Saturday, October 11, 2008

Excellect Time For Change - In Cuba

It is Cuba, not the United States, that is ripe for change. Here is why.

Americans still cling to the notion that their leaders can put the old fiat money financial scheme back into play. Most do not have a clue even today as to how our fractional marginal banking system operates. In short, the majority of Americans are socialists who rail against socialism while embracing the ideology. Sadly, what they'd hoped for was the type of socialism embraced by people the world around - family, friends, neighbors and business relationships. What they've gotten is Mussolini corporate welfare socialism. We even have the goon squads and secret jails to prove it.

Cubans, on the other hand, put their faith in a group that seized power violently from the older corrupt regime. But who are we to talk? We did the same thing here a few hundred years ago. This however, is not the point. The point is the group of people in Cuba did not have a sound grounding in economics or they would never have proceeded down the path Cuba has traveled. This is apparent to everyone today - even to those still trying to run Cuba and who fear for their lives.

The trouble is while in corporate welfare America we are permitted to work freely but have our wealth taken from us for the benefit of the corporations - in Cuba everything is centrally designed. I have the purest of motivations for Cuba. Having said that, I will tell you without hesitation that I do not have a clue how to "run" Cuba and would decline the position if available. How does anyone decide what is best for 11 million individuals with varying needs, abilities and motivations? No sirree amigos. That job can only be undertaken by those very same 11 million Cubans and now would be a great time to do that. Do you want to know why?

The rest of the world is in chaos financially and otherwise. People the world over are looking for a safe haven for their capital. Here is where Cuba comes in. If Cuba announces it is going to change to a genuine "free market" economy it would be a dagger in the heart of the international banksters. Some may think me crazy for envisioning such a thing because there is so much confusion about what a free market economy is. But it is possible to do following a number of concrete steps. If Cubans do these necessary steps then the capital will surge into Cuba looking for safety. If organized correctly, this will mean more jobs then can be filled by 11 million Cubans so wages and benefits will constantly be driven upwards for the average Jose. Here are the first steps that must be taken:

1. The top old guard in Cuba must resign. The reason is financial more than anything. If the current rulers of Cuba, who were never elected, are not in charge any longer then why should the Cuban people be responsible for the debt run up by the former regime? The last thing Cuba needs right now is to rebuild with two broken legs. Cubans owe the world financial players nothing - period. Sorry about that international banksters - not!

2. Release all prisoners of conscience and those convicted of economic crimes that would not be considered illegal in a free market. This would be announced to the Cuban people along with the new Cuban deal. This will give the Cuban people hope and motivation for the future.

3. Remove all taxes on remittances from overseas and in the marketplace that drive up costs for the Cuban people while suppressing the motivation from people outside Cuba to give.

4. Announce that Cubans will now be the only actual free humans on the planet. As proof make it clear that Cubans own their time, body and labor output free of all tax. Tell Cubans to do whatever is legally possible to create products and services for fellow Cubans and people everywhere. Explain that as long as they are not harming people or cheating them with fraud then each Cuban will get to keep the profit from their labor expenditures. Only this provision will ignite the marketplace and bring the Cuban people what they need. Every Cuban should start their own business - maybe two or three because they get to keep all the profits.

5. Invite the businesses and agricultural sector whom were robbed and evicted. Just give them their dilapidated infrastructure back or their farm. But here's the deal. They can bring any equipment into the country duty free. The only regular tax they will have to pay in Cuba will be the site value tax for their land holdings based on location value. Even this tax should be waived as compensation for their original losses for a time period and with this form of tax farmers are not even taxed as they are in outlying areas not possessing location value. So outsiders and exiles will have tremendous motivation to bring capital to Cuba to fire up the economy of the island. Being an otherwise tax free nation means they can employ Cubans with no tax expense or paperwork overhead.

