Saturday, September 25, 2010

Real Tax Reform

Everybody is crying now. No one can seem to figure out a way to fund the government that does not eventually destroy the nation. We are close to that time right now and it worries me greatly. I don't want to see the innocent majority subjected to any further pain. Sadly, pain would be unnecessary if only I could find the right sequence of words to get the innocent majority to see a better way to do things.

Perhaps with a new Congress if I could find the right words to show how we could do things better, we could get real reforms that could turn America around on a dime. I'll give it another try to explain how we can make things better for everyone.

First, lets admit the problem that every person on the planet will complain about and wish to rectify - that being not having enough wealth. Is there a person who could not use more wealth, even to give away to charity if you feel you have too much now already?

So the problem is we all could use more wealth but what is wealth? Defined broadly, wealth is absolutely anything that is used in a market which humans either need or want to live a modern, civilized life. Therefore, neither a potato nor a chunk of gold is wealth until a person digs either one up then brings it into the marketplace.

Now that we understand wealth is created by human labor mixed with the land the next problem is the original one. How to fund society and government in such a way that the society is not destroyed by the funding process itself. Most of that funding now is extracted as it has always been from the human labor part of the wealth creation process. The land has for the most part been left untaxed. Oh sure we pay Real Estate tax but if you have a closer look almost all of the tax is on the building and not the land location value. A building is made with human labor so again this is a tax on labor.

Taxing labor, sales, imports, exports, buildings, personal property ownership, etc. is really stupid not only because taxing these vital human needs reduces their availability. These destructive taxes cause unintended economic distortions. How so?

Take income taxes for example. Most people are financially tied to the area where they live. Raise taxes on income and they are forced to pay it because they can't afford to move. So income taxes began in 1913 as a "temporary" 2% tax only levied on the rich. Now that the rate is 30% to 50% or so the workers demand and receive more salary because they couldn't afford to live otherwise. Unfortunately, the wealthy multinationals could afford to move jobs to lower taxed and regulated countries. The end result has been millions of American jobs income-taxed overseas. The unintended consequence of the income tax has been the loss of the once great American manufacturing miracle.

It didn't have to be this way and it does have to stay that way. With a new Congress, perhaps one without the traitorous maggot Steny Hoyer, real tax and monetary reform could occur. Here is the steps that should be taken on the first day of the new Congress:

1. Federal Reserve Debt Holiday - All debt owed to the Federal Reserve Board by individual Americans, groups, corporations and governments is declared null and void. All assets controlled by the Federal Reserve Board will be seized by the Treasury which shall again begin issuing gold and silver money. A complete audit of the Federal Reserve Board shall be conducted by the Congress and any and all criminal activity dealt with accordingly. Only the reserve portion of any and all debt shall need to be repaid while the larger marginal portion of any and all debt shall be forgiven. This will cause loan payments and principle to drop by about 90%. This huge surge of available capital is exactly the tonic for our economy. Many Americans cannot afford $2,000 or $3,000 per month for a mortgage but most could pay $200 or $300 which is how much payments would drop if the Federal Reserve Board were closed.

2. Simultaneously, eliminate the income tax and switch to the land location value tax. Overnight, American labor would become competitive again because the cost to pay them would drop dramatically with no income tax or paperwork costs or employer costs. Not only that, with the burden placed on land value and not on buildings, those underused, boarded up, hoarded parcels of urban land now being held by rich speculators for future profit would have to be brought into productive use. It will simply be too expensive to pay that land location tax then just do nothing with these city properties. So the owners would have to put the land into productive use or sell it to someone who would do so. Virtually overnight, literally millions of properties would need buildings constructed or at the very least renovated or updated or expanded. Right now millions of tradesmen sit idle with no jobs thanks to the income tax and they are getting angrier. This one simple tax reform would remove the biggest flaw in our economy and free up the hands of labor to create wealth. That wealth will come in the form of an urban revitalization from the construction boom. There would not be enough workers to fill all of the jobs and we might have to bring in talented foreign labor to bridge the gap or face shortages of laborers. A shortage of workers has always driven up wages and benefits as employers compete against one another for employees.

