Friday, May 09, 2008

The Future

It doesn't matter what our tyrant masters do to us now provided they do not kill everybody off. But as long as the human race survives people like me at first, then the rest of the slaves will escape to freedom. It is only a matter of time and technology.

A good deal of necessary technology is already in place and functioning. The Internet with satellite, fiber optics and cell technology already provide what was not available to rural dwellers even as recently as the 1980s - communication with the outside world in real time for a reasonable price. So you need not live in total cultural purgatory if you live outside the major population centers.

I believe there is in actuality just one more breakthrough necessary for our freedom. Finding a super conductor material that functions at room temperature will change the world as we know it. Making a habitat in the middle of nowhere is not difficult. We put up a shack, drill for some water and dig a hole for the other business. The problem is power to run the devices we have come to love and depend on to live comfortably in the modern world. The grid only goes so far and the farther it goes the more expensive it is to get you the electrons you so covet after the loss from wire resistance.

Then one day one of you clever humans invents some resistance free wire, gets it into the marketplace before the government and energy magnates can kill you and everything changes. There has already been a revolution in solar panels that greatly improves the efficiency and cost ratio with traditional energy sources. Still the problem remains that it is never sunny at night. But with a super conductor wire electron "donut" electricity could be stored during the day resistance free virtually forever then drawn off as needed to power appliances at night. It could be stored to run an electric car for free. That means we can live as far away as we like from the urban centers yet still live a comfortable life except for one restriction. You can only live but so far from the jobs which mostly remain in the cities. So about 50 or a 100 mile is pretty much the limit to commute.

This would not be a problem since super conductors would permit travel inexpensively at incredible rates of speed. It could be possible to live in rural West Virginia for example but work in London. Also many jobs will move to the boonies with the people. How many of those jobs will depend greatly on what our masters do in the present. If they continue to terrorize us as a method to control us, especially if they continue to escalate their terror campaigns, then people will move to the sticks no matter what the accommodations just to survive the holocaust. The banker morons are probably too unbred to understand this so be prepared for more shenanigans from them. I'm already living agrarian and do not ever plan to live in the city again. I feel that parents who raise their kids in today's American cities are endangering them greatly. One more big hit in an American city and it's sayonara urban property values. Parents will grab their kids and head for the hills. They will never return either.

Within twenty years of the creation of that magic wire interstellar space travel will be possible. The farther out we go the more difficult it is for our oppressors to control us and milk us for labor. In reality, if you are living 100 miles outside of the city today then you are relatively free and at liberty to live your life as you see fit. There is no money in it for the banker cartel to control these people. Humans know already that the farther away they go from the cities the freer they become. They just don't have the energy to live there yet. Once they do these banker maggots better be offering a sweeter deal than the death, deprivation and mayhem served up du jour.


This is so well written that even the majority of Americans who barely possess the remnants of a sixth grade education can understand it. Sadly, most would rather do their daily Britteny Spears underwear check.

You can lead a fool to knowledge - but you can't make him think...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The U.S. Economic Collapse

Our economy is sinking fast despite what your masters' shills in the mainstream media claim. Americans suffer under a tremendous tax burden that is continuing to grow even as families are dumped out of their foreclosed homes into the streets. We spend a growing number of hours each day wasting time complying with a bevy of stupid government regulations which have far more to do with assuring we are taxed adequately and far less with public safety and fairness.

But all that aggravation has been going on for almost 100 years now. Certainly we could have sustained more of the same for quite some time. However, you sense something different this go around - and you'd be right. Quite simply put, we have now reached a critical mass of people (like myself) who know for sure that with but a few notable exceptions our government is filled with lying crooks who possess no guiding moral principles. They are a gang like the mafia. I risk my neck these days even daring to write these words. What protects me is public perception. If these pirates just up and killed me for speaking freely about the truth (especially leading the exciting Harvey Milktoast lifestyle that I do) it might shock enough of you into a stampede to fight back and reclaim your lost liberty. But even though the U.S. Constitution is no longer in effect, maintaining perceptions is vital to this gang to control us.

Even though the majority of Americans still do not realize that the above mentioned is an absolute undeniable truth, a recent poll said ninety percent of us believed the government was way off course. That percentage is incredible and it has consequences as well my friends. Three hundred million Americans will all be taking measures to deal with this uncertain time. If you have anything to do with the hospitality industry - get out now! Americans will not be feeling too hospitable for some time to come as they take protective measures. The hording of food will drive up prices for some but many like myself have already returned to a partial agrarian lifestyle. Food costs for my family are dropping to near zero. I just ate my first free strawberry this morning. All jobs in the near future will be ones vital to satisfy our basic needs under this collapse. For example, security oriented jobs like gun manufacturing and defense training or security systems installation will be big as those "with," try to guard it from those "without." However, if your job is not filling some vital function for this changing situation of desperation you will probably not have one soon. I think the airlines will be toast. Advertising is unnecessary if people aren't buying. Those selling the latest furnishings will lose their jobs because people will make do with the old stuff. Rather than buying new cloths people will get out the needle and thread. In fact there are unlimited ways to save wealth if you think about it and because of criminal government ineptitude you'll have ample time to do so. This means that when my battery died on me last week I normally would have driven ten miles into Annapolis and said, "Give me a battery for a Toyota Celica" - then handed the clerk $70. However, I had a perfectly good truck battery from my F150 that I'm parting out. Sure enough it fit into my Toyota quite nicely and everybody from the gas station owner and refiner to the parts place got screwed in the deal. Now imagine millions of these transactions not occurring each day and you'll easily see the dilemma that millions of those soon to be unemployed workers will face.