6. Enact homesteading provisions that grant Cubans ownership of their property even though it may have a destroyed house on it or one in grave need of repair. That way the individual Cubans can decide if they want to rebuild there or sell the property and use the profits to buy or build a home elsewhere. Offer land grants of government held land to exiles as compensation for their lost homes and property as incentive for them to return to build a new, probably retired life in Cuba. Many of them in America would love a safe place for the wealth that they have earned in the U.S. which is now unsecured under corporate socialism.

7. Convert the peso into a hard currency based on precious metals. Local Banks should be legalized but strictly regulated to ban the practice of lending out money that they do not have in their vaults. They should otherwise be permitted to set their own individual lending rates. All precious metals stored in these banks from overseas should be held tax free as further incentive to park wealth in Cuba. Depositors should have great privacy for their accounts as a further lure for capital.

8. Announce "Reconstruction Tourism." Here is a way for those who have benefited from cheap Cuban labor in the past for their vacations to pay a little back. In addition those who come during this special tourist period to help jump-start Cuba will pay no tourist tax now or as long as they live. We must be very up front about this offer. It will be no picnic but will be a great investment for their future as well as personally rewarding. Tourists should know that they must bring their own accommodations like tents, mosquito netting, food, drinking water, necessary medications, etc. These tourists should also be sort of like mules carrying in the maximum payload possible of things like tools, appliances and building material. This will also be an opportunity to build lifetime relationships with Cubans.

9. Announce all travel restrictions removed from Cuban people. Explain that from here forward free Cubans can come and go as they like without checking in with the government. Ask that they please refrain from violating restriction on immigration to other less free countries like the United States of American. However, the reality is if these provisions discussed herein are followed then the real problem Cuba will face is too many people wanting to live in Cuba. It will be such a great place to live.

10. Finally, in reality this is the first thing we must do.

We should convene a Cuban Constitutional Convention in Havana. Ask the Cuban people now who they want to debate these constitutional questions and set forth a document for their approval. The entire proceeding should be constantly broadcast on television for the Cuban people and the world to see. Cubans everywhere should be involved in this peaceful, deliberate debate on the course of Cuba's future. It would please me greatly if Cubans would allow me to be involved in the economic debates of the convention. I see this as the next revolution even more profound than the American revolution of 1776. The Americans believed individual liberty worked the best but did not know all of the perils that awaited the implementation of these freedoms like the banksters and their money schemes. If Cubans are smart, and I believe they are, they will take these original concepts and improve upon them. They will avoid the pitfalls that have clearly befallen the United States. Doing these things in an unselfish manner for the good of the Cuban people will make Cuba rise up from the ashes of the past and become an economic super power - maybe in as little as ten years.

Give this some thought. One thing certain. In America there is still wealth and time to fiddle around. In Cuba there is no other way out of the dilemma left from hurricanes and failed economic policy. Lets do something constructive before something bad happens. Even a bit of hope goes a long way to calming the people. Don't you think amigos?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Incompetent Criminals

You have the worst of circumstances amigos. You have elected criminals to public office who are also ignorant as rocks about economics. It is incredible to me that apparently a majority of voters still plan on voting for one of the two bankster backed candidates - McCain or O'Bama. What is even more amazing is these voters hope that the two mainstream morons will change things for the better. Of course one of the morons must lose and once the economy really turns ugly next year the supporters of the losing candidate, probably McCain, will cry if only the public had elected their candidate things would have turned out fine. But other than using generalized labels, most of you still do not get it. Most of you do not have a grasp of what is happening to our economy.

