Saturday, December 29, 2007

Believe This Poll

You believe the MSM about presidential polls but you think they are bull shitting you about Cuba. Interesting... Well there is one poll that counts. How much money? How many people are willing to part with their cash to support their candidate? Ron Paul has some of my money and he is sure to get more. Before you part with some of your money to the others read the Judicial Watch 10 most wanted corrupt politicians. You may change your mind. But you won't find Ron Paul's name on any corruption list. He's squeaky clean boys and girls. Watch this Youtube:

Friday, December 28, 2007

Lincoln Slavery Smear

In the latest media smear tactic against Ron Paul they are challenging the good doctor for his belief that the Civil War need not have been fought. The sleazy mainstream media insinuates that Ron Paul is a racist who favors slavery - even though he is trying to abolish today's slave owner the IRS. Actually what Ron Paul believes is we should have adopted the British model for abolishing slavery and bought out the slaves from their owners. It sure would have been far less costly in people's lives, money and destroyed infrastructure especially in the South. But here is what Judge Andrew Napolitano has to say on the subject of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. I might add that I really respect Judge Andrew Napolitano. He is an honest man who I have never heard come out of his mouth even one dumb word. As for the rest of the mainstream media talking heads they rarely say even one intelligent sentence. My hat's off to you sir. Listen what the good judge has to say:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Judicial Watch

How To End The Embargo Excuse

This is a situation that took years to create and it is going to take some time to untangle. First Congress should sharply increase export tax for food and medicine already going to Cuba unless the regime can prove it is going to the Cuban people untaxed in the peso stores or available for free. Next products should be added in sequence as export duties are assessed and the necessary integration done with the Customs officials to legalize the various products that the government of Cuba wants to buy. This will take time and forcing the Cuban government to run the gambit of U.S. bureaucracy will also be a fitting punishment for wanting to be in charge of everything in Cuba.

But the gist of this new Constitutional approach is to make the regime apply for goods along with their plans for those goods. If the goods benefit the Cuban people then it would be cruel to tax such poor people so the tax would be zero. But should the goods benefit the regime top players then there would be a high tax since it would be appropriate to tax these rich people.

Naturally Raul will weep that America is meddling in Cuban affairs. But that is a silly notion. The Castro boys can and have done whatever they like for almost half a century. But the Castro boys likewise should not think that they can dictate U.S. tax policy authorized in our Constitution. That's the job of Congress. I want to lobby Congress to establish a mechanism in which the above more sensible policy can be enacted.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ron Paul - Man of the Year

More Than Just 2 Choices

During my embargo dialog in the past week I noticed how some participating in the discussion could not see that there were more choices than maintaining the embargo or free trade with a slave nation. A third choice not considered is expensive trade. The Founding Fathers knew there would be despots to deal with because they had them in that era as well. Therefore our American wise men (and women who, while not occupying official office, as always found themselves literally in bed each with a man of power and influence) decided to kill two birds with one stone. By giving Congress responsibility to set tariffs the Founders could bring in needed revenue to run the tiny federal government and they could make it more costly for immoral behavior - whether foreign or domestic.

The reason the federal government of the day was so tiny is the people took responsibility for one another and wasted no time on their knees begging the federal government for "funds" stolen from other Americans by the federal government. Asking the federal government to conduct an embargo was preposterous because this power was not given to them in the Constitution. But likewise, Americans of the day would have been outraged if the federal government grabbed an unconstitutional power and made it illegal for citizens to go off to another country to fight against a despot. Sadly today, American ignorance makes many act like children with their demands and the federal government gladly treats us all like children. I don't want this federal cuddle. George Washington was absolutely correct when he said: "Government is not reason,it is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

I'd like all of you to think about that before the New Year begins.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Contacted Congressman Sarbanes

Merry Christmas Amigos!

Just a note to let you know that I've made contact with Congressman Sarbanes about the logistics of removing the embargo and replacing it with targeted tariffs that will punish the regime but not the Cuban people. I'll keep you posted on any progress.

From Jose Reyes

My comment here will be directed towards 2 individuals, one the writer of this article and another towards Mr. Lippman. Mary Murray, your news agency along with CNN, CBS, ABC and the rest of the major media networks here and around the world are the least informed on the everyday occurrences in Cuba. Your coverage within Cuba is very limited and also your coverage is censored by the criminal, totalitarian communist Castro regime, so your information within Cuba is totally useless and undependable. Where were your writers on December 10 (International Human Rights Day), when a group of demonstrators conducted a pacifist march for "Freedom of Speech", they were disrupted, beaten and arrested by Castro's security forces, there is video available for everyone to see, if interested. Or have you heard of the "Damas de Blanco", why is there no documentation found on your news agency or the others concerning these courageous women. There are many credible and respectable Blogs and Websites that everyone here can visit and learn exactly what is taking place in Cuba every single minute.

