Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cuba Exposed!

Reports from Cuba, the economic crisis and abolishing the federal reserve. Listen Sunday night 8:30 PM. We might even try to simulcast a video Mogulus broadcast.

Greedy Reid-dee

"Hello...I'm Harry Reid from Nevada. I just swiped $700 billion from stupid American rubes.


Barney Frank - Big Bankster Enabler

Here is one of the cabal of bankster congressmen who want to turn your foreclosure misery into their public housing scheme windfall. But you'll get to pay for your public housing's upkeep and insurance plus you get to pay every month to live there too! We used to call that renting except for that maintenance thing. I bet Americans might even be stupid enough to fall for this one. That's because they told ya so on the TV. But Barney Bankster Enabler isn't taking any chances. He'll probably wait till tomorrow along with the rest of the Capital Hill thieves to steal your money while you are watching the football games.

Of course once they steal it, whether they get away with it or not depends on just how stupid the American public still is.

Bernanke The Snakey

Paulson The Plunger

Backing the Federal Reserve private international bankers - with your money...

My Most Recent Letter To Steny The Stooge

Still no choice for economy or banking Steny? Not surprising. Just a friendly reminder to you staffers of the big bankster bailout stooge Steny Hoyer to punch up that resume and to begin sending out some job feelers. I'm actually secretly hoping the Stenster will go ahead, fall on his sword for the neocons goons ruining this nation and sign a bailout bill. It's going to make it so much fun on election day to get him fired. And easy too. My friends and I will be the ones at the polls yelling, "Vote for Steny the big bankster bail out stooge - right here folks! You can pay Hoyer gas prices and Hoyer costs of living. Hoyer and Hoyer we go as the Federal Reserve prints Hoyer and Hoyer quantities of counterfeit money. But do fear for the banksters because Steny's giving them your money."

I'm going to get my friends from all around the DC area to work polls to unseat the Stenster. So start looking for work junior politicos. Thanks to your boss the economy is going to make it real hard for you to find work and putting Hoyer's name on your resume might be a no no in this climate. You know what I mean?

Anyhow...good luck in your new careers if you can get one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The American Revolt Grows!

This is great! I am actually beginning to see factual articles like this one in the media on the real reason for the economic crisis - the Federal Reserve.

Down with Paulson the Plunger!

Down with Bernake the Snakey!

Abolish the Federal Reserve Now!

Own your home today!

Democrats Support Bailout for Banker Buddies

Doesn't it worry you amigos that Democrats like the Steny the snake Hoyer support the bailout? Abolish the Federal Reserve! Own your home now!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Estrada-Palma Plan

This is the Estrada-Palma Plan henceforth known as the:

Federal Reserve Abolition Act


Being that the Federal Reserve Bank is an illegal, unconstitutional, ongoing criminal enterprise that has brought the American people to their knees economically in a willful act to destroy our nation, it must be abolished immediately. This act will immediately stop families from being thrown into the streets while they had been expected to bailout the very criminals that were responsible for this fraud on the American people. This act should be considered slave reparations to Americans who have been in bondage to the Federal Reserve Bankers since 1913.

1. Federal Reserve Board
The cabal of private banks that make up the Federal Reserve System.

2. Fiat Currency
All currency not backed by gold or silver as stipulated in the U.S. Constitution

3. Federal Reserve Homeowner/Business Mortgage Contracts
All mortgage contacts for homes and private business, whose contract holders are not affiliated with the Federal Reserve System that have borrowed illegal currency originating at the Federal Reserve Banks.

Section I

Due the grave emergency that the Federal Reserve Banks have caused by the over printing of fiat currency, the American economy has been devastated. Therefore, upon Ratification and signing of this Act the Federal Reserve will cease to exist.

Section II

Upon enactment all assets of the Federal Reserve Banking System such as Real Property, Buildings, equipment and all assets not yet mentioned will be seized and become the property of the U.S. Treasury so it may be liquidated and divided equally among all the American families who do not now own their homes.

