Friday, February 26, 2010

2012 Election Preparation

In this article the bankster syndicate using one of their front line information weapons, YAHOO.COM, begins the process of anointing one of the choices we voters will be given in the coming presidential race.

Now that I know my enemies and how they operate, I see them coming over the horizon with the first propaganda salvos for the 2012 election. Indiana GOP Gov. Mitch Daniels’ written about in the article is given all the right buzz words to massage the voters. He's a "fiscal conservative" don't ya know...

But to me he appears like just another lackey for the banksters. Capitol Watchblog here blows a hole in the fiscal conservative issue. He's a privateer who sells out his constituents to the foreign interests so these duped Indiana suckers get to pay for both outrageously expensive government and at the same time fees to the international invaders for the monopolies they have been legally granted like roads and social services (socialist services). The state passes laws mandating citizens accept services from one provider then the people are forced to take the services and they get to pay high fees as well. Swell deal aye? This is all part of the plan by the international banksters and their sell-out traitors in government to auction off the American people and what use to be OUR property.

So when the A.P. (Always Propaganda) pushes privatization as a plus for their preferred politicians be wary. The notion of privatization for the people is in reality selling out of the people by these so called conservative leaders who grant legal monopoly over services needed by humans or required of them by law. It is treason. Most government "services" should be handled by the private sector but only the services that the individual chooses to purchase from any provider in a market free of monopolies gained through collusion with corrupt government.

At the end of the day there is one thing that IS certain. Mitch Daniels has been compromised by the banksters. They have enough information on him that he will have to do as the banksters demand or they will release damaging information to ruin his life. Either that or they will just have him shot by the secret police if he gets into the White House and doesn't play bankster ball. So you can be certain that any candidate that gets mainstream media powder puff pieces like the yahoo yippy for Mitchie article - this candidate will be the last one you will want to choose.

I would suggest a counter attack on the neocon dominated Republican Party leadership. This cabal of traitors is a weak point in the invader's frontal attack on America. Get involved in the Republican party and vote these traitorous snakes out of their strangle hold of the Republican Party leadership positions. They are ripe for the pickings. They, along with the Democrat Party leadership must be replaced to save the republic.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don Royce Roy

What Is Economic?

Today, for most people economics is Greek.

Line Up Sheep And Keep Quite!

Why Was Lincoln Murdered?

The European Banking Cartel was not pleased with Lincoln’s Greenbacks, and said so in their flagship newspaper of that era, The London Times:

“If this mischievous financial policy should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

Imagine the London Times admitting that royalty would lose power if foreign banker fiat money was banned from America? This is the kind of fiat money we have today with the foreign owned Federal Reserve Bank.

Any politician who has ever supported the Federal Reserve is therefore a traitor to our nation.

We've Been Re-Colonized

Good morning dupes. Why I bother attempting to make you understand the truth is beyond me. Most Americans have been dumbed down through faux public education and the toxins force fed to them. Yes, sorry Sarah but a growing percentage of Americans ARE retarded. The fact is this nation has been re-colonized by the same banker swindlers that financed the original colonies.

These snakes own everything, everybody and all of our time. They own all of the television networks which fool the people into believing that this candidate on the left or that candidate on the right will do what is best for America. The dupes never realize that the bankster television networks will only air candidates which they have total control over.

This article explains the new colonial structure. For me it is very easy to understand. But most Americans should not even bother reading it - if they can still read at all. It is a waste of time. You have been rendered incapable of comprehending the simplest of concepts. As an example my own sister after I finally got her to see that CIA Building number 7 was imploded by pre-placed timed explosives, she replied, "I don't know why the CIA blew up their own building on 9/11. Maybe they were trying to keep Al Qaeda from getting our secrets?"

This assertion was so feeble and ignorant that I stop wasting my breath. My sister never wondered how Al Qaeda could get inside a highly secure CIA building to steal secrets in the first place on any day much less on 9/11. This is so dumb on the face of it - moronic!

But this lack of logical thinking is the norm in America today. The people must be force fed something that is making them this stupid. Is it in the water, food or medicine? Probably all three because people surely were not born this stupid. They must be being poisoned.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Government Murdered Americans?

In this story the police were caught murdering 4 people and wounding many others then trying to plant a gun to make it appear justified. Not all government is bad. Other organs of government broke the case.

I'm hoping the same will prove true with 9/11 and the good majority in government will rout out the bad.

Big March 7th Snowstorm

I got a tip from an individual with intelligence connection. The tip warned of a 40 inch snowstorm the first week of March. Without HAARPing on the dangers should this prove true, take precautions just in case...

CNBC Bankster Cheerleaders

Neocon Preferred Young Republicans

The Neocons who have hijacked the Republican party only want young people in their party that comply with the above criteria. Shut up and vote for whom you are told by your wise Neocon elders. They deserve respect for their savvy stewardship of the economy right?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alfredo Freedom Fighter

Sunday, February 21, 2010

John Bolton

Marked For Treason

A large group of architects has delivered evidence of explosives being used to bring down the twin towers and building number 7 on 9/11 to members of Congress and the Senate. Here is a warning to those in government who ignore evidence of treason against America.

Many of you on Capital Hill will be replaced come next November. When the new Congress starts a real 9/11 investigation you former Congressmen and Senators who sat on your hands stonewalling will be in our cross hairs with the perpetrators.

These last few months may be your last chance to get on the right side of history - and the prison bars as well.

Afghanistan To Be Renamed

Chicken Little Blitzer


From my perspective there are two main forms of terrorism. There are terrorist acts that our government lets happen like Pearl Harbor and also the Christmas Day bomber from Yemen. Then there are attacks that the government actually commits like the 9/11 attack and the Oklahoma attack which the rogues then blame on a false enemy in order to whip the American people into a lather. Either way the government uses these false flag attacks as an excuse to spy on the American people and remove more of our rights as individuals.

Ask yourselves this question. Has the government stopped any attack other than when the FBI itself actually arms the patsies with fake bombs, entices the dupes with cash and other prizes then busts them for the TV cameras? I can't think of one. The only terrorism that has been stopped has been stopped by the American people who defend themselves as with the shoe bomber.

This reality is becoming more well known. That's why the banksters have employed Glenn Beck to try to get out in front of the tea party movement and steer it where the money fat cats want the people to be led. He talks a heap about the founders, and socialism but what is his main topic recently? He yammers on about the dangers of the 9/11 truth movement and the birther movement of Americans who would like a peek at Obama's birth certificate.

He uses terms like radical Constitutionalists and insinuates they are somehow dangerous. However, he never actually says how. Glenn just keeps warning that we may be dangerous and could act out violently like the Austin situation. But the only question I have about the plane crashing into the IRS building is did the federal government make it happen or let it happen?

Either way, as I predicted not 1 minute after I witnessed the attack that it would be used to demonize the tea party movement, birthers and 9/11 truthers. The ruling elite must make people like me appear dangerous to the government and their ability to rule. My questions could harm their credibility so Glenn feel it is dangerous for me to be allowed to even ask the questions.

Lets face facts. The only way my questions about these incidents can be dangerous to the government is if they are true. So why doth they protest so much?