Saturday, March 20, 2010

The New World Order

Friday, March 19, 2010

Traitors Caught By The Digital Age

Movies were great in their day but were always limited in showing the whole story. Take the Zapruder film. I looked at it a thousand times in film format and did not see what was really happening right in front of me on the celluloid. Fast forward almost half a century into the digital age and the traitors who committed this act of treason are in big trouble. Why?

By digitizing and color enhancing this film, plus knowing who your real enemies are, you will see what you never saw before. So please have a look here at William Cooper's video because the plotters assassinated him in 2001 because they didn't want you to see this digitizes version of their coup.

What really happened in Dallas in 1963.

With this digitized format you can stop and start the video to clearly see what actually happened in Dallas that day.

  1. Kennedy is shot in the throat by a shooter from the front right side as his limo driver, Secret Service Agent William Greer, slows the vehicle to aid the aim of his accomplice.
  2. Everyone's attention is drawn to Kennedy especially the other limo occupants.
  3. The co-conspirator agent in the passenger seat looks back and gives the okay to shoot to the driver Greer.
  4. The driver, agent Greer turns to the inside of the limo, draws a pistol with his left hand across his face, aims over his right shoulder at Kennedy's head followed by the President's head exploding.
  5. Greer turns back around, apparently hands the murder weapon to the other traitor in the passenger seat and speeds away.
  6. The other traitors is seen bending over perhaps hiding the murder weapon.

We've been bending over too for almost 50 years! The top traitors who gave the order for the Kennedy intervention are still firmly in control of America. But how do you think they feel looking at this condemning evidence to their treason? They know what Americans will do if this video goes viral. Let me ask you this? What would you do if you committed treason and now this evidence was getting out along with evidence of other high crimes and treason?

It would be vital to your life to crush the American people before they wised up and crush you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Foggy Al Qaeda Training

While watching an enemy news broadcast showing yet again another video of Al Qaeda fighters training on monkey bars with guns, looking menacing and such I was puzzled. Of course I always wondered how our side could get all of this footage of Al Qaeda in training. Then it struck me. If the fighters on the video didn't have their face covered, our government was happy to fog out their face so you could not identify them. Why?

I believe these videos we always see are actually men working for the U.S. Intel'. The men probably don't even realize that they are being portrayed as Al Qaeda fighters. This would explain why our government blurs out their face. That way no one can come back later and say, "Hey that's me, Abdul-la! Not Al Qaeda...Abdul-la!" Plus no one else can say, "Why you're right! That is you in that Al Qaeda video Abdul-la."

Isn't that convenient? I suppose the C.I.A. might not want these guys on the video to know our spooks know who they are. We slap Bin Laden's face all over the world but the C.I.A. wants to keep it on the down low that we have pictures of his so called fighters on training videos.

Dammit I feel stupid sometimes. Not much these days but lots in the past. I watched the Zapruder film a thousands times and looked at the victim every time - JFK. I never noticed that it was Kennedy's Secret Service driver, William Greer, who turned and murdered Kennedy in broad daylight. Now that I know my enemies I am seeing more and more of the evil that they have done which used to remain hidden to me.

There is no Al Qaeda as Americans understand it. It is a database of fighters on the U.S. payroll to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This is who these spooky middle eastern men are - U.S. Intel employees.

Anyways, the same scum of the earth who ordered William Greer to murder President Kennedy are still in charge. Anyone with half a mind to save themselves can see William Greer shooting Kennedy in the face at point blank range. Then if you are logical you realize they killed the president yet so many think it preposterous that these same rogues would murder regular Americans of no particular persuasion. They shot Kennedy right in front of us, blamed it on a dupe named Oswald and we fell for it hook, line and sinker. Why should they stop there? If you are the average American you will believe anything validated by the television.

That's why the filthy traitorous dogs are ready to hit us again and this time if they succeed many more Americans will die than on 9/11. Still, they may fail and one reason people like me are raising alarm bells is to force their hand and make them expose their intentions before they would like that to occur. We are rushing them...hoping to cause them to make mistakes. One wrong move and the whole filthy house of cards will crumble and destroy these traitors too.

All I have to do is figure out how to get you to see who your real enemy is and look at the evidence that the enemy does not show on network television that proves them guilty beyond more than a reasonable doubt. The evidence leaves absolutely no doubt. There are traitorous snakes who have seized control of America and they plan on destroying us very soon. We don't have much time left...but neither do the traitors.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shocking Proof Of Treason!!!

Look know I have asserted that there are rogues within our own government doing dastardly things. One objection I hear all the time against my belief is that this sort of thing could never occur because someone from the inside would spill the beans and word would get out. Well in these shocking series an insider with video you have never seen before explains how our nation has been hijacked by the secret police and international bankers.

Basically, William Cooper became privy due of his intelligence clearance of the facts of the Kennedy assassination. This was a coup and the plotters are still running the government secretly and have bad things in store for the American people. Mr. Cooper's enhanced video of Kennedy's murder clearly shows the driver fired the lethal shot. He was a Secret Service Agent named Greer.

