Saturday, May 22, 2010

What To Do Next?

Much of my life I have spent trying to find the words to explain things to other people - all people. I even try to reach the bad people like the international bankers who have done quite nicely over the past few centuries operating their various paper money schemes. However, their operation, based on robbery of indentured slaves, is coming to an end. Still, the majority of people are frightened for the future. Here is why.

The average free range slave toiling away anywhere in the world is having their lives made difficult by the actions of the international bankers and their allies in government and the network media. The reason being to manipulate our understanding of concepts like money,terrorist threats and markets so these powerful individuals can try to save their operation. They will fail. The question is, what should we all do next?

I suggest that we all agree. Lets agree that the majority of people around the world have been tricked into free range slavery or forced into outright slavery by these international bankers and their henchmen in government and big media. So let us all agree that they have lost all authority and our respect as well. Let's all agree that we all could do quite well if left alone by our governments that are currently under the control of the international bankers. Therefore lets all agree that we owe absolutely nothing to the central bankers of the planet. Lets all agree that if we owe anything for our homes and businesses it is only the reserves put up by our lender to the central bankers so we could borrow some of their illegal slave currency. Lets agree that there would and should be a great price deflation as well as a reduction in the expenses of all the people of the planet once the central banks are closed forever. Then, lets all agree that we can choose whatever we want to choose for money without the approval of governments and/or the international bankers.

Finally, lets all agree that under this agreement even the least skilled individuals of the world, freed from the obligations of the state and banker class, shall be able to provide for themselves and their loved ones and even have plenty of savings left over for a rainy day. The reason is slavery, done surreptitiously or out in the open by bankers and statists, will be history. So lets all agree that a world in which everybody is allowed to work as hard as they like but gets to use the fruits of their own labor is a world that is not scary at all. We should all get busy working towards that world because the bankers have other plans they want to shove down out throats.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rachael Maddow

She's spearheading the smear campaign against Rand Paul. I suppose one might believe her and her ilk in the networks who have gotten us into this mess. But she is a dumb ass and if one listens to her what would that make one? One is dumb too.

Smear Machine In Overdrive

America is being run by an oligarchy of international bankers who have us convinced that we are a democracy. But we are a republic based on a Constitution that prevents mob rule. But guided by the network media the oligarchy must keep us a mob fighting each other rather than uniting against these bankers.

The weapon of mass distraction, the television, is being deployed once again to divide Americans into two warring factions. We have a cataclysmic oil spill in the Gulf that may damage us environmentally and economically beyond repair. We are in two wars that cannot be won thanks to the neocons and their allies in the media. The stock market is ready to plunge under 5000 points and jobless claims soared this week.

But what is every other story about over the airwaves? Rand Paul. The big media smeared his father during the last presidential campaign claiming he was a racist and a fascist and that his warnings about the economy were "kooky." Then the Federal Reserve bubble economy popped ruining their crony capitalist market masquerading as a free market and suddenly Ron Paul is a smart guy now. Too bad we have Obama in the White House rather than Dr. Paul thanks to the media and too many dumb Americans who listened to them.

It's too bad Rand Paul is wasting time answering the smear questions of the likes of fat heads like Ed Shultz. I'm not going to waste time here defending Rand Paul over these "when did you quit beating your wife question."

Just remember these smart asses like Shultz are the unAmerican maggots the majority have been listening to for too long. By following their orders we are now on the brink of collapse and disintegration. So I will say this in defense of Rand Paul. The big mouth network media is obviously attempting to smear Rand to demonize him and marginalize his candidacy. Their banker bosses fear and loath Rand Paul because they detest his honesty and what it means for their free range slave operation. They figure they can follow the strategy that has work thus far to steer us like cattle and pick and choose our leaders for us by smearing those whom they dislike and fawning over the anointed banker picks.

So voting is really easy these days if you want to save America. When the big media slams candidates like Rand Paul that means he is good for America and should be one of our leaders. When the big media presents a candidate in a favorable light this means the candidate is damaged somehow like he's a pedophile, womanizer or involved in criminality. But the media will portray them like the second coming of Christ himself to sucker Americans into voting for them. Once in office these damaged candidates must tow the international banker's line or their flaws will be exposed by the big media.

So for God's sake vote for Rand and run away for the media anointed nominees.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Election Fear Tactics

Specter Gone!

Thank God! Specter is one of the politicians I dislike the most. He coined the term, "magic bullet theory" and according to many witnesses to what actually happened in Dallas during the Kennedy assassination, Specter did everything in his power to make sure the truth of the Kennedy coup never came to light.

Perhaps one day the majority of Americans will find out that it was Kennedy's driver, Secret Service agent William Greer, who turned in his driver seat and fired the fatal shot at the president. Specter has been one of the reasons Americans still don't know the truth about the coup.

The unAmerican scum that Specter conspired with to withhold the truth from a duped American public are still in power. However, with Specter gone that power has been weakened. The cabal of traitors to America are now wounded and in trouble. They know it. We are in a race against these snakes. If we can wise up Americans to the treason that has been official policy for decades now then my fellow patriots will rise up and rout out the scoundrels.

You know amigos, the truth and information are amazing things. I have zero big media assets. In fact everything the big network media spews contradicts everything that I assert. Still I keep hammering away with the truth. Information is like a virus. You expose the guy next to you with either but you don't necessarily know whether he got it or not. There is no way to know if the guy has spread it to others. Then Arlen Specter gets defeated while a real American like Rand Paul wins the Republican primary in Kentucky over the party hack preferred choice Greyson. In other words, despite Specter and Greyson each being supported by the party establishment and being anointed big media nominees, the truth of their backers in power has become apparent.

At the end of the day it is easy to pick good leaders if you have the correct information. Knowing who not to choose is simple at this stage of American history. The bad politicians are the ones shown in a favorable light by the big network media. This has become as obvious to the American people as a naked emperor might appear.

Knowing who to vote FOR takes a bit of homework on the other hand. The process begins within one's self. Ignorant voters with no guiding principles themselves tend to pick crooks, fools and traitors for office. I begin with a foundation built upon the principle that it is NEVER okay to use violence or deception to get what you want even if you are the government. Violence and deception are tactics I reserve to employ solely to respond or preempt violence and deception. It's the good old "do unto others..." bit found in your Bible. I'm content to live peaceably with others right up until they wish to use force against me to get what they want. Then we're going to have a problem.

Certainly if the majority of Americans also had been holding these principles dear to their hearts then a maggot like Arlen Specter could never have been elected to office. It's wonderful to think that these truths that I hold dear might have something to do with his political demise. Who knows? But I'm not taking chances. I've been pushing the truth for decades against the tide of MSM bull. I can't say for sure why but the ideas and principles that I have been spreading appear to be taking hold in America today.

Maybe I will talk the usurpers to death.