Section III

All debt owed to The Federal Reserve System Banks by local banks and those with no ability to unconstitutionally issue fiat money shall immediately have those debts removed from their books and be considered null and void.

Section IV

All private home, business and other entities not directly affiliated with the criminal activities of The Federal Reserve whom have mortgage contracts through the just mentioned local banks that were to be paid eventually to those banks will be null and void upon enactment of this legislation.

Section V

Upon enactment of this legislation all the former Mortgage holders will be given absolute title to their home, businesses or other entities not banned by this act. Federal Reserve Officials and the Banks in this conspiracy shall be banned from this provision.

Section VI

Mortgages that are underwritten by private individuals and groups or corporations shall be included in this act and the private individual lenders such as sellers of owner financed homes shall be paid off in cash using the liquidated Federal Reserve Assets only on the original loan amount but not the interest. This is provided the money did not originate from Federal Reserve lending of fiat currency.

Section VII

Americans would continue living in their homes because they are the owners now of not only their homes but their nation once again. Their employment status would not be a factor since Americans will not have to pay a mortgage and would not become homeless as a result of this illegal greed by the Federal Reserve Banks.

Section VIII

Gold and silver, upon the ratification and signing of this act WILL be legal tender. The Congress of the United States of America will immediately begin only issuing currency backed by gold or silver and order the Treasury to immediately do so. The Treasury will provide Congress with an exact accounting of the gold and silver under the control of the American government and Federal Reserve.

Section IX

Americans will be able to as soon as possible trade in their fiat dollar currency into this new metal back currency at the fair rate of exchange for the value of the gold or silver. After a transition period the old dollar will be illegal as currency and only be a collector’s item and a curiosity.

Section X

Congress shall hold hearings to investigate Federal Reserve/Treasury Department price fixing meant to artificially elevate prices and manipulation and fraud by all those involved engaging in this criminal behavior so that they may be prosecuted to the fullest measure of the law including and especially political representatives and executives.

Please note that this is just a first draft. This Act must be well thought out to be implemented efficiently and fairly. Naturally, for this act to become law the vast majority of Congressmen will need to be voted out of office in the 2008 election and replaced with representatives who can read and comprehend the clearly written English in the U.S. Constitution. Neither main party presidential candidate can be elected either for this to succeed. Any and all suggestions by those honestly wishing to help America get back on its feet economically will be welcomed and appreciated. A warning to those who would block this act: The American people will crush you. The bank vipers have tread on our liberties and our nation for too long and now they must be eliminated to save to nation.

No Debate About It. McCain's Too Chicken To Debate Even Obama

Open the Presidential Debates... or we will!

In light of John McCain's attempts to stifle the presidential debates never before has the need for more debate participants been so clearly illustrated. When the debates are limited to two increasingly similar points of view we all suffer.

Today, at a critical point in our nation's direction, third party candidates are standing against the bailout, while the media sanctioned candidates are standing for it. The American people deserve to have a debate on the largest economic decision of our generation. The debate is an important step in our efforts to take back the political process. Our message-- "Open the debates, or we will!"

Watch the third party debates online

Please join us for a third party candidate debate and money bomb (date to be announced as we approach the 10,000 pledges mark, location to be in New York City). All of the major candidates will be invited to participate. The event will be broadcast via and many others (details to come). Remember, all of America is on the Internet. Together we can break the media blackout on third party candidates. Be sure to tell your friends and family to tune in.

Earn mainstream attention for your candidate

At the start of the debate we will launch a money bomb for each of the candidates. Contributions will be made directly to the candidates via their respective websites. will report the totals of all the candidates in one location as the moneybomb proceeds. If a significant amount of funds are raised for one or more candidates the mainstream media will take notice! Please spread word.

Submit your debate questions!

Please submit your debate questions and vote on the questions submitted by others. The winning questions will be chosen for the debate. You may submit your questions in text or via embeded youtube video.


Initial Sponsors include, and Many more to come!

