Friday, March 15, 2013

March 22, 2013

All signs point to something big happening on this date. Naturally it will be staged. Should enough people realize something fishy is scheduled for this date the nuts may call it off for fear of getting nabbed this time.

Be prepared either way.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Convening A People's Constitutional Convention

You all can't just stand around while these globalist snakes take down our republic. Amigos, it's high time we convene a people's constitutional convention.

Let me say right off the bat that we don't need the part of the population that still swigs on the network aspartame. We need serious, enlighten constitutionalists who will address the serious usurpation of our individuals rights, treasonous behavior by elected officials and unelected bureaucrats alike and finally develop a plan of action.

After pondering the question as to where to hold this convention I think Washington, DC has lots of benefits for our convention. I can tell you one big plus with the District of Columbia is the cops. Mostly these consist of DC Police and Park Police. Having seen them in action let me assure you they fold like Dixie Cups in a crisis. They head for the barracks rather than risk injury to themselves when numbers are overwhelming. So there would need to be several million Americans descending on the Capital or the authorities wouldn't take us seriously. We want crooked congressmen and senators as well as others to realize the jig is up. It's time for them to head for the borders or face prosecution by Courts that are backed by the American people.

Naturally, whilst not convening, conventioneers should take in the amply historical sights available mostly without charge. Be prepared to experience the $5 coke however. Conventioneers must be prepared for rain as surely traitors with a HAARP weapon will use it against us. Therefore the convention needs to be held in the spring or fall when the unamerican filth using taxpayer financed weather weapons can do the least harm.

We have some great patriots in this movement who would be vital for the construction and running of the convention. The people most likely would form up into state groups for voting purposes. The convention would issue a set of orders for the state legislators to follow on such matters as the arrest and prosecution of all government officials and private individuals involved in the Fast and Furious treason, the Corzine swindle, etc. as well as nullification of all unconstitutional laws and fiat regulations. Finally the convention will decide the fate of the corrupt federal government. That would consist of dissolving the federal government as it is beyond salvation, expunging all debt incurred by the criminals in government as well as the private Federal Reserve Bank and designing a new federal governing mechanism for America that takes advantage of technologies which allow a more decentralized national government more in line with the ideals of the American republic of free individuals.

Mind you amigos it says right in our governing documents that we have the right to throw off oppressive government and create a new one. In these days where they jail farmers for selling raw milk while conniving to secretly slip aspartame into all dairy and more - it's high time we assert that right and throw the rascals out of power and for the most part into jail. Who's with me?