This is absolute proof of treason right up to Lyndon Johnson then and all the top players now.

Please click here to watch every second of these videos and send them to everyone you know. We may not have much time left.

The Latest Islamic Threat To America!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama Care


The government is worried the people will rebel. So all you have to do to be sent to the camps will be to get designated as needing to be sent to the camps by the Secretary of Homeland Security.


Self Destructing Greed Machine

Oh sure the government says that according to their statistics the unemployment rate dropped to 9.7 % on average. Of course the government gets to define what the meaning of unemployment is so they can arrive at this number or any number they choose. But this statistic is useless propaganda. Here is a more important statistic that this deceitful government run by the international banksters cannot run away from. It is the astronomical number of homes in some stage of delinquency. This number is worse than last year.

The reality is the international banksters have created a trap from which I cannot see how they can escape. Their greed has constructed this bankster snare that hopefully will finally undo their hold over our planet. You see, the number of families in homes they are no longer paying for runs into the millions. Many of these families own guns. A growing number of localities have sheriffs that are no longer cooperating in the eviction process. Even if the holders of the mortgages were to go forward to evict they will receive a gutted property in Lord knows what condition. In the best of times this can take months in Court. With millions backlogged and millions more to come it presents a logistical nightmare for the Courts just to find the time to process the evictions. Plus, these millions of Americans have started to get use to not paying a mortgage even if they could afford to.

What the bankers have greedily created is an army of citizens, many armed, who have every reason to hang together rather than hang separately. They are the core of the emerging free range slave revolt. From this group of desperate Americans just trying to put a roof over their kid's heads will be the tip of the spear of the free range slave revolt. They have everything to lose and are more numerous than all of the U.S. military forces combined. To defeat them will result in the destruction of America itself. What to do? What to do?

Here's the way I look at it. The foreign owned Federal Reserve is an illegal enterprise and therefore should not expect to be repaid their counterfeit fiat currency by the American people. If the American people don't have to pay back the Federal Reserve Board squat then their mortgages would only be around 10% of what they are now. That figure would represent the wealth owed to the finance companies and local banks for the reserves they put up to get the bulk of the loan credits from the Federal Reserve. Since these lending institutions would not have to repay the Federal Reserve Board the home and business owners would not need to pay this portion back either. The Federal Reserve bankers will be busy stamping out license plate in prison and their illegal Ponsi bank shuttered forever. Congress just needs to change the law to legalize gold, silver or anything for that matter as legal currency while at the same time prosecuting the Fed banksters for the crimes they have already committed. Not this Congress of course. They are owned by the Federal Reserve. But come next November hopefully Americans will not reelect the current batch of traitors.

The average mortgage payment would drop from say $1500 to $150 per month. This is a payment most any family could afford. With all the extra wealth no longer going to the foreign Federal Reserve Bankers, family would save lots more at the local banks. The economy will be roaring back with a vengeance.

Naturally, the foreign bankers using our own military and police hope to conduct more vile deadly attacks against America to divide us then rejigger their banking Ponsi scheme to an international version. This time I don't think they will be as successful as during the 1930's.

We'll see very shortly.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dukes Of Economic Hazzard

Huffington Post Censors Ventura

What is the Huffington Post afraid of in this article? Apparently they will not permit discussion of the facts of topics relating to "conspiracies." If they were hoping this numb skull move would cause Americans to be less curious about 9/11 facts they are sadly mistaken. What are they afraid of?

Patching The Ship

The rulers are desperate to save their financial system which has made them filthy rich on the backs of labor. They will fail. All they have done thus far is to plug holes in a sinking ship that is rotten to the keel. By creating money right out of thin air to stem the sinking ship is like ripping wood off of the deck to patch the hull. At some point the entire boat is going to collapse dramatically due to this folly.

Mind you...these invading bankers are not stupid. They understand the just mentioned problem way better than the average guy. They realize the ship is going down. The bankers are in a delaying mode that will make the eventual final collapse much worse for the average guy. They are buying time to figure out a way to blame some worms for the boat going to the bottom.

There's a better than average chance that you might be one of these worms. It all depends on the form of chaos these foreign bankers choose to unleash. Should they try an assassination false flag on Obama, whether real like with Kennedy or a fake one, anybody ever opposed to his policies will be suspect. They will be portrayed as white supremacists who just couldn't deal with a black man in the White House. Perhaps a Tea Party member will be fingered for some heinous terrorist act. The bankers with their pharmaceutical allies could always go bio-warfare and either make it appear naturally occurring or blame it on another Hatfield instead of the real McCoys. If what many scientists claim is true about the HAARP device that it can start earthquakes and effect the weather then this opens endless possibilities for sowing chaos and blaming it on mother nature. Even better they can blame the bad weather on those who just won't believe in global warming. But I've heard it's not nice to mess with mother nature so if this possibility were a reality the banksters might get some chaos which they hadn't counted on.

The main thing to watch is who the banksters scapegoat after the next false flag attack. It may be YOU.