Friday, July 16, 2010

Scientific Proof

I knew some smart scientists would get around to conducting experiments that the average Joe could easily understand about some mysteries the government hasn't been able to solve yet. The main reason for this is the government themselves has done no experiments to solve the mystery.

What is the mystery? Well not all of the steel was shipped over seas and destroyed from World Trade Center Building Number Seven. A chunk of steel beam from the carnage was recovered that looks like Swiss cheese. The government has no explanation how this happened or where the sulfur came from that chemically aided in the melting of this steel beam. So they formulated a "chemical conspiracy theory" whereby office materials like gypsum board and wood and wires and such from the office building somehow reacted from the intense heat and caused the steel beams to melt. But they never actually did any tests to validate their theory.

But some smart scientists not on the government payroll, and who won't be doing hard prison time like the traitors who were paid to spew nonsense, decided to do a little experiment to see if the government theory could be right. Here is a video of the experiment so you as an American can be judge and jury. Use your mind, view this experiment and rule if your government is correct or incorrect about this mystery.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alex Jones

If you haven't heard of Alex Jones yet then you probably will soon enough and probably be led to believe he is dangerous. The first time I saw Alex it was on a video that he did after infiltrating one of the Bohemian Grove soirees. Knowing how powerful the attendees of this event are I pondered how crazy Mr. Jones must be to pull that off.

The more I listened to him the more I realized he was exactly right about the corruption through and through our once great nation. He showed me how the politicians, media, bankers, military industrial complex, oil multinationals, etc. were are in bed together. For me now there are no more conspiracies except for the ones the powerful invented and aired over their networks and newspapers. Thanks to Alex I finally have a relatively good idea about what the hell has been going on here the past century or so.

Therefore, Alex Jones is a very dangerous man - to the powerful few who have so wrecked our economy and nation. I find it difficult to believe they have not already killed him. Now he has so many people around the world who follow him on that killing Alex will only prove that he has been correct about everything all along. Today, Americans are not so totally innocent that the usurpers could do as they did with JFK and murder him in broad daylight, blame it on a dupe and thus far gotten away with it. Millions of us know the true history of the past century that to this day has never been aired or admitted over the useless networks or worthless newspapers. All future false flag attacks by the traitors will be seen for what they are from the very start.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taking Stock Of The Economic Picture

Lets look at what has occurred over the past couple years to supposedly save the economy. The big thing was the TARP nonsense where Congress was hill-jacked under the threat of Marshall Law into giving the financial industry near a trillion dollars to supposedly buy up toxic housing. No sooner than they got the loot they switched and let the institutions like AIG pay off their debts to Goldman Sachs 100% on the dollar with the TARP money. Did this TARP shenanigans save the economy? It sure did for Goldman Sachs' economy.

Just before this bailout when the government knew we were going south economically, Bush gave us an advance on our income tax returns which the oil companies got when they jacked up the price of gasoline to around five bucks per gallon in some places. The following year everybody had the money deducted from their tax refunds if they got one at all. Many had to pay the cash advance back at a time when they had just lost their jobs. Credit cards were often the only avenue to pay the bills. The credit card companies saw this happening and began to sharply restrict or remove credit privileges.

Right around TARP time the government began bailing out auto manufacturers by loaning them money where sensible banks would not do so. Additionally, the cash for clunkers began destroying cars to lure Americans into going into hock for a new car. You got a few thousand for doing this and the car companies marked up their prices accordingly during this government bizarre red dot special. The car prices and future sales dropped once clunkers ended.

Then the government gave $7500 interest free to all first time new home buyers followed by $8000 outright cash gift to first time home buyers from the taxpayers. Naturally the prices of homes temporarily increased accordingly or at least stopped dropping as fast.

All the while the government kept the recently unemployed in extended benefits until just recently. At the same time the government hired then fired then rehired census workers each step of the process counting it as a new job created to make the employment numbers look good. Now that the extended unemployment benefits have been ended and the census is ending these folks have no jobs or income.

