Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fire Them All!

Well not Ron Paul of course and maybe Dennis Kucinich if he bones up on some economics. But the rest of the Capital Hill Maggotry and Obama will sell you out to the international bankers next year. That's right! I'm telling you right now that is their only hope to survive this fiasco that their collectivist central planning caused. They blame the crisis on too much economic freedom but pleeeeease! Give me a break! Why is there so much tax and restriction on all economic activity if it's free? Do these bozo's realize it reduces the size of the economy that is teetering on the brink of collapse?

Actually, the majority of them don't. They are well meaning, flawed characters who are rock stupid about economics. But the international banksters do know what they hope to do. They will use this fractional reserve central banker caused credit crisis to implement some form of global money scheme. It could be the Amero to be used in North America. Whatever they try it will be to replace the recently destroyed dollar system.

So I tell you this for a fact. The current system cannot be saved as it includes too much debt to ever be realistically repaid. That means banks are going to be rightfully stingy about lending money for the long term foreseeable future. That means the money supply will continue to shrink as the government thinks up all sorts of schemes to whip up fresh money and give it away in the vain hope of salvaging their money scam. Sadly, our house of cards is already falling faster than can be dealt with before the next card tumbles. Next year American by the millions will be homeless, hungry and angry. They will lash out blindly at the people they believe responsible for their woes. Local banks will have windows smashed in as if they were responsible for printing up all of the Federal Reserve notes lent out to suckers, speculators and profiteers. There will be the Obama haters, many out of simple racism, who put all of the blame on the new president instead of his fair share of doing the bidding of the international bankers. People who just have the wrong bumper sticker on their car will discover their windshield smashed. Your owners are salivating for the violence to start so they can crack down and restore order. So I will advise that everyone remain calm and orderly. There are ways to defeat this evil system but violence is not a part of the solution.

Naturally, our collectivist rulers are in the scapegoating business. Just this week they were clawing to pin the blame on the newest scapegoat du jour - the rating houses that said various investments were sound like twelve minutes before they went bankrupt. In actual fact the problem we face is a flawed banking/monetary system based on a sort of counterfeit currency not unlike in Cuba which uses two different versions of this type of money. It is the international bankers who pull the strings of this system and who reap enormous profits doing no more than manipulating the money supply for their benefit. But it is the Congress, Senate, President and Supreme Court who are charged with the responsibility to act in OUR interests. It is THEY that must go if the Republic is to be salvaged. It IS our last hope. If you put ANY of these stooges of the international bankers back in office after this election may the Lord have mercy on all of our souls.

On election day vote out the incumbents and party machine hacks - then pick Chuck Baldwin for President.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ignorance And Arrogance

This is what government apparatchiks must possess to actually delude themselves into believing that they can set or manipulate prices forever. Everyone who has tried this impossible task has failed miserably. It could not be successfully done in the command economy of the old Soviet Union and Cuba today is on the verge of social collapse due to 50 years of collectivist price fixing. Adam Smith called it the invisible hand but basically prices are a reflection of the supply and demand. However, if these were the only two factors that set prices we'd live in a two dimensional economy. The dirty little secret that the Federal Reserve Banksters don't want you to know is our economy is actually three dimensional. Along with price being a reflection of supply and demand for goods and services, the hidden factor is the quantity of money in the economy. Flood the economy with money like over the past 40 years and prices go up up up. Then once so much of this funny money has been shoved into the economy via bank lending, debts get so large that they cannot be repaid. So now banks have stopped lending which causes the money supply to sink fast. As the number of dollars shrink prices must drop to reflect the increased value of the fewer dollars remaining in the economy.

So the plunge protection team tries in vain to stop the decline in the market but they are doomed to fail. I suspect the blacked out portions of the just released Treasury Department document would spell out how these banksters are using your recently stolen tax bailout money to manipulate stock prices. But we can't be so sure as the government which a couple weeks ago swore they would be transparent spending the bailout money decided to blackout how the money was being spent. So they are not only arrogant and ignorant they are also sneaky and underhanded. The majority of Americans are merely ignorant for listening to these vipers in government and their bosses in banking.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

E. Howard Hunt Explains the "Kennedy Intervention"

The agent in the video below is E. Howard Hunt who tells the truth about the coup against John Kennedy in Dallas. From that date we have been ruled totally by a secret cabal of CIA and other elite officials in banking and multinational industry. This truth, among a growing number of other truths, is out now with the exception of in the main stream media. You see your secret rulers know for certain that if they simply do not admit or show any of the truths about things like the Kennedy assassination or the 2001 failed coup against the Congress then you will continue to think Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman and there are super Arabs in caves who can pull off precision military operations while getting our entire defense apparatus to stand down.

Since the "Kennedy Intervention" the White House has been effectively under the control of the CIA shadow government and their friends. These snakes in the grass thought they had a plan to deal with the pesky do-nothing Congress in 2001. But you continue to believe these liars who have ruined the economy while robbing you blind and all the while you have called me crazy. So in many ways you deserve the terrible times that await you next year and beyond due to your naive trust in such evil killers.

