Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain The Collectivist

Yes McCain is a lifelong collectivist. But before you can realize this absolute fact you must become acquainted with the meaning of the word "collectivist." A collectivist believes the individual must sacrifice their individual rights for collective rewards, punishments and group responsibilities.

An example of McCain's collectivist ways is his McCain Feingold Campaign Finance laws restricting free speech. Apparently the collectivists on the Hill and in the White House do not grasp the meaning of, "Congress shall make no law..." These unprincipled snakes feel English is but a theory to be interpreted by their black robed tyrants stacked in the courts. So in McCain's collectivist thinking he felt that since some may abuse their free speech rights to pervert the political process the entire group must be punished and restricted by various free speech gagging rules.

But here is the hypocritical part about McCain. HE HAS VIOLATED HIS VERY ON LAW! That's because in reality these snakes make their collectivist laws but they never apply them to themselves. They are meant to be used only on the little people outside of power. So first McCain says he is going to take public financing which comes with his spending restrictions. He takes the money, spends it then realizes it will not be near enough to weasel his way into the White House. So he pulls out of the program and begins to rake in the big special interest money. This is a violation of his very own law. Worse yet, in places like Ohio if you take public financing you do not have to petition to get into the Primaries. But when McCain pulled out of the public financing scam he should have had to petition like everybody else in Ohio to get onto the ballot. But collectivist violations to the U.S. Constitution are only meant for us little people - not the wise grand wizards of politics like McCain. Though technically under his unconstitutional law and Ohio state law all of McCain's delegates from Ohio are illegal, null and void. He was supposed to have been banned from the ballot as my political candidates always are as a result of these collectivist violations of the spirit and the letter of the Constitution. McCain and Obama have legal problems in Texas as well and both should be kept off the general election ballot in November but don't count on that happening. Remember, collectivist rules only apply to us little people - never them.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Can Forget Election Day Support

Me and a few million Ron Paul supporters have been excluded by the McCain neocon faction of the Republican Party all during the Primaries. This was done legally and often illegally by these traitorous snakes to the American way. I used to say it didn't matter to me who would be elected president if Ron Paul was not elected. However, after the commie treatment by the McCain maggots I'm really hoping he will lose and lose big in November. In fact, I believe these McCain people are fools if they thought we would EVER support their candidate after this underhanded behavior.

I'm pretty sure I'll get my way as well. The reason is I believe your banker masters would prefer Obama and have devoted much of their mass media propaganda machine to promoting his run. Since the bankers have wrecked the economy I think they will use a combination of a weak leader with NO principles like Barrack and underlying racism to put the blame for the economy on Obama. It will probably work too since you people for the most part will believe anything as long as your owners put it on the tube.

Anyways, I've been right so far about the economy even though many during the past year said I was wrong.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Python Republicans

Scaring Sheep

Who knows how long any government has been hyping, faking, or aping terror? But doing this became incredibly easy once the mass media devices came into existence. My parent's generation and my own were complete suckers for manipulation from centrally planned and controlled media propaganda. Even to this very second the majority remain duped by the Madison Avenue con men employed by the banker/military industrial complex.

Mankind was happily marching towards freedom in the late 1800s. Peasants with pitchforks from all corners were demanding their human rights and fighting like hell to get them. The slave masters needed something to stem the flow of independent thinking. That slave master savior came in the form of the electron and all the information and disinformation that could be generated and disseminated to the masses steering their perceptions of the world. The slave masters learned early how to wag the dogs of fear to make it seem sensible to give up precious liberty.

Even I only recently awoke from my stupor to realize what is going on here. Naturally I was very alarmed by what I'd come to understand about America today. Sadly, I discovered very quickly just what I was up against. Former friends condemned me and called me crazy for saying that the media generals were manipulators even though they knew damn well that these same electronic snake charmers lied like hell about Cuba. Some no longer speak to me for my sin of speaking the truth. Most will not even investigate for themselves and prefer to brush me off as someone who seems to have just gone crazy.

Fortunately for mankind, the snakes who wish to enslave us and milk us for labor have run up against a new use of the electron - the Internet. Suddenly, anyone can put up streams of information. This has set in motion a race against the clock for the serpent slave masters. The banksters and corporate military infrastructure need to scare you sheep into letting your owners "tweak" the Internet to make it "safe" - probably for the children. The snakes can also black out some cities and say it was done by cyber attack and such. They can do a myriad of faked, false flag type attacks to scare you little sheepies into letting them do anything they choose to the Internet.

I don't believe it will work but they are sure to try. Why? Because the media/multinational/militarists are dog meat if they cannot pull off this dark ages maneuver. These snakes have left a long trail of false flags which more people discover each day thanks to the Internet. That's bad news for these pompous asses moralizing endlessly about what "we should do" about things like terrorism. Once you find out what has been going on here you reply instinctively, "HOW ABOUT YOU SNAKES PRETENDING TO PROTECT US JUST STOP KILLING US YOURSELVES!!!" Just those who have read this far will learn that the basis for the Vietnam War, responsible for 58,000 dead G.I.s and a million Vietnamese was the Gulf of Tonkin incident which incidentally never happened. Even the lamestream media admits this lie now.

So how can you keep believing them about everything else while calling me a liar and a kook?

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Even though my fight here in America against the neocon traitors has taken me away from my fight for Cuban liberty, that hope has never left me. I am simply being a realist. My home turf has been overrun by rulers so evil that I and most Americans were caught completely unaware. These evil snakes are the most dangerous threat to the entire world. So I hope even Cubans suffering under that 19th Century backwards economic system will forgive me for turning my attentions to the biggest threat on the planet - the neocons.

Having said this, everybody knows Gustav has destroyed large swaths of Cuba. The communist model is incapable of returning Cuba to a functioning society again. Cuba is an island of growing homelessness and despair. I realize the greed and thirst for power that the Castros possess will never allow them to relinquish power. But millions of angry, desperate Cubans will have other plans rather than just dying politely. Chaos and mass bloodshed could be the result.

Rather than go the route of anarchy, members of the Cuban military should remove the Castro boys and their cronies from power if they have not already fled the island as rats on a sinking ship will always do. Then let me tell you how we can change Cuba rapidly into a country of wealthy people while maintaining it's cultural morays and traditions. You know I'm not a lackey of the western banker elite nor the neocon traitors of America. In fact, I would dearly love to help transform Cuba into an economic dynamo by adopting individualism and Georgist economic reform so as to stick it into the face of both the neocon traitors of America and the poor duped Americans who have swallowed their crap whole without having a thought. Let me show you how to install a banking and monetary system that is fair and very functional. Stop using that fiat money system Fidel and the Western bankers use to rob the people of their justly earned labor.

You know where I'm at. I am waiting.