The Candidates

Learn about all of the presidential candidates and compare their stances on the issues:

Constitution Party Candidate: Chuck Baldwin
Democratic Party Candidate: Barack Obama
Green Party Candidate: Cynthia McKinney
Independent Party Candidate: Ralph Nader
Libertarian Party Candidate: Bob Barr
Republican Party Candidate: John McCain


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What Hutzpa!

I still don't believe you understand what the viper Paulson wants to do for his cabal of international bankers because you ALL have not yet called Congress. If you did they would stop this nonsense right now on the Hill. So let me make sure you understand the bailout. Say you had a $200,000 mortgage that you are going to default on. Under this plan the banker snakes will be paid the full amount of the loan that they would have received after the 30 years you have been paying on it - meaning that the bankers get the full list of the property value plus the 30 years interest as well. Forget about the fact that the property is actually only worth $100,000 now. This is a golden parachute for the snakes that caused this problem.

But the worst aspect is it will be of no help to the little guy or the economy and in fact will make it worse. In addition it will establish a bad precedent. The small banks are already demanding that they be bailed out and the big three auto makers (who are not going to be big for long) also want a bailout. Most of the people in government and media are dumb as rocks about the economy and monetary policy. So they are listening to the very international bankers who caused this problem.

Yet you listen to these idiots who are listening to the international bank viper cartel. The talking heads are on the idiot tube right now saying stocks are up today on optimism about the bailout. WHAT A PILE OF CRAP!!! They are up because Paulson and the plunge team spent all night buying up key stock futures, as they do every night in the past few weeks, to artificially inflate stock prices. Then the market opens and the markets sink once again. But I have been absolutely correct and I have been warning you since last year this was going to happen when the banker/media Pollyannas were assuring you we were not even going into a recession. much longer are you going to be suckers amigos? Boy are you going to be pissed off in the very near future once you realize the economy IS going to crash despite this bankster payola from Paulson. So Rothschild, Rockefeller, Mellon, Chase and Morgan, etc. have succeeded in their plan to destroy America as we know it. Nice work chumps.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ron Paul: Government Is Price Fixing

I don't believe the banker media showed Ron Paul on their stupid tube so I'll show you. Notice how The Fed Chairman squirms as Ron Paul speaks - the truth...

Americans/Congress Remained Duped

Americans listen to a duped Congress over the idiot tube. They both only discuss symptoms of the real problem - the Federal Reserve over printing fake money. How can I get through to you both?

Look at it this way. For almost 100 years we have been renters of our money from the private international bankers at the Federal Reserve. As a result we have been driven into poverty. Americans use to be allowed to own real money backed by gold and silver that could not be devalued as with fake Federal Reserve dollars.

I think Congress should enact legislation that returns us to owning our money while arresting the vipers at the Federal Reserve for fraud. I just think free Americans should be owners not renters. What do you think amigos? Would you like to own your money again? Comments are very welcomed.

After The Crash

Once the economy goes down for the count and chaos reigns, the neocons will declare their emergency. Either that or as the economy crashes they will false flag attack us again, before declaring the emergency. Then they will take out people like me who have told you the truth. Thereafter you will only receive sanitized, neocon approved information. And many of you will be happy to learn that it will all be good news about what the neocons are doing to protect you from the bad news.

Did you guy realize the neocons used to call themselves liberal? You ought to study up more before choosing leaders. You've gone and picked a bunch of rulers.

Let's Recap About Our Defeat

If you click here you'll find a list of the things that the government has enacted over the past decade which have altered our form of government. That's real convenient for them as their banker bosses at the Federal Reserve (not actually a federal agency remember - but sneaky private international bankers) have ruined the economy.

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be allowed to tell you the truth like this and then all you'll have is the international banker financed media. We have been defeated by the international bankers. America could not be successfully defeated militarily so these bankers used economics, or more precisely YOUR ignorance of economics to defeat us. Now they have the apparatus in place to finish the job as you will see at the above link. The bankers are sure to attack us again very soon and they will blame it on people like me so keep your eyes open. Since they know they can't stop us militarily they are hoping to drive us into civil unrest followed by succession into several different, smaller, more manageable countries.