Now all the CNBC "experts" wonder about this so-called jobless recovery. Well I'll defy anyone to give me one thing the above policies have done to create any real job growth! The government paid off the bad debts of their bankster friends, gave away free extended unemployment benefits, paid to destroy cars so Americans would borrow more money to finance a new car and hired hundreds of thousands of temporary workers to ask inappropriate questions not required for the census. Did the first time home buyer pay off create jobs? Did any of this nonsense really create jobs? Trillions of dollars spent with no real job creation. Now the banksters want to be paid back for the trillions by the fewer remaining working taxpayers. Every day more people are out of work but if they are not collecting unemployment benefits then they are not considered unemployed. They are just not looking for work so they don't count. But I'll bet the vast majority of them would be happy to accept work if it were available. However, there's not much success fishing in the desert so most anglers don't bother casting.

The CNBC talking heads wonder about a jobless recovery while never discussing these simple truths. Where's my beef? Where's the jobs for the trillions borrowed and spent? Now the banksters expect to be repaid the trillions but all we have are our roads, stations, national parks, ports, etc. as well as our income and other taxes. The banksters will own America and Americans too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Me Out And About

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lorraine Smith

Her married name was Rocobaldo but everybody knew her from her maiden name Lorraine Smith or simply Lorrie. I still can't believe Lorrie is dead. Many things run through your head when a loved one dies. Number one on my list of "whys" is why did such a healthy person develop fatal brain cancer?

Lorrie was a modern jazz dancer and she had danced ballet as well. I always thought Lorrie had a great figure but she wasn't Twiggy. I know secretly she wished she had Twiggy's slinky figure even though she was born with hips too wide, bones a bit thicker and she had some muscles on her frame as well.

Like I said I and most heterosexual men and every lesbian and bisexual person I ever knew found Lorrie very attractive. The one person I knew that had a problem with her body was Lorrie herself. I can see her now drinking that sugar free soda and chewing that sugar free gum. I always figured dammit if I wanted something sweet then give me some sugar, honey. I never went for that aspartame crap or any of the other fake manufactured sweetening elixirs.

Now out of this tragedy my awareness of fake sweeteners has become more keen. I find out that this government approved aspartame crap actually gives brain tumors to lab rats. It turns out that there has been a statistical spike in the number of Americans and others consuming aspartame who develop cancers of the brain.

So my question to anyone who consumes this stuff is...are you mad? Even if this waste product of bio engineered lab bacteria feces turns out to be harmless, why take this enormous chance when you don't have to? I grew some stevia plants last year and they grew like weeds. The leaves are tremendously sweet with barely any calories. I cooked with them usually to boost the sweetness of for example brownies that contained sugar. However, with stevia I could cut the sugar in the recipe in half but I still come out with sweet brownies. If you are concerned about your weight you'd be more wise to cut out dairy products and eat small quantities of real sugar when you get the urge. Why? Have you EVERY seen a skinny cow?

Lorrie's death is a tragedy to be sure. At the end she did not even look like the beautiful woman that I remembered. Her body and face were bloated from the medicine show potions given to her by the same industry that whipped up this aspartame crap. Isn't that CONFEEEEENIENT? But I know it would make Lorrie very happy if people got this message of advice due to her sad demise.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Poking Fun

I enjoy making fun of the elite. I have to admit it. The reason is I've found it the most effective way to convey the truth about them. The top upper crustaceans of congress think very highly of themselves mostly because they are surrounded with numerous highly paid yes people. These yes people grovel before the hill royalty. It gives their highness all the wrong ideas especially today.

Here is something else that some may or may not find so funny. When a Congressman or Senator gets voted out of office their entourage gets fired as well. Believe me, these yes policy wonks do not relish the prospects of seeking gainful employment in this economy which has been devastated by their bad policy. How's that going to look on a resume?

"...And for the past twelve years I was an administrative assistant for Senator Bozo developing numskull legislation instrumental in wrecking the economy."

These policy wonks will in reality cause themselves to be fired in November. Now that's funny! Well it's certainly ironic. As the gravy train ends for so many of these wonk wannabe's I wonder how many will tell their royal member to shove it?