Saturday, March 28, 2009

Missouri Makes It Official

Now Missouri says they are sorry for the entire affair now. This is an important lesson amigos. Ron Paul and the campaign for liberty used the internet to inform the millions of potential victims of this meant to be secret spear job on us. So we counter attacked and made just the economic damage to Missouri known to them after they pissed off several million Americans and threatened them.

Now is the time to strike back amigos! Use your money wisely and never spend it on the enemy. A state government that would do such a dastardly act IS the enemy and surely should not get any of my dough until the current crop of state leaders has been purged by the voters who should be righteously ashamed of themselves for electing such vipers.

The enemy is weak amigos. This is the beginning of the golden age. If we hold together peacefully and do not cooperate with the oligarchy's economic needs they will continue to wither then DIE!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hugo Chavez

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Militia Report Shut Down

Replacing The Dollar

Geithner just on Tuesday claimed he was for keeping the dollar as the reserve currency then one day later he's open to some new "international currency."

So lets back up and look at a bit of history on the dollar. The Continental Congress' first national bank was shut down followed by the second closed by Andrew Jackson who called them vipers.

Then these international vipers engineered several bank defaults to sew panic, paid off the Congress and black mailed President Wilson over his affair with a college associate's wife in order to install the third bank of America, the private international bankers at the Federal Reserve Board in 1913. The Board is supposed to keep prices stable, keep employment high and smooth out the dips and surges in the economy.

Very similar to today's situation, the private central bankers created too much fiat currency then drastically reduced it kicking off the first worldwide Great Depression. During this banker created emergency Roosevelt used the opportunity to ban private gold bullion and coin from regular Americans.

Over the ensuing decades the American economy has gone through a number of economic shocks to varying degrees cause by the manipulation of the amount of fiat Federal Reserve currency in circulation.

Here we are today not quite 100 years from the creation of the Federal Reserve Board and the traitors to America, Timothy Geithner and the Fed Banksters want to explore some kind of international money to replace the dollar.

So tomorrow I hope you have a Yen for some new money. The trouble with that new Chinese money is you spend some of it and fifteen minutes later you feel like you have to spend some more.

Well seriously people! Are you going to let this happen to our country. Sure you've been fools to have actually voted for these rats in democrat and republican clothes pretending to be Americans. From my scorecard there is but one politician who staunchly has defended returning to a real dollar back by gold and silver as well as eliminating the Federal Reserve Board - Ron Paul. Perhaps there may be a couple others on the hill but I'd ask Ron Paul first because he'd know.

But most Americans will sit on their butts and do nothing while these international vipers are using the scum of the earth like the Treasury Secretary Geithner to KILL THE DOLLAR THEN AMERICA! Don't believe me you fools. Go to the above link and listen to Geithner's own words.

A Grave Situation

Apparently, your government is expecting a lot of dead people who might have a hard time getting buried under the normal protocol. Look at all these ready-to-go mass graves in the Arizona desert. Does your government know something that regular Americans will be dying to find out about?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Cherub Has Been Outed

So I've turned on comment moderation so my readers do not have to read the profanity left by the shill who Enrique and I proved to be a liar, as well as the scum of the earth.'re banned. Go back to your currency crack den!

Ron Paul

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lyndon Johnson

The Dumbest Americans

Certainly there are ample nominees. But I suspect the winners will be found in Barney Frank's voting district. Surely one must be dumb as a rock to vote for Barney Frank. He is one of the head bankster enablers who was responsible for whipping up the bailouts, didn't even read this contract committing every American to billions even trillions of obligations then wept like an old woman when the fruits of his legislation became apparent.

Naturally his constituents will have very tough competition from Nancy Pelosi's voters not to mention those of Chris Dodd. Surely most of these voters would take issue with me even now. However, after the economy completely collapses in the near future despite the genius legislation of this trio of fools on the Hill, perhaps they will wise up. That's because I'm hoping they are simply ignorant rather than outright simple.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Economy Explained Simply

The basic problem with the economy stems from too many people borrowing more than they could afford to pay back combined with lenders who lent out way more than they had to lend. Virtually all of the media manipulators want you to focus on two groups for scapegoating - borrowers who can't afford to repay and lenders who lent unprofitably. The buzz word is "regulation" as we ah - go forward. In the past week Bernanke has been all over the airways practically begging to be made emperor of lending and borrowing.

However, the above explanation is not the root cause of those problems and will be made worse for most Americans if the government or even worse, the private international bankers at the Federal Reserve, have oversight and regulatory powers in the private economy. What is the root cause is the monetary system itself. The money. If we had a legal gold/silver based money then no more money could legally be lent out than was held in the vaults of the banks - period. Banks that did lend out more than they were worth would be committing fraud. So prices in the economy would remain stable as a result of not being able to inflate the currency. Banks would be far more cautious lending out their own gold and that of their depositors than they obviously are these days willy-nilly lending out our same dollar labor credits over and over again. Naturally, the stable pricing would make it much more likely that borrowers would repay their loans. In short, the market would regulate itself like it always did right up until 1913 when we started having these regularly occurring nationwide booms followed by recessions or depressions that mysteriously correspond with the inflation and deflation of the dollars in circulation. Isn't that curious?

Spread the word now if you finally get the problem and the solution to the economic malaise - real money based on gold and silver or other precious metals or perhaps a tangible commodity of value. As soon as the rest of you get it we CAN move forward and you surely are not going to get this simple explanation over the big bankster media.

Be like Paul Revere and raise the alarm. THE BANKSTERS ARE COMING! THE BANKSTERS ARE COMING!