No one is to say what type of reaction one would really have or would not have in this particular case presented here when reading about this unfortunate incident. As you can see by everybody's comments here, they are mixed but I respect more the ones from the Cuban exiles.
Unless one is or has been deprived of their freedom, that means, no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no religious freedom, rationed food, no freedom to vote, no freedom of international travel out of the country and so on like Cubans in Cuba face everyday, then who else is to say how they would react. You don't know what freedom is until you lose it, remember that.

With all the "facts" I just presented here concerning the situation of "Human Rights" in Cuba, I can say that no one, in their right minds could deny my argument here, unless they side with the Castro regime, hello Walter? This is why, by definition anyone can come to the conclusion, that any Cubans "Escaping" Cuba, is a refugee, not an immigrant or neither a migrant which is the status that has been stamped on their foreheads since 1994. It used to be that if any Cuban "Fleeing" Cuba was found in International waters, they would be escorted and welcomed into the United States. It was Mr. Clinton who changed the law, since then, to be considered "Free" you would have to physically touch American soil. What's the difference? If you are in the Ocean, you are a Migrant but if you touch land then you are a refugee, absolutely ridiculous!

That brings me back to Mr. Lippman again, he failed to mention the Wet Foot/Dry Foot "Policy" that Clinton implemented. If this law did not exist, the Cubans fleeing Cuba, like in this instance would have never gone through this unfortunate disaster and smugglers would not exist, unless they were smuggling narcotics from the Castro Regime in Cuba.Yes, Mr. Lippman, the notorious American Socialist/Communist, just go to his website, same name. What kind of credibility can he have?

Thank You, Jose

Monday, December 24, 2007

Havana Journal Complains

Embargo No...Tarifas Si!

When Raul begins to weep like a woman, as his regime surely will, about how unfair dropping the embargo is in favor of targeted tariffs we explain his New Year's pain. We tip our hat at this new official trading partner of the US, hand him a handkerchief to dry his eyes then explain that the Castro regime has stolen a great deal of American property and is also liable for millions of dollars in damage claims. So as long as they are operating the Cuban cash register with its slave pesos for Cuban slaves only that you can't buy anything with, America will charge them a legal series of tariffs as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Products which your regime allows free from Cuban tax for the Cuban people will be tariff free. Products which the Cuban government buys will be charged a tariff depending on it's use as determined constitutionally by the U.S. Congress. Therefore, you will still be able to buy mayonnaise from America. However, Raul, should it be for your tourist's sandwich it's going to cost you more...a lot more. And if you ever dig up or grow something to sell us give us a call. We'll let you know what the tariff will be. Just a reminder to the Cuba people that all these debts run up by the Castro boys will be wiped off the books as far as the Cuban people are concerned the second the gang is gone from the island.

Merry Christmas Cubanos and a Happy and Free New Year

Who Wins By A Landslide?

The Impending Crash

Somebody Is Interested In This Blog

Look at this sitemeter hit record. Notice how it says Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba, S.A. but at the same time shows Ontario Canada as where it came from. Isn't that interesting? Seems my little chit chat about the embargo has some fellows south of south gusanoville interested in my proposals these days. Are they worried that their apartheid tourist salad bar is going to cost them substantially more in the future because they will be hit with enormous export tariffs instead of the lame fake embargo providing Castro with all you can eat salad bars? Do they fret that I'm contacting my Congressman John Sarbanes about this very proposal this very minute? No? Well they should be! I bet he's going to love this more effective Constitutional approach to achieving our goals for freedom in Cuba. If you are worried down there -you are very perceptive.

The Neutrality Act

Remember when the federal government threw Errol Flynn in jail for going over and fighting in the Spanish civil war? Of course you don't! It never happened. Oh he fought over in Spain - or at least he was over there saying he was fighting. But the federal government of the day did not dare arrest Mr. Flynn because he had violated no American law. But the unconstitutional Neutrality Act will land a Cuban American in Jail if he even tries to take up arms against Castro.

Today everything is backwards from how the Framers of the Constitution originally intended it to be. Power and responsibility was supposed to mostly be held by individual Americans, then the local and state governments. Finally the Founders wrote a Constitution that strictly limited the role and responsibilities of the federal government. They wisely wrote the document in English so there would be no need to translate the document or "reinterpret" it as some fools and those who would undermine the Constitution assert.