There are other benefits to this reform. The land location fee is based on the value of the land as assessed by the demand to purchase it. Land and vertical space in the urban city areas is the most valuable land and would be taxed the most. The farther out from the city centers the lower the land location value and therefore the lower the tax. The farms are far enough out that they pay zero land tax. So food production costs would drop dramatically while farmer profits would soar. The push to build into the wilderness would no longer be economical with the urban properties being taxed into productive use. That's great for the environment. The tax would be collected by the local governments and a portion would be sent to the state governments and a portion to the federal government. The tax cannot be evaded and the collection costs would drop exponentially compared to our current IRS bean counter model. Yes the IRS could be eliminated overnight forcing the agents and inspectors to get real jobs of which there would be plenty. Corporation around the world would want in on the action too. With no tax on income, capital gains, sales, etc., even though they would be paying lots for their land fee, they would keep their profits. More jobs, jobs, jobs.

Best of all the average individual and company would see their taxes stay the same or drop a bit. The only people who would see an increase are the Real Estate speculators hoarding urban land as well as slum lords. So cry for them if you like but with so many new jobs, crime would plummet because everybody would be too busy making money.

3. The final reform is to acknowledge that in the 21st Century information age, America cannot afford a military empire. We are in a quagmire in Afghanistan and the longer this goes on the worse things will be. The trillion dollars spent overseas militarily is alienating the natives against us and would be money better spent right here in America. It does not make a difference if you think it is necessary to have a trillion dollar overseas empire for our security. There is zero security if we are all paupers living in the streets in order to build nations elsewhere.

Despite all of the babble from government and media about recovery, there are more people coming into the workforce everyday than there are jobs being created. The problem is so big that soon the legal system will be incapable to process all of the foreclosures and court cases. The system and society will collapse into chaos. To maintain control the current oligarchs, many of which are foreigners, are desperately trying to start a really big war. A world war will eliminate millions of pesky humans demanding government cheese. The war can be blamed for the coming austere life Americans will face. And finally, war will allow the American government to disappear people like me who have ideas that don't include the oligarchy owning our time, body and personal wealth.

The current rulers govern in hatred and deceit. The fact is they are so corrupt that they know if they ever lose the reigns of power they are in big trouble! So they will cling to power even if it means destroying us in the process. Don't be surprised if we have another 9/11 type false flag attack in the coming weeks. It's how these rats do things. If my words make sense by all means spread the word. You could read "Progress and Poverty" by Henry George as well. He is the genius behind this tax reform.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Iranian President & 9/11

Sure he is a top oligarch in the Iranian theocracy that employs tyrant rules and regulations to enforce this religious form of collectivism. However, that doesn't not change the facts about 9/11.

The fact is the "official" explanation of 9/11 is scientifically impossible. When I first realized all three towers that collapsed on 9/11 did so at free fall speed I knew only controlled demolition could accomplish just that - a free fall collapse of three towers exactly onto their own footprint.

Then I wondered how these high security buildings, especially CIA Building Number Seven, could have been penetrated by teams of demolition experts to wire the towers with explosives without the authorities knowing.

Finally, I realized the authorities could not be so dumb as to let terrorists get into the towers to blow them up. There are rogues within our own government who are the real perpetrators of the 9/11 treason and I suspect a good number of foreigners as well.

However, the traitors have escaped justice because the majority of Americans are too ignorant to comprehend that fires don't cause textbook examples of controlled demolition of buildings - explosives do. These ignorant Americans could wise up but choose to remain in the dark blissfully trusting in the very traitors that committed this horrendous crime.

So the snakes are sure to do another false flag and maybe they will blame it on people like me who speak the truth about them. Why do they want you folks that still think super cave Arabs pulled off 9/11 to think that I am somehow dangerous? You don't think these guys and their media shills are acting sort of guilty? Why don't they just explain to me how the rules of gravity changed on 9/11 and I'll go away satisfied. But instead of giving me answers I'm called dangerous for asking dangerous questions I suppose.