So let me try to explain one more time as clearly as possible. The illegal Federal Reserve creates counterfeit money for the banks to lend out to people like you and me. Mostly to fund the war in Iraq the Federal Reserve printed huge quantities of extra fiat currency. The entire world is gorged with debt from this hyperinflation of the dollar and nobody knows exactly who owes whom and if they'll be able to pay the loan back or not. So banks are afraid to loan out any money. In a fractional reserve banking system, which is the scheme the Federal Reserve private bankers use, lending out money is the main way the money supply grows. Therefore, no loans and the money supply begins to shrink. As it shrinks the value of the dollars remaining in the economy grows which means you need less of them to buy what you need. Excepting food, which will drop in price soon enough as people grow their own, commodity prices are dropping along side Real Estate and your stock portfolio. The above mentioned criminals are concentrating on figuring out a way to prop up stock prices and Real Estate worth because most of you think the dropping prices for these things is the problem. It is not. Let me say it again. The problem is we are using a fiat money system that was hyper-inflated into price bubbled debt that is now too large to pay back. Because of this the banks won't lend money and the money supply drops causing a deflationary depression.

It is incredible that you have been TV massaged into believing the CNBC nonsense so easily. I can't be too upset with you because I have been where you are in the past myself. However, I wised up. There is no way in hell to put this counterfeit money scheme back into play. Just because Americans only now are awaking to the fact that they have been victims of Federal Reserve counterfeiters, the rest of the world is already onto the scam.

The way I see it only two scenarios await our future. Either we abolish the Federal Reserve System in lieu of a locally based banking hard money system using gold and silver as specified in the U.S. Constitution or the shysters running the show now will take this nation down, kill many Americans outright or from neglect and in the end destroy our once great nation as we know it. It may already be too late even if you attempted to vote the perpetrators out of office because they could have the vote rigged since they count the votes in secret these days or use unverifiable touch screen paperless voting system with no records. There is a good chance you have already picked you Congressman, Senator and Presidential preference - whether you like it or not.

Bush just finished speaking again offering yet another $700 billion dollar rescue plan. It was just a few weeks ago he was saying the economy was fundamentally sound. How much longer are you going to listen to these idiots, amigos?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Press Mute

In these unsure times the surest way to stay confused is listen to these idiots on networks like CNBC. What a collection of collectivist morons they are. For the love of God and country, amigos, please hit the mute button. It's okay to watch the DOW going down without sound however.

Tune out the infoganda now. By muting the sound I never have to hear the infogandists ever explain the reason the market goes up or down because their ox is not being gored in the manner which suits them.

Pigs Or Peace Officers?

The guys in uniform violating this man's right to free speech are pigs. PIG! PIGS! PIGS! Anyone who violates their oath of office is an unAmerican PIG!!! These porkers disgust me! Notice how the O'Bama fanatics chant "we have rights" as they have goons remove the man who speaks the truth about the democrat party presidential tyrant. HEY BLUE SUITED PIGS!!! It's the First Amendment! Can't you government school educated jerks read? I suppose not.

This is how it started in Nazi Germany. Sadly, the majority of you American idiots only now think there might be something wrong because your 401Ks are sinking like the Titanic. Are you O'Bama supporters so weak in the brain that even words send you to shivers crying for the goon squad? You fools are actually dumb enough to believe that these goons can violate the rights of others and not eventually get around to violating YOUR rights. Of course you are the same idiots who think the stock markets is turning around after Paulson each nights buys billions of stock futures in a failed bid to manipulate prices upward. The DOW opens in positive territory then sinks like a rock. It's because if you are not bright enough to stand for something like the U.S. Constitution then you are dumb enough to fall for anything like O'Bama is for change or the banksters can salvage the illegal fiat money scheme that they created.

See ya around the consentration camps suckers!

Who's Responsible?

Not me! That's for sure. I've always voted my conscience...never for the lesser of two evils. Therefore, I have never voted for a winning candidate for any office although I did just vote for the winner of the Republican Congressional Primary - Collins Bailey. I hope voters in the 5th District of Maryland are not dumb enough to send the shyster Steny Hoyer back to Capitol Hill.

So all of you geniuses who felt I have wasted my vote for decades, have installed the biggest liars and thieves in America to represent you. You have let them swear an oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution then watched in ignorance as they defied their oath. You have even demanded that they violate this oath so that others might take responsibility for you.

