the masses. In our case the rulers own the two main sources of so-called news, A.P. and Reuters. From these two information streams flows all of the beliefs that regular people then debate. Therefore, the leaders can make any individual or group appear to be the enemy and they do so twenty-four hours a day.

Using these two main streams of information the rulers create unlimited enemies with which to frighten the people. In essence, the rulers easily pit us against each other because we have been duped by them into believing other people or groups are the enemy. For example, gays are pitted against straights and traditional families, Christians and Jews against Muslims or gun owners against gun abolitionists. The number of mass media generated enemies is enormous and growing by the hour. One disturbing enemy is the false race battle. The rulers have always loved to play this card. They have caused the lynchings of blacks, the internment of Japanese Americans, the holocaust of six million Jews and now they are going for the Muslim population. I was amazed and shocked recently watching a video of Americans who were calling for Muslims to wear markers so they could be identified as such while in public - like the Jews were required to do with the Star of David in Nazi Germany. These duped Americans have been led to believe that Muslims are the enemy. They apparently didn't know that the Nazi treatment didn't just stop with the Jews but eventually came around to effect everybody.

People of the world please stop just for a second and be reasonable. You and I want the same things out of life since we are average folks. We want to work to earn a living, mind our families and lead a peaceful existence. Right? It makes no difference what race or religion you happen to be or where you occupy space on the earth. This is what you want. We do not have aspirations of empire nor the desire for wealth beyond what we could ever consume. We feel no outward urge to subjugate others except perhaps out of fear that they might do this to us first. These flaws are not possessed by the vast majority of people. However, the same cannot be said for our leaders or their hidden bosses. It is they that have the higher crawling...not us.

Amigos, you must see this absolute truth or you are doomed to squabble amongst yourselves forever. Stop debating the nonsense that you see and hear on TV. This is their weapon of mass distraction. It is the steering wheel of the real enemy. The real enemy has already conquered America and for that matter Europe and many other places on earth. But their conquest ends the second everybody wises up to their information war. As long as you think of me as the enemy no matter what groups you fall into you are doomed. My enemy is a cabal of international bankers and the lackeys they employ in the U.S. government. My enemy is the propaganda media machines that suckered the rest of you into actually electing those lackeys to office. Many of you have gotten angry at me for pointing out these truths and not just laying down with the big media. I don't waste time responding to the anger because you are still not my enemy. You have been duped by my enemy. They are where I direct my attack.

I know how my enemy operates now. It allows me the benefit seeing their future plans. I see two possible enemy attacks before the midterm elections. One, the enemy will give Obama the Kennedy treatment to set the races against one another. The enemy will use the chaos to eliminate people like me and regain control of an increasingly angry population. Another possibility is the enemy will detonate a nuke in a big American city. This has pitfall like it would cause millions to flee from all cities perhaps forever. I believe this scenario is less likely but should it happen it will not be done by Muslim terrorists but by our mutual enemy - international bankers like Rothschild, Rockefeller and Oppenheimer.

There is good news however. Our enemy is scare and in disarray. They squabble amongst themselves about how to proceed. So they may remain paralyzed and do nothing. Everything they have recently tried to pull off like the Swine Flu scare or the Global Warming hoax during this mini ice age has come off very badly. The enemy fears the Federal Reserve will be audited knowing that will be the end of their game. So they will manipulate the market downward and blame it on the uncertainty of the Bernanke renomination or fear of the audit. The market is going down because this is what the enemy wants it to do and they can create all the money in the world to make it happen.

These next ten months will be the most dangerous times in American history. Keep your eyes open for the enemy. They are in your rear.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Economic Horror!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The White House Gate Crashers

My Wife's Right

So far at least. She said before the election that the Republican party leadership put McCain up for president because he was so bad that the Democrats would be sure to win. She says they did this because they, like me and a few other forward thinkers like Peter Schiff, Max Keiser and Gerald Celente all knew the economy was going to go into the toilet. She figured if the Democrats were in charge during the greatest depression then Americans would revolt on their leadership and perhaps never elect a Democrat again. This fiasco was not due to a lack of oversight. Lew Rockwell sums up the swindle here so any fool could see the rip off.

Be that as it may, is Scott Brown a party hack for the Republican Party leadership? Will he tow their party line which means continue to sell out his country and countrymen to the invading international bankers? Or will he be a patriot and double cross the traitors in the Republican leadership? I hope it's the latter.

Scott, if you're not sure what to do let me give you a bit of advice. The problem with America is it has fallen under the control of greedy foreign bankers like Rothschild and Oppenheimer as well as domestic traitors like Rockefeller. They use the Congress like their own personal social engineering toolbox. The dome of fools where you are driving your pick-up to is filled with these dolts who believe they can manipulate our families, neighborhoods and nation into their vision of happiness. They and their minions in the bureaucracy are meddling do-gooders who are bankrupting America to the joy of the international banksters. So what would a patriot do?

Please vote to return the time, body and money to the rightful owners - the American people. Stop all of this expensive collectivist nonsense. Obey the Constitution to the letter absolutely. This requires honest representatives to acknowledge that 95% of everything the federal government is involved in is totally illegal and must be stopped before our economy totally collapses. We have no military business occupying hundreds of nations with our troops - the military industrial complex/international banksters do. BIG BUSINESS! The federal government has no authority under the Constitution to outlaw drugs, gambling, certain toilets, etc. These are state functions of law. The fact is the economy will not improve until our federal overlords get the hell out of the way of the American people so they can get back to work.

If you choose to go along with the traitors in the Republican party leadership rather than the American people the economy will not get better this time. Our nation will split apart in violence. This is the goal of the attacking foreign bankers because we will be much less troublesome to their global plans if we are warring amongst ourselves. Is that what you want? Will you follow the directions of the party leadership or the interests of the American people?

Time will tell.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Secret Rulers