Here's the science and you can look it up if you like. Free falling objects fall at a rate of 32 feet per second, per second until accelerating to peak velocity. The Twin Towers and CIA Building Number Seven fell at a rate of 32 feet per second per second until hitting their own footprint. The steel structural frame however would have been in the way all the way to the ground slowing the speed making a free fall drop impossible. The only way the buildings did this was those structural beams were severed with timed explosive charges placed there by experts.

Why has the government hidden this and why has the network media all aided in the cover up?

Greek Coup

There is rumor of a coup happening soon in Greece. I haven't been able to establish if this coup is CIA backed or not. The Greek people are rather upset about having their country sold out to the international banksters and the den of thieves - Goldman Sachs.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Screw The Bankers

This of course is the solution to the economic collapse. The reason is all of the debt, at the end of the day, is payable to any number of fiat money issuing central banks around the world. The reality with this form of banking scheme is it's based on a type of slavery through ignorance. Everybody transacts their labor and goods, by threat of the law, using colorful rectangular script made from cheap paper and ink.

We slaves are then milked for our personal labor generated wealth from two fronts. On one side the central bankers extract a portion of our labor by increasing the number of the pieces of paper which they can use for their purposes but at our expense from inflation. Governments extract our labor directly using taxation as has always been the case for thousands of years. These two organized criminal gangs work together to maximize slave production.

This operation is by no means a worldwide unified syndicate, at least not yet and if so certainly not for long. The individuals at the top of these various banking oligarchies are greedy power hungry people. They compete with one another for dominance. The little people they exploit are just the tools the mega rich use to achieve financial victory and the accompanying power wealth bestows. So naturally their inherent greed and avarice pushes the bankers to push their slaves to the breaking point as has always been the case throughout the ages.

The difference now is the majority of people on the planet are oblivious to the swindle occurring right under their noses. In the past for the most part people knew they were slaves and serfs so they acted accordingly. That meant not producing as much as they could and hiding what they did produce from the royal tax man. Today's free range slaves proudly display their wealth so the authorities can fleece them good. Whether buying or spending the governments and central banks are socking it to us good.

The result of this free range slavery is the powerful who rule are taking too much now from the little people they exploit around the world. However, there are billions of us in the exploited slave class and only thousands of exploiters in the ruling class. It's time that changed. We have them surrounded and it's time we formed up a people's posse and placed these criminals under arrest. The modern trick these criminals have played on the little people is to commit acts of treachery they blame on one group or another to keep us fighting each other. This nonsense will stop once everybody becomes wise to the tactic and disgusted by its use.

When the little people work together in understanding then the ruling exploitation class will lose all of their power and ability to sow future chaos. To work to that end I suggest you wise up. Stop believing what the banker financed networks are promoting because it is greed inspired hatred whether from the left or supposed right. It's time to realize that if you are one of the little people your enemy is not a race, religion or nation. We are all in the exploited class to one degree or another for the benefit of our real enemies the swindlers in the central banks and high places in government bought with their loot. Once everybody understands this then even the least skilled individuals can earn a decent living minus the bankster exploitation.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pompeian Perspective

Before Vesuvius blew its top, all of the experts calmed the people into believing everything would be fine. Most times everything does turn out alright for most folks.

Sometimes however it is the end. For a society the end often comes very rapidly like with the Incas. The bigger the economy and social order the more delicate the fabric that binds the people together. When the big collapse happens then all bets are off.

The Tea Party folks, bless their hearts, are largely supportive of the foreign banker's use of our military for their empire building. At the same time they rail against big government and high taxes. Television has blinded them to the connection between high taxes and empire building. So the Tea Party rushes full steam ahead towards economic collapse.

All the while experts say everything is fine and any rumbling should be ignored. That's what they did in Pompeii. Today you can still see the expressions on the faces of the people who heeded this advice.