Sadly during the Twentieth Century the Supreme Court was enlarged by F.D.R. and they began to reinterpret the Constitution to give the federal government all sorts of new powers and responsibilities. The justices right up to this very second for the most part try not to look at laws to see if they conflict with the very clearly written words in the Constitution. These black robed soothsayers currently believe they must peer into the past and conjure up the "intent" of the framers. In other words they are using their opinion of what they personally believe the Founding Fathers would have want done today with regard to current legal questions. But the Founding Fathers made it abundantly clear how things were to be operated in America. The vast majority of you have never given the U.S. Constitution a good reading and analyzed its meaning. I have... Basically it limits the powers of the federal government strictly. After this the Founders realized things change that they could not foresee then in Colonial times. But they said not a word about reinterpretation of the Constitution or intent. These American wise men inserted into the Constitution a process by which future Americans could "Amend" the document to address modern problems. The government Amended the Constitution to prohibit alcohol federally because they knew the federal government as things stood had no Constitutional responsibility otherwise over alcohol consumption.

Today Americans, including numerous Cubans, clamor for the federal government to take on every imaginable responsibility right down to mandating the legal toilet in an American home. Then these unenlightened Americans spend the rest of their time crying and begging to the government because they don't do things the way they wanted. But Americans originally were intended by the founders to have exactly that right - the ability to do things the way they wanted them done. That did not mean getting a big gang of apes under the power and authority of the federal government to force your neighbor to participate and fork over cash for your project, initiative or program. That was solely your responsibility along with other Americans who agreed with these plans and voluntarily joined you.

You cry out for an imperial president that will solve all of your problems. But you are never happy with what you get. You get what you deserve though. I on the other hand do not deserve this government. Sometime I feel as if the cosmos got it all wrong with Tomas Estrada-Palma. I was supposed to be born two hundred years ago or sometime in the future during an enlightened golden age - not now. I am shocked but not surprised by the degree of anger and insults directed at me and honest men like Ron Paul for just wanting to follow the rules. Neither Ron Paul nor I wrote the Constitution. But Ron Paul swore an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and he takes that oath solemnly. Cubans cry afoul about Castro ignoring the Cuban Constitution while their ignorance of the U.S. Constitution leads them at the very same moment to demand that the federal government ignore our Constitution and do their bidding. Why that's the kind of stuff that Castro does. So is shouting down discussion over topics like the embargo's Constitutionality accompanied by personal insults, insinuation and lies to smear one's character. Not directed at me fortunately but towards Ron Paul. I only have suffered the arrows of mild insinuation which will not slay me.

When I discussed this last night on my Blogtalk show my cousin originally called to talk some sense into my head about the embargo. But after hearing how we could do a more effective job overthrowing Castro following the U.S. Constitution he agreed that this would be a much better approach. Do you know what his main concern was about my proposal as was the case for my other guests? They thought Americans were too stupid and ignorant to realize how we could do this better following the Constitutional approach to defeating Castro. So for those of you for which this pertains I'm here trying to coach you up! I'm not mad at you because I, like everyone at one time have suffered from ignorance and even till this very day am unenlightened about most aspects of the universe. But I know a thing or two about the Constitution. Listen to this Blogtalkradio show from last night. I give a pretty good explanation of how defeating Castro constitutionally would be better and faster. Give this a listen if you have time. Thank you.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cuba Exposed Blogtalkradio

Give me a call at (646) 915-9664 tonight at 9 pm if you want to give your opinion on the embargo or Ron Paul or whatever you like.

The Cubazuela Scheme

If I understand this very confusing diatribe at Granma, communism isn't working well but if several local collectivist nations team up everything will be swell. Their thinking is that a small local bureaucracy will not be as efficient as ones that stretch between nations. They say that Venezuelans are pretty ignorant too but with a little help from Cuba they can be smartened up right quick. This whole piece proves the adage that if you can't dazzle them with your plan baffle them with your bull shit.

The Bubbles Popping

Here is a description of what has happened in Florida with Real Estate. But the reason behind this story is the Federal Reserve flooding the economy with dollars. This set in motion the speculative price increases to Real Estate as that market sucked up those extra dollars that were created out of thin air. This boom bust cycle which is referred to as the "Business Cycle" should be called the Real Estate cycle. You buy low, hold while the Fed drives up prices with inflated money then if you know what you are doing you sell at the peak of the market just before the next crash. Then you buy low to begin the cycle all over again. It's cruel...