But I do not condemn you but rather the evil doers who have fooled you. Certainly there are Cuban exiles in on the Kennedy Intervention who have made sure the rest of you were duped real good about that operation and numerous others since. They had their motives certainly with Kennedy and Cuba falling into Castro's hands under his watch. One of the CIA plotters wanted Kennedy dead as well because the president was doing his wife. Yes old E. Howard has some real interesting things to say on this little interview that you'll never see in the lame stream media. If Britteny Spears or Joe the plumber are having slow news days maybe you'll find time to check it out. Haven't you heard enough from these liars emanating from the idiot box? They do not inform you.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Complete Transparency For Banker Bail Out

That complete transparency the Congress just passed to bail out the banksters includes blacked out documents as to how your money is being squandered.

At least this is what the Treasury Department says:

Secret Anthrax Emergency Declared?

On October 1st, the same day a military battalion was redeployed to the United States for the first time ever, the Health and Human Resources apparatchiks (FEMA) secretly declared an anthrax emergency.

Why did they do this and why haven't they told you? It could be just to give us things to worry about instead of the economy which they will be blamed for. The rulers desperately need a foe to save us from. My advise? Open mail very carefully and in general use very good hygiene.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Listen Up Slaves!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Voter Reality Separation Syndrome

Television is truly remarkable for being able to make people believe what is exactly opposite to the truth. There's that little old lady tooling down the highway today proudly displaying not only her Obama bumper sticker but also a "War is Not the Answer" bumper sticker. She thinks Obama is actually pro peace! Incredible! She does not realize that he has completely funded the war in Iraq, wants to ratchet up the war in Afghanistan, attack Pakistan and even nuke Iran. How can she be so deluded?

Then there is McCain trying to tag Obama as a socialist after just voting for the nationalization of U.S. banks with Obama. The fact is both these characters ARE socialists during their entire political careers. Sadly they, along with the majority of Americans, ARE also socialists and do not even realize it. So they will vote for more socialism this time again, if the polls are correct - and they may not be but we'll have to wait and see.

You'll vote for more socialism, get more socialism, make your lives worse, poorer and more out of your personal control then demand even more socialism to fix the failure of past socialism. Where is it destined for is social collapse as we're witnessing in Cuba. The government has promised everything but now they cannot deliver anything except empty rhetoric and unmet promises. All that nothing and they gave up their freedom of personal choice to wind up in starvation, homelessness and otherwise destitute.

And most of you will vote November 4th for the Cuban model.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

All Questions Responded To - Cuba Exposed

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Wasted McCain Voters

Exiles have themselves whipped up into a lather because it looks like Obama, the banker's Democrat presidential choice, is going to win by a landslide. Wasted McCain voters are desperate to turn the tide. Sean Hannity will air an expose on Fox about Obama but no one will be watching because Fox network has lost all credibility. Exiles think things will get worse with Obama as president but the majority of voter believe Barrack will change things for the better. Naturally, both sides are delusional. Either way things will get worse next year and beyond - much worse.

Exiles whine about socialist Obama even as he and McCain both are in favor of converting to a socialist banking monetary system. Think Zimbabwe if you don't know what that means. Because the fractional reserve quasi socialist banking system is ruined by debt so large it can never be repaid the disgusting excuses for leaders are frantically trying to save their asses. That's because banks won't lend money. But this is the main way new money is crammed into the marketplace so our money supply shrinks us into deflation. That will not change anytime soon. To counteract this bankster caused depression your socialist American rulers will change to a totally socialist banking system where the government can print up money every time they want some then spend it as they see fit. With all market discipline removed from the financial system the best we can hope for is a brief improvement in the economy followed by hyper inflation of the dollar. Then is will collapse to zero value.

But most likely this won't work either even in the short run or Cuba and Zimbabwe would be really rich countries. There is not enough time to change to a socialist system. While I will admit to being very disappointed in many exiles who have fallen for the fake left/right argument, I don't get angry at them. Exiles have been Fox duped. They have been expertly manipulated into believing McCain will be so much better than Obama. They are both ignoramuses who do not have a clue about the economy. McCain will lose so badly in a couple weeks that his supporters will rip the yard signs off the lawn in less than a day rather than suffer the embarrassment of admitting to backing a loser. But go ahead and vote for McCain even though your vote is wasted and will not make any difference in the race. In fact either a vote for McCain or Obama will be a vote in favor of socialism.

So be my guest my communist exile amigos. Vote for McCain even though you will not believe that he and you are now avowed socialists. You are just that even though you won't admit it. Go ahead and choose the very system that you and your family fled from fifty years ago in Cuba. You are blind to reality and you will suffer greatly by your lack of understanding about collectivism. However, my family and I will be doing better because I am under no delusions about either the collectivist Republican party or the collectivist Democrat party. I plan my life to counteract the collectivists in government while you believe them and watch as they squander your fake fortunes while blaming it on the other guy.

If you want your vote to actually count for something since the majority of Americans are duped and will elect Obama, vote for the U.S. Constitution and Chuck Baldwin. I realize that you haven't been instructed to do so by Fox or the other networks and you have never voted in the past for anyone not endorsed by them. I think president Obama will have a much easier time getting his way if the majority of voters support the big bank tickets of Obama/McCain. He can do as he likes because your votes will tell him that you remain duped by big media and unknowingly favor socialism.

But my vote will tell Obama that Tomas Estrada-Palma ain't going for any damn collectivist schemes! So exiles will waste their votes on a collectivist trying to stop another collectivist. Then they will get collectivism either way. You will be poorer and less free but you voted for it.