And here we are in 2008 and a solid majority are ready to do it one more time - at least with respect to the White House. You are stupid enough to be caught in the same vise. You will vote for O'Bama because he says he is for change if the polls are correct. Or you will vote for McCain because you hope the polls are wrong. In other words you feel you must vote for one of the two bankster backed stooges and you actually believe it will make your life better. So either way YOU will get what you deserve along with the lazy non voters.

But Tomas Estrada-Palma doesn't vote for ANY STINKING COLLECTIVISTS!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bush Employs Chavez Socialism

Face It

Bush Blows

Congress Sucks

The Courts Are Worthless as tits on a bull

Will cutting the lending rate cause banks to begin lending again when no one knows who owes whom? Getting a great rate is fine for the borrowers but how does this ensure repayment of those loans? Frankly, I don't see how the central banks can get themselves out of the mess they got us all into. I see the whole ugly banking system completely collapsing. The fact remains there is too much debt to ever be repaid. If money is not lent out in a fiat money system the supply of cash shrinks. We are heading into a deflationary depression as the bankster shysters hopelessly attempt to save their underhanded money scheme.

We need to change to a real monetary system based on gold and silver currency.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hold Your Fire Cubanos

It is not time to light any fires yet. It is still time to talk. Reasonable men can find solutions if they look hard.

Cuban Weather Dry

Sorry But You Are Mostly Ignorant

Fortunately for most people that doesn't mean you're stupid. If you think the economy is bad because your 401 K is going down you are a fool. Thinking the economic malaise is your Real Estate value sinking is equally foolish. Blaming short sellers, speculators or well compensated CEOs for our troubles places you on equal footing with an imbecile. And stocks heading south a few thousand points is not the definition of a bad economy.

No sirree amigos! This little video that follows will explain to all but the most moronic among you the real cause of our declining economy - the actual money system that we are forced to use. The video easily explains how our money is created out of nothing and lent out into the economy. This is the economic lesson that your government never wanted you to see. Watch it a couple times until you've got it.

Now you know the real problem with our economy. In reality the problem is we use counterfeit money and the rest of the world has gotten hip. Everybody now realizes it's a credit house of cards and nobody trusts anybody else. So no money is being lent out which means no new money is being created just like back in the depression. So we have two choices. One, go through another ten year great depression as the Federal Reserve private international bankers try to get their money machine fired up again. Or we could abolish the Fed, convert to a gold and silver based money system and slash taxes drastically by eliminating income tax. This would turn our economy around on a dime and within a year or two we'd be rolling along.

But why am I wasting my breath? The TV hasn't told you to believe this so most won't. See ya around suckers...

Monday, October 06, 2008

Escape Retake

We tried last night to talk to the Cuban people about escaping this misery but we had technical difficulties. So Don and I will appear on his show tonight at 8:00 PM. Go here to listen and please call in! We will keep talking about how to change Cuba into the country where you WANT to live.

Basically, Cuba is a tinderbox. Use it to your advantage amigos. The Art of War says to use the terrain and circumstances to your advantage. Raul expects for you to starve politely. He refuses unconditional aid from the U.S. while he eats whatever he wants. Your infrastructure is ruined and the housing is destroyed. Use this to your advantage. Raul blocks your escape to freedom. Give him a diversion. Those houses need to be razed and rebuilt with completely new pipes, wires, fiber optic internet cable hook up, gas lines, etc. In addition disease will be a critical problem very soon.

So as the dry season takes hold fire may be your best friend. Use it to free yourselves. There are elements in the military who are with you but require your help. If you try to come to America now that will be a problem. Americans are broke. But if enough of you head this way you will force the hand of George Bush. He will remove Raul and his supporters but then we have to deal with the U.S. military in Cuba.

So I recommend that you stay, burn and fight with elements of the military opposed to Raul. Set your fires up wind of Raul's neighborhood. Listen tonight and we'll discuss tactics to achieve freedom now.