My advice? The same as Benjamin Franklin advised a couple hundred years ago: We must hang together or surely we shall hang separately. Don't let them be successful. Remain calm and we can get through this. Now I don't know either Obama or McCain and I'm sure they might be very charming fellows. But it is obvious by their speeches that they do not have a clue about economics and are in fact being advised by the very banker vipers who are bent on taking us down! You must rise up amigos and vote for Chuck Baldwin in November. He is one of us and not under the control of the international bankers. Now I can't promise that your vote will actually be tallied as such if you do as I recommend but I believe it's worth a try.

Anyway amigos, I've been right about this economy and been warning you for over a year while the big banker media was saying we're not even in a recession - so maybe you should start believing me and not the ones who are inside the walls of fortress America and plundering our once great nation.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ron Paul Endorses Chuck Baldwin

Ron Paul has endorsed Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin. Read all about it here.

The Economy - What The Hell Is Wrong?

Actually, on CNN.Com today there is an excellent explanation by my favorite economist, Ron Paul. He aptly identifies the problem and what will happen it we rush into these fake solution by the Paulson gang.


Blacked Out By Big Media

You are caught in the matrix, amigos. The rulers know that if they do not show you the truth on TV then to you it does not exist. The big media vipers that only weeks ago were saying the fundamentals of the economy were fine, are also the slime that you think is telling the truth about far more grave happenings than merely a bum economy.

But the truth can be disturbing amigos. Some of you may be more comfortable snuggling back up to your TVs.

Congress Must Be Held Accountable

With the exception of Ron Paul and perhaps Dennis Kucinich, every member of Congress and all 100 Senators must be fired. Certainly, Senators or Representatives who actually vote for ANYTHING the blowhard idiot Paulson demands must be sent into retirement. Paulson was the head of Goldman Sachs before becoming Treasury Secretary. This is his mess and now he wants at least 700 billion of our money, no strings attached, to manipulate markets. His bill grants him complete immunity if he is wrong like when he set in motion Goldman's demise.

But you do as you like amigos. Listen to the TV. It tells you to vote for the guys and gals already in office because they have the "experience" to fix the problem - that these idiots helped cause. But not Tomas! I'm not voting for Steny Hoyer the big bankster enabler!

No to Hoyer gas costs!

No to Hoyer food bills.

No to Hoyer housing costs!

I'm voting for Collins Bailey. If Paulson hasn't wiped you out, send Collins a few bucks.

Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain's MFI

McCain's answer to the over-printing of money by his bosses at the Federal Reserve is to create but another Bureaucracy which he coined the "MFI." Why bother telling you what these letters stand for according to McCain? They actually represent the mental powers of the fool nominated by the Republicans to be president. I'll let you figure out what the M F stands for but the I is for IDIOT!

Now that the economy has gotten your attention, I'm very pleased to tell you that this problem is not rocket science. You can easily comprehend the problem amigos if your ears and eyes are opened along with your mind. As always the Big Media is telling the Big Lie so this hopefully will finally open YOUR eyes to the rest of their crap. Here is their current BIG LIE:

"The problem we must fix is the sub-prime mess."

That's like asserting we can fix the drug addict by getting him a quick fix of heroin to stop him from shaking and vomiting so much. Again, the problem is the nutty concept of fiat hyper-inflated funny money. Depending on what we get the rulers to do this will be a one year problem...or it will last for a decade or more. Here is Ron Paul explaining it again:

Before Feeling Too Sorry For Yourselves

Sure the economy is screw up and your leaders are lying like hell about the real cause - the over printing of fiat money by the Federal Reserve. Maybe you are just now finding out that the Federal Reserve is NOT a federal agency. Possible now you realize it is actually a collection of greedy international bankers bent on controlling the world and you are a bit cheesed off about it.

Before you get too down in the dumps imagine how Cubans feel with this economy plus 50 years of Castro's destruction topped off with the two most recent hurricanes. Cuba has been destroyed. I can't imagine why the Castro boys would even want to stay and in fact Raul may have already fled the island.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rogue Trader Paulson