The fundamental flaw in America is ignorant childlike citizens. The reason the economy is changing is the crooks I have warned you of have over printed our money thereby debasing its value. So our pricing structure goes haywire causing people to pull inwards like my battery example. I figure I need a new set of tires now when the old ones are showing that first layer of steel belt. People will do anything not to have to spend these increasingly worthless dollar so they'll be available only for vital necessities.

This is the nation you people have molded in your ignorance and apathy. This economy will be your reward for your lack of a guiding moral principle. You will ponder all the trillions of dollars wasted by these scoundrels over the years with unconstitutional shenanigans like drug wars and military intervention in other lands on the other side of the planet. Your bank cartel masters have already picked your next president for you. However Obama looks like a fall guy if I've ever seen one. With any of the three stooges as president the gang will still rule and do the most evil things to you after this election to make things appear normal. They will appear to help the families in need but how can these pirates help if they are flat broke? Hitler handled the problem by supposedly building little villages for the Jews. So beware of government villages because it takes at least a village to commit genocide.

The only protection against this gang of criminals is President Ron Paul. Only this great American of unquestionable moral character can protect us from the gang. Naturally, he is risking his remaining years but that's the kind of man he is. The banker cartel would surely use ALL of their assets to eliminate him if a miracle were to happened and you ignorant slaves wised up, rose up and put him in the White House. Sadly most will remain kneeling to their oppressors while choosing a stooge for president.

Not Tomas Estrada-Palma!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Prices are quoted in US dollars per gallon for regular unleaded.

Oslo, Norway

Hong Kong

Brussels, Belgium


London, UK

Rome, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Sao Paulo, Brazil

New Delhi, India

Sidney , Australia

Johannesburg, South Africa

Mexico City

Buenos Aires , Argentina


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Caracas , Venezuela

Who Cares? We ain't goin nowhere.

The New Gestapo

Do you have the new gestapo in your area? We sure do here in the Washington, DC area. There are a bunch of laws that we regular Americans must abide by. It doesn't matter that you are in a hurry or you really need to use the bathroom. A red light is a red light and you must wait there until it turns green - but not the new gestapo. Red lights are just for us little people to obey. If we go twenty miles over the posted speed limit we can be jailed and even lose our right to vote for committing this felony. However, there is one new gestapo cruiser that flies past me on many nights as I ride home around the same hour. This new gestapo is usually traveling between ninety and one hundred miles per hour making me appear to be standing still as I tool down the road at around the speed limit. Have you ever had one of these new gestapo riding your ass about two inches from your rear bumper because you were going the speed limit but they obviously were in a hurry?

Unlike the old racist gestapo, the new gestapo is an equal opportunity gestapo. You can be any color as long as it is superior to your fellow man in their opinion. These new gestapo can and do drink and drive as well as crash their cars because of drunkenness. One new gestapo I knew personally, I found staggering at the scene of the accident he had right in front of the Vice President's mansion on Massachusetts Avenue. I flipped his car upright again, towed it away to the junk yard while his fellow new gestapo buddies spirited him away from the scene so they could cover for him. He is now a high ranking new gestapo official who I saw making a statement on television not too long ago. A new gestapo official at a sobriety check point not so ironically, asked me if I had been drinking one night. I informed him that I had not and in fact had just gotten off at work at the Washington Post where they frowned on such things. So he detained me 40 minutes forcing me to do silly isometric exercises that most men my age could not do no matter how sober despite the fact that it was obvious I had not touched a drop of alcohol. When this new gestapo was finished with me he asked if I knew why I had been put through this humiliation. I pondered - because he did not like my answer? He informed me that I was correct and sent me on my way.

One new gestapo here was pulling over nice looking women for various charges but then letting them off the hook if they would flash him their ta tas. This new gestapo was caught doing this because I guess he got a peek at the wrong set of twins. New gestapo usually get away with these sex crimes though and they regularly have their way with prostitutes for free. The small minority who get caught once in a while are just the tip of the iceberg. New gestapo virtually always cover for one another's crimes.

Perhaps you think these new gestapo are not like the old gestapo because they are not killers but you'd be wrong. They just have not killed you or I yet. However others have not been so lucky. They can "accidentally" kill you and nothing will happen to them as was the case with a respected doctor who the new gestapo murdered in front of his own home. The new gestapo agent claimed the gun just went off as the team of new gestapo sprang on him with guns drawn like he was a dangerous killer rather than a nice doctor who they'd scammed into betting on a football game so they could arrest him. New gestapo do not have to bet illegally however. Some have used money from asset seizures to illegally fund wild trips to Las Vegas to gamble and even hit the bunny ranch. To be sure being a new gestapo has its privileges.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not tarring all cops. Most cops are decent hard working people. My grandfather and uncle Jack were both cops. But you, and I, and the new gestapo know who the real new gestapo are just by their actions. They are special. They are more important than us. They can do what we are forbidden from doing. They can murder us as long as no one is videoing the incident. Who's to say that you did not reach for something in your waste band? In Court the judge always believes the new gestapo no matter how ridiculous the tale.

So what I do is minimize my exposure. I never go out anymore. I go to work then return home. I save lots of money too and see my kids. To hell with the economy. People in the entertainment industry better start looking for work if they are depending on me to go out to a restaurant, bar or show. I'll be home raking weeds out of my vegetable garden. Hopefully soon I will not even have to go out to the grocery store. This also means I will not be generating tax revenue to fund the new gestapo and I suggest you all do likewise. Spend time with your family now and let the new gestapo go play with themselves.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Destroying The Dollar

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

The main reason third world countries have no middle class is inflation of their currencies. The more inflation of the money supply the more damage to the middle class. We are fast approaching the point in America where purposeful inflation of the dollar by the Federal Reserve is wiping out the middle class in America as well. This is the real reason your masters are so nervous and have made plans to cull the herd when you guys become angry and desperate.